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Fractionated Coconut Oil, 100% Pure

Natural nourishment for skin and hair

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An all-natural, multi-purpose miracle for your hair, face and body.

$9.99 | 4 fl oz

Discover key benefits of this product

Fractionated Coconut Oil is a multi-purpose solution for your hair, face, body and essential oils. "Fractionated" means you're getting a fraction of regular coconut oil, where most long chain triglycerides have been removed. What's left is mostly medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), giving frationated coconut oil a very long shelf life, increased stability, and an always liquid form at room temperature.

Unlike other vegetable-based carrier oils, Fractionated Coconut Oil has no greasy feel. It's also odorless, making it perfect as a natural skin moisturizer or a powerful hair conditioner. For essential oils, Fractionated Coconut Oil is an ideal base carrier oil for dilution.


  • Contains 1 - 4 oz bottle of 100% pure Fractionated Coconut Oil, cocos nucifera. Includes a pump and press disc cap for easy dispensing.
  • What does "fractionated" mean? It means you're getting a fraction of whole coconut oil, with the lauric acid removed and only medium chain triglycerides (MCT) remain. This enables the oil to stay liquid and enjoy an extremely long shelf life.
  • An intensely hydrating moisturizer for dry skin, as Fractionated Coconut Oil easily absorbs into the skin. Replenishes, brightens & revitalizes skin’s complexion.
    Use to moisturize and nourish the scalp to help restore hair growth and limit hair fall, helping you to grow longer, stronger and healthier hair.
  • Perfect carrier oil base for diluting essential oils like Lavender & Eucalyptus.
  • Gentle enough for baby and toddler skin, and helps reduce eczema.
  • Colorless to light yellow in appearance. Non-greasy, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Colorless, odorless and will not stain. 100% pure carrier and base oil. For external use only. Bottled in the USA.

Add directly to skin as a natural but extremely effective skin moisturizer.

  • Massage into hair and scalp to nourish and strengthen hair.
  • Use as a base carrier oil for essential oil dilution, and also for at-home DIY lotions & body creams.

100% fractionated coconut oil (Caprylic/capric triglycerides)

Cordie B.

This product is awesome and really handy when I make my own roll-ons with essential oils.

Tressa G.

I mix it with special oils. It's a kind of oil that doesn't make skin feel greasy.

Kiara M.

I use it on my skin, it's really good.

Golda K.

Me gustó, la piel.

Briana V.

down for my taste. It's like drinking flavored water. I prefer a stronger flavor.

Telly Y.

I really like this oil.

River S.

This oil goes smoothly on your skin.

Libbie W.

This coconut oil is really useful. I wish I got a bigger bottle for the price. It's good for my hair, skin, and nails. I wouldn't put it on my face because it can clog pores. I use it to make a hair mask for myself, and the last few batches turned out great. It's just an okay coconut oil. I won't buy it again because I need a bigger bottle for the price.

Magdalen D.

This product is just like water! It doesn't have any consistency or smell. When you put it on your face, it doesn't do anything. It feels like they put water in a bottle and called it oil.

Cristal M.

This thing is great for getting glue out of your hair. It works really well!

Reina B.

This lotion is super moisturizing and not too thick.

Flossie B.

This product is great for your skin.

Georgiana K.

It's awesome, nothing else to say!

Althea H.

This product is a really good deal.

Dandre B.

I use this for shaving. I put the oil on first, then the shaving cream. It makes shaving much easier. It works for me. Would I buy it again? Yes, definitely! You can also use it for other things.

Maiya B.

This lotion makes your skin super soft, at least for my family. It doesn't have a smell. I put it in a spray bottle instead of using the pump. It's kind of thin, but it makes your skin really smooth. When you put on a thin layer, it soaks in fast. It doesn't mess up your sheets. If you wear silky clothes, just let it dry for a few minutes so it doesn't leave oil spots.

Eula S.

I don't really know how I feel about this. I used it as a different face moisturizer because it's more natural. The oil is really light and doesn't make me feel like I'm putting something that blocks my pores. But when it comes to moisturizing, I feel like it doesn't soak into my skin, it mostly just stays on top. I suggest using a cream lotion first and then adding the oil.

Drew W.

I really like this product, but some folks don't because they take things out of it to turn it into a liquid. I like it 'cause it doesn't have any smell and it makes your skin super soft. It's also awesome for making essential oil roll ons.

Emilie C.

I really like this oil. I've been using it for about 6 months now and I put it in a lot of things like body wash, facial cleanser, body scrub, face wash, and exfoliator. I use it a lot, so I needed more before my next order in October. I couldn't wait that long, so I ordered another bottle expecting to get it on the same day, but I didn't. That's not even the main problem though. The issue is that it looks like I got cheated. I compared it to a bottle I previously ordered and didn't open yet, and you can see the difference. I don't remember having this problem before, but now I have to be careful with future orders.

Avery K.

We use this stuff to carry essential oils. It comes with a pump or pour thingy. It mixes real good and ain't greasy or leaves any yucky stuff on your skin. I've bought it a few times and always super happy!

Itzel B.

I had this skin problem called dermatitis and I needed a special ointment called Fluocinonide that you can only get with a prescription. But when I ran out of the ointment, I couldn't afford to go back to the doctor. My skin had similar symptoms to plaque psoriasis, like really itchy and scaly skin that would flake off and sometimes bleed when I scratched it. The skin around the bad spots was also really dry. So, I tried using coconut oil instead. I put it on my skin in the morning and at night when I showered. After about five weeks, my symptoms went away and my skin got better.

Fabiola W.

I really like this oil, but the pump hardly ever works right. Most of the time, it doesn't get anything out, and when it does, it squirts out really fast and makes a mess everywhere.

Romaine F.

I like this product because it's a fast way to put moisture on my skin after I shower. I can also use it to quickly remove makeup or clean my face. I just wipe it off with a warm washcloth. It makes my skin feel hydrated but not heavy or greasy before I go to bed.

Noelia B.

I use this a lot to mix the nice-smelling oils, and I also use it directly on my skin and hair to make them soft. You don't need to use a lot because a little bit goes a long way.

Darren T.

This coconut oil is super easy to use because of the pump. I use it as lotion and on my hair once a week. It makes my hair and skin feel really moisturized and soft. It doesn't leave a thick layer on my skin.

Larry Williamson

I love this product

Mandi McMillan

Bought this to use in our newborn's homemade diaper wipe solution. We love coconut oil for many uses and wanted a natural product to keep his sensitive parts moisturized and safe from harsh chemicals. It works perfectly in his solution. We also use it directly on him if we see any chafing or irritation and it seems to really help protect his skin and let it heal up. We've also used it on any dry skin spots on his head or forehead. Our bottle is almost already gone! I'd definitely recommend for skin issues.

Arlo H.

This is my first time buying coconut oil that's pressed. I'm happy it has a pump because it's kind of watery. The coconut oil I had before was thicker. I'm thinking maybe I got a bad one.

Kiley R.

I like this product, but it doesn't moisturize my skin as good as the solid version. I'll still use it for other things, but I bought it mainly for my dry skin. So, I'll go back to using the solid version for hydrating my skin. However, if you have normal to slightly dry skin, this should work fine for you.

Edwina W.

I really like this product, but there's a problem with the pump 'cause it leaks. I love using it in my son's bath to help with his eczema, and coconut oil has made it go away! I'm just not a fan of the messy bottle and pump.

Adeline W.

I got this product because there are lots of oils out there and new ones too. I knew coconut oil has been around for a long time, so I decided to get it. It feels really nice and doesn't have much of a smell. My legs have been dry this winter, but this oil has helped. Thanks again! I received it the day after I ordered it, not sure how they did it, but I'm happy I got it quickly. Maybe I'm lucky to live near a place where they keep the product.

Imogene F.

This is my first coconut oil, so I can't compare it to any other C-oil. I bought it to style my hair and moisturize my skin. I wasn't sure if it would actually work for these needs. Surprisingly, it did! My skin stays moisturized all day long, and there's no icky feeling when I apply it, which is great. Since I started using it two weeks ago, I won't buy any lotion again. What I love most is that it doesn't have a scent, so I can wear my favorite perfume without any other smells mixing in. It also makes styling easy and helps with cowlicks. Just be careful not to use too much, or your hair will look like it's from the 1950s (in my opinion). Overall, I love this product and will keep using it. It even comes with three different lids.

Kaya L.

Many people say the pump makes a lot come out, but I don't think so. It comes with 3 caps, one like a shampoo bottle that flips to open, a pump, and a regular cap. It says it doesn't have a smell, but it actually smells nice. I enjoy using this to shave because it makes my legs smoother and leaves a long-lasting scent.

Elise M.

I've been using body scrubs for a long time. They can be pricey, so I thought of making my own. I mixed this oil with good Epsom salts and now I have a fantastic product for way less money. Instead of spending $30 on a scrub, I can make my own for less than a dollar. The scrub I make is just as good as the one I used to buy.

Lora M.

This coconut oil soaks in good. It has a little smell that isn't too nice. I just put some essential oil on it when I put it on my skin to make it smell good. I also used it on my hair to make it shiny. The pump that came with it works good. I have to say this product makes my skin feel nice and hydrated.

Reina K.

I use this stuff on my hair and skin! It's awesome! Coconut oil goes deep into my hair and skin. So, when I put it on my hair, I use a mix of shea butter and castor oil that I make to keep the moisture locked in. And when I put it on my skin after a shower, I use a really thick cream because it's winter. This stuff works great on both my hair and skin!

Cordie M.

This product is awesome for your hair and skin. It makes your skin feel super smooth and hydrates it really well. Just so you know, it's not meant for nursing moms who need pain relief. It says that right on the bottle too.

Deja S.

Other people say this lotion isn't greasy, but it actually feels pretty oily when you put it on. But it soaks into your skin really fast and works great at fixing dry skin. It feels really nice all day on my legs, arms, knees, and elbows. I really think you should try it.

Genevieve M.

This moisturizer makes your skin really smooth, but it can be messy. I figured out how to use it without making a mess, so now it's my favorite. It doesn't leave any stains. I apply it on my skin and even if I put on clothes before it fully absorbs, my skin feels great and there's no product on my clothes.

Anabelle L.

My skin feels really smooth and soft when I use this product. I put it on after I shower and I don't need any other moisturizers. Sometimes I even add a little bit of Lavender oil to it. I really like it! If it didn't have a problem, I would give it five stars. I think this might be the fifth time I've ordered it. One time, the pump didn't work and another time it was leaking.

Manley R.

This oil is the best I've ever used. I put it on after I shower. It goes on really light and soaks in fast. My skin feels way softer and healthier. It doesn't have any smell, which is great because I don't want anything else to smell stronger than my soap. I've bought it two times already and I'll keep buying it!

Erika G.

I like this product a lot. It's not greasy, so it won't ruin clothes or silk. It doesn't have a smell, which I didn't like at first because I usually buy products with fancy scents. When I got this product, I tried to use the pump, but it didn't work. Luckily, I had ordered two bottles of coconut oil from different brands to try out. I used the pump from the other bottle. Even though I like this product, I won't buy it again.

Berry L.

This oil doesn't have a smell. I put it on my skin after I shower, when my skin is still wet, and then I dry myself with a towel. It makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated all day long, and I don't have any problems with it. The only thing that bothered me was the pump that came with it. It didn't work well and my oil started leaking on the first day. I like the product, but I wish they would fix the packaging!

Vicky T.

This oil is really good! It's very thin because it's fractionated, like a "dry oil". It goes into the skin and hair really fast. It's made like natural body oils, so it's not thick and greasy like regular coconut oil. I use it all over. I wash my face with it and I also use it to make my hair look smoother and get rid of flyaways. I put it in my hair before I go to bed and wake up with beautiful, bouncy, shiny hair that's a deeper color. I really like it! I just wish it smelled like coconut.

Tressa F.

I really like this product. I use it with my oils and mix it with my favorite cream for my legs and feet. After applying this mixture, I recommend wearing non-skid footies for about an hour to avoid slipping. It has made my pedicures last much longer and my feet feel really soft.

Brittany W.

The oil is really good, but the bottle leaks a lot. My father-in-law also had the same problem with his bottle. It's a shame because I really like the oil.

Henriette H.

I really like this oil. I've been sick and taking lots of medicine, which made my skin really dry. I use it every other day and now my skin looks healthy again and feels really soft and smooth. I also put it on my scalp and hair once a week. My hair was getting weak, but now it's getting stronger. My scalp isn't dry anymore. It doesn't have a strong smell, actually I can barely smell it. I'm really happy with buying this oil and I plan to keep using it.

Georgette H.

I really like the oil, but the pump it came with is not good. I mix the part that doesn't spray everywhere with a nice lotion and put it all over my skin to keep it moisturized. It absorbs fast and easily into my skin. The only reason I might not buy it again is because of the bad pump.

Rosa A.

I use this stuff for everything, like my hair before bed and in the shower after I dry off. It goes on easy and soaks in fast. The pump doesn't work well for oil, so I use a smaller squirt bottle that works better and helps me use less. The size and price are really good. I'll even use it to make my own lotion. Can't wait to keep using it for a long time!

Shania E.

I really, really, really love this product! A friend told me about it when I had my baby, and instead of using diaper rash cream, I use this on his bottom. My son is 22 months old and he has never had diaper rash since I started using this coconut oil after his bath every night. The only time he gets a rash is when he's teething, but the coconut oil soothes it and makes it better by morning. I'm so impressed! It also lasts a really long time. I've only bought three bottles in the past 22 months, but now I'm using it faster because I also use it as a carrier oil for my essential oils, as a personal lubricant (my husband likes it better than store-bought!), and as my own moisturizer.

Phyllis F.

My wife really likes this product. We have bought it three times now. The last bottle broke, but it wasn't the manufacturer's fault. One day, my wife was in the living room when she heard a loud noise at the front door. She got up and saw the delivery man walking away. She looked down and saw a package sitting there. She yelled, "Good thing it wasn't from China!" The delivery man just waved and kept walking. Wow, he threw it at our front door! When I got home from work and opened the package, the bottle had leaked inside. It made a big mess. So, thank you to the delivery driver in the unmarked white van. I hope I'm home when you deliver our next bottle!

Jennyfer S.

I really like this oil! I use it for my 98-year-old dad who doesn't like lotions because they feel greasy and sticky, and he doesn't like the strong flowery smell either. But he actually doesn't mind this oil at all! It also seems to be helping his skin stay moisturized. The only issue I have is with the pump. When I press it, the oil squirts out around the tube instead of just from the nozzle. It makes a big mess and wastes oil. It even ruined my new shirt and left a big oil stain on Dad's dresser. So, if they fix the pump, it would be a perfect product!

Emelia W.

I bought this to help my daughter's diaper rash. It helped a lot. I also mix it with her shampoo if her scalp is dry. Many babies get dry scalp after they are born. This worked well when my baby had it. Update on the review: I still like the product itself. I even use it on myself when my skin is dry or has problems. The only issue is that the container leaks a lot! The pump always leaks oil when I use it, and there is always a little puddle of oil under the counter where I keep it. They should change the packaging because I waste too much product.

Lina M.

I use this product in the winter when I take a steam shower. It helps keep my skin moisturized and smooth on cold winter days and nights. First, I use a shower gel to clean myself, and then I apply this product. I sit in the steam for about 15 to 20 minutes and then use a moisturizing soap to get rid of the extra oil. I feel really good when I step out and cool down. I might do the same thing in the summer, but not as often.

Greta H.

This oil is the BEST! Easy to use, easy to get absorbed - no grease anywhere - use it for everywhere on the body, also the hair. I had an issue with the pump and talked with customer care - they are absolutely outstanding! In record time I had a new pump for my bottle, and I totally recommend this product and company!

Anya Z.

This coconut oil product makes moisturizing with coconut oil much easier. Sometimes, after I take a shower, I don't moisturize because I'm in a hurry. Because of that, my skin has suffered. Every now and then, when I have time, I use coconut oil. But since I got this product, I've been using it after every shower and I can already see a big difference in my dry skin. I also have keratosis pilaris, and while this product doesn't get rid of it completely, it does make it much softer. I was hoping it wouldn't be greasy at all, but it still is a little greasy. I would say it's about 50% less greasy than regular coconut oil. So, it's definitely an improvement.

Ruben M.

I got really dry skin, and I use this stuff after I shower or take a bath. It doesn't feel all greasy or heavy on my skin, and it doesn't mess up my clothes or sheets as long as I rub it in. I haven't put any fancy oils in it yet, but I might later because it's supposed to be good for that. But be careful, this oil is pretty thin and comes out of the pump super fast, so go easy when you pump it. I'll probably buy it again.

Roma M.

We really like coconut oil at my house. We use it after we take baths or showers to keep our skin moisturized. This bottle is great because you can pump the oil into your hand and put it all over your body easily. Coconut oil smells nice and makes me feel happy. It's not greasy at all, and my whole family likes it. I put it on my face, neck, and anywhere else I want. I even mix it with my essential oils for massages! I would definitely buy it again.

Aliza H.

This oil is the best for me when I make my roller balls. It mixes well with my essential oils and doesn't make my skin too greasy. Sometimes in the summer, I put a few pumps on my legs to make them shiny. The pump that comes with it is the best thing. I can easily add it to my roller ball bottle without needing a funnel. I usually add it before the essential oils. You should try it!

Claudia C.

Coconut oil is super useful for lots of things like cooking and taking care of your skin, and that's why I really liked this product. The Premium Fractionated Coconut Oil comes with a pump that makes it easy to use and you can put it on cotton puffs or makeup pads without any trouble. It's really gentle on your skin and helped keep it moisturized without using a bunch of chemicals. The Fractionated Coconut Oil doesn't have a smell, which was great for me because it didn't make my allergies act up, and we could even add scents later if we wanted to. Plus, the way it's made means it won't go bad and will last a long time.

Shirley B.

This oil is really nice. It feels a bit greasy at first, but after a few minutes, it gets absorbed and feels like lotion. I've used it as a moisturizer for my whole body and even on my baby. My baby had a little cradle cap since birth, so I would apply this oil at night and gently brush her head/hair. By morning, the oil would be absorbed and sometimes the flakes would be gone. It's a very useful product that I would suggest to a friend.

Sharon M.

Coconut oil is really great! It's good for you, you can use it for cooking, and it even helps your skin. This coconut oil comes in a handy pump, so you can use it without making a mess. I cook a lot and sometimes I accidentally burn myself, but this coconut oil is perfect for soothing those burns. It also works as a moisturizer and is awesome for cooking. It's a really good product!

Kim P.

I really like the oil. I didn't give it a perfect score because there's always some oil that leaks out from under the bottle. I looked at the bottle carefully, but I couldn't find any cracks or breaks. I think it might be because of the pump. I bought this bottle mainly because of the pump.

Emily W.

I really like this product. I put lavender oil in it to make it smell calm and relaxing. I use it every night after I shower, and it makes my skin much softer. I like it so much that I already bought it again, even though I haven't used much of the first bottle. I never want to be without this item again.

Jessika W.

I wanted to try coconut products for a while, so I decided to give this one a try. My skin is really dry, and I've used lotions before that felt heavy or greasy. I thought this one would be greasy too, but I was happy to find out it wasn't. I've been using it for a week now, and my skin feels soft and doesn't look as dry anymore. I even used it on my face, and it felt light. Just be careful when you pump it out because it comes out fast since it's a liquid.

Brielle C.

This oil ain't greasy and feels real light. Normally, oils make me wanna wash my hands, but this one ain't heavy at all. It's good for massages, and you can mix in your fave essential oils too. It comes with a pump, so you can get the right amount. After rubbing it in, my skin feels super smooth, and it don't have no smell, which I like!

Lucio V.

I use coconut oil for lots of different things like cooking, polishing wood, and taking care of my hair and skin. I really like this Fractionated Coconut Oil because it lasts a long time. It's a clear, thin liquid and doesn't have any chunks or visible pieces. It's also not cloudy. It feels nice and light on my skin and hair and doesn't leave any weird stuff behind. A little bit of it goes a long way, and the pump bottle makes it easy to use. If you like Essential Oils, this Fractionated Coconut Oil is great to mix them with. Overall, I'm really happy with my purchase and will buy more when I run out. It's really good quality and the price is good too. It's a great buy!

Natalie S.

I never tried a product like this before, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I really like it. It has a very, very faint smell of coconut, but you can only smell it if you sniff really close. However, when I mix it with my essential oils, I can't smell it anymore. I use it with lemongrass for my sore muscles and lavender to help me sleep better at night. The oil feels nice and smooth when I apply it, and a little bit goes a long way. After it dries quickly, there is no leftover oily feeling. This product has worked well for me when massaging with essential oils and for a general massage.

Marie S.

This coconut oil is really good. I needed an oil to mix with my essential oils and put on my feet before bed. I tried this oil from Pure Body Naturals and it worked well. The pump makes it easy to mix with my oils and get the right amount. It doesn't have a smell, which is good because it won't mix with the scent of the essential oils. I also used it to shave my legs one night and they felt really smooth afterwards.

Hettie C.

I really love coconut oil. It's a super useful oil that you can use for lots of things. I use it with my essential oils before putting them on me or my kids. It doesn't make your skin feel oily after using it. You can also use it on your skin to keep it moisturized. If you want coconut oil, I totally suggest this brand. It was packaged really well so it didn't leak when it was sent, and it even came with a handy pump for easy use.

Gregoria B.

This product is great! I use essential oils every day and I use this oil to mix them together. I also put it on my skin to make it soft. It goes into the skin nicely and doesn't feel sticky or oily. I will keep using it on my hair to help it grow. I will definitely keep buying this product!

Keegan M.

I really like this oil because it can be used in many ways. I put it on my skin to keep it moisturized, especially on my hands. After it soaks in, it doesn't feel greasy, but I still pat my hands just in case (see picture of my hand after using it). I also tried using it to make my wood furniture shiny (search for a recipe online) and it worked great. I gave it four stars instead of five because the pump sometimes gets stuck and the oil comes out too fast.

Myra M.

I really like this product. I've used coconut oil before, but I don't like that it becomes solid in the winter. This product stays liquid and even has a pump to make it easy to use. It doesn't leave stains, which is great, and it's easier to use. My daughter likes to use it in her hair to keep it moisturized and it also helps with tangles. I use it as a makeup remover. It can also be used for other things like natural deodorant, massage oil, and skin moisturizer. I'm not exactly sure how it's made differently, but I'm very impressed with all the things it can do. Plus, it doesn't have a smell, so it doesn't bother my allergies.

Jack M.

I really, really love this product. I used it on my skin and scalp because they were really dry, and it worked amazingly well. My skin feels so moisturized and soft now, and my hair looks really silly (in a good way!). I even used it on my dog Chico because he had dry, flaky spots with no hair. His skin is now shiny, he's way less itchy, and his hair is growing back. I just love this stuff!

Delilah G.

I really like this product! Coconut oil is amazing! I don't trust a lot of stuff on my skin 'cause it can make it oily or block my pores. But this one is different. It even has a pump, which is cool 'cause it's not messy and I can use just the right amount. I'll totally buy it again!

Modesta R.

If you don't use Coconut Oil for your skin and hair, you should definitely give this a try! It comes in a big bottle for a really good price and it makes your hair and skin feel really nice and smooth. The best thing is that it doesn't have a strong smell, so everyone will like it. Plus, it dries quickly and doesn't leave a mess on everything you touch. I really love coconut oil, especially this one because it has an applicator and it's a big bottle. You really need to have this for your hair and skin routine. Have fun!

Modesta F.

I really like this oil! It's great for massages. It goes on smoothly and makes my skin feel moisturized. I've mixed it with a little bit of essential oil, which is a cool and successful combo. The coconut oil itself doesn't have a smell, but when I add the essential oil, it smells just like the essential oil. I usually use lavender for a calming and relaxing scent. After I use the coconut oil, my skin doesn't feel sticky or oily. It feels like I've used lotion. The ingredients are called "Medium Chain Triglycerides." It comes from Malaysia and is bottled in the USA.

Maddison S.

This is my first time using fractionated coconut oil and I really like it and think you should try it too! I got it because my sister started using it and her hair looked so much better. Many people mix it with essential oils, but I just use it by itself on my hair. I put it on the ends and roots of my hair and leave it in overnight (remember to put a towel on your pillow). My hair is now softer, stronger, and feels thicker. I really love this product!

Chasity O.

This oil has been good for what I need. I've only had one little issue, but it's not a big deal. When the bottle is full, I can't hold it by the bottle itself, I have to hold it by the neck. If I hold it by the bottle, oil comes out of the spout. But that problem goes away when the bottle isn't so full.

Kristy S.

This is my first time trying fractionated coconut oil and I really like it. It doesn't turn solid again, so I don't have to warm it up to make it liquid. I mostly use it to make my hair moisturized, and I leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. My hair feels really soft and flexible now. I also use this oil, along with castor oil, to make my stretch marks smoother. They are getting softer and looking better. I hope they will go away completely!

Elisabeth W.

If you want to make your scalp soft and moisturized, this product is the best. I have thin hair, so I don't need to use a lot of oil for softening. But for moisturizing the scalp, you need to use a lot of oil. If you want your hair to look wet all the time, you can use more oil. I don't like the pump on the bottle. If you press it too hard, the oil will come out too fast and get everywhere. It can even stain your clothes, even though the bottle says it won't. The bottle also says not to get it in your eyes, but I've read that coconut oil is safe for the eyes. I think they just say that to be safe. The product is greasy, even though the bottle says it isn't. It takes a while for it to absorb into your skin. Other than these issues, it's a good product for hair. I haven't tried other brands, so I can't compare them.

Kelsi O.

I use essential oils every day and I'm pretty good at making my own blends. It's tough to find a good carrier oil like this coconut oil. The quality is good and there are so many things you can do with it. The only problem is that the pump stopped working after a few times. But overall, it's a nice product.

Jon K.

I never tried a broken oil for essential oils before. I used to melt coconut oil in my hand and mix essential oils in it. This way is faster and less messy. Coconut oil alone is awesome for hand lotion. Just pump and rub it in. Or pump and add some essential oils to it, then it's ready to use. The pump makes it really easy to use.

Lilyan N.

This is my first time buying coconut oil. It doesn't really smell like coconut, but that's okay. I gave it four stars because the pump doesn't work. I tried really hard, but it just wouldn't pump.

Oscar B.

I really like this oil a lot. The best thing about it is that you don't have to put your whole hand in a jar to get a little bit. It comes with a cool pump that lets you choose how much oil you want to use. I use it mostly for my long hair and my two daughters use it too. We also use it for other stuff. After I shower and before I go to bed, I like to rub it on my feet, knees, and elbows. It makes my skin really smooth! I think this product is great and I suggest you try it.

Karli R.

If you like essential oils, this is a really good thing to have. It's been a great addition to our carrier oil supplies when we make roller balls and special oil blends for our kids. I really like that it comes with a bottle pump, so my kids can easily use it when we make new things with our oils. We also used it to make sugar scrubs for my sons' teachers at Christmas. I will definitely order this again!

Electa S.

I use this coconut oil as a carrier oil for one of my massage oils. I like to make special oils for my regular clients. This oil is great for mixing a custom oil for specific clients. It slides smoothly and gets absorbed fast. It's not greasy and doesn't leave marks on my massage sheets. I'm happy I found it.

Durward P.

This product is awesome! I got it to use with essential oils in a diffuser for my house, but it's been useful in many other ways too! I even tried it on my hair and it made it feel softer and easier to manage. I'm really happy I bought and tested it out!

Colin S.

I really love this stuff. I tried it for the first time, and I can tell it's really good. I made my own hair mask and used it as a lotion on my face and body. I also used it as a leave-in conditioner. It absorbs quickly and makes your skin feel really soft until your next shower. I will definitely buy it again, and maybe even for the rest of my life.

Nelle C.

My skin is picky and gets easily irritated. Most products make me itch, turn my skin red, or make it feel oily. But this oil has become my nightly routine. I use it after I shower, and after a few days, I noticed that the red and irritated areas on my skin went back to their normal color. Plus, my skin isn't dry or flaky anymore. The best part is that it doesn't leave stains. I always worry that oils will leave marks on my clothes or sheets, but this one doesn't, which was a really nice surprise.

Nicole S.

This product is not greasy, which is great because I don't like using oily products on my body and feeling greasy when I go to bed. It's also really good for hair, although I wouldn't use this oil to keep moisture in my hair. I suggest using coconut oil with your favorite hair moisturizer and then using a heavier oil, like castor oil, to seal it in. The pump is amazing! I've never used oils with a pump before and now I'm spoiled. I definitely recommend it.

Beulah S.

I use a lot of essential oils, and one thing that's really important is using them with carrier oils. Usually, I use coconut oil that you buy for cooking. But I've discovered that this fractionated coconut oil is even better. I don't have to wait for the oil to melt when it's solid! This oil is great and mixes really well with my skin.

Lindsay H.

If you want a great makeup remover and moisturizer, look no more! I used to buy expensive makeup remover bottles from Almay or Neutrogena, but then I realized I was spending a lot of money on chemicals to clean my face every day. I found out that those bottles usually contain mineral oil, which is made from petroleum. Who wants petroleum on their face?! So, I decided to try using coconut oil instead. Just put some oil on a cotton ball and wipe off your waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow. It really works! Plus, it hydrates your skin too! I even use it on my daughter, who has eczema. Her skin absorbs it easily, and it doesn't leave a greasy mess. The best part is that it doesn't smell like coconut at all! It won't turn solid like the coconut oil you use for cooking. This stuff is amazing for your skin. I will never go back to using anything else. This product is truly incredible!

Kade R.

I really like this coconut oil. It's light and doesn't have a smell, and it's not greasy. It comes in a nice container with a pump on top, so it's easy to use without making a mess. This coconut oil is great for making body sprays and perfume oils because it doesn't go bad. I use it on my dry skin after I shower, and it soaks in fast without feeling greasy. I've also used it as a cream for my cuticles, and it works well and keeps them healthy. We've even used it as a massage oil, and it's really nice.

Annetta D.

This stuff is great for taking off makeup and getting rid of bubble gum from places it shouldn't be! I've used it to take off those annoying price tags on Christmas presents and it also works wonders on my daughter's hair, making it super hydrated. She loves using it on her cuticles and says she can't imagine life without it. It's just an awesome product!

Katrina O.

I've tried lots of coconut oils for mixing with essential oils. This one is cool because it has a pump, which is way less messy than the ones with a pop top. The bottle is a good size for the price. There are tons of things you can do with it. I like using it to take off eye makeup, it's way better than the strong stuff in makeup removers and wipes. It's also great for keeping my skin moisturized!

Ethel B.

I like this coconut oil better than other oils because it doesn't go bad over time. It's great to use with essential oils or as a moisturizer for your skin. It didn't make my skin itchy when I used it, and it didn't make my skin feel oily. I'm really happy with my purchase. I would suggest this oil to anyone who wants coconut oil that stays soft in cold weather and doesn't go bad.

Oleta F.

I use coconut oil for my essential oils and for making gifts. I really liked this oil because it's good quality and comes with a pump that makes it easy to use. My child has sensitive skin, but this oil didn't cause any problems when I used it on him with an essential oil. It's a great oil and you get a lot for the price.

Freeda R.

My son has eczema and his skin gets really red and irritated after baths. A friend told us to try coconut oil, and I thought this pump bottle would be easier than carrying the coconut oil from the kitchen every night. Now, his skin feels really soft after adding two pumps to the bath. I even use it to shave my legs and they feel really soft too. Another reason I didn't like using the kitchen-style coconut oil in the bathroom was because it never turned into liquid in the jar, but this one comes as liquid. It's a good deal and a great product!

Katharina C.

This carrier oil is awesome to have at home. I'm new to essential oils and wanted a carrier oil to mix with them. This one is really good to give a shot. It soaks into your skin and doesn't make you feel oily. This oil is totally natural, doesn't have any bad stuff like parabens or phthalates, and doesn't have any added smells or colors. I really like that this oil can be used in many ways for your skin.

Rozella K.

This product is awesome! The pump thingy makes it way easier to get the right amount of coconut oil without having to scoop it out of a container. I've been using it on my hair and skin to keep them nice and moisturized during the dry winter. The liquid coconut oil is a game-changer. I'm totally gonna tell all my friends about it.

Caden D.

I just got this and tried it for the first time last night. OMG I love it and can't believe I didn't have this coconut oil before! This fall has been tough on my skin and hair. I used it in the shower on my hair and body. It made me feel refreshed! After my shower and face routine, I used it as my nighttime moisturizer. I was surprised to see that my face didn't feel rough when I woke up this morning. I'm excited to mix some of my essential oils with it! This is so cool, it comes in a bottle with a pump. It's the truth!

Vita C.

I use coconut oil on my hair every day. I'm Native American and have super long hair, so it's been tough finding a good product. But this fractionated coconut oil by Pure Body Naturals is amazing! It keeps my hair frizz-free, not too dry or oily, just perfect! I've told all my family and friends to try it too.

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