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How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean on the Regular

Raise your hand if your bathroom feels like a sanctuary of relaxation and self-care?… If your hand isn’t raised, what is holding you back? Chances are, it’s because your bathroom isn’t as crystal-clean as the ones you see in Insta-worthy posts of people doing face masks. Or maybe you haven’t spent the time to really set it up to support your daily routine. If you think about it, bathrooms are a really important space to pay attention to and show some love regularly. It’s where, at the very least, you start and end your day. So depending on how your bathroom makes you feel when you enter, it can either be your paradise or your worst nightmare, depending on how clean it can be.

One way to take it a step closer to being your sanctuary is to ensure that it is clean and tidy – regularly. Think about it, if it’s not tidy, are you really going to be able to relax and meditate during your next bath? Probably not. Bathroom cleaning is really a bunch of little things that add up to be a lot when not done often enough. So if you can keep up with some stuff daily, you’ll be able to better manage what needs to be cleaned less regularly.

Because we want you to have the ultimate self-care regimen at all times, we’ve put together our go-to checklist and tips for keeping a clean bathroom.

What to clean daily:

Clear/clean all surfaces.

Put everything away. Your makeup, your curling iron, straightener, hair products, and all 128,291 bobby pins. Grab the dirty clothes and towels off the floor and throw them into the laundry.

Wipe down the toilet.

This is likely the least favorite item on everyone’s cleaning list, but probably the most essential. Disinfecting your toilet will help prevent seriously unsightly build up. To make this an easy daily habit, take a paper towel dampened with tea tree essential oil or a disinfecting wipe and swipe down the outside of the toilet, the seat, handle, and the base. This will save you from having to do a much longer deep clean, which can be cut down to once a month.

Clean the mirror.

See that toothpaste splatter? So will anyone else who enters your bathroom! Grab a microfiber cloth or paper towel to wipe down the splash zone off your bathroom mirror. The quicker you can get toothpaste off your mirror, the easier it is to clean up. You don’t need glass cleaner if you do it daily, even a lightly dampened cloth will do the trick!

Hang your rubber mat.

Especially if you have little ones, a rubber mat in your tub can be a host for all sorts of bacteria if you don’t hang it up to dry every day after showering. The stale water that sits underneath can cause mold and it can be incredibly difficult to clean. Pull it up from the tub after you finish your shower and let it dry to avoid the moldy bottom.

Grab a daily shower spray. 

A quick and easy spray will keep soap scum at bay! It’s actually alarming how fast soap scum can start to build up on your tile or shower stall. By spraying after you shower, you’ll help prevent build up and avoid a back-breaking scrub down.

What to clean weekly:

Empty the trash can.

If you don’t already, now’s the time to incorporate emptying the bathroom trash into your regular cleaning routine. If you already do a house sweep for trash before taking the garbage out to the streets, make sure your bathrooms are on that list. While you’re doing that, it’s helpful to take inventory of all of the bottles and jars of product you have out that might be empty. If you aren’t already planning on reusing them for a fun recycling craft, that is!

Scrub a dub, now hit the tub!

Scrubbing down the tub or shower once a week will keep it squeaky clean for your kids. It’s also important to do so that when you want to take a bath, you’re not hesitant. Or even worse, don’t have to clean it before you take the bath! Use a soft scrub to get rid of lurking bacteria and make sure to wipe down the faucet and knobs too.

Wash the toothbrush holder.

Toothpaste can build up in your toothbrush holder and tumbler pretty quickly. Once a week, pull them out of the bathroom and run them through the dishwasher or hand wash them with castille soap . It will make it a lot easier to clean if the toothpaste doesn’t build up.

Throw your bath mat in the washer.

After a week of getting stomped on and sitting on your bathroom floor, the bathroom mat is more than ready for the washer once a week. Throw it in with color-friendly bleach or a blend of tea tree and lemon essential oils to disinfect and clear bacteria.