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Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

For the healthiest skin and nails ever

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100% pure cold pressed Sweet Almond Oil, rich in Vitamin E, for smooth skin, your healthiest nails ever, and pretty much everything else from head to toe.

$13.75 | 16 fl oz

Discover key benefits of this product

Rich in Vitamin E, monosaturated fatty acids, proteins and many other healthy minerals and vitamins, Sweet Almond Oil is a natural head to toe solution for skin, hair and even nails. For smooth, beautiful skin it is extremely mild and hypoallergenic...a wonderful moisturizing oil even for infants. Sweet Almond Oil can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by helping to repair the skin's collagen layer. And if you have nails that easily chip or break, Sweet Almond Oil's combionation of zinc, B-complex vitamins and iron will help strengthen nails. Our Sweet Almond Oil is cold-pressed exclusively from Spanish edible almonds, and is odorless with a pale yellow appearance. Sweet Almond Oil's consistency is similar to olive oil.

  • Contains 1 - 16 fluid ounce bottle of 100% pure Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis).
  • Sweet Almond Oil is made exclusively via cold pressed extraction from edible almonds. The cold-pressed method does a better job of retaining beneficial antioxidants and other nutrients.
  • Moisturizes and softens skin, and helps protect against oxidative stress and UV radiation.
  • Extremely gentle, and a natural skin treatment alternative to creams for infants with rash or eczema.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and other signs of skin aging through Sweet Almond Oil's rich levels of Vitamin E, which can help repair the collagen layer of skin.
  • Helps restore the protective oil layer of hair, resulting in beautiful, shiny hair strands.

For skin
Apply directly to skin liberally to moisturize, soften and protect. To enhance absorption, try to warm oil to roughly your body temperature before applying.

For baby
Apply to baby’s skin where dry skin, rash or eczema is visible.

For hair
After washing and drying hair, rub Sweet Almond Oil through your hair strands similarly to a leave-in conditioner.

For nails
Apply a drop or two of warm Sweet Almond Oil directly onto the nail, and rub into cuticle. Do this several times a week for thicker, smoother nails.

Ingredients 100% pure sweet almond oil (prunus dulcis)

Burdette K.

I really like this oil for my skin, hands, and nails. I will buy it again.

Dora F.

I really, really like how soft this makes my skin!

Retha O.

This product is great for babies' skin. It's gentle and won't cause any harm.

Casimir S.

I bought this product at 3am because my pregnant belly was itchy and woke me up. It's totally worth buying. I use it after I shower, before going to sleep, and whenever I feel itchy, and it helps a lot!

Astrid S.

This stuff feels like butter on my skin, and I love it!

Adan H.

It makes your skin feel nice and moisturized, but it takes a while to soak in and can leave your skin feeling oily for a few minutes. The description said it could be used as a 'leave-in conditioner' for your hair. You can keep it in for as long as you want, but you can't really go outside with it on. I thought a leave-in conditioner meant you could just leave it in and go about your day until you wash your hair again. But this product doesn't work like that. I'm disappointed because that's mainly why I wanted it. It was not described accurately in that aspect.

Reyes O.

This oil is awesome! I used it throughout my whole pregnancy and it keeps my skin super hydrated, which is exactly what I wanted. But, like other people said in their reviews, the pump doesn't work. Mine was broken right from the start and never worked at all. But honestly, I didn't really mind because what's inside the bottle is what matters most. So, if the pump isn't a big deal for you, go ahead and get it!

Kellie C.

If this almond oil is supposed to be pure, then why doesn't it have a smell? Have you ever had an almond that didn't taste like an almond? Unless it's fake, of course. Also, it doesn't say it's 100% almond oil, it just says "100% pure and natural." But where does this natural stuff come from? The texture is like regular baby oil. The label doesn't tell you what's in it or where it's made. It only says who sells it. The ingredients say it's sweet almond oil, but it doesn't say how much almond oil is actually in it. It's pretty watery. I'm not sure if I got my money's worth with this product.

Kiel M.

I'm not a doctor, but I bought this product when nothing else helped my daughter's bad eczema. A friend who went through the same thing recommended it to me. A doctor for kids also said it might help. It doesn't cure it completely, but it has really helped. Now, my daughter's elbows and knees aren't as sore and red. We both give it 5 stars.

Karine S.

This thing is a must for every house. Use it on your whole body, every day.

Kevon S.

This product makes my skin feel super moisturized and gives it a nice glow.

Annie S.

This product makes your skin feel soft. It's not greasy or oily. It soaks in quickly. There's no smell.

Dasia K.

This oil don't have no smell 'cause it's super pure. It's 100% real stuff and makes your skin feel real smooth and your hair all shiny. Use it two times a week to see what it does.

Ivy P.

My daughter has really dry and bumpy skin, but this product has been amazing for her. It doesn't leave a greasy feeling, it actually soaks into her skin. Her skin feels much smoother now. It doesn't have a strong smell and it hasn't stained any of her clothes. I've even used it on her hair and it's much healthier and growing faster. I would definitely suggest this to anyone.

Jadyn R.

I got this thing for my hair, but it's super thick and sticky. I don't use it much and have to mix it with water. I think it's better for skin and nails.

Annabelle R.

I used almond oil before, lots of times after I showered. I bought this new oil to try and put it under my chest and on top of my chest. It made me itch like crazy! I didn't know what was happening, so I put cold things on it. Later that day, my neck and face started itching too, and I couldn't stop scratching. I ended up with lots of little red bumps on my chest, tummy, neck, face, and even my leg. I just figured out today that it's not the almond oil causing this. I've been showering with cold water and using hydrocortisone, but it's not helping. I don't know what this is, but it's definitely not almond oil. It's so uncomfortable and painful that I'm crying. I've been taking Benadryl at night and allergy medicine in the morning to stop the itching. I'm not allergic to almonds or any oils, and I've used almond oil on my body before. I don't have sensitive skin, so this is really strange to me. Please don't buy this! I added a picture of my tummy to show the red bumps, and just so you know, this is after it got a little better.

Anya N.

I haven't used a lot of oils on my face before, but I really like this one. It's not too greasy if you only use a little bit, but it makes my skin feel really moisturized. The best part is that it comes with a pump!

Gay M.

The pump was broken when it came. I emailed 8 days ago and asked for a new pump, but they never replied. The oil seems fine, but it's frustrating not being able to pump it out.

Kaya H.

This product is really great, but the pump made a mess on my clothes with oil. So, just be careful with the pump.

Sadye K.

I didn't like this product. It was too oily and didn't soak in well.

Marcella K.

I've been using this for a few months now and I really like it! My whole body gets really dry in the winter. I've been using it on my body, face, and hair and it's really moisturizing without feeling greasy. It doesn't make my sensitive skin break out either.

Madelyn A.

This product is really good.

Hermina E.

This almond oil is the best I ever bought. I bought many other brands before. This one goes on smooth and not too thick and greasy. It moisturizes perfectly and is good for sensitive skin. I will stick to this brand from now on! I really like it!

Angelina L.

I got super dry skin and no other stuff makes it feel moisturized like this one!

Martine P.

This massage oil is really good.

Katlynn C.

This stuff really helped my hair and skin. Before, my hair used to fall out a lot, but after using this for a little while, maybe like 4 or 5 hairs fall out each day! It's all-natural, so I'm not worried about it causing any problems for my scalp, hair, or skin!

Dayna H.

I use this stuff for my hair, skin, eyelashes, to keep my skin hydrated, and to take off my makeup.

Heath C.

I really like this oil. The pump doesn't work though.

Anna K.

This is a really good purchase! I really like the oil. It makes my skin feel very moisturized and it soaks in fast. I would totally buy it again.

Novella K.

This thing is awesome! It's like the best thing ever. I love it so much. It's really cool and works really well. I use it all the time and it never lets me down. I would totally recommend it to everyone. It's just so great.

Irwin E.

I love how my hair feels so smooth and soft when I use this oil. The quality is really good, and you can tell as soon as you touch it.

Dillon T.

My son's skin is getting better from allergies and this moisturizer is just right. The pump top really helps put it on fast after baths.

Olga G.

I wanted to make my hair less dry, so I bought this oil and a few others like jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, and caster oil. They all work, but this one and the argan oil are my favorites. BUT BUT BUT >>> I only use a tiny bit, and I rub it into my hands first. Then, when my skin can't absorb any more, I rub it on my hair from the roots to the ends. I mean, use as little as possible. It will last for more than 12 hours easily. After a few times using it, which I do the day after I wash my hair, you'll see that your hair feels different and looks shiny. It's really cool. I also suggest trying BB moisturizing curl Shampoo. The bubbles are really rich and thick, like shaving cream. Using the best moisturizing shampoo is the most important part. It's even more important than the moisturizing conditioner you'll use too.

Bertha M.

This thing is really good. It works well and does what it's supposed to do. I like it a lot.

Jedidiah H.

I got this almond oil to make my own cream for under my eyes. I also use it for my cuticles. It came in a good package and arrived quickly. Thanks!

Katlynn T.

This product is a good size for the price. However, it doesn't have even a slight smell of almonds, which I have noticed with every almond oil I've bought in the past 35+ years. I won't buy it again. I'll use it with another oil so that I don't waste it or my money.

Candido G.

I used this stuff to make lotion for my body. My skin is sensitive and it didn't make me have any bad reactions or allergies. I totally suggest it!

Delphia B.

This oil makes my hands soft and I also use it on my hair. My hair feels soft and light!

Jacquelyn K.

I really like this product. It's great for doing things yourself. The pump makes it really easy to get the right amount. It helped me avoid stretch marks during my last pregnancy!

Alba T.

This thing is great! It's a good size and you can use it for lots of stuff. We even have it delivered automatically now.

Gregorio R.

This thing is great for your skin and hair!

Maiya L.

I got this thing in May, so I'd have it when I needed it. I just opened it a few days ago. The paper thingy that covers the bottle was stuck inside the oil, and the pump wouldn't move. So now I have almond oil that's not so good, and no pump. Who knows if it's even a good product...

Sydnee R.

My son is half Black and Dominican and Puerto Rican. I had a hard time finding something for his hair that would make it moisturized. This stuff works really well for him. His Afro looks nice and greased, and his curls and skin look shiny and healthy.

Emanuel H.

This oil is good, but the bottle isn't filled all the way. I think that's not very honest. I bought from a different company and their bottle was filled to the top. So, I won't buy from this company again because of that.

Bessie M.

This stuff is awesome for your beard! Just mix it with jojoba oil and it works like magic.

Gina H.

I really love the smell of this product. It makes your skin feel super smooth and shiny.

Zita D.

This oil doesn't smell and feels really heavy. When I put it on my hand, it made me itch right away. Almond oil usually smells nice, but this one doesn't smell like anything, so I'm not sure if it's really almond oil. Normally, almond oil keeps its natural smell, and I've never had an itch from using it before.

Sammy R.

This stuff is awesome for your skin and hair!

Larissa T.

I got this thing and I love it so much, I'm gonna get another one! It goes on your skin so smoothly and makes it feel super soft and moisturized. There's no smell, just pure softness and moisture!

Yadira H.

I read a book about kundalini yoga a while ago. The author talked about how important it is to take care of your skin. She said that using a dry brush and moisturizing every day with almond oil is really good for your skin. I decided to try this brand of almond oil because it came up first when I searched for it. It's been working really well for me, so I will definitely keep buying it. The oil is not too thick, so it spreads nicely on my skin. It doesn't have a strong smell, so it doesn't interfere with my perfume. The bottle has a lot of oil in it, so it lasts for a few months. I don't think I will go back to using creams from other brands like Neutrogena or Olay after using this almond oil. This product is simple, clean, cheap, and does its job really well. Sometimes I can go for more than two days without needing to put on more oil.

Winona M.

This thing is super easy to use and it really helps me when I'm itchy and need to go quickly. Just pump a little and you're good to go. It absorbs really fast, which is awesome.

Edythe O.

This stuff doesn't smell at all. It came in a kinda yellowish color, not sure if that's how it's supposed to be. But it does a good job of moisturizing without feeling too oily. It works great on your body, hands, feet, and even your head.

Zaria W.

This stuff smells good and makes my skin feel smooth. I like to put lotion on top of it and my legs stay really soft.

Serenity S.

My hair ends were really messed up. This thing worked pretty well to make them smoother. I also liked how it made my hands feel moisturized.

Jarrett F.

This moisturizing oil is super light and gets the job done. I've been using it on my teenage son for 3 days now. He had rough, dry patches on his skin because he doesn't use any face creams and the winter weather here is tough. But those patches slowly went away and this oil doesn't have a smell, so it doesn't bother him. Overall, it's a really good oil and I'll definitely buy it again.

Rico S.

The only thing is that the dispenser it comes with doesn't work!!!

Cecelia L.

I like this product a lot! I'm using it to make my skin softer while I'm pregnant. I put it on after I shower and even though it's really watery, it soaks into my skin nicely. Some people have said it doesn't have a smell, and that's true, which is great for me because strong smells and being pregnant don't go well together. I'm almost done with my first bottle and I'll probably get another one.

Isabella H.

This thing is super good for dry skin. It goes into your skin fast, so you don't feel all oily, but it makes your skin way softer and not as flaky. I really wish I had given it a shot a long time ago.

Autumn H.

I got psoratic arthritis and I use this on my head too. I can't say enough good things about how it works. You only need a little bit and it takes about two months to see the full effects. Totally worth it!

Katelynn H.

I use this stuff with my nice-smelling lotions, 'cause let's be real, those only make you smell good and don't really moisturize. I mix it with all my Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret, and other similar products. It doesn't mess up the original smell and keeps my skin looking nice, not dry. It blends well with any problems.

Idell P.

This oil is great! I use it to make bath bombs, bubble bath, and soap. The bottle is strong too, the cap doesn't move and make a mess. I would suggest getting it.

Ashly R.

I really really like this product. If you haven't tried using oil on your skin, you should give it a shot. It doesn't have any smell, so it won't mess with your perfume or scented lotion. I use it every day after I shower.

Taylor B.

This is one of my favorite skin care products. I have dry skin and this lotion is just perfect to use after a bath. It goes on fast and my skin soaks it up right away. No greasy stuff left behind.

Jewel T.

This product is really great! I've switched all our body lotions for this oil. It's really good for skin that gets eczema and works much better than lotion on my legs. Even though it's an oil, it soaks in quickly and doesn't make your skin feel slippery like coconut oil does. You can use it all over your body. It also helps keep my eczema from coming back after I use medicine to calm it down. If I use it regularly, I don't get any eczema outbreaks! Just a heads up, animals really like it too. Cats and dogs lick my legs when I'm near them!

Georgette H.

I got dry skin and eczema, and I've been looking for a natural oil to use as lotion. I tried avocado oil, coconut oil, and now almond oil. They all do the same thing. Even though my skin is super dry, the oil doesn't soak in right. I noticed that any skin not covered by clothes looks shiny, and when I touch it, my fingers get oily. It also leaves oil on stuff. Like, if I wear a T-shirt, my body is okay, but my arms look greasy and I leave oil on counters and things. That's not what I want. I tried using more and less oil, but it's always the same. So, it might work for other people, but not for me as a body oil. Now, I'm only putting it on my eczema spots and hoping that helps.

Frances H.

This almond oil is one of the best carrier oils out there! It smells nice and makes your skin extra moisturized! It mixes really well with any balm, essential oil, or other oils. It's totally worth the few bucks it costs! You definitely need to have this in your apothecary.

Darby W.

I got really dry skin and this oil helps my skin stay safe all day! It doesn't smell and I can put it on my eyes, nose, and mouth without any issues. I mix it with olive oil for my feet and back. It soaks in fast and doesn't make me feel oily.

Ernestina W.

This stuff smells nice, not too much like almonds, and mixes well with thicker oils. I use it for everything. On my face with another lotion, on my hair every day by itself or mixed with other oils, and on my body. I like that it has different nozzle options. I would buy it again.

Vernice C.

I got this to use with my gua Sha stone, which is awesome, but I also tried it as lotion for my legs and hair. I have pretty sensitive skin, but it didn't bother me at all, and it doesn't have a smell. I would have liked it to have a slight scent, but it does what it says, so no complaints.

Vena B.

I really like this oil. It's natural and doesn't have a smell, which is great. Other oils I've tried always have a strange smell and feel sticky. But with this brand, I haven't had any problems with stickiness, smell, or how well it soaks into my skin. Have a great day, everyone!

Saul J.

I really like this lotion because it has a pump that makes it easy to put on after I shower. I also like that it doesn't have any smell. It's not oily and it makes my skin feel soft. It's great to use after shaving because it doesn't make my skin irritated at all. The only thing I don't like is that I have to use more than I thought, but that might be because my skin is dry.

Lemuel B.

I needed something to make my body lotion more moisturizing and to stop ingrown hairs when I remove hair, and this stuff is awesome. My skin looks shiny even when I don't put on lotion. Before I started using this, if I forgot to put on lotion for just one day, my skin would get dry and super itchy. I have a problem with fragrances, so I really like that this doesn't have any smell at all. I use it all over my body, except for my face and chest because I tend to get pimples there. It's a really good product!

Reyna W.

I really like this stuff. I'm 9 months pregnant and I don't have any stretch marks. My belly doesn't itch like other pregnant ladies say. I put it on a few times a week, mostly on my belly, chest, and legs. Afterward, my skin feels super smooth and not sticky like lotion.

Alice T.

The smell is okay, my husband and I can both use it. Great for people with sensitive skin. If you put it on right after a shower when your body is still a little wet, it makes your skin really moisturized. When I put it on dry skin, it didn't work as well.

Dovie G.

I've been using Sweet Almond Oil to shave my legs for a long time and this product is the best. It doesn't have any smell, it's not as watery as coconut oil, and it moisturizes really well! I haven't had any problems with pimples and I use it all over my body, except my face. Sometimes I even put it on my hair before bed and when I wake up, my hair is soft and moisturized, but not oily. It works really well!

Kasey P.

This oil is supposed to be yellow and have a nice smell, but the one I got was clear and didn't smell like anything. It's not as thick as the other oil I usually use, which I can't find here in the U.S. I don't understand why it says "external use only," I think it should be okay to eat in a salad dressing. It's not as moisturizing as the good sweet almond oil I usually use for beauty and health purposes. It's more watery. It's still gentle, but I wouldn't recommend it for dry hair and skin like I would with the better sweet almond oil.

Luisa C.

I have to admit...I was really unsure when I read the reviews that said this wasn't almond oil. I thought maybe those people didn't know much about almond products and were just guessing about what kind of oil it really was when it didn't improve their skin like they expected. When I got my "almond oil," I saw that it was really yellow and didn't have much of a smell. The little bit of smell it did have reminded me a lot of vegetable oil...but I still decided to use it for oil cleansing like I planned. It seemed to work pretty well; it got rid of the dirt on my skin and washed away pretty easily with water. After washing it off, my skin feels really soft and looks much better than before. I'm still waiting to see if it makes me break out, but so far it seems to be working pretty well. I'm a little nervous about whether I should keep using it or not, but it's not a bad product, it just might not be what I ordered. Next time I buy almond oil, I'll probably try a different brand and compare the two. If you're trying to decide which brand to buy, I suggest learning about almond oil and making sure you buy from a company you trust. By the way, my bottle did come with a pump like in the picture, but I can't figure out how to make it work because there's a big piece blocking the pump. I think it's my fault though, not the seller's.

Willow A.

This thing is super light! I use it after I take a bath when I want something lighter than shea butter or oils like amla, argan, and avocado. It's really nice, hardly any smell, so it goes well with essential oils. I put it on right after my bath when my pores are open, and there wasn't even a tiny reaction. Since my skin is sensitive, that was a big win for me. It's a great product!

Lisandro H.

This product is really good. I started using it because I didn't want to put too many chemicals on my skin, which is already damaged because of Eczema. This is the best natural option. It works just like other products, like Eucerin Eczema cream. It's better than Aveeno eczema cream for me because Aveeno made my skin burn a little and caused more irritation. But this almond oil smooths things out and keeps my skin hydrated for 10-12 hours. You have to put it on again after 10-12 hours because some of the oil gets absorbed by clothes during the day. This is the same as what I do with Eucerin and Aveeno.

Stacey E.

Almond Oil is a great product that has many uses for your skin. It can help clear your pores and fight dry skin and rashes without using strong chemicals. It absorbs well into the skin and doesn't make you feel greasy or sweaty. You can also use it as a personal lubricant because it doesn't get sticky and is safe to use. It can keep your scalp dandruff-free and make your hair look nice without weighing it down. You can even use it for cooking and fixing things around the house. Give it a try and you'll see how it can replace other oils and moisturizers you use.

Ella K.

This product is pretty good. I'm not sure if it was filled all the way, you can check the pictures. The only reason I took away a star is because my bottle didn't come with a pump, and that's annoying. It doesn't have a smell, which I like. I don't think almond oil should have a scent. But overall, it's a good moisturizer.

Krystina R.

I think this oil is great if you want something that will really make your skin hydrated. I'm 5 months pregnant and I've tried a lot of expensive oils, but this is the only one that makes my skin smooth and hydrated even the next day. I also like that it doesn't have a smell because smells can bother me when I'm pregnant. I will definitely buy it again and recommend it to others.

Maci F.

I got this thing about a month ago and I really like it. I mix it with my Aveeno lotion to help my skin stay moisturized in this cold and dry weather, and it works really well. I also use it on my hair, which is natural and curly, and it's awesome. It's not heavy, doesn't have a smell, and a little bit goes a long way. It makes my hair and skin super soft. I also like that it came with two different tops, but I like the pump top better. The bottle is big and the price is good (I got it on sale, but I would pay full price now that I know how great it is).

Jarrod N.

I use this oil every day after I shower to keep my skin moisturized. My skin gets really dry and sensitive, but this oil doesn't make me break out when I put it on my face. It soaks into my skin pretty fast, but I wait a little bit before putting on my clothes. I also think my nails look nicer and stronger since I started using this oil. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it smells a little bit bad. I haven't noticed that with other almond oils I've bought before. I haven't tried it on my hair yet.

Tessie C.

I have really sensitive skin. I can't use makeup, lotions, creams, soaps with certain ingredients, or sunscreens. I wanted to try this product because it's lighter than butter and doesn't leave a film in my shower or on my clothes. It's a great product! I put a few pumps of it on my cloth with my usual shea soap and use it on my hair and face after cleaning. At night, I use a pump on a warm washcloth to clean my face before bed. It hasn't caused any breakouts and my skin looks clearer with fewer blemishes. My shower doesn't get slippery and there's no leftover residue to clean. When I come out of the shower, the water beads up on my skin and my favorite fluffy towel makes my skin soft and moisturized all day. I blow dry my hair with low heat and it looks shiny without feeling greasy. I'm really happy with this product and the pump it comes with. I'll definitely order more in the future.

Suzanne W.

I got this oil a while ago and I still really like it. The pump on the bottle is not good though, it leaks oil everywhere. I had it on my nightstand and when I woke up, there was oil all over the top of it. The bottle itself doesn't have any cracks, but the pump part seems to be leaking on its own. I will use the regular lid instead, but I'm disappointed because the pump was really convenient. Seller, please fix this soon!

I bought this oil because I wanted something safe for my baby. But it feels so good that I use it on myself too, especially for my really dry skin. My hands get cracked and blistered in the winter, but this oil helps keep them soft. I even use it on my face and it doesn't cause any problems. I haven't used any other almond oil before, so I can't compare it to other brands. But I love that this one is pure and natural without any harsh chemicals. It feels light on your skin and absorbs quickly without feeling sticky. It even comes with three different lids, so you can choose how you want to use it. I think that's really nice. When I run out, I will definitely buy this again. If you have a baby, I really recommend this oil instead of the ones marketed specifically for babies. It's much safer and more natural.

Shanelle D.

This stuff is amazing for my really dry skin and it makes my hair super smooth. I put it on my hands, feet, and elbows every day because those are the driest parts. Sometimes I also use it on my arms and legs. I use it on the ends of my long hair every day too, and it gets rid of any frizz and makes it moisturized. When my scalp gets dry, I put some on before bed and when I wash my hair the next morning, it feels so soft and my scalp feels better. It's a really good moisturizer for everywhere, especially since my skin is sensitive. I like the cap that pops up, the pump didn't work well because I couldn't control how much came out at once and the reviews weren't good. But other than that, I'll keep using it forever.

Katarina G.

I really like this product a lot. It can be used for many things, but I mostly use it for my skin. I use it by itself or with my daily lotion (Cetaphil and/or Aveeno) and it works really well. When I go out and want to take pictures, I put it on my skin to make it look healthy and nice. But to avoid getting it on my clothes, I usually mix it with my lotion for everyday use (like going to work). It makes my skin look younger.

I have skin that is easily irritated, but this oil has actually helped my skin instead of making it worse. It has been really helpful for my legs. I often get razor bumps, but the oil has calmed my skin a lot after I shower and shave. I would definitely recommend it.

When it comes to using it in my hair, unfortunately, my hair absorbs it too much and it's really hard to get it out or avoid looking greasy. So, I only use it on my skin.

I hope this information is helpful!

Betsy D.

This oil is really useful in my bathroom. I use it for lots of things like making scrubs, moisturizing my skin and hair, and preventing stretch marks when I was pregnant. Recently, I used it to help with cradle cap on my baby. It soaks in well and doesn't make you feel greasy. It doesn't have a smell and I think it's gentle enough to use on sensitive skin near my eyes. If you don't like using just the oil, you can mix it with a cream or lotion that doesn't have a fragrance. The bottle is big and lasts for a long time, about 3 to 6 months depending on how much you use.

Nona V.

I never tried almond oil before, but I was really happy with this purchase for two reasons. First, I really like the oil. If you don't like strong smells, then it's perfect because it doesn't have any odor. It also works really well on irritated skin. I even used some on my dog's ears, which always get rough at the tips, and it fixed them like magic. Second, the bottle has both a pump and a flip cap, which is great because it's easy to take with you when you travel or use it at home. If you like using moisturizing oil, I highly recommend giving this a try.

Jazlyn W.

This is my second time buying this product. I first got it to help me during labor with my son. I also used it with my first child to prevent tearing, and it worked really well both times. It's not too oily or greasy when I use it. It absorbs into my skin nicely. I also use it for my skin and my baby's hair. My skin sometimes gets dry patches on my face because it's a combination type. This product is good for those areas too. I just put a little oil on a gauze pad and dab it on my face after washing it. The size is great and it comes with a pump and cap.

Jadon R.

I really like this oil for my skin. I use it every other day after I take a shower. My skin gets really dry, especially in the cold months in Michigan. I use it every other day because my skin absorbs it well and it doesn't dry out as fast as before. If you use it as a lotion or oil for dry skin, make sure to give yourself some time before putting on clothes. It takes about 30 minutes for it to fully soak into your skin and not feel oily. I just wear old pajamas to bed, so I don't mind if it gets on them. I also put it on my hands and nails before bed and wear gloves. My hands get just as dry as the rest of my body, but they look moisturized the next day. I haven't tried it on my hair yet. My daughter uses a little bit on her chapped lips before bed, and she doesn't have to worry about cracked lips the next day or constantly using chapstick.

Julie C.

I recently started using all-natural products and switched from lotions to oils. Let me tell you, it's amazing! The oil absorbs well and makes my skin really moisturized. I used to use expensive lotions with harmful chemicals, but not anymore. Now, I'm halfway to being completely organic. This oil is a great addition to my daily routine. It doesn't have any smell, which is perfect because I love perfumes. Maybe I'll be 99.9% organic since I can't give up my perfumes. I should probably use oils instead though. Sorry, this is getting long. I'll definitely buy more when I run out.

Eldora G.

I got this to use as a conditioner in my hair all day, and it feels lighter than coconut, jojoba, or olive oil that I've used before. This is my favorite so far. This oil isn't certified organic, but it's still really good. It doesn't have a smell, which I wish it did, but some people might like that. The pump is a nice bonus. The bottle looks like glass, but it's actually plastic. I'm disappointed about that. At least it doesn't have BPA. Overall, it does the job, is priced fairly, and ships quickly. Nice.

Abbie Brown

I was a little skeptical but felt a little better after reading the positive review. I am SO IMPRESSED!! Absolutely heavenly. I use every morning after my shower and my skin has NEVER been this amazing! I use it on my face, body, hair (as a mask) eye makeup remover... My all purpose moisturizer. :heart:️ It

Irving R.

I'm in my 30s and I've noticed some problems with my skin. It feels tight and dry, and I have lines and dark circles. But after using this oil every day for a few weeks, my skin looks better. The lines aren't as noticeable, the oil goes into my skin nicely, and it feels like it really works! I've spent a lot of money on creams and moisturizers that don't help or make my skin worse. But this oil is different. It's better than anything else I've tried. I've used other products with fancy names like anti-aging and retinol, but this oil is even better. It can even take off makeup and make your skin smoother. It's just what my dry skin needs, and now I can't stop using it.

Haley H.

I moved to Colorado a few years ago, and my skin still hasn't gotten used to the climate here. It gets really dry, especially in the winter, even when I use a good moisturizer. My face often peels and feels very dry, and my back and arms get really dry too. I tried this oil and I really like it. It's not too expensive and works well for both my face and body. It's a bit thicker than the Jojoba oil I used to use, but it absorbs into my skin nicely and I haven't had any breakouts since I started using it a month ago. It's not as heavy as olive oil. I apply it after my moisturizer has had time to soak in, and I've been really happy with the results.

Gregory B.

I was looking for a body oil with a pump that works. Some people said their pumps didn't work well, but mine works great! I can choose how much oil I want without it squirting out too much. It's awesome! I have skin that gets really dry. I've tried lots of different lotions and oils, but they always made my skin oily for a long time. This oil is different though. It sinks right into my skin and makes it feel plump and glowing. It's not greasy, just youthful. I also tried it on my body and it's amazing! It seems to make my skin feel rejuvenated. My feet are always dry, but this oil makes them feel moisturized and smooth. I mix it with scented lotions and use it by itself. I'm really happy with this oil and will buy it again. I think you should give it a try too!

Eveline K.

I now believe in the healing powers of almond oil. I bought this oil about a month ago after reading a blog about taking care of your scalp during chemotherapy. The blog said that natural oils like almond oil can help with an itchy scalp. I haven't used it for that yet because my hair is still thinning. But I can tell you that it has helped with my dry skin and breakouts from the medicine. I put it on my face after I shower, and by the next morning, the redness and swelling are gone. My skin feels calm and I don't have dark circles under my eyes. I also put some on before I put on makeup, and it goes on smoothly without any dry spots. I live in a warm place, so I'm not sure how it would work in a cold winter. But I can say that it doesn't clog your pores if you have oily skin, and it seems good for my aging combination skin. My skin loves it. You only need a little bit, so it lasts a long time. I use more at night and less in the morning so it absorbs quickly. It has also made my hands and feet softer. I put it on my feet before I put on socks. It has also kept my nails looking good. I'm on my 4th round of chemo, and my nails haven't changed color yet. I know it will help my itchy scalp once my hair is gone. I feel it working on all my problem areas now. I'm writing this review to help others going through chemo. The company should think about giving samples to the Cancer Society's "Look Good Feel Better" program. I know it will make others feel better. I really think this oil has helped my skin during this tough time. My 89-year-old mom also loves it. I bought some for her and she uses it every day. I've noticed that her skin looks more alive and she says it helps with her wrinkles. She uses it on her face and hands. I'm really happy I tried this product. It's also great that it comes with a pump. It's easy to use. The only problem is that sometimes the pump leaks. It doesn't happen all the time, but I put a paper towel under the bottle just in case. It's not a big deal and it wouldn't stop me from buying this product again. It really saved my skin. It's also hard to find something that

Maritza E.

For the past 7 years, my fingers and thumbs have had a problem with skin peeling and cracking. It was so bad that I had to put bandages on them to work or deal with the pain. I would get blisters and then thick callouses, which would eventually lead to peeling skin and new skin that was too sensitive to touch anything. I have tried many creams for eczema and Psoriasis, and I have also been given ointments and steroid creams by doctors, but none of them worked. Then, I decided to try Sweet Almond Oil by Pure Body Naturals, just on a whim. Wow! This oil has made my hands smooth and almost undamaged in less than a week! I can't say that it has completely cured me yet, but I can say that for the first time in years, I can work with my hands without feeling pain and stinging from peeled and cracked fingers! If you have the same problem as me, I really recommend trying this oil!

Lori T.

I absolutely love this product! I use it every day, after showering, and it's made my skin so soft! It doesn't take much, and my dry, itchy skin is gone! I put a tiny bit on my hands, every time I wash them, to keep them soft. It soaks right in. My cuticles are softer, too. I don't notice any fragrance. I've mixed some with essential oils, and it blends well. This is one of my favorite products!

Tyrique F.

I just got this oil yesterday and have only used it twice on my face. But I really like it! I put it on as my moisturizer last night and this morning. It goes on easily and soaks into my skin pretty fast. It feels nice on my really dry skin. But it doesn't work as well under my foundation as the Aquafour I usually use. So, I'll probably only use it at night. I think this sweet almond oil will be good for moisturizing my body too. I'll definitely try it out. The price for this size of sweet almond oil is really good, so I suggest giving it a try. Also, I like the pump that keeps the oil clean and controls how much comes out.

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