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Why We Made Our Best-Selling Dead Sea Mud Mask Even Better

The secret’s out about the launch of our NEW Dead Sea Mud Mask! First of all, keeping that secret from you for months was really tough, so it feels great to finally tell you. But, you’re probably wondering why we even touched it in the first place; which quite frankly we expected since our original Dead Sea Mud Mask frequents Amazon’s Best Seller lists and is a customer favorite. The thing is, we still didn’t feel it was the best we could do. So we decided to zero in on making our top-selling mud mask the most natural and powerful recipe ever. 

Dead Sea Mud Mask: Then + Now

Not everyone has the luxury of visiting Isreal to float in the Dead Sea and soak up the powerful minerals from its famous mud. Which is why it’s such a popular natural ingredient in skin care products –– and we were one of the first brands to introduce Dead Sea mud in a face mask back in 2015. 

Back then, we created a product that hadn’t really been around yet, and it was a wildly effective product. But our first mask was originally made in China, and while the formula used natural Dead Sea mud, it was not the most natural version we could make. Fast forward to today’s landscape of “natural beauty” – it’s changing. There’s a movement for more awareness, more integrity and we have evolved as a brand. Now, as we work more towards living our brand promise, we are fully committed to making ingredient-conscious beauty and wellness products.

Extremely Focused on Your Feedback

The new mask is not a complete change, but an enhancement to our original Dead Sea Mud Mask. The original mask is one of our customers’ favorite products, which is exactly why we wanted to secure it as the absolute best. So our vision was simple… focus on our customers’ feedback to guide any changes that we were going to make. 

Enhancements to our new Dead Sea Mud Mask include:

  • Zero toxic or harmful chemical ingredients
  • Our purest Dead Sea mud (40%  more pure vs. our previous formula)
  • Bentonite clay and charcoal powder added for absorption + cleansing
  • Shea butter added for natural hydration
  • 100% fragrance-free
  • Now made in the USA 

Full Transparency + Traceability

The new and improved recipe includes 100% natural Dead Sea mud, plus naturally powerful Bentonite clay and charcoal powder to boost the new face mask’s detox benefits. We’re also crafting and bottling the masks here in the USA (a super cute town in Vermont to be exact), and that is a change we’ve been looking forward to doing for a while now.

Transparency is more important than ever within the natural beauty industry. Since we also sell on Amazon, we’re up against brands of all backgrounds and philosophies. Sadly, there are also imitators who are dishonest about the products they offer. So we are very focused on being a brand you can completely and wholeheartedly trust no matter the product or shopping channel.