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What’s the Jade Rolling Obsession All About?

You’ve seen this beauty tool across blogs and Instagram lately, but jade rolling is far from new. The practice has been a staple in Chinese beauty rituals for centuries and finally made its debut into skin care routines across the globe. So, what are these tiny rolling pins? Why are they so magical? We’re addressing everything so you can decide for yourself if you should be getting your roll on, too.  

What is a Jade Roller?

This beauty tool features a jade stone on each end of it, which you use to literally roll across your face. The result is a glorious face massage you never knew you wanted. The jade roller was first used by Chinese royalty back in the 17th century. The large jade stone is used for the bigger areas on your face like your forehead, jawline, and cheeks. The small jade stone on the handle is ideal for those tinier areas or hard to reach spots like your eyes or around your nose.

How does this actually help your skin?

Jade has traditionally been known for is healing, purifying and restorative properties, especially for skin. So using it to literally massage your face encourages drainage across your lymph nodes and sinuses. Plus, the stones somehow keep a cool temperature which also adds to the soothing experience. Here’s a serious rundown of how this tool can benefit your skin and wellness:

Boosts Oil + Serum Absorption

Jade rolling will help your skin absorb any facial oil and/or facial serum faster and deeper. You want your skin to absorb as much of the product as it can in order to really see the benefits. And this helps keep any excess or slowly absorbed oils from getting onto your pillowcase. 

Helps Decrease Lymphatic Drainage

This sounds grosser than it is. Lymphatic drainage is simply the waste that comes from your lymph nodes. Using a roller helps return the fluid back into your cardiovascular system where it belongs. When you redirect drainage you can really decrease some discomfort from seasonal allergies, sinus infections, and even problematic breakouts!

Reduces Under Eye Circles

Whether you stayed up too late doing work, the kids woke you up, or maybe you had a fun night out–– you may find yourself occasionally (or always) struggling with dark circles and puffy eyes. Jade rolling is your new holy grail. The cooling + rolling combo will make the blood vessels under the skin smaller and reduce the inflammation. 

Increases Circulation

Boosting circulation to your face helps your skin regenerate to stay plump, firm and glowing!

How do you use one?

  1. Start from your chin and roll up horizontally towards your hairline. Keep the pressure light and comfortable on your skin. 
  2. Next, move up to your nose and roll from the outside corner of your nose towards your ears.
  3. Using the smaller end of the roller, start from the inside corner of your eye and roll out over to either temple.
  4. Then, place the roller vertically on your eyebrow and roll out towards either temple.
  5. Place the roller horizontally on your eyebrow and roll up to your hairline, and repeat this all across your forehead. Make sure any time you’re rolling that you always roll up and/or out, never downwards.
  6. Lastly, place in the middle of your forehead and roll out horizontally towards either temple.