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Useful Ideas for Recycling Skincare & Makeup Containers

There are a ton of creative ways you can use your old skincare containers. They come in all shapes and sizes and makes it super easy to recycle them for organization, art, or productivity. They can help you save some money and go green while you’re doing it. We found a few ways you can keep your containers out of the garbage.  

Store solid perfume. 

After you clean out your old makeup compacts, you can use them to store some amazing solid perfumes. It’s very easy! Grab some coconut oil and add in your favorite essential oils or a fragrance. When the mixture solidifies, you’ll have the perfect container to carry your favorite perfume wherever you go.

Keep earrings organized.

With your old lip balm containers, you can keep all your favorite earrings and backs all in one place. The lip balm containers are easy to clean and small enough to store in any pocket in your purse. EOS lip balm containers have some extra room for some larger pieces.

Emergency sewing kit. 

It happens every now and then, maybe you loose a button or the hem on your dress comes loose. Be prepared with a little emergency sewing kit. Just glue a small piece of sponge into an old compact to hold your needles, throw in some thread and a button or two and you have a ready-made sewing kit for quick fixes on the go.

Pretend makeup kits for kids.

Using your old makeup to create pretend kits for your kiddos is a great way to upcycle used containers. Kids grow curious about make up as they get older and they love pretending! Wash old the old makeup and fill the empty spaces with nail polish. Keep them stored in a safe and dry spot and let them play all they want!

Pre-soaked toner pads.

With an empty jar from a face mask, you can create some super convenient toner pads. Clean out the jar and let it dry. Place the cotton rounds or cotton balls in the container and fill it up with your favorite toner or essence. They are perfect to keep on your dresser or even in your gym bag!

Pinterest has a ton of great ideas to use your old makeup and skincare containers. These are just a few ideas to help get you started on your green journey.