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Rosehip Seed Oil, 1 fl oz

Age-defying natural treatment for face and skin

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Cold pressed, and 100% pure Rosehip Seed Oil...quite possibly the most powerful and natural age-defying oil for face and skin, with a rich combination of vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

$8.99 | 1 fl oz

Discover key benefits of this product

Rosehip oil is harvested from rose bush seeds, and is uniquely overflowing with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. This nutrient-rich combination can help, among many things, correct dark spots, hydrate dry & itchy skin, and reduce the appearance of scars and fine lines.

Through cold-press extraction, the oil is separated from the rose hips and seeds...and what's left is a unique chemical structure that's unbelievably powerful for the skin.

  • For face, our Rosehip Oil helps protect the skin and increase cell turnover.
  • Vitamin-rich, containing vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D and B-carotene (a form of vitamin A), and which are all powerful antioxidants.
  • Rich in essential fatty acids, and specifically oleic, palmitic, linoleic and gamma linolenic acid (GLA).
  • Contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F), and when absorbed through the skin, these fatty acids convert to prostaglandins (PGE), which can help in cellular membrane and tissue regeneration.
  • Keep stored in a cool, dark location to help prevent rancidity.
  • Apply the Rosehip Seed Oil directly to the face using gentle, massaging motions.
  • Rosehip Seed Oil is also perfect for DIY serums and lotions.
  • Best for normal to dry skin.

100% pure Rosehip Seed Oil

Zena C.

I think this rosehip oil is just okay, but ever since I started using Radha brand, it seems much better. This brand seemed a little off and not as bright orange in color.

Jacynthe S.

This stuff smells really nice and works great. It makes your skin feel smooth, moisturized, and toned.

Trisha L.

This oil isn't good enough to use on your skin by itself, you gotta use it with another moisturizer.

Dawn A.

This oil feels great on my skin after I shower. It helps with the dryness. I have to use a lot because it's really cold and dry here in Wisconsin during winter. But that's okay. I really like how this oil makes my skin feel.

Jamir K.

I really like this oil. It's cold press, which is great for the face. I have lots of allergies, so I can't use many anti-aging products. But this one is amazing for my skin. I love that it's a "dry oil" because it absorbs fast. That means I can put it on my eyes and face and wear my glasses without them getting oily.

Karen F.

I got this thing as a different choice from something else, but I didn't like how it smelled. It also made my skin break out a bit, so I don't use it anymore.

Peter F.

This product made my skin break out when I first started using it. But after a while, I got used to the strong oil and it made my skin smoother. It even helped fade old acne scars on my jawline. I would suggest using it in small amounts.

Jazmin K.

I use this thing on my face and it makes my face feel really soft and not dry.

Yessenia B.

This thing is good for using at night. I kinda wish it smelled more like roses.

Nannie C.

This product is great for adding a little bit of moisture to your skin. It's not too heavy and doesn't make your face look shiny.

Elmira B.

I bought this oil to use on my skin, but when I opened it, it smelled a little old and not so good. I still tried it on my skin though, and the smell didn't stay for long. I'm not sure if it's real or if it's supposed to have a bad smell at first. It seems to make my skin feel moisturized, like other oils do. I'll wait and see if it helps improve my skin over time.

Rosamond H.

This stuff doesn't smell that good. But it's been moisturizing my skin well without feeling too heavy. I'd give it a 5-star rating if it had a better scent.

Lilly F.

I got this a while ago and it smelled weird and old, but I didn't send it back. NOW.. I finally remembered to write a review and I'm really disappointed that I didn't return it. So, I'm writing this review now to tell others not to waste their money. When I first opened it, it had a slight bad smell. It's really bad to put bad oils on your skin, people! I won't buy this again. I wish I could find a seller I can trust to sell fresh things, not old ones. I would pay more if I knew it wasn't old.

Rebecca P.

This product is awesome. It feels light and not greasy on your skin. I'll definitely buy it again.

Eliane H.

I like the smell of this product and it goes into my skin nicely. It has more color than some other brands I've tried, but that doesn't bother me. I will buy it again because the slight color doesn't really matter to me, it's just something I noticed.

Bridget H.

This product is amazing, it's like magic and I got it really fast. My skin says thanks!

Noelia M.

This is my favorite moisturizer for nighttime. I put a few drops on my face after washing it and keep it on while I sleep. Since I started using this, my face hasn't been dry or had any breakouts. The smell isn't the best, but the results are really good.

Kaycee R.

This thing is great for me! It helps clear my neck because now that I'm pregnant, it gets a little dark.

Enola O.

This product is really good. It works well and does what it's supposed to do. I like it a lot and would recommend it to others.

Kathryn S.

I got this for my hair. It worked alright, but the smell wasn't that great. So, I got 100% Argan Oil from the same brand instead and it's been working better for me.

Jazmin B.

This product is so cool! I mixed it with my regular lotion and my skin feels awesome. It's super smooth and silky the next day. I've been getting a bunch of compliments ever since I started using this oil.

Aubrey M.

I really like this oil. I will buy it again for sure! It cleared up my skin, keeps it moisturized, and makes it glow!

Shanel F.

This stuff definitely makes my skin less dry. I only need to use a few drops, but I thought it would work even better. It's a bit small, but I didn't pay attention to the size, only the picture.

Kara F.

I really liked it.

Kasey B.

I really like this! It doesn't smell like most rose hip oils and it makes my skin super moisturized!! It's really good for oily skin and I highly recommend it for cleaning oily skin. It's an awesome product.

Warren G.

I don't really like the smell, but this oil is awesome for wrinkles. I've tried all the expensive wrinkle removers, but this is the only thing that actually works. I'm really happy with it!

Terence K.

The bottle is small but you don't need a lot of this oil to feel moisturized. I only use 2-3 drops on my face and it feels great! There's no smell and the oil is very light. I'm happy with it.

Audie O.

I really like this product! When I put two drops on my wet skin, it helps my rosacea and makes my dry skin feel much better. I wait for a little while and then put moisturizer on top.

Velma H.

I was so surprised by how quickly this oil soaked into my skin. It's not greasy at all and made my skin look naturally shiny. I even put it on before my makeup and it made blending with a beauty blender really easy. I would definitely use it again and totally recommend it.

Phyllis H.

I really like rosehip oil. This oil is good, but I gave it four stars because the smell is a little strange to me. It's hard to explain what I mean by that! The oil is thick and dries quickly, just like the other brand I used before. It lasts a long time, but when I run out, I always buy more. I've never found a product that works better on scars and skin discoloration than rosehip oil. This oil seems to be just as good as the others I've used, but it has a different smell compared to them.

Alice B.

I really like this product for my face and cuticles. The only downside is that I don't really like the smell. But it definitely keeps my skin moisturized.

Lynn L.

This is for sure the real deal. I put this on my face every day and it really helps with those little lines, wrinkles, and dry skin.

Chloe K.

I got this thing for my husband's skin. He has super dry skin and even the lotion for dry skin doesn't work. But this oil has really helped him a lot. I've also been using it on my boys' scrapes so they don't get scars. It's been working well. I really like this oil.

Giles R.

I needed rosehip oil for two serums I was making. One was for eye serum, and the other is for a blemish serum. I really like how it smells and how it goes into the skin.

Maxwell H.

I'm getting older and trying to save money. I decided to stop trying all kinds of face creams and stuff and keep it simple. People already think I look 20 years younger, but everyone has been complimenting my skin recently. This is what I use.

Esmeralda R.

I got this for my cuticles. The color is darker than I thought. It doesn't make my hands dirty even though it seemed like it would. It's not as thick as I thought, so you can easily put it wherever you want without using too much.

Kayleigh W.

I'll totally buy it again! I've been using this with African black soap, and my acne and scars have gone away super fast (after dealing with acne for 19 years). Plus, my skin feels really moisturized and smooth.

Colleen B.

I've been using Rosehip Seed Oil for a long time and I really like that you don't need to use a bunch and it's not greasy. I like using it before putting on my makeup. I've paid more for it in other places, so I'll definitely order it from here again.

Clotilde S.

This product is awesome. I use it every day after I wash my face. I put a few drops on and it keeps my skin moisturized all day. I also use it before bed. It helps me get rid of dark spots on my skin and makes my complexion even. I would suggest this product to others and I would definitely buy it again. The smell is not strong and it actually smells nice. I give it 5 stars.

Alessandra B.

I tried rosehip oil for the first time for my face. I can definitely see a difference in how my skin feels and looks when I use it every day, just in the morning. It only took about a week to notice a big change. It also seems to help with the bags under my eyes from not sleeping well. I like that the oil is very light and has a nice, subtle smell. Sometimes I put a few drops directly on my face, and other times I put it on my hands first. I only need a little bit to cover my skin, then I gently rub it in. I'm getting another bottle because I like it so much.

Aglae M.

I got this product really fast, like in just 2 days after I ordered it. It's kind of an orangish color and doesn't smell anything like roses. I'm willing to give it a try and see how good it works. I'll let you know how it goes in about 2 months.

Delbert B.

I bought this product two times and they are different colors. I have been using the clear liquid for a long time, but I just got the dark orange one today. I wasn't sure which one was real, but it turns out the dark orange is the right one. I think the other one is not as strong. I give it 3 stars because you don't know if you'll get the real thing or a bad one. It's not worth the risk! Now I'm wondering what I've been putting on my face all this time.

Update: They gave me a new one. The customer service was great and they delivered it really fast, like in 2 days. The product was the real thing, dark in color with a slight smell. So now I'm giving it 4 stars.

Ines B.

My skin went all crazy for a sec. I'm a 28-year-old mom and I guess I don't have time for a good skin routine? So everything went a little nuts for a bit haha. I got this 'cause I heard it helps with dry skin and wow, it really does! It got rid of my redness, bumps, and my scars are fading. Plus, it gives my skin lots of moisture. I only use it at night and it's been like a miracle for me. You should totally try it for your skin.

Ashley C.

I've been using rosehip seed oil as my face moisturizer for about two years now. It's not too expensive and it works well. You can use it every day, even if you have acne-prone skin. I'm in my late 30's and my skin gets sensitive when I'm stressed or have hormonal changes, so I sometimes get breakouts. I've tried many moisturizers, but this oil is the best for my skin. I put it on in the morning before makeup and at night before bed. You only need a little bit, so one bottle lasts for months even if you use it every day.

Nella E.

I really like this product. I read online that it could help with my acne scars, which have been bothering me for a while. I tried many things and went to the doctor, but nothing worked. So, I decided to give this product a try. After using it for a week, I noticed my scars were slowly fading. It doesn't work right away, but it does help over time. I was worried that the small bottle wouldn't last long, but you only need a few drops for your face. It absorbs quickly and doesn't make my skin feel sticky. Even though I have oily skin, it doesn't make it worse. If you have scars or stretch marks, I recommend this product. It's a great value and it really works, you just have to be patient.

Josefa C.

I thought this product would soak into my skin nicely, but it leaves an oily feeling and has a slight, but not great smell (in my opinion). It does keep my skin hydrated, but I haven't noticed any brightening effects. I probably should have returned it when I first tried it on my hand and didn't like how it felt. But I wanted to give it a fair chance and see if it helped at all. It's also a bit difficult to use on its own without mixing it with something else.

Lelah G.

I put two drops in my moisturizer every morning and wow, my skin stays moisturized all day long instead of just 10 seconds. It even helps with spot scars. The smaller bottle is great because I only need a little bit each day. And the price? It's so good, like, seriously good.

Odie L.

I was searching for a natural oil to put on my stretch marks to make them look better and I found this thing. First, the price is good compared to many others I saw! It really helps and makes my skin super soft and smooth. I started using it on my face to improve old acne scars and it's helping with that too. I totally recommend it, 10/10!

Hallie M.

I've had to sleep less, about 4-5 hours a night, because of nursing school and my full-time evening job. This has caused wrinkles to appear under my eyes. But, let me tell you, this stuff is awesome! I saw a change after using it for only 3 nights before bed.

Cassie Z.

I got my first bottle in January. It lasted me for about two months. I mostly used it as a moisturizer for my face. Sometimes, on colder days, I put on a thicker moisturizer over it. I really like that the oil is light, so it soaks in quickly and keeps my skin moisturized. My skin feels smooth and soft. It's also great for when I travel because it's a good size. The little dropper that comes with it makes it easy to use without wasting any. I just got my second bottle.

Katharina G.

Sometimes my face gets oily and sometimes it gets dry, so I was worried about using oil on it. I use essential oils a lot and wanted something for my face that would help with wrinkles but not cost too much. I really like this oil. I put two drops in my hand with my aveeno lotion every morning and night. I've noticed that my skin looks better overall, my wrinkles are less noticeable, and I don't get as many breakouts. It smells really nice too. I love it.

Lottie H.

I'm new to essential oils and still learning about them. I heard that rose and rosehip oil are good for dry skin. Recently, my son got a stomach virus and I didn't want to catch it. I washed my hands a lot and they became cracked, dry, and started bleeding. I mixed this oil with some coco butter I had and put it on my hands. It felt so good! It worked like magic on the first night. I also used it on my daughter's stubborn eczema spots and it surprised me how well it worked for her too. I really recommend this oil. I'll keep using it myself during the cold and dry months when my skin gets really dry.

Estella M.

I got this to help make my skin look better. Tea Tree oil helped me get rid of my bad acne and make my breakouts smaller, but it made my face really dry and I started getting a little bit of rosacea. I really like the results! When I wake up, I can see that my acne scars are fading and my skin is getting smoother. My skin tone is getting more even and my makeup looks better on my face. Some days, my skin looks like it used to and I feel less embarrassed without wearing makeup, and it's only been a week! I can't wait to see how my face looks after a month.

Tina R.

I'm gonna use this oil in body creams and mix it with other oils to help with eczema. It doesn't smell too strong, but that's okay 'cause it's more about what it does than how it smells. The bottle has a cap with a dropper, which is really handy. I've bought stuff from Pure Body Naturals before and always liked it.

Kaylah N.

I like using this product with my makeup brush and concealer. It hasn't given me amazing results, but I don't really have a lot of acne. I have some pimples and prescription acne products work better for me than natural ones. However, I have noticed that my makeup goes on smoother and my face feels more moisturized when I use this product. It doesn't make my face look too thick with makeup. At night, I mix it with my moisturizer. If you have acne-prone skin, this product might make you break out because it's an oil. It's not a miracle worker, but it does blend nicely. It doesn't make my skin glow. I've been using it for a month and it doesn't have a smell. Overall, it's a nice product, but it's not a miracle worker.

Alvina A.

This oil is awesome!! It has lots of different uses. The best thing about this company is that they send a guide after you buy it that tells you all about the oil and how to use it. Not many companies do that. I really like that it comes with a glass dropper that you can keep in the bottle.

Brain C.

This product is really light and smells good. It helped my skin a lot because it gets really dry and sensitive in the winter. I use it with my body lotion to make my skin even more moisturized, and at night I mix it with my night cream. I also tried putting a little bit in my leave-in conditioner for my hair, and it made my frizzy hair look better and kept my curls nice and defined.

Francisca U.

I really like this stuff. I'm not sure if it will work for everyone, but it works for me. I get bad breakouts around my chin, and it leaves black scars. But now, after three weeks of using it, I haven't had any breakouts on my chin and the scars are fading a lot. It smells like the stuff they put on your tattoo when it's finished. I use it after I shower and before I put on makeup for the day. I will definitely buy it again. It says you should dilute it, but I just use it straight from the bottle on my face. It works just fine.

Derek H.

I tried this oil and saw a little improvement, but it wasn't enough for me to buy it again. The oil is kind of the right consistency, but I have to use at least 5 drops to have enough for my whole face. I bought it because I wanted to use natural oils to get rid of acne, but it only got rid of one pimple and didn't do anything for the others. It's nice for how it looks and feels, but I wouldn't suggest it for people trying to clear their acne.

Jaylen N.

I've been using this product for about 2 weeks. I use it on my belly and hips where I have stretch marks from being pregnant. I mix it with almond oil and rub it in. It soaks in fast and makes my skin feel really soft. I haven't noticed any changes in my stretch marks yet, but since I'm pregnant with my second child, I'm hoping it will help stop them from getting worse or getting more.

Kristy S.

Rosehip oil is really great for skin problems. I started using this oil on my cheek because I have some spots that look different from the rest of my skin, and it seems to be making a difference. I'm also using it on some lines on my skin that I've had for a long time, and they are slowly getting lighter. I wish I had started using it earlier, but it's still helping them fade. I'm planning to try it on my wrinkles too, because I've heard it can help with that, but I can't say for sure until I give it a try. This oil is really good and it smells nice too.

Estrella S.

This rosehip seed oil is the best I've ever tried! It goes into my skin and makes it look plumper overnight. I've also tried putting a few drops in my hair before showering to make it softer, and it worked really well. It didn't leave any leftover stuff on my hair like coconut oil does. I'm pregnant and I've been using this oil on my belly to keep it moisturized and prevent stretch marks. Even though I'm 8 months pregnant, I don't see any lines on my belly! The oil smells really nice and clean, but it's not too strong.

Robert B.

This product is one of those things that you gotta use for a long time to really see what it does. Just remember to use a little bit on your skin.

Luna W.

I saw in a beauty magazine that Rosehip Oil is really popular with famous people. Since this bottle is cheap, I thought I'd try it. The oil doesn't have a strong smell. I put it on in the morning and before bed. It made my cuticles and those lines between my eyebrows softer. It's a small jar that's easy to take with you when you travel.

Jodie B.

When I saw the picture, I thought it was a 4 oz bottle. But when I received it in the mail, I was confused. I didn't read carefully and it turned out to be only 1 oz. They should show the 1 oz bottle in the picture to avoid confusing people! Apart from that, it arrived quickly! I don't understand why some people say it has a smell. It doesn't smell like anything to me. Also, it's very moisturizing. After using it just once, my boyfriend noticed how soft my skin was the next day! I'm trying to get rid of acne scars, but I haven't used it long enough yet. However, as a moisturizer, it's nice. It's not greasy at all and you only need a few drops.

Noemi W.

I really like rosehip oil. It's great for the skin and has amazing healing powers. This bottle is big and will last a long time. It even comes with a dropper to measure easily. The price is really fair. Just remember, this is not the same as rose oil. They are two different oils.

Rhea B.

I have really oily skin, so I can't wear any makeup without it melting off. Someone told me that using a natural oil with lots of vitamins could help. It might seem strange to add oil to oily skin, but this oil is different. I heard great things about it, so I decided to try it. I just started using it a few days ago, and I already love it! I put two drops on my face at night, and when I wake up, my skin isn't shiny during the day. It still looks healthy and my acne marks are fading a bit. I'm really happy with it and can't wait to keep using it!

Taya M.

I've tried lots of oils like now, doterra, young living, and some others from the healthy food store. The pure body naturals oils are just as good, maybe even better, than the others I've tried. They smell really nice and are good quality. The pure body natural essential oils are priced fairly, so they're a great deal for beginners and experienced users. I definitely recommend these oils!

Delta B.

I really like this oil and I use it every day. It's really good for my cuticles. I put it on my cuticles and it makes them softer. I also use it for my stretch marks. It hasn't made a big difference, but I can see that the stretch marks have faded a little bit. I mix a few drops with some coconut oil and use it on my nails and stomach. The smell isn't too strong, it's just right. I really like how it smells. I'm happy I have this product because it will last me a long time!

Bernadine C.

This oil is awesome for taking care of your skin. I spend a lot of time outside and I always end up with cuts and scrapes on my hands. This oil is really good at keeping my skin moisturized and helps stop scars from forming. It also works well on stretch marks. I've even tried massaging it into my scalp when my skin gets dry. It doesn't have a strong smell, so you can use it every day.

Charlotte B.

This oil is awesome for lots of things in our house. I've used it in our diffuser and it smells really good without being too strong. The bottle is easy to use with the dropper. I've also used it on my skin and it soaks in nicely without feeling sticky or leaving any leftover stuff. I'll definitely be buying more!

Jeffrey W.

I really like Rosehip oil. It's the best for my nails and face. It doesn't really have a strong smell and it's not really colored. I mix it with some essential oils to make a good oil for my skin or I add my favorite anti-aging blend. It's a good deal for this oil.

Kaelyn K.

I use the rosehip oil on my hair to help with my dry hair and dandruff. I warm the oil and rub it into my scalp. I leave it in for about an hour and then wash my hair. It comes out really soft and easy to handle. It's perfect for the winter when I wear hats to keep warm. I also use the rosehip oil on my skin to make it look better. It helps to make my wrinkles go away and makes my skin look younger. It's a really good product and I'm happy I found it.

Gail M.

I was super excited when I found Rosehip oil to add to my beauty stuff. It's awesome because it makes my skin look better and feel smoother. I even put it on my nails when I'm doing a fancy manicure. I also use it in my diffuser to make the room smell nice. It's really helpful for my scars and Eczema.

Bria B.

This essential oil is awesome! It has a nice smell that isn't too strong. The dropper is really handy for getting just a little bit of oil. I usually mix it with another oil or put it in a diffuser because it's really strong. It's good that the bottle is small because the oil doesn't last very long. I bought it to use on my face, but I haven't tried it yet because I love using it in the diffuser.

Dasia O.

This product has a really nice smell that's not too strong. It comes with a dropper, which makes it easy to use. I use Rosehip for many things like diffusing it, putting it on my cuticles, and applying it under my moisturizer. I really like this brand of essential oils because they're good quality and a great value for the price.

Jaron S.

My friend told me to use this product with oil, like coconut or almond oil, to help with my dull and discolored skin. I picked almond oil and mixed a little of this product with it. Usually, my skin gets irritated easily, but this didn't bother it. I can already see my skin looking brighter. I hope if I keep using it, my skin will get even better.

Stacey S.

I really like this oil. I use it a lot with my diffuser. I mix it with my strong-smelling oils to make them less strong. It works really well. The smell is not too strong, and it's so nice that sometimes I accidentally get it on my hands when I'm adding it to the diffuser. I would totally suggest trying it out.

Valentina H.

This oil is awesome and the company is awesome too! I didn't know all the good things about Rose Hip Oil, but now I can't stop using it! The oil is really good and the company is really great. They make sure you get your product on time and they even ask if it's as good as they say it is! The bottle size is perfect and the glass dropper makes it easy to use!

Ozella K.

This oil is awesome for your skin. I had dry skin and started using this oil at night, and it made a big difference. It smells nice and makes your skin feel really moisturized. This brand is stronger and more concentrated than others I've tried. It's a good idea to mix it with another oil like the package suggests. I mixed it with coconut oil and it worked really well.

Libby G.

I really like this thing I bought. I use it with Vitamin C for my skin. It's made my skin look and feel better. I also like the smell and the dropper it comes with. I don't have to worry about making a mess. I'll buy it again in the future.

Jada H.

This Essential Oil is really great! It has a very light smell, one of the lightest I've ever tried. I like light flowery smells because they make a room smell fresh and inviting. I can't use most essential oils because they irritate my sensitive skin. :( BUT, the light smell of this one is perfect for the small room where I spend all day with the door closed! It also comes with a cool little dropper that helps you use just the right amount whenever you want. This oil is stronger and meant for aromatherapy, so remember to mix it well with a carrier oil if you want to use it for something else.

Kaylee F.

I've been trying out different oils for a while now to see what they're good for. Since it's winter, my skin gets super dry. I mix this oil with a little bit of another oil and it does a great job of moisturizing my skin. It soaks in quickly and doesn't leave a greasy feeling. I think it's a good choice for folks with dry skin.

Terrance T.

I got the Rosehip seed to try and help my skin tone. I heard it can help with eczema, so I hope it can make my face less red. I've been using it for around 10 days and my skin feels softer. I'm hoping that with more time, it will also reduce the redness.

Eulah W.

This oil is awesome! It smells nice and not too strong. I added it to my dryer balls and now my clothes have a faint rosehip scent. I didn't even know what that smelled like before. I would tell everyone to try it. Came just like they said, with a dropper.

Bridie R.

We like this oil. We used it for spots on our skin and made a little moisturizer with it. We're happy with how it worked, and it smells nice too. Excited to find more ways to use it.

Asha C.

I really like this rosehip oil! I use it on my face every day. I'm really sensitive and have two kinds of Rosacea. Before I started using rosehip oil, I had to take three different antibiotics every day for my skin. I mix a little bit of tree tea oil with this and it works really well! This product is really good and not too expensive! It's the best!

Jailyn N.

I like making my own body stuff like lotions and face creams. Rosehip Seed Essential Oil is great for taking care of your skin. I really like Pure Body Naturals Rosehip Seed Essential Oil because it doesn't smell too strong, so it's perfect for face stuff. It's not greasy and goes into your skin easily, and you can mix it into your own products. I totally suggest trying this brand!

Brycen S.

I got this product a while ago. Since then, I've been happy to find that it works well for healing and making me look good. I'm happy because twice this year, I touched something and then touched my neck without realizing it, which caused uncomfortable rashes. One was really itchy, and the other one burned after a few hours. I tried different things, but finally used this "beauty" product and put a few drops on the rash. It soothed the rash in just a few minutes. I used it a few times a day and after a few days, the rashes were getting better. I haven't tried it on sunburn yet, but if I get one, I'll use it with confidence.

I didn't use this product much before, just for cosmetics, because I was using the company's Vitamin C tonic on my face and liking how it made my skin look. But since the Rosehip Oil worked well on the rash, I started using it regularly on my face and neck at night. Some people thought it was greasy, but I didn't think so. I just wanted it to soak in before I put on my makeup in the morning. Using both products made my skin feel great! My face and neck are really soft now. I don't think my skin has ever been better.

For those who are new to these products, especially if you have sensitive skin, how you apply it might make a difference. It's a good idea to start with just 1 or 2 drops in one hand and rub your hands together. Then, touch your hands to your face, neck, and forehead. Keep touching your palms to all areas of your face, avoiding your eyes. Use it once a day for 2 to 3 days, then you can use it twice a day if you want. This means you're using a slightly diluted product, so if you have a reaction, it won't be as bad. If you tolerate it well, you can increase the number of drops you use.

Right now, I use about 5 drops of the Vitamin C tonic in the morning, and maybe again in the evening. But I always use the Rosehip Oil at night, about 4 to 6 drops. Sometimes, on a day when I'm staying home, I put on the Rosehip Oil in the morning too. Sometimes I even forget to put on foundation because my skin looks great. And I

Eloy M.

I use this stuff on my face and hair. I mix a few drops with my lotion for my face and it works great. For my hair, I put it on when it's wet and scrunch it up. It holds better than gel and keeps my curls soft. There are other ways to use this oil, but I mainly use it for these two things. It's cool because it doesn't clog my pores, which is good for my sensitive skin.

Hulda P.

I was unsure about trying this product at first because I've never used something with 'oil' on my face before, as I was worried it would cause breakouts. But this product has really helped my skin. I didn't realize how much damage I had done by not taking care of it properly. I used to think the opposite, like many others. But the rose hip in this product helps heal my acne faster than other products. It even heals the wounds from picking at my acne overnight. It doesn't feel greasy after the first few minutes of putting it on. It goes into the skin and you don't really notice it. It has a light smell that goes away, which is nice because nobody wants to smell things on their face all the time. I use this product every night after the Vitamin C serum. I think using both products together is a great combination. I really recommend this product for people who need to balance and restore the oils in their skin.

Sonya B.

I really like the oils from this company. I just wish the bottles were different colors. I wanted to use this oil on my face, but I accidentally grabbed peppermint oil instead, which didn't feel good. The peppermint oil, Argan oil, and this Rosehip oil all come in pink bottles. I hope the seller thinks about making the bottles different colors so it's easier to tell them apart. That's why I gave it one less star. The product itself is pure and awesome.

Crystal B.

So, you probably got this because you heard great things about Rosehip Oil, right? Well, let me tell you, it's all true. Rosehip seed oil does everything people say it does. First, this bottle is really big, and second, the price is great and it works. I have oily skin, but it doesn't get acne, so I use this as my moisturizer and it works great. It makes my skin even and keeps it really smooth. You're going to love it, and even if you don't, the price is low enough that you can use it on your hair or hands. It's totally worth it.

Betty H.

This is so awesome! I've been using it for the past 3 weeks and it's now part of my daily routine! It's really amazing and works really well too! I only use it once a day, at night, because it makes my face oily. But the oil is good at absorbing, I just don't have time to use it in the morning. But anyways, after using it for 3 weeks, my face has gotten so much better! My boyfriend and friends have noticed the difference. It has helped with my acne scars, healed red and inflamed acne spots, and made my complexion brighter. I think it's amazing for clearing up scars and making your face look healthy and vibrant. There isn't anything in particular that I didn't like, I was really satisfied using this product and will keep using it.

Markus G.

When I bought this, I didn't know how to use it. But it turned out to be really nice for my hands, arms, and elbows when it's dry in the winter. Now I even use it on my face at night, and it's great. If there's any left, I put it on my hair to get rid of static. I'm really impressed and will get it again.

Ena B.

I really see a "fresher" look on my face when I put a drop of this in my night face lotion. This oil feels nice and light. Out of all the oils I got, Rosehip is the one I suggest the most. I haven't tried any others, so I can't really compare, but I'll definitely get more rosehip oil when this one is gone. Maybe I'll try a different brand to compare, but this is definitely working for me.

Asa D.

I really like this oil. It feels really good. My skin gets super dry, especially when it's cold outside. I put it all over my body. My hands get really dry and sometimes they hurt and itch. This oil works really well. I've tried other oils from nearby health food stores but they cost a lot for just a little bottle. This price is the best. I would totally tell everyone to try this product.

Rahsaan E.

I got the rosehip oil and it's awesome for my skin! I also got the vitamin C serum, but it didn't work well. It made my skin dry and it was more watery than oily. But the rosehip oil is the best for me, so I'll keep it and return the C serum. I really love these products!

Ettie W.

I really like how this makes my skin feel. It goes into my skin nicely and doesn't just stay on top like a heavy oil. I can't say for sure if it's getting rid of my brown spots or wrinkles yet, but I'll let you know later. I use it all over and it stops my skin from itching after I shower. A little bit of it goes a long way. The price is great. I usually buy oils and essential oils from my local stores, and this one is a good price compared to those. It always arrives quickly and is packed well. The only thing I don't like is the dropper. It's messy and I'm worried the bottle might tip over when I take the top off. I have other lotions that come in glass bottles with a plastic pump on top, and they work just as well without needing to take off the top. I wish I could choose which kind of bottle it comes in.

Annabel S.

This is the best thing I've bought! Lately, my skin has been changing a lot (I'm 23) and it started getting dry and I started getting pimples. But I've been using a witch hazel and rosehip oil toner along with this product, and my face is much better now. I told my mom about it (she thinks expensive products are always better) and she loved it too. She's in her 40s and had dry skin and some discoloration, but after using it for a month, she said she felt younger. Her skin hasn't felt this good in years. There's something magical about the oils and your skin that makes it feel brand new. I wouldn't recommend it to people with oily skin though. For me, with dry skin, it feels a little oily at first, but then it goes away. It's really a great natural moisturizer for my face.

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