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How Motherhood Inspired Us To Improve Postpartum Self-Care

Becoming a mom is by far the most incredible, crazy, terrifying and enlightening life event ever. It’s more than a club. It’s more than a big occasion. It’s a ceremonious badge of honor that once you put on, you will never take off. And I truly feel that holds true for any type of mom, through any means of the word. Almost a year ago I earned this badge when I gave birth to my first child, and I was incredibly moved (or I should say, humbled) by the postpartum experience. But above all, it inspired me to help shed light on postpartum self-care while also trying to improve the experience for others.


The idea to create our Recovery Ritual Sitz Bath Salt came after seeing a serious lack of postpartum recovery and self-care products on the market. The healing process is so intense, and while I was lucky to not experience postpartum depression, I did have days when I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, and emotional. Those first days and weeks after having a baby deserve a nurturing ritual, but so often we don’t really think about or plan how we are going to take care of ourselves, because baby comes first.

To me, one of my favorite ways to turn off and reboot is a hot bath. So I assumed the sitz bath experience would be a gloriously relaxing treatment option. Boy, was I wrong! Sitting in a shallow tub of medicinal-smelling water felt awkward and as un-relaxing as it gets. I was more focused on whether I was “doing it right” rather than letting myself slow down, decompress and enjoy a little me-time. There was literally nothing out there that could provide the healing benefits of traditional epsom salt with an aromatic, mood-boosting experience to help nurture mind, body and soul. 

Our Recovery Ritual Sitz Bath Salt is a gentle, wound-safe formula of healing salts and botanicals to address these crucial aspects of postpartum wellness. It can be used in a sitz bath, shallow tub soak, or normal bath depending on your stage of recovery or preference. And unlike many natural bath soaks, our blend dissolves completely to provide the most simple, mess-free soak experience possible. Because who has time for cleaning the tub? 

Plant-Powered Ingredients

Choosing as natural and safe ingredients as possible was our top priority as well. I personally like to know what’s in the products I use, and even better if I can see the benefit of each ingredient. Here’s a look at the elements that make this sitz soak so enjoyable and effective!

  • Epsom salt: Helps relieve pain, muscle cramps and inflammation. Known to heal cuts and reduce soreness from childbirth.
  • Dead sea salt: Improves muscle aches and pains. Also known to help relieve stress and insomnia.
  • Aloe vera: Helps on contact to hydrate, heal, and repair skin.
  • Yarrow: A healing ingredient with an affinity for the female reproductive system. It soothes skin irritation and fights bacteria.
  • Lavender essential oil: Helps in the treatment of anxiety and depression, promotes sound sleep, calms swelling or inflammation of the skin, supports regeneration.
  • Organic rosemary leaf: A natural antiseptic. Helps to reduce swelling.
  • Organic nettle leaf: Reduces chance of postpartum hemorrhage, improve hemorrhoids, and stimulate production of breastmilk.
  • Grapefruit essential oil: An invigorating scent, the smell of citrus uplifts the spirits.

Congratulations to all of you new moms! I hope you find this bath soak beneficial AND enjoyable. But even more so, I hope you enjoy all of the little moments of the process. You should be SO proud of yourself, keep crushing it!



A Final Note: Awareness and treatment of postpartum depression is increasing thanks to the growing number of women who are sharing their experiences with mental health after baby. If you think you are experiencing postpartum depression, please talk to your doctor as soon as possible so you can get the level of care and treatment you truly deserve. One in nine new moms are affected by this, so please know you are not alone. Visit Women’s Health if you’re curious about learning more.