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Cold Pressed Tamanu Oil

Excellent age-defying, antimicrobial agent for clearing oily skin, and reducing the appearance of acne, scars, age spots and other skin irritations

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Tamanu Oil may be lesser known next to other essential oils, but its use for prevention of scar formation and skin treatment dates back longer than you may think. Tamanu Oil is cold pressed, unrefined, antimicrobial and loaded with polyphenols, a natural antioxidant. The Tamanu nut, when distilled, creates an oil that acts as a direct remedy or a carrier oil to shield your skin from unwanted signs of aging!

100% Pure Tamanu Essential Oil is a tough defense against skin conditions. It’s loaded with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can thoroughly clean the skin and lessen the appearance of blemishes. Tamanu seed also holds incredible anti aging benefits! By encouraging skin regeneration, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, helps prevent their return, and fades signs of sunspots, acne, scars, and stretch marks. Pure Tamanu is also anti-viral and rich in antioxidants, allowing it to reduce symptoms of many skin conditions including itch, dryness, Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm, Eczema, Psoriasis, nail fungus, and rashes. Tamanu oil is safe for babies and most skin types.

Why Tamanu Oil?

  • Helps heal face scars and prevents breakouts
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks
  • Fades signs of scars, sunspots, and other age spots
  • Eases itching and fights fungus




Add 3-5 drops of Tamanu Oil to palm and massage. Smoothe the oil directly onto slightly damp skin, avoiding the eyes and mucus membranes. Allow oil to soak and dry prior to adding makeup. Apply 2-3 times daily or as needed. For nicks, cuts and scrapes, clean the wounded area thoroughly before adding Tamanu Oil.

100% Pure Tamanu Oil(Calophyllum Inophyllum)

Alia F.

This oil is old and it went bad, too bad I can't give it back, think twice before getting the tamanu oil from this company.

Lola T.

I was really excited to try this product because I heard it can make your skin look great. But when I got the oil, it smelled like old oil. I still decided to give it a try because I didn't think anyone would send me old stuff. After using it twice, I felt sick both times. I realized the oil was too old and had gone bad! I asked some other people to smell it, and one person couldn't tell because they lost their sense of smell due to COVID. But the other two agreed that it smelled bad, and one of them uses Tamanu oil regularly. They said Tamanu oil usually has a strong smell, but not a stinky rancid smell like this one. They told me to return it. I was disappointed, and I didn't handle the return until today because I got busy. So, based on my experience, I gave it 1 star.

Pauline S.

I can't use this product because it smells so bad it makes me feel sick.

Lizzie R.

This thing smells bad. I can't use it with my scrubs and soaps.

Abe Z.

This product makes your scalp feel moisturized! It goes into your skin pretty good, but it can make your hair a little greasy. The smell is nice and nutty. It works even better if you put some moisture on your scalp before using it. It doesn't really help with itching, but it does a great job at moisturizing. I think it's worth trying out.

Ivy S.

I don't like how the oil gets hard and I can't use it on my skin. :( It was bad for my face too. Maybe I should try a different brand.

Dolores W.

This product stinks and didn't help my daughter's eczema at all.

Scot G.

This stuff is great for when your skin gets all red and irritated.

Hettie D.

My husband doesn't like the smell.

Kaylah B.

This thing smelled really bad, and it made all my clothes smell bad too, even after washing them many times. It didn't make my skin feel moisturized at all, and it also left stains on my clothes. It's really terrible, so don't buy it.

Flo B.

OMG, this stuff smells really bad. It makes my husband feel sick and you're supposed to put it on before bed and wash it off in the morning. I can't even get into bed with it on. It does work really well, but I can only use it when my husband works at night.

Kayden H.

I use this stuff at night for dry spots on my face. Winter weather and wearing a mask all day at work is awful for my skin. This makes your face feel soft and moisturized. The smell could be better, but it works really well.

Marjory B.

I don't like the smell of licorice, but this stuff really works on my itchy and red eczema hands!

Mellie Q.

This thing smells really bad. I wanna give it back because I used it for my skin problem, but it doesn't seem to be working at all.

Vance K.

This product was a good deal, but it didn't work for me. It made my skin feel like it was burning, so I had to wash it off. I had to set aside this oil until my skin is less irritated.

Laurence B.

My wife had a problem with her eyelids called psoriasis. This product helped her get rid of it in less than a month. She stopped using it, so now we still have most of the bottle left.

Dakota K.

This thing smells really bad to me. It's okay if you're staying home, but if you go out, just know that you won't smell good. It also leaves stains, so be careful. It lasted for an average amount of time. I wouldn't buy it again. If the smell doesn't bother you, it might be good for you.

Alana S.

I mix this oil with others to make my skin look younger and keep it moisturized. I'm really happy with it!

Bernard B.

Este producto me ayuda a secar la psoriasis.

Janet H.

This oil is awesome for any type of skin rashes, breakouts, cuts, and scrapes. It's like a healing potion in a bottle!

Creola S.

This stuff smells really bad, but it works great for keeping your skin moisturized. I gave some to my friend who has psoriasis, and they noticed a change in just a few days.

Bryana B.

I really like it. I've been using tamanu oil for a long time. I use it to make body stuff. I can't make them without it. I like how it smells. But if you don't like a strong nutty smell, you won't like it. I only need a few drops in my recipes. You can easily hide the smell with any scented oil.

Alia S.

This stuff helps with a spot of tricky skin, but it hasn't really fixed it completely. It definitely doesn't work super fast. It's not terrible, but it's not a miracle either.

Bernadette L.

This stuff smells like car oil haha, but it's helping my Eczema and scars! I put it on before I sleep so the smell doesn't bother me, and sometimes I mix it with a cream I bought without a prescription, but it alone stops the itch.

Eugenia W.

I got this because I have a skin problem called psoriasis on my scalp and face. I heard that this product could help, and it really did! I noticed fewer flakes right away, and after using it for a few weeks, I hardly have any flakes at all. But that's not all. I decided to try putting it on my toenails too. After getting pedicures at the salon, I noticed that the nails on my big toes turned dark, which means I had a fungus. I tried some popular fungus treatments that promised to clear it up in a few days, but even after months, there wasn't much improvement. Then I tried this Tamanu oil, and the next day I saw changes. I've been using it for about 5 days now, and I can't believe how much better my nails look. If I keep using it for a few more days, my nails will be back to normal. This stuff is really great and worth the money. It's amazing!

Lois U.

I tried this product to help with my itchy scalp psoriasis, but it made my scalp even itchier and had a really bad smell. The smell is so bad that I wouldn't use it again, even if it did work. However, I did find a great alternative with honey scalp oil that is working really well for me. Just so you know, returning the product might not be an option.

Jodie E.

The smell ain't that great. It kinda does an okay job of moisturizing.

Malinda M.

This product is not what I thought it would be. The smell is really bad.

Lindsay B.

I have psoriasis and I found another product that works really well for the itching. However, it is expensive. So, I looked for something else and found this one. It had great reviews and was cheaper, so I decided to give it a try. Oh my goodness, the smell is really strong! Before buying it, I looked up what tamanu oil is made from. It comes from a nut tree, so I thought it couldn't be that bad. But, I was wrong. The smell made me feel sick and it's also green. Maybe I'm just sensitive, but I don't think I'm that sensitive. I tried to return it, but they wouldn't take it back. I guess they don't want the stinky stuff either. So, I had to throw it away. I'm going back to the more expensive product. It's worth it to not feel sick to my stomach.

River F.

This product helps stop itching and makes your scalp less dry. I didn't really like how it smells, and it makes your hair less shiny. I suggest using it the day before you wash your hair. After you put it on your scalp, it lasts for a long time before you need to put more on. It definitely works, but only if you don't mind the smell.

Clarabelle K.

This thing works. It's really good. I like it a lot.

Zora F.

I'm trying this product and I'll let you know if it works. I usually don't mind smells, but this one smells like burnt black licorice and it's really dark. I'm not really impressed so far. If it helps with dry skin, I'll update my review.

Rory D.

I got my stuff yesterday. I right away put some on my knees where I got a few psoriasis spots. The color is really yucky and it smells awful. I smell like a stinky celery stick. I took a shower to try to get rid of the smell but it didn't work. Even if this oil helps, I can't use it. I can't handle smelling myself. It's just gross.

Janie H.

I never tried this product before, so I didn't know what to expect. The oil smells bad. It's alright for moisturizing the body, but it made my psoriasis on my face get a bit worse over time. It's okay for the body, but not for the face.

Blanca S.

I used this product once on my face and scalp, and I'm already seeing improvement. I really recommend it! 👌👍

Curtis A.

The price of this oil was really good. I heard it's good for eczema and psoriasis, so I wanted to try it. But when I tried to use the dropper, it spilled everywhere, even on the sides of the bottle. It was okay when I managed to get the oil out, but it didn't seem to help my skin much. I suggest trying something else. If you want to use it for other things, maybe put it in a tight glass bottle that's amber-colored, and with a better way to get the oil out.

Jace H.

This stuff worked pretty good on my psoriasis spot at first, but after a few weeks, the spot came back. It might not happen to everyone though.

Sigurd H.

This stuff is awesome. I work at a store and the boxes there make my hands dry and rough. But using a little of this before and after work keeps them nice and smooth. It also seems to be helping with my toenail fungus and athletes foot. Everyone should have this if they want good skin.

Ricardo S.

I thought this product would be better. I used it for a little over 2 weeks. I put it on my scalp before bed and wore silk caps to keep the oil on my head. In the morning, I washed it out with natural shampoo. It helped a little during the day. My scalp itched less and had fewer flakes, but not completely. I wanted to see what would happen if I skipped one night, and my original symptoms came back. It was terrible itching and flaking. I was disappointed because I hoped the oil would make my scalp healthier. But it didn't. The oil is also very thick, and the applicator is not easy to use. The bottle is dark, so it's hard to see how much oil you're getting. I will finish this bottle, but I won't buy another one. The smell is not good either. So, if you're going to be around people, make sure to wash it out.

Carmen H.

I read the reviews and they said it has an "earthy smell". Well, that's being too nice. It smells bad. But if you can handle the smell, it does go away after a few hours. Or maybe you just get used to it? Either way, it does make my face feel good. I might use it for a while and then throw it away.

Elwin M.

This product is great! My husband's ears get dry and flaky, like leaves falling off a tree. I use q-tips to put this oil on his ear (not inside!) two times a week, and he really likes it! (He used to be a surgeon.) The oil is dark, but you can't see it once it's on his skin. I've also used it on his bald head and it moisturizes well. The smell is different. Not bad, just not a smell I know. The box says it's nutty and woodsy. Maybe. I'm not an expert on smells! But you should definitely give it a try! There's a lot in the bottle and a little bit goes a long way!

Stefanie S.

The Droppee glass had a chip on it. I didn't want to go through the trouble of returning it. Plus, it didn't chip when I put liquid in it because it was packaged separately.

Elroy F.

This product didn't work as well as I hoped. It didn't seem to help with healing, and the drops were really dark and the dropper leaked. I suggest using it with a newspaper under it to protect your rug, and be careful not to get drops on your clothes. Maybe I'll try using it along with aloe vera or other treatments. None of the creams I've tried so far have worked.

Jodie D.

I really love tamanu oil. It's super good for my face and can heal stuff really well. I got it from a new place this time, but I was bummed when it came and the dropper was broken. The box was packed really nicely, so it must have happened when they put it in there, not when it was sent to me.

Susie H.

This product is really good, but the packaging is really bad. My son and I have eczema, and this product helps to make it better when it gets worse. The smell is a bit like cut celery, but when you're feeling really uncomfortable in your skin, you don't really care about the smell as long as it works. However, the packaging is really terrible. It leaks all over the place. I have to keep it in a plastic bag to stop it from getting on everything and wasting the product. I have tried other brands before and didn't have this problem. I won't buy this brand again.

Kelli R.

The oil is really amazing. The only thing I didn't like was that the dropper for the oil came broken.

Katlyn C.

This thing is a big fat lie! It doesn't do anything for scars at all. I've been using it every night for months and it hasn't done a thing. Don't waste your money.

Montana J.

I really like this stuff. The smell is okay, maybe a little weird for some people, but nobody has complained. Now I can wear shorts when it's hot without my psoriasis bothering me.

Erika P.

I like this product, but the smell is kinda weird.

Paige P.

This product is really good. It works well and does what it's supposed to do. I like it a lot and would recommend it to others.

Fern R.

It smells like raisins, which is okay for me. I think it's a good thick lotion that soaks into your skin right away. I think it's been helping with my dry hands and face.

Bridie S.

I got eczema on my face and wanted to try this when my usual medicine didn't work as good. I put a few drops on my hands and rubbed it on the red and flaky parts of my face. I saw a change on the first day. It works pretty good but doesn't make it all go away. I put a little on before bed when my face gets worse. Overall, I think this stuff really works.

Grover K.

I really like the smell, it's like a nice wood scent. This stuff works really well for psoriasis, small cuts, and itchy eyebrows! It's also awesome for hang nails and cuticles.

Melissa W.

The package came faster than I thought and I've gotten a few before, so I hoped everything was okay. When I opened the box, the dropper was broken in half. The oil is really good for dry skin like mine, especially in Alaska. I love that it has many benefits and uses. I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to avoid dry skin, but be ready for a possible broken dropper.

Ashtyn S.

This oil is amazing for your face and body! It also helps heal my tattoos really well.

Luciano A.

This product is really good, but the tube that drips was broken when I got it. I think it got broken while it was being shipped.

Yvonne B.

This stuff isn't too greasy, which is perfect for my super dry eczema skin. I put it on right after I shower or take a bath. It's just awesome for my skin.

Marilyne W.

I got this oil for my son's itchy scalp. It's been 24 hours and his scalp looks a little better. I mixed the oil with other oils and put it on his scalp three times a day. For me, I put three drops on my face and it worked great! I had dry skin and nothing helped, but this oil did. I used to work outside a lot, so I was worried about my skin aging. This oil worked better than anything else I've tried. I don't use harsh face wash and I look young for my age. I will definitely buy this oil again and tell others about it. I think it will help my son's scalp too, because he hasn't been itching or pulling his hair since I used it.

Retha B.

This oil was awesome on my head. It kept my hair moist and nice. It's a thick, dark green oil. I'll totally buy it again.

Maxie H.

This oil worked really well, even better than any medicine I've tried for the past 5 years. It fixed my cracked heels, peeling toes, and arches in less than 2 weeks when I used it every night. The smell is a bit strange, but it's not bad.

Mariam B.

This oil is like magic! I use it in many of my products. It's great for your face, neck, scars, and stretch marks. I really love it.

Pasquale C.

I really like tamanu oil. It helps my hands with eczema a lot. This 4oz bottle will last longer than the ones I had before.

Scarlett H.

I wish I read reviews before I bought this. There are different bottles with different labels: some are white, some are dark grey. I got a grey labeled one. Maybe that matters. The oil is thick and black, not green at all. The smell is really strong. It kind of smells like nuts, but more like old vitamin e oil that has gone bad. It's so thick that it might be mostly old vitamin e oil. My husband thinks it smells like strong urine. He thought our dog peed in the bathroom and bedroom, but it was actually me. Gross. I have scalp psoriasis and wanted to use it for that, but it's so thick that I can't use it unless I want my hair to look like I used a lot of hair gel. Since I can't return it, I might use it to moisturize my feet overnight or put it on my dog's irritated spot. I don't know yet. It's really disappointing. I will say that it was packaged really well.

Zula E.

I bought this oil to help with my rosacea on my face and eczema on my hands. I also have really dry skin and wanted to use it with my lotion for extra moisture. I've only been using it for three weeks, but it seems to be helping with all three things. I'm going to keep using it. At first, I didn't like the smell because it's very earthy, but it's not bad. The oil is also really dark, but that doesn't change how good it is.

Ariel L.

I got this thing yesterday and quickly used it on my foot. It stopped the itch right away, which is good. But now I smell really bad. I washed my foot before bed so my sheets wouldn't smell. I showered this morning, but even with socks and shoes on at work, I can still smell it. It's not a nice smell at all. I would rather have the itch than smell like this. It's gross and I can't return it.

Naomie S.

I'm trying this for scars. So far, no luck yet... But these scars are old and dark. But I felt like I needed to write the review. First, it's pretty good quality. A lot of people are giving it low ratings because of the smell, the darkness, and the thickness... But that's how real stuff is supposed to be. Cheaper companies make it weaker or press it with heat, which makes the color lighter and the oil thinner. Good quality tamanu oil should be made with cold pressing and have these traits: 1. Thick (this product is) 2. Dark green (this product is dark green/black, it makes me think the nut is an export from Vietnam, just a lower quality plant) 3. Strong nutty smell that should go away as it soaks into the skin. (This product does) The product is better than most and should not be given a low rating because of these things.

Victoria R.

This stuff is great for getting rid of acne scars, but it doesn't smell too good.

Devyn B.

This oil is great for dry skin. You can mix it with moisturizing cream. I thought it might help my psoriasis patches, but it didn't. The smell isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Bridget W.

It didn't work very well for my skin spots (like others said it would) and I didn't see much difference in my skin. It doesn't soak in easily and the smell might bother some people, but it was okay once I got used to it. It's not a terrible product because it's really good at moisturizing and I also liked using it for massaging my face. It even helped with my stretch marks, even though I didn't always put it on regularly.

Timmothy K.

I made a bad purchase and want to warn others! First, the oil was black with a little bit of green. I tried shaking it and even turning it upside down to see if the color would change. Second, it smelled really bad, not like a nice nutty smell. Another reason to stay away from this brand is that you can't return the oil. I took a risk because it was cheap and met my other requirements (made without hurting animals, pressed without heat, in a dark glass bottle), but I guess you get what you pay for. (I should also mention that the description used to say they guaranteed 100% satisfaction, but now you can't return it, which is really disappointing.) I'll say this: maybe there's a chance you could get a good product? I read in another review that someone bought several bottles and a few were green while only one was black. In conclusion: don't buy this.

Sonya K.

I had this really itchy cheek for a few days because of something I ate. I tried putting this stuff on my face last night and this morning, and now it doesn't itch anymore. My daughter uses it for her pimples, but she needs to stop eating things she's allergic to, like wheat and corn, to see better results. I can't use it near my eyes because sometimes it accidentally gets in them when I rub it in. So, I don't put it on my eyelids.

Rosalinda J.

This stuff doesn't smell great, but it helps with nerve pain. You might not like the smell, but you can mix it with other oils to make it better.

Addie D.

This stuff is pretty cool. The smell is really different, I can't even explain it, but it wasn't really nice. The oil is black and looks like car oil, it's also really thick, sticky, and reminds me of tree sap. I couldn't put it on in the morning because the smell would stay with me all day and the oil would make my clothes dirty. I was also worried it would stain my sheets if I used it at night. Because of all these things, it was really tough to use it every day, so I didn't see any results.

Golden R.

This moisturizer is my absolute fave for my face! I put it on in the morning before work and again at night before bed. It's so cool because it's an oil but it doesn't make my face greasy at all! You only need a little bit, and it goes a long way. My face is obsessed with this stuff, I don't even need foundation anymore. I'm totally loving it!

Kaela K.

Got the oil real fast. It was super dark, almost black, not really green. And the smell wasn't as good as the other Tamanu oils I've used.

Noe L.

I'm not really sure about this product. It looked really black and greasy, which surprised me. I decided to try it on my feet along with coconut oil, petrolatum, camphor, and menthol. I also added a little bit to my shampoo to see how it would affect my hair. I didn't use a lot of it for either. I think it might be helping, but since there are so many other ingredients, it's difficult for me to say for sure.

Ellen E.

This stuff is awesome for keeping bugs away. It's really thick and kinda sticks to your clothes, making it tough to wash off.

Jaida H.

I got a small bottle of this oil almost a year ago. I also bought another oil at the same time. It didn't cost less, except if you have a special membership. I'm not sure why, but I had a lot of pimples on my cheeks. Even going back on the pill didn't help. But now, my skin is much better because of the routine I've been doing for a year. Every morning, I wash my face and put a few drops of the other oil on. While it soaks in, I brush my teeth. Then I either put on makeup or go without. At night, I wash my face again and use a few drops of this oil. It's dark green and smells like nuts. I don't really like the smell, but I'm used to it now. It goes away quickly. I promise, if I feel a pimple coming, this oil helps it go away overnight. It's a bit heavier than the other oil, so I use it before bed. But sometimes, if I feel a big pimple coming, I put a drop of this oil on my hand and rub it on the pimple in the morning too. Now, pimples almost never get big or take a long time to heal. The combination of the two oils also helps prevent scars. It might not work for you, but it worked for me. I wanted to try it because I was tired of chemicals making my skin feel bad. If your skin is oily, don't be scared to use oils. Mine is oily too, but using oils has made it better. I don't think I could stop using them. By the way, it's a good deal if it works for you. I ordered my first bottle on 12/6/2015 and I still have some left. I'm ordering more so I have another bottle when I run out. A year's worth of product for less than $20? Yes, please.

Eloise M.

I really like this oil! It smells kind of like celery and the earth, which is pretty cool. I bought it because I needed it for a recipe to help with scars. I'm really happy that I did, and I'll keep buying it when I run out. It works really well on its own or mixed with other lotions, balms, or oils. The recipe I used it for completely got rid of the scars on my daughter's legs after she had a bad skin problem. I put it in my lotions and it smells really nice and helps with healing. I think this oil is really good and I suggest you try it.

Orlo R.

This product is a bit too thick for the dropper it comes with. It works better with a plastic dropper. The dropper that comes with it might work fine if you only use this oil. But I like to mix my oils to make my perfect blend. The oil itself is a nice dark, earthy green color. It smells good and does its job. Tamanu is great for acne and scars. I bought this originally to make face oil for my sister. But I ended up using some on the weird bumps I get on my arms. I used it five times and the bumps have already started to go away (they've been there as long as I can remember). I would definitely buy this product again!

Matilde D.

This oil is so cool, and it makes my skin super happy. It takes a bit to soak in, but that's just how the oil is, not because of this brand. The dropper came cracked, but the oil itself is really awesome, and I'm glad I can keep trying it during winter.

Cali S.

I got this for my body products company to use in my scar treatment oil. This Tamanu Oil is pretty good and the price for each ounce is great. Just so you know, it's really dark in color but it won't stain anything and it doesn't smell great, but it's not too bad either. But it does the job well.

Brisa T.

I got this oil and it works really good. It has a nice smell that I kinda like (It smells like Chinese fried rice or Soy Sauce) :) . It's a dark green color. It goes into the skin really well. It's not as thick as other oils, but it's strong and smooth. Be careful with the dropper because it can leak easily without squeezing the black rubber tip. It's helping my psoriasis on my scalp, it's gone after using it. It's also helping my eczema, it's going away too. I like mixing it with other oils like Comfrey Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Caster Oil, Almond Oil, Oregano Oil, Peppermint Oil, etc... It works really good for my skin and my skin is getting better because of it. The best part is that I only need a few tiny drops, so this bottle will last a long time. When I run out, I'll order more because it really helps my skin. I like mixing this oil with Carrier oils like Grape Seed Oil, Almond Oil, etc... I hope this helps!

Astrid W.

This stuff worked really well for my friend who had shingles (with some essential oil added). The product is awesome, but the dropper doesn't suck the oil into it because of an air leak. That's the only reason I'm taking away one star.

Santina W.

Couldn't use this thing. Got it for our kid, but it leaked a lot during delivery and made a big mess. Didn't seem worth it to send it to her. Pure Body Naturals and the place I bought it from were nice enough to give me my money back and say sorry. They even offered a discount for next time. Not sure if I'll buy it again though, 'cause the smell was too strong.

Cierra C.

When I got my bottle, it leaked a little. I contacted the company and they fixed the problem. I still had some oil left in the bottle, so I'm using it now. This oil is really important to have. I use it in a recipe for stretch marks on my belly. It helps keep my skin moisturized and soft, which I think will help with scars over time. You should definitely have this oil. It doesn't smell great, but it's not too bad. I don't even notice the smell when I use it in the recipe, but on its own, it's a little strong. But I can handle it. My son uses this for his acne and it clears it up faster than his expensive medicine that costs $400. So we're definitely going to keep using this powerful oil.

Pink M.

When I was younger, I had a lot of problems with boils and skin issues, so I had to take antibiotics often. Now that I'm older, it doesn't happen as much, but sometimes I still get skin infections. If I don't treat them, they get worse and I have to go to the doctor and take more antibiotics. My wife told me to try this product, and it has been amazing. When I have an infection, I put some of this oil on a bandage and cover the infected area. I change it every day, and usually after 2-3 days, I see it getting better. Within 7-10 days, the infection is gone! If I didn't treat it, it wouldn't go away on its own. I have scars to prove it. It's strange because usually you don't put oil on skin infections, but this has been a miracle for me. It's all natural and doesn't have antibiotics, which can mess up your immune system. I can't say enough good things about this product. It's called Tamanu, and the size and price are really good. I highly recommend it!

Kenya W.

I got this because I heard it's good for eczema. I put it on my patches every day for about a month now. The first time it hurt on my biggest patch, but not after that. The patches got smaller, so it definitely helped, but the eczema isn't completely gone. It's at a level that I can handle though. Maybe if I keep using it, it will eventually go away completely. I also tried it on my skin tags and acne, and it seems to help a little. It's greenish, which I heard means it's good quality. I don't like strong smells, but this one is different and I didn't mind it. My only problem is that the dropper has a big hole, so when you take it out, the oil starts dripping right away. You have to be careful not to get it everywhere. 4oz is not a lot, but it's better value than the 1 oz products if you use it every day.

Madeline B.

I really like this tamanu oil. It doesn't smell as strong as other tamanu oils I've tried. I mix it with carrot seed oil and other essential oils to make a wrinkle cream. I put this cream all over my face and my skin really likes it. My husband uses it on small dry sore spots that appear on his face. (He can't remember if it's eczema or psoriasis, what the doctor called it). Those spots heal fast when he puts tamanu oil on them. Tamanu oil is great for making your skin look young again.

Dasia R.

This oil is really good! When we mix it with other oils, it makes our skin and my family's skin glow. We use it all over our bodies as a moisturizer. I loved it!

Abelardo S.

This oil is so cool! We just got it and already it's working! My son's acne looks way better after using it just once. And his stretch marks on his arms are hardly there anymore! He said it's like using an eraser. I'm really impressed and will buy more and tell others about it. Thanks a lot Pure Body Naturals!

Fredrick F.

I use this stuff at night to make my face, neck, arms, hands, and feet all soft. It's a real thick oil, so I only use it at night. It does have a smell: kind of like dirt and nuts. After using it, your skin feels super soft. I'll definitely get more when I run out.

Neoma S.

This oil is awesome! My skin loves it. I put it all over my face and even on my feet. It soaks in nicely and doesn't feel greasy or oily. It pretty much does everything it claims to do, like helping with bug bites and wrinkles. I use it every day to stop itching from hives and for beauty reasons too. I really think you should try this oil.

Briana C.

After searching for a long time and trying many things, I finally found something that works! I've had three organ transplants and have been taking steroids for 26 years. Prednisone is a great medicine, but it really messes up my skin. But after using this Taman oil for just 3 days, my acne and scars are definitely getting better. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a good product!

Ona T.

I paid the regular price for this oil and I really liked it! One night after I took a shower, I put it all over my body and it felt so good for three days! I didn't want to wash it off! It's winter in Wisconsin and my skin gets really dry, but this oil was amazing! I suggest trying it! I have eczema on my face, and this oil helps it and makes my skin feel normal again. If you haven't tried it, you might love it just like I do!

Aliyah B.

The customer service is really great! I'll definitely buy from this company again! The oil is nice... Once it soaks into your skin, it doesn't leave a super oily layer. I like that. It has a color, but once you rub it in, you can't see it anymore. It smells kind of nutty (that's the best way I can describe it), but it's not a bad or strong smell.

Terrell R.

Okay, so here's the deal. I read about Tamanu oil and found a brand that seemed trustworthy. It's made by pressing it in a cold way and it's pure (I looked at many brands). This oil is really amazing. My 3-year-old had some kind of eczema on his legs. We tried a weak cream, but it didn't work. Then the doctor gave us a stronger cream, but it made it worse. Meanwhile, I started using homemade shea body butter and Tamanu oil on his skin (Tamanu oil is so good it deserves a capital letter). The doctor also wanted us to use a cream with permethrine, which is like bug killer (it's dangerous for cats). I didn't want to use that, so I kept using the Tamanu oil. All of this happened in just one month. After using the oil a lot for two weeks (in the morning and at night), the eczema is almost gone. I think it's actually gone, and what's left are just marks from scratching (poor baby) and scars. He stopped scratching himself and I'll keep using the oil for a couple more weeks until it's all gone. This oil is really good and strong. Just make sure to keep it in a cool and dark place (not the fridge, I tried that and it became solid). THUMBS UP!!!

Carrie B.

I got the bottle but it was all hard and I couldn't use it. It was just a bottle of yucky brownish-green stuff. :-( I gave it back. Update 1/26/16: Someone told me that this oil gets hard when it's cold. It wasn't even that cold when I got it, but I'll think about that and give it 3 stars now...because I did give it back and it didn't look like the oil in the pictures and comments online.

Marguerite G.

When I got this, it was really thick and I thought something was wrong. I noticed the bottle was cold from being outside. I ran it under warm water and it turned into liquid. It doesn't smell or look amazing, but I put some on a gross little pimple I had. The next day, it was almost gone! I think I'll mix it with another oil that's good for skin and smells nice. It's really awesome and works well for acne.

Claudine K.

I really like this Tamanu oil. It's really good quality! The oil smells nice, like nuts. It goes into the skin easily. It mixes well with my salves and balms. Tamanu has lots of good things in it, like it helps with swelling, fungus, and healing. Just so you know, I didn't get a discount on this product for my review. I don't like when people do that to make the reviews better. I'm really happy with this Tamanu oil and would buy it again.

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