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Dead Sea Mud Mask

Mineral-Infused, Derived from the Dead Sea

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Dead Sea mud's unique high concentration of salts and minerals, infused in a deep cleansing and pore reducing formula.

$13.99 | 8.8 oz

Discover key benefits of this product

For centuries people have relied on the mineral-rich mud of the Dead Sea for health and wellness benefits.  Its unique high concentration of salts and minerals cleanses, detoxifies and stimulates skin. Our Dead Sea Mud Mask formula builds from Dead Sea Mud at its core to deliver a face and body mask experience that absorbs excess oil from the skin, removes dead skin cells and helps stimulate blood circulation to reveal clean, refined skin.

  • Helps fight acne, blackheads and pimples while helping to fade acne scars
  • Removes dead skin cells, dirt and toxins naturally from skin
  • Helps unclog pores and draw out impurities from the skin
  • Stimulates blood circulation and increases blood flow at the skin level to help even skin tone, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and overall improve skin's health
  • Uniquely mineral rich, including potassium, bromide, calcium and magnesium
  • This clarifying face mask is gentle enough to be used as a daily treatment

Apply a thin layer to the face, avoiding the eyes and lips. Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes until partly or completely dry. Soak a washcloth in warm water, and lay over your face to soften the mask. Once the mask is softened, rinse your face gently with warm water.

Solanum Tuberosum (Potato) Starch, Water, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Kaolin, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Mineral Dead Sea Mud, Vegetable Glycerin, Palmityl Alcohol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Seed) Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Extract, Hickory Bark Extract, Aloe Barbdensis Leaf Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil, Dimethicone, Threhalose, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Beeswax, Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) Acetate, Xanthan Gum, Allantoin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Lavender Oil


I was gifted this mask by someone who bought it on a whim but didn’t need it. I’ve been using it for about a year now and it has worked wonders. Whenever I start to break out, I use it and the acne starts disappearing with one use. I even once (accidentally) fell asleep with it on and I experienced no irritation the next morning and over 90% of my acne was either gone or had reduced dramatically. This is the only product that has ever worked for my skin. It cleans out my pores so wonderfully and leaves my skin so soft. 10/10 recommend to literally anyone at all.

Christina C.

I got oily skin, and this mask totally changed the game for me. It controls the extra oil my skin makes. It makes my skin less shiny without making it feel dry or stripped. Every time I use it, my skin looks more balanced and doesn't shine as much during the day.

Shawna C.

I think this product is great for dry skin because it doesn't cause as much acne. It's more like a greasy moisturizer that doesn't absorb into the skin. I think the jojoba or sunflower oil in it made me break out. It smells good and feels nice, but I had to give it to a friend because it made me break out a lot after using it three times. The breakouts went away when I stopped using it. But everyone's skin is different, so it might still work for you. Just so you know, I have skin that is both oily and prone to acne. Usually, oils like coconut oil and shea butter clog my pores and make me break out.

Gisselle R.

I really really really like this product. You only need a little bit and it's easy to use. It helped with my big pores and pimples. You should definitely have it in your skincare routine.

Adrianna R.

I used this two times in two weeks. It makes your skin really soft, like super soft. It smells like mint and comes sealed so it won't spill during delivery. I love how much you get in this. This jar will last you a whole year if you only use it once a week. Just use a little bit! I love this mask because it dries on your face and gives your skin vitamins. It's the best clay mask I've ever seen and you can see results right away. It's great for couples like us!

Loma U.

This product is the best! It works super well.

Kyler R.

I like using the mud mask, but I just saw that it was made in 2017. It can last for 2 years, and I got it in early 2022. I'm not sure if it matters, but the mud still looks good to me.

Godfrey V.

This product is really cheap compared to other ones. It works well with my skin, making it even and tight. I think the 15 minutes it says to leave it on might be a bit short, but if you put on a thicker layer, you might need more time. The first time I used it, my skin felt really tight and it made my lips crack. But that hasn't happened again, so I'm not sure if it was because it was my first time using a facial mask or not. The mask gets rid of acne and bumps on my skin, but I suggest using a facial scrub during the week to keep acne away (you should only use the mask once a week). The product arrived quickly and got to my house fast. I've been using it for almost a month and I'm really happy with it. I highly recommend it.

Herminia O.

This mask isn't the strongest I've used, and it stings a little for about a minute. It's easy to take off and you don't need to use too much (I use a brush to put it on). It cleanses well, but it's important to know that the main ingredients are potato and corn starch, not just dead sea mud. Dead sea mud is the sixth ingredient. Dead sea mud usually cleanses better than charcoal masks, but this mask isn't just dead sea mud. It has a lot of thickeners in it. There are other masks on the internet that have dead sea mud as the main ingredient and only five ingredients total. So, this mask does cleanse and leaves your skin soft (not too dry), but it might not have as much dead sea mud as you think. If you want a mask that cleanses your pores, this one will work. But if you want a mask with the extreme powers of dead sea mud, this might not be it. This is the first product I've tried from Pure Body Naturals, and their other products have good reviews, so I wouldn't give up on this brand just because of this one product.

Emily C

My stepmother got me this mask last Christmas and as it is nearing December, I have been using this nearly every week (sometimes even 2x a week on my stubborn nose) and I’m only halfway through the jar! I have EXTREMELY dry and sensitive skin but my nose gets clogged so fast. Every mud or peel mask I’ve ever used has made my skin burn (not tingle, actually burn... even the “gentle ones”) or just didn’t clean my pores at all and left me with red, irritated skin. This mask is the exact opposite! Several of my friends have used it and love it as well. I find it to be very gentle but very effective at cleaning out my pores and leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Definitely purchasing this once I run out! Haven’t noticed any improvement on firmness of skin or on fine lines, but I’m still a teenager so I don’t have many lines yet and am more concerned with cleansing the pores. 10/10 would recommend to those with extremely sensitive skin but need a good cleaning!

Brandyn F.

I want to start by saying that my skin is oily, prone to acne, and sensitive. My pores are really big, like small craters. So when I got this mask, I hoped it would help with the oil and my stressed-out skin. I thought it would be a regular mud mask that dries and makes your skin feel tight but smooth. But this mask did even more than that. It moisturized my skin, made my pores smaller, and even got rid of blackheads. The redness on my skin is also going away. It's the mask I always wanted. At first, I didn't see much of a difference when I used it. But after using it twice, my skin got a lot better. It tightened the pores on my nose, but not really anywhere else. Most importantly, my skin feels so soft and smooth now. Before, I was always careful about using highlighter on my makeup because it made my uneven skin texture more noticeable. But not anymore. Even my boyfriend, who doesn't usually notice these things, said my skin looks better. He noticed that it's smoother and I have fewer breakouts. I really want to try it on him too. If you're not sure about buying this mask, I really recommend it. It's not too expensive, you get a lot of product, the ingredients are good, and it actually works! I only use it once a week, but it makes a big difference in how my skin looks and feels.

Tonya A.

I gave this is a gift to my daughter in law. She is a beautician. She said the ingredient list was really good and was excited to see if it made a difference for her. She said it made her skin feel really soft and there was no irritation afterward at all. Thanks for a great product!

Karen M.

The jar came in a package with bubble wrap, and some people noticed a small dent on the lid. Maybe it's supposed to be like that. But it didn't affect how the jar opens and closes. The jar is pretty small, but a little bit of the product goes a long way. I think I could use it for 6 months because I only use a little bit each time. I used a plastic spoon to scoop out the product and then used my finger to put it on my face and neck. The mask is creamy and spreads nicely. I've used it twice so far, once a week like it says. It takes about 15 minutes to dry, and then I use a little bit of water to rub it off my face and neck. That's my favorite part. It doesn't dry out my skin at all, and it's good for my dry and sensitive skin. I'm 38 years old. Just so you know, it has a fragrance. It doesn't smell bad, it reminds me of cologne. Have I seen any changes? Well, not really, except my skin feels really soft. I haven't had any bad effects like pimples or acne. I don't expect the face mask to work miracles, I think it will take some time to see results.

Daniela C.

Wow, this product is amazing! I love using it after a long day of gardening and getting all dirty. It helps clean my pores and makes my skin feel so good. I also bought a special brush to apply it, which makes it easier to put on without getting it near my eyes. While it dries, I can relax and pretend I'm at a spa. Sometimes, I even soak my feet in a special bath with Epsom salts. This product is much better than other masks I've tried. It makes my skin look more even and helps with my rosacea and acne. I have sensitive skin, but as long as I use it only a few times a week, it works great. I definitely recommend giving it a try, especially after a hard day of work.

Dannie P.

This mask is the best I've ever used, and I want to tell you why. I've read many reviews where people were disappointed because their skin broke out after using it, so they stopped using it. But that's actually the worst thing you can do. The purpose of this detox mask is to clean deep into your skin and remove all the yucky stuff that's hiding in your pores. Over the years, your skin collects oil, makeup, dirt, and sunscreen, and this mask brings all that buildup to the surface so your skin can heal and get better. It's like the saying, "It has to get worse before it gets better." Your skin needs to get rid of the bad stuff so it can regenerate and clear up from the inside out. I hope this helps those of you who didn't know or understand this process. So remember, breakouts are normal and actually a good sign. Please don't stop using this product when you break out. Keep going, and I promise you'll see amazing results.

Dessie W.

This mask really works. I have acne, scars, and oily skin. After using this product for a few weeks, I can see that my scars are less noticeable and my skin is less oily. I'm giving it 4 stars because I bought one on February 2nd and it worked well for me. But when I bought another one on May 20th, I noticed that the ingredients and packaging had changed (look at the pictures to compare). I was planning to give it as a gift to a friend, but now I'm not so sure because it seems like they added some extra ingredients. My old mask said it was 100% natural, but the new one doesn't. The new mask has Potato Starch and Corn Starch as the main ingredients, while my old mask had water and Dead Sea Mud as the top 2 ingredients. Here are the ingredients:

Mask from February 2:
- Deionized water
- Dead Sea Mud
- Kaolin
- Shea butter
- Sunflower oil
- Aloe vera juice
- Vegetable glycerin
- Jojoba oil
- Hickory bark extract
- Calendula oil
- Xanthan gum

Mask from May 20:
- Solanum Tuberosum (Potato) Starch
- Water
- Zea Mays (Corn) Starch
- Kaolin
- Simmondsia Chinesis (jojoba) seed oil
- Mineral dead sea mud
- Vegetable glycerin
- Hickory bark extract
- Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil
- Butyrospernum Parkii (shea butter) extract
- Cetyl alcohol
- Aloe barbadensis leaf extract
- Calendula officinalis flower oil
- Dimethicone
- Threhalose
- Beeswax
- Tocopheryl (vitamin E) acetate
- Allantoin
- Xanthan gum
- Sodium hyaluronate

Jefferey P.

This stuff is so good!! After just one use, it got rid of my dead skin cells, cleared my clogged pores, made my complexion smoother, and made my sensitive skin really soft! I went to Sephora and got my makeup removed and redone. The lady there said my skin felt like "BUTTER"! She asked what I used on my skin, and the only thing I use is this Dead Sea Mud Mask. I use a fan brush to put it on, and it also helps with breakouts and pimples. It takes out toxins from your pores. I haven't had any allergic reactions at all. I'm in my late 30s, and I even used it on my mom who is 70 and has very dry skin. She thought it would dry out her skin, but it actually did the opposite. It opened up her pores and got rid of the dead skin cells that were blocking them, so now her skin can get moisturized by its natural oil. She ordered it right away. I really recommend this. I do makeup and try lots of beauty products, and this is one of the best I've ever used. I was skeptical because it's so cheap, but it's way better than anything expensive. I don't work for the company or anything. I wasn't paid for this in any way. I'll post pictures soon! I've been using it for 3 weeks, and I'll post again at 6 weeks.

Selina M.

I waited a long time to write this review, but I've been using this mask for many months now and I can already see a difference. When I first used it, the charcoal made my skin feel tingly and it helped get rid of dead skin cells and make my pores smaller. This is really important for me because I have mixed skin and I'm Latin. At first, I wasn't sure if I should buy the mask, but I read a lot of good reviews so I decided to give it a try. After a few months, I noticed that the scars on my face looked better and my pores were cleaner. My skin got used to the tingly feeling and it doesn't bother me anymore. The best thing about this mask is that if you stop using it, your skin doesn't go back to how it was before. I think this product is really good and I will keep using it for a long time. I will also recommend it to others.

Candido W.

Because my skin gets oily and sensitive and I often get pimples, I usually avoid making my own skin treatments and instead get a good facial and microdermabrasion once a month. But I don't have a lot of time or money, so after reading some reviews, I decided to try this product and I'm glad I did. I use this mask once a week. After I clean my face, I put a thin layer on my face, neck, and neckline and wait for 15 minutes. Then I wash it off in the shower because it's easier that way. My skin feels clean and soft and it helps control my breakouts (except for the ones caused by hormones). I like how cool and smooth it feels on my skin and it doesn't have a strong smell, just a clay-like smell. The price is great and a little bit of product goes a long way. It's a nice way to relax at the end of the day and take care of myself. As the weather gets warmer, I'll use it twice a week to help with the extra oiliness. Besides this, I don't use a lot of products on my skin. I find that using less stuff is better for my skin. I use Cetaphil to clean my skin, a cream with Retin A at night when it's cold, and a light cucumber toner when it's hot and sticky outside. I still get regular facials, but now I can wait longer between them. It's a good product and I will buy it again.

Alysson C.

Here's my review of this product after using it for 4 weeks. First, let me tell you a few things about my skin. It's a combination type, which means my nose and forehead get oily while the rest of my face is normal. I also get a few pimples around my chin area, but nothing too serious.

Now, let's talk about the pros of this mask. It does make your face feel drier, like when you've just scrubbed it clean. It also has a soothing feel after you wash it off. The few persistent pimples I had went away in just three days. And as far as my skin goes, the mask didn't irritate it at all. Plus, there's plenty of product in the jar for several masks.

Now, for the cons. Well, it's not really a con, but more like a piece of advice. If you don't have super oily skin, don't use this mask more than once a week because it can peel off some of your skin. Trust me, it's not a pretty look to wear foundation on top of that.

So, would I recommend this product? I was a bit unsure at first because it didn't work miracles for me and it didn't treat my pimples as fast as acne medications. However, I think it's a nice mud mask that you can use at home when you want to relax and clean your face.

Sandrine K.

I really like using face masks, especially mud/clay masks, as part of my weekly routine. I've tried different brands like Boscia, Origins, and Innisfree. My routine involves using a mud mask to remove extra oil, using a scrub or chemical exfoliator, and then using a moisturizing mask. This routine has worked well for me and my skin has been clear for a long time.

But this mask is not good at all and definitely not worth the money. First, there's not much actual "mud" in it. It seems like you're mostly paying for corn starch and other starchy ingredients. If you look at the list of chemicals, you'll see that there are more filler ingredients listed first, instead of mud. When you spread out a mud mask, it should stay thick and opaque because of the mud. But with this product, it spreads out very thin and see-through. This shows that it's been diluted with other things to make more of it.

Second, it doesn't leave your face clean. Because of all the low-quality oils in this mask, the oil stays on your skin and doesn't make it feel dry. But this is actually bad for your skin because it leaves bad oils on the surface without really moisturizing it. I prefer feeling refreshed and having clean pores after using a mud mask, not having them clogged with sunflower seed oil, which is one of the ingredients in this mask.

Third, the perfume in this mask burns your face. It tries to have a strong scent, but it's not good for your skin. I haven't changed anything else in my routine, so I can only think that this product caused mild burns on my face.

I can't stress enough how bad this product is. It's a good example of a product that gets positive reviews because they give customers free stuff and ask for positive reviews. Reviewmeta and fakespot both marked this product as suspicious because of the number of fake reviews. It makes me sad that this honest review will probably be hidden among many fake 5-star reviews. I just hope to help at least one person avoid this product. Do yourself a favor and find a better product from a trustworthy brand.

Camilla B.

Just a heads up, I want to share my experience with this product. I suggest doing a small test before using it all over your face, like I did without thinking. For girls, you can try a little bit behind your ear or on your neck if your hair is long enough to hide any reaction.

Here's what happened to me: I don't have sensitive skin, so I didn't pay attention to the negative reviews. I thought those people were just not used to strong products like this one. But the day after I used it, my skin looked terrible. My forehead and temples were covered in red bumps, so many that you couldn't see any normal skin. Within a day, my cheeks had the same angry red bumps. It didn't look like a regular rash, it looked like really bad acne that you usually only see in books or websites about skin problems.

After about 36 hours, I got deep bumps on the skin above my jawline, like cysts. I don't know much about cysts, but I think they usually take a long time to develop and go away. Mine appeared quickly, healed in a couple of weeks, and didn't leave any marks on my pale skin. So, I don't think they were technically cysts, but they sure looked like them!

I decided to let my skin heal naturally and not make it worse by using more products. It took a couple of weeks for my skin to go back to normal, and there was no way to hide this rash with makeup.

Just be careful if you decide to use this product.

Amira C.

Hey there! I don't usually like masks because they always give me rashes. My skin is super sensitive. But this one is different. It doesn't make my skin break out and actually helps it a lot. The trick with masks is to not let them get too dry on your skin. If you do, it will take away all the moisture and make you feel tight and itchy. I like to use this mask after I shower and before I put on argan oil moisturizer. I also use it only on certain parts of my face, like my T-zone. It works better for me that way. I don't put it on my cheeks because they are too sensitive and don't need it. If you're having trouble with this mask, I suggest using it only on specific areas instead of all over your face. When I apply it, I gently rub it into my pores and don't put on too much. Depending on how thick I apply it, I leave it on for about 10 minutes or less. Usually, I go for a thin layer and leave it for around 5 minutes. Remember, don't wait for it to dry completely like a desert. That will give you bad results no matter what mask you use. I would definitely buy this again, 10 out of 10!

Lauretta O.

I never tried a mud mask before, so I didn't know what to expect. The smell is nice and natural. Putting it on is easy with a brush. It feels lighter than I thought and doesn't feel too sticky. It dries and tightens my face, absorbing oils. Taking it off is easy with a hot towel. It takes a bit of wiping to remove it all, but my skin looks shiny and it clears out my pores. I use it once a week, or every 2-3 days if my skin is oily. It doesn't make my skin too dry and helps with my acne. I also tried another mask, but it doesn't pull out oil and blackheads as well. It's cool to peel off the other mask, but this one makes my skin feel oil-free and fresh. The other mask sometimes leaves my face sticky and I worry about it getting stuck in my pores. I don't have to cleanse my face after using this mud mask. I still use the other mask sometimes, especially on problem areas. Using both helps my skin during my pregnancy. My husband also uses this mask and it helps with his acne. It doesn't fully fix his acne, but it manages it well. I recommend this to everyone.

Breanna H.

OMG! I didn't expect much from this, but I thought I'd give it a try for my health and to look good. Let me tell you a little about myself first. I'm a medical student and I've always been bothered by the blackheads on my nose. There's this thing called the "Danger Triangle" on the face that can cause blood clots if you try to squeeze blackheads from your nose. These blood vessels connect to the ones that supply the brain, and if a clot passes through, it could cause a stroke. So, I bought this product and tried it. On the first day, it cleared all the blackheads on my nose, except for the part I missed on the outside of my nose. But, I want to warn you that if you have sensitive skin, you shouldn't try this. Luckily, I only felt a little itching and burning, which didn't bother me much. But if you have skin conditions on your face, you might want to find something else because this might burn a lot for you. The product is made of mud from the Dead Sea of Israel and other ingredients from around the world, which seems a little suspicious. Also, it's made in China, so if that matters to you, just a heads up. Personally, I don't care where it's made as long as it works, and it definitely works for me.

Dayton M.

I really like this mask because it feels smooth and creamy when I put it on. I use it twice a week and it makes my skin feel soft and smooth. Lately, my skin has been dry and flaky, even though I use moisturizer. But after using this mask, my face feels better. I bought it to help with my acne, which I've had for a long time. The mask seems to be helping because I have fewer breakouts and they heal faster. But recently, I noticed that the areas where I put the mask on my face are turning red. It's not just where I have acne scars, but the whole area. I stopped using the mask a few days ago, hoping the redness will go away. I really like this mask and it's helping my acne, so I hope the redness is just temporary. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Lizzie F.

This mask is amazing! It's great for skin that is both oily and flaky. I have really oily skin, which causes me to have acne even as an adult. Because of my acne, my skin is always flaky and it's really hard to get rid of. I've tried all the tricks I found on YouTube to exfoliate, but my skin never feels smooth enough to put makeup on. When I do put on makeup, it ends up looking cakey and it melts off my face after a few hours because of the oil. I used to have to use an expensive moisturizer that cost $25 per ounce to help with the flakes, but it didn't work very well. Normally, I would put on the mask and moisturizer for 30 minutes to prepare my skin for the next few days, and it worked well. However, one time I accidentally left the mask on overnight, and the next morning my face was incredibly smooth. There were no more flakes of skin. My foundation and powder went on perfectly and lasted much longer than usual before melting off. Now, I can use this mask with just a cheap moisturizer that costs around $2-3 per ounce and still have beautiful, smooth makeup.

Here are the good things about this mask:
1. It smells great.
2. It moisturizes really well.
3. It's great for getting rid of flaky skin and preventing cakey makeup.
4. It visibly reduces redness.
5. It reduces oil production and therefore helps with acne.

Here are some things to be careful about:
1. You need to store and handle it carefully to keep it clean.
2. It can be messy when washing it off your face because it's black.
3. It might not work for all skin types.

Here are some warnings:
1. You should store it in the fridge and use a clean spoon to scoop out the amount you need each time. If you don't, it could get contaminated and grow mold.
2. It might not be suitable for everyone's skin. Some people might be more sensitive than others. I can leave this mask on for three to four hours and be fine, but my friend left it on for two hours and her face felt tender afterward.

Yasmine G.

If you're having trouble deciding between this mask and the famous Aztec clay mask, look no further. I have both masks, and after not liking the Aztec clay, I bought this one and now I don't even use the Aztec mask anymore.

This mask is really gentle on sensitive skin. I have oily skin that can be difficult to deal with, but this mask felt great on it. It's also really easy to wipe off without any pain. Unlike the Aztec mask, this mud mask comes off easily even after it dries. It leaves your skin feeling soft and clean, and there's only a little bit of redness.

The smell of this mask is faint but fresh. Some people say it smells like flowers, but to me, it smells like rain, which I love. It has a spa-like scent that makes using the mask even better.

On the other hand, the Aztec mask is a bit more difficult to use. You have to mix it yourself using apple cider vinegar, water, and the clay powder. It's a hassle to have to do that.

Once the Aztec mask dries, it's really painful to remove. You have to scrape off dry pieces from your skin, and it hurts a lot. It made my eyes water! It's impossible to remove without feeling uncomfortable.

The Aztec mask also has a dusty smell, which is expected since it's a clay powder. When you get a jar of green dust, it's not surprising that it smells like dust.

Overall, after trying both masks, this one is the winner for me. They both give similar results, like soft and clean skin, but there are more advantages to this mask than the Aztec clay one. I'm a busy person who likes things to be convenient, especially when it comes to beauty products like this one. So, I'll definitely buy this mask again once I finish this small jar.

Joshuah H.

This mask seemed a little weird to me at first, but I heard a lot of good things about it so I decided to give it a try. It comes in a nice package that boys and girls would like. When you open the bottle, you see that the mud mask is dark in color. It smells nice, but not too strong. I used my fingers to put on the mask, but it can be messy so some people might want to use something like a tongue depressor. I washed my face before putting on the mask. I put it all over my face and waited for about 15 minutes until it dried. Then, I took it off with warm water and a washcloth. Be careful, though, because the mask stained my light-colored washcloth. But, my skin felt really soft and firm after using the mud mask. I use it once a week and I think my skin feels a little different now.

Solon M.

So it's been a while since I started using this product. The company was really nice and asked me to give an honest review, which I did before. I've been using this face mask 2-3 times a week, even though it says to use it only once. I haven't had any bad acne breakouts since I started using it. I'm not sure if it's just because of this product or because I'm also using new oils and moisturizer. But whenever I feel a new pimple coming, I use this mask for a few reasons. First, it stops me from picking at my face because new pimples are tempting. Second, it makes me wash my face instead of being lazy. Having mud on my face motivates me to get up and wash it off. And third, it helps with the pain from cystic acne. I also had an allergic reaction to the grease on onion rings recently, and this mask helped a lot with the itching and inflamed skin. I regret leaving a bad review before giving it more time and figuring out when it works for me. I will definitely buy this product again.

I wanted to use it once a week before writing my review. But I actually used it twice a week for the past two weeks and didn't see any difference. It smelled good and felt good, but it didn't change my skin. I did feel a bit cleaner after using it. I wouldn't tell anyone not to try this product, but it didn't do anything for my skin. I have bad acne, big pores, and lots of scars from hormones. This product didn't make anything worse, but it didn't help either. I'm a little disappointed because everyone else's before and after pictures were so good. It makes me wonder why they gave such good reviews. But maybe it's just me. I'll keep using it until it's finished, but I won't buy it again.

Brennan L.

So, I wrote my first review about this product and gave it only one star. But then, Pure Body Naturals reached out to me and their customer service was really great. I was so impressed that I changed my review to 5 stars just because of their awesome customer service. They gave me more tips on how to use the product and even offered me something extra. I totally recommend giving this product a try, and if you're not happy, just let them know.

I got this for my teenage daughter to help with her acne, but it didn't work out. She has sensitive skin and can't use anything with salicylic acid. I thought this would be okay since it's natural and healthy. But, after she took off the mask, her whole face turned red and her forehead looked swollen. A few days later, her skin around her jawline got really dry and itchy. It took about a week for it to get better, and she had a hard time hiding it. She should have tried a small area first. If you have sensitive skin, try a small area first to avoid a big problem with your whole face.

Chanelle G.

OMG, this mask was a total nightmare! I'm 28 and my skin isn't usually sensitive, but I do get acne sometimes. I've used mud masks before and they made my skin really dry, but this one felt nice and didn't dry me out. But then, a couple of days later, my skin started acting up. It felt hot and itchy, and I could feel bumps forming. It got worse over the weekend and I had a ton of really bad acne. It was the worst breakout ever! I couldn't believe it. Now, a week later, my skin is starting to get better, but it's still red and I'm worried about scars. Also, my peach fuzz feels weird and can easily be pulled out. My skin feels different, but at least it's getting better. At first, I didn't think it was the mask's fault. I thought it was something else, like a health condition or a new makeup product. But then I read some bad reviews and realized other people had similar problems. After about four days, I got some smaller bumps filled with oil, just like when I had a bad reaction to a toner before. I think my skin really didn't like this mask, or maybe it works so well that it brings out any imperfections. Either way, it's not worth it. I even checked all the other products I was using and my diet, and it's definitely the mask. Weird, right?

Kellie C.

This mask is really good, and I convinced my brother to use it too. I usually don't do facials, but my skin looked dull and I found this mask while shopping. I used a brush to put it on evenly. I left it on for about 20-30 minutes. Even when it dried, my face could still move. It washed off easily. I suggest taking a hot shower after washing it off and using a light moisturizer. My skin felt and looked different. I didn't want to wear makeup for the rest of the day, and people complimented my skin when I went out later. I naturally have oily skin, but after using this mask, it felt dewy instead of oily, and the redness on my cheeks was less noticeable. I told my Aunt to try it, even though she has dry skin. She said her skin felt hydrated after using the mask. She also used her regular moisturizer, but she felt like her skin was really smooth. I will keep using this product. I recommend buying a brush for about $6. It makes applying the mask easier and gives an even coat.

Delia J.

I don't really get pimples, but my skin is super sensitive. Most of the stuff out there can make me break out, so I usually just use plain water. But lately, my skin has been looking and feeling dull and dry, so I decided to try this product because of all the good reviews. I think using less stuff on your face is better than using a lot all at once, so I don't wear much makeup either. On the first day of using it, I could tell it made a difference. My skin feels more hydrated, tighter, and smoother. I use it every two days, right before I take a shower. I put it on and then shower for 15 minutes before washing it off at the end. At night, I also use a $13 aloe ice gel that I got from a Korean skin store at the mall. I put it on before I go to sleep and before I put on makeup. It's been a little over a month now, and to sum it up, my skin hasn't felt this good in a long time. Some days, I don't even wear much makeup because my skin feels so fresh. I just use a little bit of bareMinerals powder to even out my skin tone, put on eyeliner, and I'm done! And if I want to wear more makeup, I use my Stila Aqua foundation to get a nice glow on my skin. Natural beauty is the best kind there is.

Deanna D

The more I use this the better my skin looks! Clearer, brighter and happier! I have hyperpigmentation oposed to acne and cannot believe how good it looks each time! One jar lasts forever too!

Marguerite K.

I don't usually write reviews for things I buy, but I have to say I really love this product. I bought three bottles in the past few months and it's been great for my skin. It gets rid of dead skin cells and helps with my pores and blackheads. I use it every other day or when I wear makeup. It works right away, unlike other products that take weeks. It's cheap and lasts a long time, depending on how much you use. My face looks much better after using it. I'm proud to say it's now part of my skincare routine forever. It's the best mud mask I've ever used and I'll only use this one. You have a loyal customer. Thanks for making such an awesome product.

Osborne S.

I just got this product and tried it once. Here are my first thoughts: After wearing the mask for about 20 minutes, it felt like I washed my face with a gentle cleanser. It made my skin feel soft and clean, but nothing amazing happened. I'm 26 and my skin isn't oily or acne-prone. I have slightly dry skin with hard-to-reach tiny black and white heads. I was hoping the mud mask would remove those, but it didn't. However, it did feel refreshing and relaxing. It didn't dry out my skin and had a nice mild floral scent. I also have some fine lines near my eyes and forehead that I want to focus on. I'll keep using this product regularly to see if it helps. The instructions say to use it once a week, so I'll check back in about five weeks. UPDATE: I've used this face mask five times now and I'm really happy with it. It's part of my skincare routine, so it's hard to say what's making the biggest difference, but I can definitely see this product's contribution. Here are my thoughts: My skin feels smoother and firmer. After using it regularly, I've noticed a slight healthy glow on my cheeks and forehead! The fine lines haven't disappeared completely, but there's a slight improvement. I'll definitely keep using it.

Merritt C.

I really like this face mask. I've only used it for two weeks and I can already see a difference. I have oily, red, and sensitive skin. I also have acne and big pores, especially on my nose. When I used this mask for the first time, my face looked less red and my pores were smaller. It also helped with my oily skin by removing some of the oil. My face looks great the day after I use it (I put it on at night after I shower). I wish I could use it every night, but I'm following the instructions and using it once a week so my skin doesn't get too dry. At first, I was worried because my skin looked red when I had the mask on. But when I took it off, my face was fine! The shipping was fast and the packaging was good. The container is a good size and I think it will last a long time. I'm excited to buy more in the future!

Asia K.

Okay, so I have pretty good skin to start with, but I've been taking care of it since I was 13 and learned about pimples. We all want perfect skin, but that's not possible. To see if a product works for you, you have to use it regularly for at least one to three months. Some people might see quick results, but that usually doesn't last. If this product doesn't clean your pores, then they might be too big and you should focus on finding a good cleanser, scrub, toner, and moisturizer first. Taking care of your skin is a commitment, not just a one-time thing. When a product claims "noticeable results after just one use," that's just a marketing trick. Now, let's talk about the product itself. I love it! It does what it's supposed to do! It removes the bad stuff that builds up in our skin, nourishes it, and prepares it for other products in your skincare routine. By the way, some other products have irritated my skin, but not this one. I've kept using them and they turned out to be the best products I've ever used. I'm willing to take a risk because I heard that trying new things on your skin might cause a breakout at first. However, you know your skin best, so if you're unsure about continuing a skincare routine, don't do it.

Kenna G.

I bought this product myself and didn't get it on sale for a review. Some people say good things and some say bad things about it, so it was hard for me to decide if I should buy it or not. But I'll tell you about my experience so far. I've only used it once (that's why I gave it four stars for now), just like the directions said, and I already see a positive change. My pores used to be big, but now they're much smaller. Some of the blemishes on my face didn't go away completely, but they're less red and painful. It didn't have much of a smell, went on smoothly, and washed off easily. I think you need to keep using it to see a big difference in your skin. Like most things in life, you can't expect a whole new face overnight. I hope this helps anyone who was unsure about this product! (:

Rosalia E.

I got this mask to stop acne and help my acne scars go away. It was easier to put on and take off than I expected. The best way to put it on is with a brush (I use a facial mask brush, but any paint brush should work). You don't need a lot on the brush, a little bit goes a long way with this mask. When I wanted to take it off (after 10-15 minutes of drying), I just used a makeup removal wipe (usually the same one I use to clean my face before putting on the mask) and warm water. It's really easy to take off.

Now, let's talk about how well it works for what I bought it for, stopping acne and getting rid of scars. I haven't had it for long enough to see a big difference with the scars. The directions say to only use it once a week, and I've had it for a little over a month. But it has helped with stopping acne.

Samanta W.

I really, really love this product. I've been trying out different skincare and facial products, and this one is one of my favorites. I've tried using it as a mask with both thick and thin layers, using a brush to put it on. When you put it on lightly, it can feel a little chalky and gritty. I suggest putting on a thick enough layer to cover your whole face, but not so much that it never dries. When I've used it, the mask never completely dries, but it's okay to leave it on for longer. It's a bit thick to wash off, so I recommend using a small hand towel if needed. It can get messy, though. But after using it, my face feels softer, refreshed, and moisturized without feeling greasy. I've used it before going on dates and while getting ready, and I love the results. It makes my cheeks feel really soft, like a baby's bottom, and I love that. It doesn't have a bad smell and it didn't cause any problems for my skin like redness or irritation. I'm not sure how it affects pores or blackheads, but it does make my face feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and more elastic. There's also a good amount of product in the container. I think it should last at least a month, maybe even up to three months, depending on how often you use it. The instructions say to use it only once a week, but I might use it more like two or sometimes three times a week. I'll definitely keep this product in my collection.

Karolann A.

I really wanted to buy a dead sea mud mask for a long time, but I didn't have time to research and find one with good reviews and natural ingredients. I have sensitive skin, so products with too many chemicals usually make me break out. My skin is usually normal to dry, but sometimes during my period, it gets oily and I break out. I use this mask once a week and it has made a big difference in my skin. First, I wash my face with my regular cleanser and warm water to open my pores. Then, I apply the mask and let it dry for about 10-15 minutes. After that, I use a clean washcloth and warm water to wash off the mud. My face feels smooth and the area around my nose, which is usually the dirtiest, is the cleanest. The mask has a slight smell, but it's not too bad. The mask is thick, but it spreads easily. Sometimes, I mix it with a stick because the layers settle if I don't use it for more than a week. I also use the stick to apply the mud to my face. It's important to use warm water to wash off the mud because it helps open your pores and remove all the mud. I tried using cold water once, and I felt like there was still some mud on my skin.

Dorothea K.

I was kinda unsure when I got this thing because lots of people had bad reactions to it. Some of the reviews seemed fake too. But I still bought it 'cause it wasn't too expensive and the return policy is good. I think some of the bad reviews are from people who got a fake version. This stuff doesn't smell strong like perfume. It's not all gooey or like gel. It's pretty thick when you put it on. The package was wrapped up tight in plastic. It doesn't burn or make my skin tingle. The results are okay, nothing super amazing. After I use it, my skin feels cleaner and tighter. My pores look cleaner and smaller too. I think you should give it a try. If it seems cheap or smells bad, or if it's not sealed, then return it. But if it's sealed and looks pretty good, then use it 'cause it's not a fake. It's not the best thing ever, but for the price, it's a good deal. I would recommend it and buy it again.

Gino R.

If you read the reviews, some people love it and some people hate it. They say it either has a smell or doesn't have a smell, and some say it has mold while others say it doesn't. Here's what happened when I tried it:

First, I read the label. It says to only use it once a week. I wondered why I can only use it once a week, but I decided to go along with it. Then, I looked it up on the internet and found out that if you don't have sensitive skin, you can use it twice a week.

The smell of mine was great, and it was thick like a paste, not like jelly as some people said. But the next day, my skin broke out. I think the mud was doing its job, but my skin didn't look or feel fresher. Instead, I had more breakouts. I hope that after using it a few more times, it will reduce my breakouts and I can give it a higher rating.

I noticed that there was a lot of residue on my face after using it. It felt like my pores were leaking. The product says not to apply it near your lips, but even though I have a beard and didn't apply it near my lips, some still got on them and made them very dry. Be careful about that.

The one I got was sealed with a plastic barrier, so I sealed it again to prevent mold. I will keep updating this review if anything changes, like if mold appears or anything else happens.

Stacy C.

I wasn't sure about the reviews because some people said it caused rashes and allergies, but I bought it anyway because it had 4 stars. I figured I might as well give it a try. I think most of the bad reviews are from people with sensitive skin or who didn't use it correctly. The breakouts might be because their skin was dry, but this product is supposed to dry and tighten pores. Just make sure to use lotion afterwards. You can only use this mask once a week, as recommended. If it doesn't help, then it's not the right product for you.

I think it's really important to test beauty products on your hand before putting them on your face. When I opened it, the mask was gooey and creamy (I saw that in a review and wasn't sure if it was a scam), and it smelled like hand cream (which surprised me), but the smell wasn't very strong. I put some on my hand for about 5 minutes and didn't have any reaction. I was still unsure, but I decided to try it on my face anyway because I wanted to take the risk.

Before applying the mask, I washed my face with warm water and a cleanser, then patted it dry gently. Then I put on the mask for 15 minutes. During those 15 minutes, I noticed that it dried my skin and made my pores feel tight. My face felt tight too. After the 15 minutes were up, I washed it off with warm water gently (don't rub your face, it will irritate your skin).

The results were amazing. I was happy that I didn't break out in rashes. My skin feels really smooth and clean. I put on some moisturizer afterwards to avoid getting pimples. The results might be different for everyone, so you have to try out a lot of products to find what works best for you. If you have an allergic reaction, stop using it. That's why it's important to test it on a small area of skin before putting it on your face. I hope this review helps you all.

I'll update in the future if I see any more improvements or reactions.

Lillyan L

This is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it. Also, despite there being a (rare) issue with my product, PBN took care of the matter immediately. They were incredibly responsive and helpful via email. One of the most pleasant customer service experiences--they really care!

Coralie T.

I met a guy at the mall who talked to me about these special products from the Dead Sea. He said they could make me look 10 years younger. He gave me a mirror and put some cream under my eyes. After a minute, he asked me to look in the mirror. I couldn't believe what I was like magic. Seriously! But the price was too expensive for me. He also showed me a mud mask, but that was also too expensive. I told my friend who lives far away about my mall experience. She said she used the Dead Sea Mud Mask every week for a few months and it made her skin tighter, minimized her pores, and reduced breakouts. I looked for it on the internet and found it on a website for 70% less than what the guy at the mall was charging. I've been using it every week and I'm really impressed with the results. My pores are smaller, I hardly get any breakouts, and my skin looks great. I also use a toner with rose petals and witch hazel, and I think using both products together has given me the results I wanted!


Sadie T.

I got this during a special sale and it's really great. The good reviews are true. Some people might break out after using it, but that's what a good mask does. It brings impurities to the surface, like salt does. But after a few days, your skin should clear up. I've been using it for three weeks and it's still amazing. It gets rid of all the oil and gunk on my skin. It even cleared up a small patch of acne I had. If you have sensitive skin, it might irritate it. But if your skin is usually okay, it should be fine. You can try a test with witch hazel to see how well it works. Use witch hazel every day and look at the dirt on the cotton ball. After using this mask, use witch hazel again and the cotton ball will be clean.

Orval A.

I've been using clay masks for a while now to help with oily skin and big pores. The best ones I've tried are good for my oily T-zone, but not so great for my drier cheeks and jawline. So, I decided to look for a mud mask that has clay in it, but also some good stuff for my skin. That's when I found the Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask. I saw it online and the ingredients looked really good, so I bought it. I like shea butter because it helps moisturize my skin, and I wanted to try a mud mask that wouldn't dry out my skin too much.

Let's start with the good things about this mask. It has a lot of mud in it, which is great. It's not easy to find a mask with a lot of clay and other good things for your skin that's also affordable. The mask feels smooth and it's easy to put on without hurting my skin. I can put on a thin layer of mud and it still feels like enough. It's also easier to take off than other clay masks I've used because it doesn't dry out as much while I wear it. After I use it, my cheeks feel clean but not dry. So far, it hasn't made my skin irritated when I use it once a week.

There are only a couple of things that aren't so great about this mask. First, it comes in a jar. I don't like the idea of dipping my fingers into the jar every time I use it for the 6-8 months that I'll have it. I tried using a wooden spatula, but it was easier to use my hands to get the right amount. Still, it's not ideal. The second thing is that it has a strong woody smell. The ingredients don't say there's any fragrance, but I think the hickory bark extract makes it smell strong. It might be nice for a spa, but I don't like strong smells on my face.

Overall, this mask works really well and it's affordable, but I don't like the smell, so I probably won't buy it again.

Angy Whiting

Been using this product for awhile now. really like it, apply it with a brush, leave on for 20 mins until dry (It will make your face feel tight). After washing it off, my face feels amazing, shiny, soft and clean. clears all my acne and makes my face feel fresh for a few days. Amazing Product! A must try!

Eliseo B.

I got this Dead Sea Mud Mask a few weeks ago and I already LOVE it!! I usually wait a while before reviewing skin care stuff, but this mask is really good. I have oily, acne-prone skin that can get sensitive sometimes. Before I used this mask, I had a sore pimple under my skin near my nose. I made sure to put the mask on that spot really well. The next morning, the pimple wasn't sore anymore. The day after that, it was gone! I still wasn't totally sure about this product though. A few days later, I felt a little soreness (a sign of another pimple) on another part of my face. Once again, after using this mask, the pimple got "dried out". I'll keep using this mask once a week and let you know if anything changes. But for now, I'm really happy with the results.

Good things about this mask:
- Smells nice (no strong perfume smell)
- Easy to put on, creamy texture
- Looks nice in the package
- Dried out sore pimples under my skin
- Got rid of some whiteheads on my chin
- Made my pores tighter

Not-so-good things about this mask:
- Can be a little messy to clean up in the sink
- Takes a while to dry completely (if you put on a thick layer, like I do)

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product. So far, it's worth all the good things people say about it.

Rhea S.

I didn't like this product. I haven't tried any other mud materials before, so I thought I would just get some regular mud. But the whole "dead sea" thing is silly. When I opened it, there was a really strong smell of perfume that bothered me a lot. It smelled like those creams that women use to try to look younger. It didn't smell like mud at all, it smelled like chemicals. If it didn't have the smell, maybe I wouldn't mind, but as a guy, it was really annoying. I wouldn't recommend it unless you like putting a chemical-smelling substance on your face.

Update: The company reached out to me and I emailed them. They said that the bad smell might have happened during shipping. Whether that's true or not, I understand that things can go wrong sometimes. I appreciate that they helped me and stood by their product. They even offered to send me another one, but I politely declined because I don't think I'll be using masks or anything like that anymore. It's just not for me. I'm sorry it didn't work out, but thank you for being a good company. Good companies are hard to find these days. I wish you all the best.

Elza B.

I've been using this product for two weeks now and it's been great! It's easy to put on and a little bit goes a long way. Other masks I've tried in the past felt tight, itchy, or stingy while drying, but this one feels cool and nice on my face. I can leave it on for the recommended 15 minutes without any problems. My skin is pretty good, but I started getting acne breakouts recently. I found out that it's because of changes in my hormones. I wanted to find an acne product that wouldn't dry out my face, and this mud mask does the trick. It makes my skin feel clean and hydrated when I take it off with a warm, wet cloth. Since I started using it, I haven't had any pimples. Some people mentioned that they saw white spots on the product after opening it. That's not surprising because this mask is made with all-natural ingredients and doesn't have any artificial preservatives. Fresh ingredients can start to decompose over time, so it's normal to see some bacterial growth. To prevent spoilage, I recommend keeping the product in the refrigerator and using clean fingers, a sterile tongue depressor, or a latex glove when taking it out of the jar. The seller should also include instructions on how to avoid spoilage in their product directions.

Rosa T.

I have good things to say about this product. At first, I wasn't sure about it. The first time I used it, I wasn't very impressed. Maybe it's because I expected too much from it right away. I thought it would work like magic, but that was silly of me. Anyway, I started using the mud once a week like it said on the instructions. I leave it on my face for 45 minutes to an hour. The first few times, my skin felt cleaner and less oily, but I wasn't sure if it was helping with my acne. Looking back, I think it was. After using it once a week for a few weeks, I didn't have it for three weeks because I forgot it when I moved. I got some breakouts during that time, which I didn't like. After three weeks, I went back to my old place and found it in the bathroom cabinet. So I used it again. It was only after not using it for a while that I realized how well it works. When I first started using it, my skin was already in good shape, so I couldn't tell if it would help with my acne. But after three weeks without it, I broke out again. That made me think the mud was actually keeping my acne away. Of course, not using it wasn't the only reason I broke out. I wasn't eating healthy or getting enough sleep during the move, so that caused some breakouts too. But what really convinced me was that after three weeks without it, it made my acne scars fade a lot in just one use. I mean, it made a big difference. I was really surprised when I saw myself in the mirror. I'm really happy that I bought and tried this product. I think I'll keep using it for a long time. The mud smells nice and feels great on my skin. The only thing I don't like is the slimy feeling when I wash it off. Other people say they can feel their dead skin coming off, so maybe that's why it feels slimy. But who cares, right? The sliminess is a small problem compared to the results. I definitely recommend buying at least one jar and giving it a try, especially because the price is fair.

Nelle G.

This mud mask is one of the best I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot. I like it even more than the Glow Mud Mask. I've been using it only for two months, once every ten days. I saw results right away: my skin felt softer and looked healthy, my pores got smaller, and the best part is that it didn't make my face feel lifeless like most mud/clay masks do. The effects of the mask last longer each time I use it. I gave it four stars because if it's too hot outside, it dries unevenly. It's not good to leave these masks on for too long because it can make your skin drier and uncomfortable, and give it a dull look. So if you use this mask in the summer, put it on in a cool and comfy room. Seriously, you can't go wrong with this.

Hoyt S.

I've been looking at this product for a long time before I decided to buy it, and I'm glad I did. At first, I was disappointed with the size of the bottle, which is 8.8 ounces, but then I realized that a little bit of it covered my whole face. I think if I use this product once a week like it says, it will last me at least three months, maybe even longer. It goes on really smooth and feels nice on my face. It doesn't irritate my skin like other brands from the store. I'm not sure if I have sensitive skin, but this product feels really relaxing and it seems like it's made with natural ingredients. After I use it, my skin feels really soft, like a baby's skin. I have to stop myself from touching my face too much because it feels so soft. I really liked this product and I will buy it again and recommend it to others. I wasn't paid to write this review, I just genuinely like the product.

Katrina O.

I got this product because I was bored. I'm in my mid-twenties and my regular skin care routine wasn't working anymore. So I decided to try something fancy just for fun. And guess what? It's amazing! It only takes about 20 minutes to use. I put it on my face and neck and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then I wipe it off with a warm napkin. I usually do this before bed once a week. At first, I don't see much of a difference. But when I wake up in the morning, my skin looks radiant and feels really soft. Even my blackheads are less noticeable. My relatives even noticed how bright my face looked during a video call. I love this stuff! Since I started using it, I can't stop because it makes my skin feel so good. If I skip a week, my skin feels dirty and dark. But there's a lot of product in one jar, so it will last me a long time. Just remember to wash your face with warm water before using it and avoid the eyes and lips. It's a great product, but everyone's skin is different. I give it five stars!

Linnie W.

I've been using this mud mask from the Dead Sea once a week for the past three weeks, and tonight will be my fourth time using it. I really like how my skin feels after I put it on. I'm 45 years old, and I bought this mask to help make my pores smaller and get rid of extra dirt that could make me look older. I think I made a good choice buying it, but there is one small problem. When I wash off the mask with my washcloth, the washcloth gets stained dark. It's not a big deal though, because I can just buy a darker washcloth and then I won't notice it anymore. I want to be honest with other people who might want to buy this. I rely on reviews to help me decide what to buy, because there are so many options out there and it can be overwhelming. I really like this product and will keep using it on my skin. Thanks, I hope this review helps you.

Chasity A.

I'm new to using mud masks. I've had trouble with my skin for 15 years now. It's better than when I was younger, but still not great. I have a lot of blackheads and big pores that make my skin not look so good. This mask isn't a miracle worker, but after using it just once, my pores and blackheads were reduced. They didn't go away completely, but there was some improvement. I hope that if I keep using it every week, my skin will keep getting clearer. I won't say that this mask made me break out, but it did bring out a lot of gross stuff on my chin, which caused some blemishes. My chin is a problem area for me. If you don't have many breakouts and just want to reduce blackheads and pores, you probably won't get blemishes. I think this mask works like a salve. If you have a pimple that won't go away or come to a head, you can use this mask to help bring it out. I have sensitive and dry skin, but I didn't have any real problems with irritation. Before using the mask, I washed my face with a very gentle, moisturizing cleanser. After the mask, I used CeraVe and rosehip seed oil. I definitely think this mask is worth trying. It only costs $15 and you can use it many times. Even the "cheap" masks from Ulta cost about $1.50, so this one is a much better deal.

David H.

I read the reviews of this product and lots of people said it works right away, so I bought it to try it out. I only used it once and didn't see any big changes like others said. My skin is normal, not too oily or dry, but I have pores that I don't like. This mask didn't make my pores smaller. I'll keep using it to see if it gets better. I followed the instructions for using the mask. I only used it on my face, but if it starts working, I might use it on other parts too.

What I liked about the mask was that it didn't make a mess, it didn't dry out my skin, it didn't smell bad, it dried quickly, my face felt soft afterwards, I didn't get any pimples, and the jar is big. I'll keep using it and see what happens.

Samara B.

I ordered some face masks from Korea because I heard good things about them. When I tried them, they didn't really do anything. So, when I saw positive reviews for this Dead Sea Mud Mask, I wasn't sure if I could trust them. But, the mask arrived quickly and was packaged well. It was easy to open, which was important for me because of my arthritis. I put the mask on my face, neck, and chest for 15 minutes. Then, I washed it off with a wet cloth using gentle circular motions. Afterward, I splashed water on my face and used my regular skincare routine. My skin looked brighter, smoother, and glowing right away. It has stayed that way for two days. I'm really happy with the results and will use this mask weekly. Next time, I'll try using it before showering so it washes off easily. I'm in my 60s and don't have acne, but I sometimes get a breakout that lasts for weeks. After using this mask once, a breakout on my chin started to fade. I will buy this mask again.

Alexanne J.

I got this product when my skin wasn't great. I've used face masks before, but usually the cheap ones from the store. When I got this, it was a splurge and I wasn't sure if it would help my skin. I got it quickly and it was sealed, which was good. I like the packaging. It's a bit hard to scoop out without getting it dirty, but I use Popsicle sticks instead of my fingers. The mud mask itself is really good. It smells nice and isn't too strong. The mud feels smooth and creamy and goes on easily. It takes longer to dry for me, but that's okay because it works. When I first used it, I was surprised to see tiny dots on my skin where it absorbed oil from my pores. My skin looked softer and brighter after just one use, and it felt really soft. I've been using this mask a few times a week for a month and my complexion has improved. My skin looks smoother, there are fewer blackheads around my nose, and my skin tone is more even and less red. I've used it many times and still have a lot left, so it's worth the cost. The only problem is that it's messy to wash off, but that's probably my fault. It's the best mask I've ever used so far!

Ottilie S.

I didn't get this product for a cheaper price. I haven't used it for very long, but I really like this mask so far. I've used many face masks in my 20 years and haven't found one that I truly like. This one is the best so far. It's cool even when it's not cold and goes on smoothly. You don't need a lot to cover your face, so it should last a long time. It doesn't burn at all, even on my acne marks if I accidentally touch them during the day. Sometimes it might sting, but only for a moment, so it's not too bad. The smell is soft and a little sweet. I can't really describe it, but it smells clean and cool. It dries without feeling too tight and it's easy to wash off, leaving my face cool and smooth. I've only used it three times in three weeks. That means I can't give it 5 stars yet because I'm not sure if it will work as advertised for my skin tone and acne scars. I'll update my review once I know for sure, but so far it's a great mask that makes me feel clean and refreshed.

Catherine C.

This product was amazing gave my skin a glow!

Josephine D.

At first, I wasn't sure about this mask. It felt tingly and almost like it was burning my skin, especially my nose. When I looked in the mirror, I saw blackheads and oil coming out from under the mask. The tingling feeling (which wasn't really burning) was the mask getting rid of the dirt and oil on my skin. It's kind of gross, but also pretty amazing, right? After using it once, the tingling stopped and it really started helping my skin. It clears up pimples faster than any other product I've tried before. I've used it for about a month now, and I don't have as many blackheads. My skin feels softer, looks more even, and I don't break out as much. I still get pimples though, because I'm in my 30s and hormones can be tough. But this mask helps them go away much quicker. I use it all over my face once a week, and then put it on specific spots in between. I really love it. Honestly, this mask is really helping my skin. And I didn't get a discount or receive it for free. I paid for it and I'm really happy I did.

Lisette D.

I've been using this product two times a week for about a month and my skin feels smoother. The mask feels cool on my face and gets hard in about 8 to 10 minutes. It feels tight, like a mud mask usually does. I've been using it as part of my regular face routine and my nose pores look smaller. I haven't seen any reduction in wrinkles, but I'm only 25 and have very fine wrinkles near my laugh lines, so I didn't expect much. My boyfriend, who let me give him a beauty facial, has big pores on his nose and noticed a big reduction in size after using it just once! It's funny how the people who don't care about their face always get good results. I guess I should be happy because my pores aren't big to begin with. I'll update this review once I finish the product!

Katrine V.

I saw in a mirror that my pores collect my foundation. I use expensive foundation, so I knew it wasn't the foundation's fault. I haven't had a facial in a really long time, so I thought it would be cool to buy something you would find in a spa. This thing got really good ratings, so I decided to give it a shot. After washing it off in just 15 minutes, my skin felt smoother, tighter, and more moisturized. It seems like it must have taken off the dead skin cells. I will use this once a week. I put on some moisturizer right after - didn't really need it, but I wanted to try it - and the moisturizer stung. So I decided to take it off and just use this alone in the evening. I'll add moisturizer another day. It could have been the new moisturizer. So far, I'm really happy with this product.

Mary M.

My skin has never felt better! I have sensitive skin and have a tendency to over drying but my face feels smooth and soft! I saw results right away.

Madelynn K.

I'm 19 and I don't have sensitive skin. I have some acne, but I have a lot of blackheads on my cheeks and nose. I haven't tried anything else to get rid of my blackheads, except for washing my face better. So, I wanted to try this product. I really like it! I use it two times a week. The first two times I used it, the only thing I noticed was that my face felt softer. I thought maybe I was using too much, but I wasn't because I could still see some skin in certain spots. But the third time I used it, I applied a thin layer and was worried it wouldn't do anything. But I was wrong! When I washed it off with a washcloth, almost all of the blackheads were gone. It was amazing! The next time I used it and applied it super thin, it got rid of the rest of the blackheads. I also noticed that the redness on my cheeks is going away and my skin tone is becoming more even. I'm using less foundation on my face now that the blackheads are gone, my acne is improving, and the redness is fading. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

Guillermo S.

I have really sensitive skin and usually get breakouts from products that say they're for sensitive skin, all natural, organic, and stuff like that. I read the reviews for this Dead Sea mud mask and wanted to try it to see if it would help lighten my acne scars and stop more breakouts because it has natural detoxifying minerals. I put it on after washing my face with Cetaphil and left it on for about 20 minutes until it dried. It was easy to put on and I could tell when it was dry. It was pretty easy to wash off too. The instructions say to use warm water and rinse in circles. I didn't put on toner or moisturizer because I was going to sleep and wanted to make sure the product didn't make me have an allergic reaction or more breakouts. When I woke up the next morning, my skin felt soft, hydrated, and I didn't have any new pimples. I'll update in 2 months after using the Dead Sea mud mask once a week to see if my acne scars really start to fade. Overall, I really like this product and have only good things to say about it. Just remember, I've only used it once.

Sophia W.

I got this product to help my skin because it's oily and my pores are big. At first, I was worried about how the product felt. It's a bit thinner than what I'm used to. It's a mud mask, but I usually use clay masks. It's easy to put on and dries quickly. When I took off the mud, my face felt like it was burning. My cheeks and forehead turned red. I never had this problem with clay masks, so I'm a little worried. The good thing is that I've seen a difference in my skin since using this product. It's less oily and I have fewer breakouts. When I put the mud under my eyes, it made my skin tighter and I looked more refreshed, like I didn't need a nap. Overall, I like the product, but I want to try other mud masks to see if the burning keeps happening. If it does, I might just stick to clay masks in the future.

Laurianne H.

I gotta say, even though I had to go through a lot to get this product, it was totally worth it. I really like face masks and my skin is oily and sensitive. When I finally got to use it, I was amazed. The texture was awesome, a little bit goes a long way, and it didn't smell bad at all. It didn't bother my skin at all, and when I washed it off, my skin felt so soft, like a baby's skin. It's so soft, you won't believe it. I'm actually gonna order more because I live in Australia and I want to make sure I have enough when I run out. If you're reading this and wondering if you should buy it, just give it a try. I love it and I totally recommend the Dead Sea Mud Mask! A++++ (Disclaimer: I've only been using it for a week, but I'm loving the results so far!)

Emie K.

I just got this product and I'm not sure yet if it's good or not. I bought it because a lot of people said it was great. I was really excited and paid extra to get it quickly. The package said it was delivered on Tuesday, but I didn't get it until today, Friday. I tried it for the first time tonight. After using it, my skin feels smoother and softer. But I still have acne and I wear a lot of makeup to cover it up. After using it once, I can't see a difference in how my skin looks. I followed the directions and left it on for 15 minutes. I'm not happy with the shipping and I'm not sure about the product yet. I hope it works better if I keep using it. My skin feels good, but I don't think it will make a big difference right away like some people say. If everything goes well, I'll update this review in a few weeks and say how much I love it. The picture on the left is before and the one on the right is after.

King H.

Today, I tried a facial mask for the first time ever. I wanted something to help my skin look better and get rid of acne and dark spots. I was unsure about buying this mask because some people had bad reactions to it. I have sensitive skin and it's both oily and dry. I'm 26 years old and I've never used any facial products before because of my sensitive skin.

I applied the mask to my face and waited for 10-15 minutes, as the instructions said. It's late at night, but I wanted to share my results. So far, I haven't seen any changes, so I gave it 3 stars. I hope it works and I'll keep updating my review.

Update: I just took off the mask and my skin feels really smooth! I was scared to use it because of the bad reviews, but I'm happy with the results. I did feel a little tingly sensation when I put it on, but it went away. I'll keep using this mask and let you know how it goes. Right now, I give it 5 stars for making my skin smooth, but overall I give it 4 stars because I haven't seen all the results I want yet. I'll keep you posted!

Leanna D.

I really like this face mask! It goes on smoothly, smells good, and makes my face look brighter. My skin is sensitive, but this mask hasn't caused any problems for me so far! I use it once or twice a week, or when I have a bad skin day. It helps with redness and makes my skin feel soft and clean. This mask doesn't dry out my skin or make it too oily. But if you use it too much, it could dry out or irritate your skin. The directions say to use it once a week, but I've used it twice a week without any issues. You don't need to put on a lot of the mask, just a little bit will do. I've had mine for a few months and I've only used a small amount. Overall, this is a great product for people with sensitive skin, as long as you don't use it too often.

Ericka C.

I got this clay from a friend who shared it with me. We used it on our faces and hair at a Korean bath house and I really liked it, so I decided to buy it and compare it to the Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pure Body Naturals. The clay is a powder that you can mix with apple cider vinegar or water to make a paste. You can use it on your hair or face. The Dead Sea mud is already mixed and ready to use. Both of them smell okay, but if you mix the clay with vinegar, it can make your nose burn. I mixed it with apple cider vinegar for this test. I put each mud on one side of my face.

Here's what I thought: The Dead Sea Clay is easier to put on because it's already mixed. It feels smooth and creamy. It made my skin clean but not too dry. There were still some oils on my skin after using the clay. The jar of Dead Sea mud is smaller than the Bentonite mask.

The Bentonite clay mixed with vinegar had a really strong smell! I don't think I'll do that again because you can see in the picture that my face actually got swollen under that mixture. People who say their skin feels firmer after using the clay might actually be experiencing swelling instead. This clay took away all the oils from my skin. ALL of them.

Both sides of my face felt smooth after the test, but you can see that the Bentonite side was swollen. Both masks are good options, with Bentonite being cheaper and Dead Sea Mud being more convenient. I won't use the apple cider vinegar mixture again because of the swelling, so now you know not to use it either.

Jackeline K.

I love it! It doesn't make my face too tight or dry, but I use a facial oil after I take off face masks. My skin looks less red and smoother. I use it once a week to calm my redness after a long week. The texture is light and creamy, with a mild scent. You only need a thin layer because a little goes a long way. If you put too much on, it takes a long time to dry and that's not good. If you want a really exfoliating product, this isn't it. In my opinion, this mask is more for detoxifying and can be used after an exfoliator because it calms my skin. The first time I used it, my skin tingled a bit after I took it off, but I have super sensitive skin! The tingling was slight and went away without making my skin red, bumpy, or irritated. Overall, this mask is a good price and a nice simple treatment to add to your collection.

Collin N.

I got the Dead Sea Mud Mask a few weeks ago and I used it right away. I use it on Sunday mornings when I don't wear makeup. My friend thinks it's weird to use it in the morning, but now people say my face looks good without makeup. It wakes up my face and makes it look brighter and cleaner on my days off. I keep it on while I do oil pulling and wash it off when I'm done.

Good things: It's easy to put on and my face feels fresh and clean after I wash it off. I like that I see changes right away. I feel confident going out without makeup on the days I use this. Other people seem to notice a change too.

Not so good things: The smell isn't my favorite, but it's not too bad. It smells like natural clay and my daughter calls me "stinky" when I use it. Also, I have to use a lot to cover my whole face. When I put on a thin layer, it feels like I have nothing on. I put on a lot and it still doesn't seem like enough. Also, the changes it makes don't last very long. If I notice longer-lasting changes after using it more, I'll rewrite this review.

Overall: I would recommend this product to people who have time to use it in the morning and plan on going out. Even though I don't wear makeup on the days I use this, I think it would make applying makeup easier if I did.

Kassandra L.

This product is so awesome! At first, I wasn't sure about it because it's small. But when I put on the mask, I realized that a little bit goes a long way! You're only supposed to use it once a week, so I think it will last for 3-4 months or even longer! The mask is smooth and easy to spread evenly. Once it's on your face, you'll feel it working right away. In just 5 minutes, I felt cleaner and more refreshed. I also liked that it didn't have a strong smell. After waiting 15 minutes, I peeled off the mask and my face was instantly smoother and softer! It didn't dry out my face at all! It even helped with my acne because I haven't had any breakouts since I started using it! I didn't expect such great results on my first try. This product is truly amazing! I would recommend it to anyone who's not sure about buying it or anyone looking for a facial mask. Give it a try, you won't be sorry!

Monique D.

I wanted to try new treatments for my hair and skin to make them look healthier. I found the Dead Sea Mud Mask and it was just what I wanted at a good price, so I decided to buy it. When it arrived, I was a bit surprised because the jar seemed smaller than I expected. But I'm not good at picturing sizes unless I see them, so I included a picture of the mud mask jar next to a 20 ounce Diet Coke bottle for anyone who likes visuals. The mud mask comes in a plastic jar that holds 8.8 fluid ounces or 250 grams. It's made from minerals from the Dead Sea in Israel. The mud mask is supposed to remove dead skin cells and toxins, absorb oils, and help clear up acne. The ingredients are: deionized water, Dead Sea mud, kaolin, shea butter, sunflower oil, aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil, hickory bark extract, calendula oil, and xanthan gum. The jar has a manufacturing date of 2/29/2016 and an expiration date of 2/28/2018. It's pretty easy to use this mud mask. You put a thin layer on clean skin and leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then use warm water in circular motions to remove it. It took a few minutes to remove the mask, but that didn't bother me much. The directions say to only use it once a week. When I first put on the mud mask, my in-laws were surprised because it's dark like mud and I have fair skin. It was actually pretty funny! After I took it off, my mother-in-law noticed right away that my skin looked healthier, and I could see it too. Even after just one use, this mud mask got rid of some dead skin cells and toxins. Instead of looking a bit blotchy like it usually does, my skin looks clear and much healthier! I don't have much acne, just a few blemishes sometimes, so I can't say much about that. Overall, I'm really happy with this product and I'll keep buying it as long as it keeps working well for me. At first, I thought the price was a bit high for the size of the jar. But since you only use it once a week, it should last for many months, so it's worth it to me. If you want a

Hortense K.

Skin Type: Normal, Not Sensitive
Acne Level: None - Some spots here and there
Pores: Pretty big on my nose
Age: College Student

I was really excited when I saw this product can do so much for $15. Some people loved it and some didn't, so here's what I think about it.

1. Always try the product on your hands or somewhere else before putting it on your face.
I think it's important to test beauty products on a small area first. If you know you're allergic to certain chemicals, don't put it on your face or you might get swollen. I had a bad experience with an acne remover before, so I tried this mask on my hands for 5 minutes and nothing happened. That's how I knew it would be safe for my face.

2. Use a brush or clean your hands well before applying the mask.
To keep the mask clean and prevent bacteria from growing, it's best to use a brush or clean your hands really well. If you have long nails, using a brush is better because it's easier to apply and reduces the chance of scratching your face. I used a brush and it was easy to use and clean.

3. This mask really works!
Like I said before, I used a brush to put the mask all over my face. It feels cool on my skin, which I really like! At first, I didn't like the smell of the mask and it gave me a small headache. But after using it a few times, I got used to it and now I like it. After two minutes, I felt a slight burning sensation, but I think it means the mask is getting rid of toxins from my face. After a minute, the burning went away. I watched some Netflix and forgot I had the mask on. I left it on for about 40 minutes. When I took it off, my skin looked amazing! The pores on my nose were smaller and my face felt really smooth. I put on moisturizer just in case it caused any breakouts.

4. It's a bit hard to wash off.
I gave it 4 stars because it took me 10 minutes to wash off the mask. It might be my fault because I applied a thick layer. I'm worried that if I apply a thin layer, I won't get the full effect of the mask. Can you please let me know how much mask I should use?


Toby D.

I had a problem with the delivery of this item and the armband, so I don't want to repeat myself. I just want to say that I was not happy with the delivery service. They left both packages at my door without thinking about the fact that my first package was stolen from there. So I am not satisfied with the delivery service. Now, let's move on to my review of the dead sea mud mask. I got the package earlier than expected and it was well packaged. I followed the instructions on the package and put a thin layer on my face (please note that I didn't have time to test it for 24 hours, so if I break out in the future, I will let you know). The face mask is blackish to dark greenish and smells nice. It went on my face smoothly and didn't feel tight like other masks. After leaving it on for 13 minutes, I washed it off with warm water and dried my face with a cold cloth. My face didn't feel dry afterward, but I still applied moisturizer, just in case the dry heat affected me.


My daughter and I really love this mask. It went on very smooth and easy with a slight, pleasant fragrance. When the time came, we easily removed it with warm water and were left with very smooth, clean skin. I feel as though it left us clean but not dried out and our skin is beginning to glow. I also really appreciate that the ingredient list is short and easy to understand. I recognized what is in the product...all natural. Great Stuff!

Kira F.

Based on the latest reviews, many people who bought this mask seem to either have allergies to some of the ingredients or received a fake version of the product. I'm not sure who is to blame for the fake masks, but it's definitely something that needs to be fixed. I received what I think is the real product and put it on my clean face while reading other reviews. It has a nice, gooey texture like mud and feels smooth because of the oils. I like the smell, it's a little perfumey, and I know it has natural ingredients. I left it on for the full 15 minutes and was happy to see that it doesn't dry like other clay masks. It stays soft and plump. It didn't feel cool or warm on my face. It washed off easily and left my face softer than before. If I wake up with whiteheads tomorrow, I'll update this review. But for now, I'm happy with the mask. The ingredients listed on the container are: Deionized water, Dead Sea Mud, Kaolin, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Vegetable Glycerin, Jojoba Oil, Hickory Bark Extract, Calendula Oil, and Xanthan Gum. As you can see, it's a mask made of mud and oils. If you want a more traditional clay mask or something where you can customize the recipe for your skin, I suggest looking for Aztec Clay.

Megane B.

I thought I would like this mud mask because it was thicker than the others I tried, but it didn't fully dry and it was hard to take off. I had to scrub my face with a wet towel to get it all off. This product seems to be more about hype than actual results. I didn't really see a big difference on two small blemishes I had on my face. After trying another mask called Majestic Dead Sea mud mask, I felt it did a better job of removing oil from my face than this mask. The one thing I really liked about this mask was that it made my skin feel hydrated. If you want something to moisturize your face, this mask definitely does the trick. The instructions say to apply a thin layer, which makes this product last a long time because it is very thick and a little bit covers a large area.

Garth M.

I've used this product three times now and I really like it, but you have to use a moisturizer with it. It's not enough to use on its own, especially since you only use it once a week. My suggestion is to use it once a week like it says, and use a moisturizer every day (or even twice a day). When I first tried it, I didn't use any other products. I found that while it can keep my skin smooth for two weeks, it makes my skin dry without a moisturizer, especially in the cold weather. Now I'm going back to using moisturizer and adding this to my routine because it did help me.

The product came in a package with bubble wrap around it, and the jar and lid were not damaged. The seller emailed me on the day it was delivered to make sure it wasn't damaged, and told me to let them know if it was. I thought that was nice, it's good to know they care about their customers.

I gave this product 4 stars because I've only used the mask once and I like it, but I will keep testing it (the directions say not to use it more than once a week) and update my review later.

Some background information about me: I've had acne problems for about 8 years, but it has gotten better as I've grown older. I still have some scarring, and I still get breakouts, but they're not as bad as before. My pores get clogged easily, especially on my cheeks and near my temples. I hope this mask will help reduce my pores, clear up some breakouts, and remove dead skin that clogs my pores. Before trying this product, I stopped using my cleanser and moisturizer for a couple of days to see how well this Dead Sea Mud Mask works.

Before using the mask, I had some breakouts and a lot of clogged pores on my cheeks, forehead, and temples. After using the mask, I want to say that it smells nice, not too strong. It's easy to spread, dries quickly, and it's easy to remove with warm water and a washcloth after letting it sit for 10-15 minutes. My skin feels refreshed and softer, and a lot of the dead skin from my clogged pores on my forehead has been cleared away, so it's smoother now.

Jayda S.

I got this in the mail today. Tonight, I took a bath and washed my face to get rid of sweat, dirt, and makeup. Then, I put on this mask with my fingers. It went on my skin smoothly and felt soft and creamy. It was a really good experience. I waited for about 15 minutes and then used a washcloth soaked in my bath water to wash it off my face in circular motions. It came off easily, just like it went on. It made my skin really soft and glowing. I didn't even need to use my usual exfoliator! I also bought another mask called Mask of Magnaminty from LUSH recently. It's a good mask, and it was my first non-paper facial mask. XD It was harder to put on than this product, didn't make my skin as smooth, and overall, it wasn't as great as this Dead Sea Mud Mask. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants their skin to feel luxuriously soft. After my bath, my acne redness was reduced, and my pimples got smaller. Get this product. Seriously.

Bertha D.

I haven't seen great results yet, but that's because I didn't buy this mud mask for my face. I actually bought it to use on my thighs and other areas with cellulite. I read that it can help get rid of stubborn cellulite. I've only used it three times in one week, but when I put it on my face and washed it off with warm water, my skin felt softer and my pores looked smaller. This was my first jar, so I'm not sure how many more I'll need to see results on my thighs, especially the back of my thighs where cellulite usually shows up. I'll keep trying though, because this mask is really famous and used at spas. By using it at home, I don't have to pay the expensive prices that spas charge for a mud mask. :-)

Ransom O.

This stuff is amazing! I've never used a product like this before, but I'm really impressed with how great it feels and works. I have pretty good skin already, so I don't have many skin issues. But when I saw this product advertised, I wanted to try it. I got my package on time and the product was in perfect condition. I read the instructions on the back of the container and did some research online to learn how to use it properly. When it arrived, I washed my face and then applied the Dead Sea Mud Mask. I left it on for about 15-20 minutes and it felt a little strange but enjoyable. I relaxed and listened to calm music while waiting. When I washed it off, my skin felt different right away. It felt more balanced and clean, not too oily or dry. I looked closely at my face and noticed that my pores looked smaller and cleaner than before. I was impressed after just one use. I will keep using this product for a long time. I can already tell that I'll get many uses out of this container if I use it once a week. When I almost run out, I'll definitely buy another one. It's only been 2 days and I've already recommended this product to a few people. I've also decided to use this mask every Sunday morning as a relaxing start to my day. I appreciate that "Pure Body Naturals" cares about customer satisfaction. They sent me emails to make sure my package arrived in good condition and that I'm happy with my purchase. It means a lot to me as a customer. I'm really happy to have bought a product from a professional seller like "Pure Body Naturals" and I'll keep using their products.

Sydnee O.

This mud mask is amazing! It has helped my skin a lot. I have oily skin, especially in my t-zone, and I get acne often. I have tried many popular masks, face washes, and toners, but they only worked for a short time before my breakouts came back. But now, I think I found a good product for me. It helps control the oil on my face. I use it once a week on Sunday nights, and sometimes on Wednesdays too if it's really humid. It can be a little tricky to spread evenly, but I just add a little more on top to fix it. The texture is nice, not too runny or stiff. I can feel it tightening my face, so I know when it's done. It's easy to rinse off, but make sure to check your face carefully afterwards. This, along with another product, has made my skin look great. I haven't had such clear skin in a long time. I'm so happy I bought this!

Brenna G.

I got my mask last night and it came on time. Most of the reviews I read were right. The smell is nice and not too strong. The directions say to put it on once a week for 10-15 minutes. I used a flat brush to put it on evenly. Then I washed it off with warm water and patted my face dry. It didn't hurt or burn while I had it on. After I took it off, my face felt cleaner and less oily. I only had a few pimples, but I wanted to get rid of blackheads on my nose. The mask helped a little with that, but I'll have to keep using it to see if it gets better. The jar was sealed with tape and a clear lid. If yours doesn't have those, you should contact the seller. That's all I have to say for now.

Julius D.

I have skin that's a little sensitive. I wanted a mask to make my pores smaller and fade my acne scars. The mask came a little messed up, with the top bent and a bit off. But I decided to keep it and give it a go. It feels really cool when I put it on. But when it dries, it itches a lot. Like, really, really bad. After about 5 minutes, though, the itching stops. I leave it on for about 15 minutes and then wipe it off with warm water and a washcloth. I've used it 3 times and my pores and acne scars look way better. It even cleared up my acne. I'm super happy with how much it's helped my face in just 3 uses. I do have two things I'm worried about, though. The itching while it dries and the burning feeling on my face for up to 24 hours after using it. But it's totally worth it because the results are way better than I expected. You should give it a try!

Bethel S.

This product came quickly and was even better than I thought it would be. I often go to the spa for different treatments, and I also do facials at home with really good products. I've always liked dead sea mud masks and this one was a little different from the others I've tried. After using it just once, my skin felt really hydrated and my moisturizer worked better. I'm 30 years old and starting to get wrinkles, and I also have adult acne and scars. But this product didn't make my skin irritated at all. It actually made my skin feel moisturized and clean. If you want something for acne, I think this mask would be great. And if you want something for older skin, I also think this mask would be great because it hydrates your skin. It didn't make my skin feel really tight afterwards, but that's not why I buy mud masks, so it didn't bother me. Before using the mask, I washed my face with a really good cleanser and then applied the mud mask. After that, I cleaned my skin and put on a serum. Now my skin feels super soft and really clean. The mask is thick, which is a good thing, and it smells really nice. I will definitely buy this product again.

Rebeka O.

I tried this product last night for the first time. My skin is a bit strange - my face gets really dry, so I use moisturizer. But then, a few hours later, my face becomes very oily. It's too dry to not put anything on it. So, usually, after I shower and wash my face, I moisturize. Also, my skin is very sensitive and usually turns red after a shower and without makeup. Last night, after I showered, I used the Dead Sea mud mask. First of all, I personally love the smell. It's very light and I think it smells good. So, I applied it and left it on for 13 minutes. It already felt good while the mask was still on my skin. I washed it off and my skin felt so soft, healthy, and lighter in color. I didn't need to use moisturizer at all, and it never became dry or oily. A little bit of the product goes a long way, so the container will last me a long time. It was a great price for the quality and amount of "mud" in it. I really, really like this product and recommend it to anyone.

Trent M.

This product is a must-have for anyone's medicine cabinet, whether you're a boy or a girl! I got this mask to try because I wanted to find a way to deal with my acne and scars. Sometimes, I get random breakouts on my skin because of PCOS. The regular treatment I was using made my skin dry and uncomfortable. A friend suggested trying a mud mask like Indian Clay, but I didn't want to risk finding the right acidity level for my skin or dealing with mud caking in the drains. Luckily, the Dead Sea Mud Mask doesn't have any of those problems.

When I got the jar, I was impressed with how big it was. But what impressed me even more was the smell! It has a nice earthy scent with a hint of soothing. It doesn't smell like moldy mud at all. The mask feels rich and cool when you touch it. Just a little bit of it goes a long way on your skin. I loved using it on hot nights. It's also easy to use too much and then it takes longer to dry on your skin. When it dries, it doesn't flake, but you can see the color change. I usually leave it on for the full 15 minutes. Afterward, I use warm water to gently rub it off in circular motions for a minute or two before rinsing. I love it!

I noticed that my scars have reduced after using this mask. I even tried it on my shoulders where I've been getting stress breakouts, and the red and scar-like spots have reduced a lot after just a few uses. This is definitely a must-have for anyone!

Genevieve D.

I really, really, really like this mask. I use a mask every night, but different ones for different things. I've been doing this routine for about two months now and my skin looks amazing. I put on this mask with a brush while I watch TV for about 30 minutes. It gets hard, but not too hard that it makes my face feel tight. It's actually really comfortable. If I use it in the morning, I just wash my face, put on the mask while I get ready for the day (clothes, shoes, put some conditioning mask in my hair) while it dries. Then I take a shower. If I use it at night, I wash off my makeup, put on the mask, and wash it off in the sink with warm water. On other days, if I'm short on time, I just put it on my T-Zone. After every mask, I use my Tarte Maracuja Oil to keep my skin hydrated. My skin is super clear and feels really clean. There's a lot of product in this, so I don't think I'll run out soon even though I use it a lot. But when I do, I'll buy it again.

Brenna V.

This mask works really well for me. I have skin that is both oily and sensitive. At first, I was scared to try it because other mud masks make my skin flake. But if I use a good moisturizer after using this mask, my skin is fine. It hasn't made my acne worse and it has helped get rid of my blackheads. The only problem is that it's hard to wash off. It dries quickly on your skin, so I suggest using a warm or hot damp cloth to remove it before washing your face. That way, it won't be messy and slimy. I usually put it on before I shower so I can take it off all at once without worrying about getting it on my clothes or the counter. It has really helped with my clogged pores. I used to have a lot of oily skin problems, but this mask has made a big difference. It doesn't burn like other masks and it smells good.

Lily S.

Hey guys, I've been using this product for about a month and a half now, once a week. I wanted to make my skin healthier and get rid of acne scars. I didn't expect it to be too strong, so remember to only use it once a week (I even skipped a week once). I don't have sensitive skin, but it does make my skin feel a little tingly. It's easy to wash off when it dries, just take your time and use warm water. It takes about five minutes to remove it all, but be gentle with your face. After using it, someone said my face looked like baby skin right away. My skin felt really clean and refreshed that night. Overall, my skin has definitely improved since using this product. However, I still get breakouts during my period, and the mask doesn't really prevent them. I still get pimples the next day, but I don't think it's because of the mask. But honestly, I would keep using this product. It has helped clear my skin of dead skin cells and acne scars. It's amazing for that. So, in conclusion, it's not like other products that promise to clear your acne completely (although it might work for your skin type), but it really does improve your skin. It's more of a long-term product.

Domenica H.

I want to start by saying that this mask is different from what you see in the pictures. It has a jelly-like texture and doesn't cover your face completely. To make it look like you're wearing a mask, you have to put on a thick layer, but I don't recommend it because it dries out your skin without helping with acne. It was painful for me, even with a thin layer. So, is it worth the pain? Not for me. After using it a few times, my skin didn't feel or look better. I'm not sure why it has such good reviews. It seems like many positive reviews are from people who got it for free or at a discount. This mask didn't work well for my sensitive skin. I take good care of my skin and have tried many skincare products. I decided to try this mask because of the good reviews and the low price. But it didn't live up to my expectations. I can't recommend it. Also, the mask started growing mold after a month of opening it. Other people have had the same problem. Maybe it needed to be refrigerated, but it doesn't say that on the packaging. If you still want to try it, be aware that you have a short time to return it. Instead of wasting your time and money on this, I suggest doing more research or spending a bit more for a better product. There are good skincare options available at different prices, but this one isn't worth it.

Susanna G.

I was really surprised when I opened the jar. It smells really good and clean and fresh. It smells like an expensive cream. I don't know how they did that since it's mud, but I'm really happy. It's really smooth and easy to put on my face. I'm so glad I tried it. My face felt clean for 3 days. I kept checking my nose for blemishes, but couldn't find any. This mud mask somehow cleans my face deep down and makes it look like I just had a professional skin cleansing. I posted a picture before and after using it. The second picture is of me in Hawaii feeling great with my clean face! I definitely recommend it.

What I don't recommend is trying to clean your face with the charcoal sponge afterwards. I bought the sponge, the mud mask, and the witch hazel together. The sponge just spread the mask all over my face and wouldn't come off. I had to use a soft washcloth to clean my face and it came off easily. It was a mistake to use those two together. I just wanted to warn you since they were suggested together. You won't be disappointed!

Sabina B.

I'll let you know how it goes in a month, but so far I'm really happy with this product. I bought it because my pores were clogged and I had lots of dark spots and blackheads on my nose. It's easy to use - just wash your face with water and put the mud on. After about 10 to 15 minutes, the mud dries up and pulls out all the dirt and oil. Then you just take a shower and you're done! It wasn't messy and didn't come off in big chunks. After using it, my skin looked really clean and maybe even a little lighter. All the blackheads, dark spots, and redness were gone. I was happy that it didn't give me any allergies or make my skin red or itchy when I took it off. My skin felt a little dry afterwards, but I just used my regular moisturizer and it was fine. Overall, I think this product is good. I'll update you in a month.

Valerie T.

I really like this mask, mostly. When I put it on, it feels really cold because I keep it in a cold place. It feels refreshing on my face. The mask is a little bit jelly-like, but that actually makes it easier to put on. It doesn't spread evenly, but that's not a big problem. It just means that some parts take longer to dry while the rest of my face is already dry. I can smooth out the thicker parts as it dries a bit.

Some people talk about the smell, but I don't smell anything when I use it. Maybe I'm not paying enough attention, but I don't think the smell is important because it's very faint, if it's even there after I put it on.

It's really easy to take off, and even though I wish it had some roughness to exfoliate my skin, my skin feels amazing afterwards. In the short term, my skin feels firmer, but that feeling goes away after about half an hour. In the long term, my skin feels much smoother and it reduces the redness on my face, especially on my cheeks.

There is one problem with the product: it makes me itch while it's drying. BUT, it doesn't irritate my skin at all once I wipe it off. There are no red spots or burning. It's just like when you have a scab that's drying and healing. It's annoying, almost not worth it... until you wash it off and realize "ahh, this is why I put up with that." Haha! But many people don't feel any itching, so it's a chance if you will feel it while it dries.

The first picture shows the product on my face. I put on more than usual, so the darker spots took longer to dry than the parts that are already dry (light grey is dry, dark grey is wet). In the after picture, you can see that my skin has little to no redness except for my breakouts. Normally, my cheeks and the lower corners of my nose are red. I didn't put the mask close enough to the corner of my nose this time, so you can use that as a reference if you see a bit of redness in that area. But by the next week, the redness is back, so hopefully it will get better the more I use this product.

I have only used the product twice so far, so I will

Tatyana L.

I was really unsure about buying this product because I thought some of the things it claimed might not be true. But I was totally wrong! There are so many different kinds of face masks out there, it's hard to choose one with all the great claims. I've tried a lot of masks over the years, especially expensive ones that I can't really afford. I'm kind of picky and I want to see some results before I'm even a little impressed. But I'm really happy I decided to try this one. Just so you know, I have skin that's oily in some places and has big pores. I sometimes get pimples, but my main problem is having lots of whiteheads. I really like this mask because it makes my skin look smooth. I've also noticed that my skin isn't as clogged. I hope that if I keep using it, my skin will get even better. The price is really good and you get a lot for your money. I think this will last me a really long time. I think you should give it a try!

Amina L.

This mask is amazing! I've only used it twice, but I think it's going to be my favorite mask from now on! I bought it mainly for my bad acne and blackheads. My acne has gotten a lot better, but I still get breakouts sometimes, especially cystic acne that leaves scars and takes a while to heal. I put this mask on my nose and cheeks only, and when I took it off, my nose was completely free of blackheads. The next day, my cystic acne had gotten a lot smaller overnight, all thanks to this mask! It can make your skin dry, so if you have dry skin, you can use it just on the spots instead of all over your face. I thought the price was a bit high, but let me tell you, a little bit of this mask goes a long way and there's a lot of product in the container. If you use it once a week like the directions say, it will last you a few months. I highly recommend this to anyone with acne - you won't be disappointed! I've tried many masks over the years, both expensive ones and ones from the drugstore, and nothing has given me such great results in just two weeks.

Fernando T.

I just got this product and have only used it a few times, so I can't say how it will work in the long run. But so far, it's been good. I have a lot of acne and dark marks, and my skin is very oily. After reading reviews, I decided to give it a try. People said it helps dry out acne and reduce dark marks. Even though I haven't used it for very long, my skin feels really firm right after I take it off. I'm in my 20's and didn't think my skin could get any firmer, but this product surprised me. It also makes my skin feel smooth and tight, which could help with wrinkles. I've only tried one other clay mask before, from the Mary K. naturals line, and this one is much better. It stays wet for a longer time, closer to the 10 minutes it suggests on the back. It's not good to leave a mask on until it dries and cracks, so this one is better in that regard. However, when it does start to dry out, it irritates and itches my skin. I can usually leave it on for about 8 minutes before it starts to dry, which is longer than the Mary K. one. It does dry out my skin, so I make sure to use a moisturizer right after. Some people say the drying is good for acne, so I hope that's true. I haven't used it long enough to see big changes, but I like how my skin feels right after using it. I hope it will help me in the end. The jar has a lot of product, so it will last a long time!

Jada V.

I wanted to try this product because I heard good things about it and it was affordable at $17.95 (now it's $19.95). I followed the instructions and put it on my face. It made my skin tingle a little, probably because of the salts. It smelled nice. After I washed it off in the shower, my skin felt smoother. It didn't really look any different though. But when I used my other skincare products afterwards, like toner, vitamin C serum, and moisturizer, my skin looked healthier and had a nice glow. I'm not sure if it's because of the product or just in my head. I'll keep using it once a week and maybe try it on other parts of my body. Update: I've been using this mask for almost a month now. I don't think it has any long-term effects on my skin, but it does make my skin feel different each time I use it. I follow the instructions and only use it once a week for 15 minutes. I have oily skin with big pores on my nose and cheeks. Sometimes my skin gets dry patches and looks blotchy after being in water. After using this product, my skin feels smoother and looks more balanced. It's not as blotchy either. The pores are still there, but I don't think any mud mask can actually make them smaller. Only medical procedures like laser can do that. There are some products that can make pores look smaller though, but that's for another review. I'll keep using this product once a week. I would give it 4 stars because it's reasonably priced compared to expensive brands.

Belle D.

I really like this product! I use masks a lot for my skin. Masks are important for my skincare routine. I heard about the Dead Sea Mud Mask and saw that it had good reviews, so I decided to try it. And wow, it's amazing! I used to use 2 or 3 different masks for different skin problems, but now I only need this one. After using it just once, my skin felt so much better. By the next morning, most of my skin problems were gone. I have combination skin, which means my T-zone is oily and the rest of my face is dry. I also have big pores on my nose. I use this mask twice a week after washing my face before bed. It's the only mask that hydrates my skin and gets rid of acne and uneven skin tone. My biggest problem is the pores on my nose. No matter what I use, they never go away. But this mask fixed that problem too! I have less dirt and oil on my face now, and my pores look smaller and less noticeable. It's rare to find a mask that does everything. You only need a little bit of this mask, so it will last a long time. When I run out, I will definitely buy it again. I highly recommend this mask to everyone! It works for dry skin, oily skin, acne, and uneven skin.

Maia Q.

I got this today and was super excited to try it because it had really good ratings and reviews. I've only used sheet masks before, so I can't compare it to anything else. I'm really happy with my first mud mask experience. First, the shipping was fast. It came right on time. Now let's talk about the mask itself. I love how it feels and how it looks. I put it on with my fingers and it goes on really smoothly. The smell is great. I can't really describe it, but it's not too strong. I left it on for about 15 minutes. While it was on, my skin felt tight, like a good mask should. Then I rinsed it off with warm water. It made my skin really soft and I think it helped with my blackheads on my nose. Since this is my first time using it, I don't expect it to magically fix all my skin problems. But I'm excited to see what it can do in the future. I'll update my review after I've used it for a while. Overall, I think this is a good mask that you can use to treat yourself.

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