What we believe


We believe beauty is about being the best version of you. It’s not transforming into something else or meeting another’s expectation. Yes, it’s how you look, and we want you to look your best. But more importantly, it’s how you feel, with the best you shining brilliantly.

When you feel beautiful and truly you at the same time, that’s pure beauty.

We also believe pure, natural ingredients are the best path to pure beauty. Better ingredients are simply better for you. The best ingredients, consciously made, with care and simplicity…and no mystery.


Our Purpose

To empower and inspire your pure beauty to shine brilliantly, through simply designed products that are as consciously-crafted, effective and affordable as possible.


Are we perfect?

Of course not. But we try to be a little more perfect every day…in the ingredients we source, the products we make, the experiences we create, and the purpose we serve. We’re always looking for feedback. And to help guide us to be a little more perfect every day, we have our Promise Principles…our commitment to you.


Promise Principles


Open & Honest…Always
We believe brands, just like people, should always be open, honest and transparent. We consider ourselves an open-book, and will always strive to give it to you straight. And if we don’t, we want to hear about it and make it right.



Wellness is Beauty

We believe overall wellness…mind, body and spirit…is central to pure beauty. What goes on and around your body is just as important to wellness as what goes in it. We promise to be a conscientious wellness partner.



Beautifully and consciously designed products that don’t work are pointless. We craft products that will perform to the standards you expect, and ideally exceed your expectations.



We love animals. And we feel it’s our innate responsibility as humans to protect, defend and nurture animals as much as we can. We, nor any of our partners, will ever conduct product testing of any kind on animals.



Simply & Consciously Made

We believe products designed with beautifully simplicity, and the purest ingredients possible, just flat out work better while being better for you. That means fewer overall ingredients, and also NEVER bad stuff like parabens, ethanolamines, formaldehyde, SLSs, etc.