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Bentonite Indian Healing Clay, 100% Pure

Earth's most powerful natural face mask

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Actively seeks toxins and impurities, revealing amazingly soft and clear skin.

$7.49 | 8 oz

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Pure Body Naturals Bentonite Clay Powder is the perfect main ingredient for a DIY face mask or detoxifying bath soak. Combine 1 part Bentonite clay powder to 3 parts water or apple cider vinegar, and mix into a smooth paste for Earth's most powerful natural face mask. Add 4 tablespoons of Bentonite clay powder to your next bath for a natural, detoxifying bath soak that will leave your skin smooth and hydrated. Our Bentonite clay is 100% pure sodium bentonite clay powder, harvested from naturally occurring volcanic ash in the USA.


  • Widely respected for centuries as a healing clay, 100% pure sodium Bentonite Clay may be Earth's most powerful and effective natural face mask.
  • Bentonite clay's negatively charged molecules uniquely bind with positively charged toxins, bacteria and other impurities on the skin.
  • You'll feel pulling and tightening of your skin, which is the Bentonite clay mask binding with toxins and generating healthy blood circulation.
  • Pure Body Natural's sodium Bentonite clay draws more toxins and impurities than calcium bentonite clay.
  • Add 4 tablespoons of Bentonite clay powder to your bath water to create a detoxifying soak, leaving skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Harvested from naturally occuring volcanic ash in the USA.

Use a non-metal bowl and utensils for mixing. Mix 3 parts water or apple cider vinegar to 1 part clay powder, and mix into a smooth paste. Add more clay powder or water as needed. Massage the mask gently onto your skin, and let dry for 15-20 minutes. Wash with warm water.

Recommended for external use only.

100% pure sodium Bentonite clay, mined in the USA.

Sarah M

The clay mask made my skin feel clean, soft, and rejuvenated. However, it was very time consuming because you have to mix it with the right amount of water or apple cider vinegar to make it into a paste, and I had a lot of trouble getting it to be the right consistency. Several times mine ended up being a combination of liquid and clumps of clay. I preferred using a few tablespoons in the bath as a detox soak because it required no prep and helped my entire body feel refreshed. The only downside was the clay stuck to the bottom of the bathtub, which made the clean-up process tedious.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this clay to others because it's very versatile and soothing, but I would warn them that it can get messy and time-consuming in terms of preparation and clean-up.

I received a free sample of this mask from the D2C Brands Sampling Team for testing and reviewing purposes.


I received this free for sampling from D2C and pure body naturals. As soon as I received it i decide to treat myself to a face mask. It was a good way to wind down from a hectic week (I received my sample on a Friday!) This product makes my skin feel so soft and clean. It was amazing! I would highly recommend this to all the females (and males! Who doesn’t love soft skin?) in my life!!!

Debi Mclaughlin

I have enjoyed the clay immensely! It makes my skin feel so soft and clean and my 13 year-old daughter even enjoys it

Jessica Miekow

I love how smooth and clean my face felt after using this. It was amazing!


I received the mask as a sample and have been using it for about 2 weeks. I love the scent and feel of it and how it quickly dries. My skin feels clean and non gritty. Highly recommend

Alexis s

I received this free for sampling and reviewing purposes from d2c sampling and pure body Naturals. As soon as I received it in the mail I immediately had to use it and even talked my husband into doing it with me as well. Even after using it a couple times now I still have yet to master the consistency of the Mask however I'm absolutely in love with the mask itself after rinsing it off my face was so soft. My pores or smaller and my face felt smooth and tight.


Very nice face mask, just a hassle mixing the powder and get the right consistency. Love how it felt ( like a cooling factor) and as it dries it tightens. Made my skin feel very soft.


Received it as soon as I received and loved it skin felt tight with mask on a little itchy but once I rinsed of my skin felt so soft and clean only thing i would love to see is exactly how much product to use for a face mask like in tsp did not understand parts!!

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