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5 Ways to Add Tamanu Oil Into Your Beauty Routine

Tamanu oil is one of the best beauty ingredients for enriched and gorgeous skin. The oil is filled with nutrients, minerals, enzymes, and maybe even a bit of magic. It’s a “multi-purpose” oil that everyone should keep stashed in their beauty cabinets.

Tamanu oil comes from the tamanu tree which is an evergreen from Southeast Asia that blooms beautiful yellow fruit twice a year that contain a large nut that can be processed into oil. It can treat acne, pimples, stretch marks, dry skin, spots, aging – the list goes on and on.

It’s certainly a must-have, but how can you start adding into your routine? Here are some quick and helpful ways that you can start reaping the benefits of this healing oil. 

#1: Create an Anti-Aging Mask

 Tamanu oil is packed full of both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that can help with your blood flow. If you’re worried about those fine lines and wrinkles, mix some tamanu with vitamin E oil and apply it just like a mask. Let it sit on your skin for about 8-10 minutes and you’ll love the results. It keeps your skin tight and helps boost elasticity so you’ll look flawless every day.

#2: Make a Cleansing Scrub

Cleansing your skin is an essential part of any beauty routine. You unclog to unclog your pores and give your skin time to breathe. Tamanu oil’s minerals will not only cleanse your skin, but it will help boost the repairing process. Mix a tablespoon of oil with some sugar and massage in circular motions gently on your face or body. Your skin will feel bright and beautiful! 

#3: Use as a Facial Oil or Body Moisturizer

On the days your skin is super dry or undernourished, tamanu oil will be your best friend. Mix it with lavender oil, jojoba oil, and some avocado oil and apply the mixture to your skin and let your skin soak up those essential nutrients it needs.

#4: Start Your Day with Sun Protection

Using a strong SPF sunblock is critical should you be in the sun for long periods of time. But for everyday life, you may not need full-on sunscreen if you’re not outside that much. It is important that you have some level of sun protection, though. It’s well known that getting any amount of sun exposure, even short periods of time, can cause sun damage. So the more products in your beauty routine that can provide sun protection –– the better. You can use tamanu oil as an everyday protectant! It won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky for the day. The oil absorbs in your skins quickly and leaves you feeling smooth, hydrated, and slightly more protected at the same time.

#5: Massage Onto Stretch Marks

The repairing properties in tamanu oil are no joke. The oil aids in cicatrization, which is the development of new skin tissue. It helps regenerate your skin and speeds up the healing process. Most oils just blend into the top layer of your skin, but tamanu oil work in all three layers. Mix your tamanu oil with some jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter and apply it directly to your stretch marks. Start off with once a day and you’ll start seeing results in no time.

As with any beauty product, always test on a small patch of your skin before you use all over. Everyone’s skin is different and especially if you have sensitive skin, there is the possibility of an adverse reaction.