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Why You’ll Love Our New Pouches

When it comes to making decisions about our products, we like to think outside the bottle. Now, more than ever, we know that every decision we make can have a huge impact on not just our customers, but also our environment. That is why we recently made the decision to start using pouches to package our bath and body products versus hard jars, tubes and bottles. 

Not familiar with the benefits of pouch packaging? Here are some of the biggest benefits and ways that pouches are better than rigid packaging!

Better consumer experience

  • Pouches are lighter weight and conveniently more portable.
  • You get a higher ratio of product versus packaging.
  • They allow for more completion of the product. Bottle and jar containers can leave up to 14% of the product remaining. Pouches can actually empty up to 99.5% of the product.
  • They allow for more efficient warehousing since unfilled pouches take up much less space than hard packaging.

Better for the environment

  • Pouches use about 60% less plastic than plastic tubes or bottles.
  • They require about 50 % less energy to produce while also generating less CO2 emissions during production.
  • They make less landfill waste because they are often recyclable.
  • Large bulk orders of pouches end up visiting webpage requiring fewer trucks for transportation—reducing fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

With continued innovations occurring in technology, a world where beauty and wellness products become 100% sustainable may actually become a reality!