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The Summer Skincare Routine We Swear By

When the days start getting longer and the temps rise, not only do our wardrobes change, so do our beauty and skin care routines. And similar to our wardrobe, where the basics really don’t change from season to season (jeans, t-shirts, dresses, etc.) the styles and how you wear them does. So when it comes to caring for our skin, what might have worked for our dry and flaky skin in February, may not be exactly what we need to nourish our sun-drenched skin throughout the summer. 

During warm weather months, these are the big factors that your skin care routine should address:

  1. Cleansing your pores from the natural buildup of oils
  2. Sun protection (we hope that’s a given)
  3. Boosting antioxidants to offset and protect against sun damage

With these areas of focus in mind, here’s what we recommend for an easy-to-follow, easy to customize summer skin care routine!

Cleanser [Morning + Night]
Every morning, greet your day with a simple cleanse. This is an important step because you need to wash off any residue of overnight product and sebum which are your skin’s natural oils. One thing you might consider is using a natural cleanser that provides a very gentle exfoliation (avoid harsh exfoliators this time of year).

Toner [Morning +/or Night]
This is one product that’s making a major comeback. It’s the in-between step between washing your face and before moisturizing it. Using toner helps to remove any remaining build up like sebum in the morning, or stubborn makeup at night. It also balances your skin tone while helping reduce the look of pores. Your face and neck are extra vulnerable to sun damage during the summer, so use it on your face and neck this time of year. 

Facial Oil [Morning + Night]
Whether you use a single ingredient oil like rosehip seed oil or a special blend of oils and nutrients, facial oils are a natural source of nourishing vitamins and home page antioxidants. And since oils are lipophilic, they also penetrate deeper into the skin than lotion. This helps trap any water and moisture in while keeping bad stuff like toxins and skin pollutants out.

Treatment Serum [Morning +/or Night]
Serums are an additional step that can boost your routine with essential nutrients and ingredients for specific issues that you want to treat or prevent. For example, you might consider an antioxidant-rich Vitamin C serum to stimulate collagen production and brighten your skin, or a free radical fighting Retinol serum for anti-aging power. Serums can seriously help you to reach your skin care goals, so it’s well worth looking into adding one to your routine this summer.

Moisturizer [Morning + Night]
A common misconception is that if you use a facial oil, you shouldn’t use another moisturizer on top. However, the benefit of using a facial oil before a moisturizer is that the oil will actually help your serum and moisturizer sink deeper and last longer. During the summer months, a naturally effective ingredient to look for in your moisturizer (or serum) is Hyaluronic Acid. This is a great ingredient that helps keep your skin hydrated and looking plump. It holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water and gives your skin a long-lasting hydration boost. 

SPF [Morning]
Even short periods of time like walking to grab a coffee, or eating outside at lunch can expose you to skin-damaging rays. So it’s never a good idea to walk out the door without some sun protection. There are many facial moisturizers and foundations that have SPF built in to help keep your regimen simple.

Exfoliation [1-2 Times a Week]
There is often confusion surrounding summer exfoliation. The reason many dermatologists and skin care experts don’t recommend consistent exfoliation during the summer is that it can increase sun sensitivity. Exfoliators remove some of your skin’s protective layers, which makes you more vulnerable to sun damage. Play it safe by switching to a once or twice a week exfoliation schedule in the summer. And if you have a big beach vacation coming up, or know you’re going to be in the sun for longer periods of time, just skip this step altogether.

Using the most natural products possible on your skin can make all the difference. You can start with this simple routine, but we encourage you to some research and exploring to find what ingredients and products work best for your type of skin. Remember, the best skin care routine this season will include cleansing, moisturizing, boosting your antioxidants, and remember your SPF. This will help you achieve healthy, protected and nourished summer skin!