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Bentonite Indian Healing Clay, 100% Pure

Earth's most powerful natural face mask

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Actively seeks toxins and impurities, revealing amazingly soft and clear skin.

$7.49 | 8 oz

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Pure Body Naturals Bentonite Clay Powder is the perfect main ingredient for a DIY face mask or detoxifying bath soak. Combine 1 part Bentonite clay powder to 3 parts water or apple cider vinegar, and mix into a smooth paste for Earth's most powerful natural face mask. Add 4 tablespoons of Bentonite clay powder to your next bath for a natural, detoxifying bath soak that will leave your skin smooth and hydrated. Our Bentonite clay is 100% pure sodium bentonite clay powder, harvested from naturally occurring volcanic ash in the USA.


  • Widely respected for centuries as a healing clay, 100% pure sodium Bentonite Clay may be Earth's most powerful and effective natural face mask.
  • Bentonite clay's negatively charged molecules uniquely bind with positively charged toxins, bacteria and other impurities on the skin.
  • You'll feel pulling and tightening of your skin, which is the Bentonite clay mask binding with toxins and generating healthy blood circulation.
  • Pure Body Natural's sodium Bentonite clay draws more toxins and impurities than calcium bentonite clay.
  • Add 4 tablespoons of Bentonite clay powder to your bath water to create a detoxifying soak, leaving skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Harvested from naturally occuring volcanic ash in the USA.

Use a non-metal bowl and utensils for mixing. Mix 3 parts water or apple cider vinegar to 1 part clay powder, and mix into a smooth paste. Add more clay powder or water as needed. Massage the mask gently onto your skin, and let dry for 15-20 minutes. Wash with warm water.

Recommended for external use only.

100% pure sodium Bentonite clay, mined in the USA.

Maritza B.

I just got this product a few days ago and wanted to try making a foot soak. I used 2 splashes of Apple Cider Vinegar, some Epsom Salt Hydrate Wellness by V/N Therapy with a fresh fruity scent, and a few sprinkles of this clay product. I used warm water because I have sensitive skin. You should give these products a try!

Mireille G.

This product is awesome! I used it to soak my body and it made my itchiness go away. And the facial mask made my face feel so soft and tight. I really, really like this product.

Ethelyn C.

I only tried this product once, and like others said, it's hard to mix. But my face felt super smooth after using it. I'll keep using it to see what happens next.

Vada H.

I tried using this product for both a foot soak and a full bath. You have to add it to the water slowly to avoid clumping. Just sprinkle it lightly when necessary. I can't say for sure if it works or not since I've only used it a few times, but I can say that my skin felt tighter after using it for the foot soak and bath.

Vanessa M.

The jar doesn't have as much stuff as I thought it would.

Shawn W.

This product is really smooth, like aloe vera gel. It doesn't have any weird smells and it doesn't irritate my skin. Plus, it feels really cool when I put it on.

Oda W.

I tried other clays before, but this one is really hard to dissolve no matter what I do. It's not satisfying at all.

Isabell H.

The only thing that made me sad is that the jar looks way bigger on the website. But when you see it in real life, it's actually smaller, like a container for traveling. And when you put water in it, it gets all clumpy. Besides that, it's just okay.

Demond K.

This mask is really hard to mix and make it spreadable.

Idell L.

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know something important about using Bentonite clay. It's super important not to use any metal utensils when you mix or store it. The products I got were sealed nicely, but here's the problem: if you open the seal and keep the clay in the same container (which is what you usually do with stuff), the lid is made of metal. This can ruin the rest of the clay, and trust me, it's a big waste. So, please fix this big mistake in production. Thanks a bunch!

Amaya D.

I use this stuff to clean the parts of my body that sweat a lot. Just get that spot wet and then put on the powder. It works really good.

Colt L.

I use this for a face mask, and it's really itchy when it dries but it works good.

Florine H.

I got this product because I heard it's good for kids' detox baths. It really made my kid talk more after the first bath.

Rebeka B.

This thing is great, just like it says. It's a good product.

Misty B.

I really like this product. It makes my face feel tighter.

Terrell S.

I used it a few times. It worked for what I needed. I'll buy it again if I need it.

Janet L.

I got no complaints, just gotta follow the instructions.

Hilma C.

This toothpaste is awesome! It's really cheap and it helps my gums feel better when I brush my teeth with it.

Parker E.

I didn't even check the price before buying, haha! But the quality is really good.

Haskell D.

I got this thing to help me detox. The package was tight and secure. When you mix it with water, it gets a little clumpy, but you gotta try using a little bit first and then add more slowly. I used it on my face and got awesome results. I also used it in my bath and I feel really good so far. Overall, the product is pretty nice.

Kristy L.

One thing I didn't even know was a thing is detoxing your armpits. I found an article about it and decided to try it. The ingredients, bentonite powder and apple cider vinegar, are not too expensive. If you want to switch from regular deodorant to natural deodorant without aluminum, I suggest buying these ingredients and making a detox paste using instructions online. It's a strange process, but it really works. Natural deodorants didn't work for me before, but now they do after doing this a few times!

Mohammed L.

This product is okay, but not really good.

Maxie B.

So, I gotta tell ya, I tried this stuff, apple cider vinegar and water, to make a mask for my armpits. And let me tell you, it's awesome! It helps with stinky smells and makes my pits look better. I'm really happy with it.

Toney K.

I found a hair in my product even though it was sealed. There was a long black hair hidden in the powder.

Delta B.

This product comes in a cute box that is sealed! You can use it as a facial mask, hair mask, or for detoxing baths. If you've never used it before, I strongly suggest that you see how I have my jar open. Only open it a little bit because less is more. You can use this product in the bath by mixing it with baking soda, sea salt, or Epsom salt. It pulls many toxins out of the body. Just sprinkle a small amount, you don't need a lot. You can also make it into a paste for a facial mask and more. If you use it correctly, this jar should last you over a year. It's a great price and the jar looks nice on my countertop.

Jamison C.

I really like this product, especially when I use it in my face mask and soap. But it's really tough to make it dissolve or mix into a liquid before adding it to my soap base. It always ends up in clumps, no matter how much I stir or what I use. I just can't figure out how to get rid of the clumps. However, I did use it on my face and in my soaps, and it made my skin feel amazing. That's the only reason I still use it, otherwise I would have given it back.

Alyce S.

I got this for my son who has autism. We tried it for the first time yesterday. It doesn't make a mess and it's easy to wash off. It leaves his skin feeling soft (even though his skin is already soft). I'll update later to see if it makes a difference.

Alysson B.

I tried it like it said, but didn't see any changes. It's not terrible, just not my thing.

Kathryne L.

I have a bad reaction to poison ivy - I accidentally touched it and soon my face and body were covered in a rash. It was really painful. I tried a lot of different medicines from the store like Ivarest and Calamine, but they only helped for a short time. Then my wife found this product and I decided to give it a try. I mixed it with apple cider vinegar and put it on generously. I waited for about 20-30 minutes and then washed it off. After just an hour, I felt so much better! The pain and itchiness went away a lot. The next morning, I used it again and felt like a whole new person! It even helped heal some cuts on my hands right away. I can't speak for everyone, but it worked really well for me!

Alia N.

My kid has trouble talking, but this product helped remove bad stuff from their body and we saw great changes.

Vivienne T.

This thing does what it says it does.

Kamille H.

I use a little bit of this product mixed with water to make a face mask. You only need a small amount, so if you have extra, you can save it for later in a jar. After using it for the first time, my skin looked great! It was clean, my pores were smaller, and my skin was glowing. I use it every few days and my skin keeps improving. Just be careful not to put it near your eyes because it can be harsh on that sensitive skin. I'm really happy I tried this because it's much better than expensive face masks that have harmful chemicals. This product works well and doesn't have any bad stuff for your skin.

Chadd S.

This thing works really good!

Ova B.

I don't know what happened, but I usually use a different brand. I gave this product a try, and maybe it's not as good as what I'm used to. I wanted to mix it with water and make a face mask for my nose and chin. But it didn't mix well and formed hard clumps. I added more water and tried to squish the hard pieces, but it was impossible to make a paste. I was really disappointed.

Alycia Z.

This product is super easy to use and it's the best bang for your buck!

Hilma F.

I'm not sure if it's as good as the first one, but my skin felt smooth after I used it.

Haven L.

I've been using a different brand of bentonite for a long time, but I decided to try this one because it was cheaper. It doesn't mix the same way. I have to use a lot more water to mix it, and the texture is strange. It feels oily and doesn't act like regular clay. I'm not sure what it's made of.

Josiane S.

I got lupus and this thing helps with swelling.

Yoshiko R.

This thing is super easy to use.

Justyn T.

This thing stops poison ivy rash from spreading.

Vesta R.

I tried mixing this with ACV to detox my body as a natural deodorant. LITTLE SEED FARM is the best natural deodorant, by the way.

Marjory Y.

This thing is easy to use and it's really good for the price. You don't need to use a lot of it because a little bit goes a long way. I use it with ACV to make my hair healthier. It also helps to keep my hair from getting tangled.

Sarai Z.

This stuff seems to work okay, but it's really tough to mix the powder with water 'cause it doesn't dissolve too good. It ends up clumping together in big blobs.

Stephanie H.

I found the best way to use this product is by mixing the powder with a bit of water to make a paste. After that, you can spread the smooth mixture on your wet skin. It works great in the bath or shower.

Mossie W.

I liked it because it worked for me. Just so you know, it might not work for everyone, but I still like it. It's good for switching to natural deodorant, which is why I tried it.

Wilford G.

This product is pretty good, especially if you have really oily skin. I only use it sometimes. I had some skin problems called millia and keratosis, but unfortunately, this product doesn't help with those. But I think it's still great for people with very oily skin.

Marguerite H.

This product is awesome for cleaning your armpits and reducing odor. Just scrub, put on some clay paste, and apply natural deodorant, and you won't stink. This stuff is really great!

Noemie C.

I really liked this face mask, but it can get a bit clumpy sometimes.

Helen S.

I bought this on a whim... not gonna buy it again.

Rudolph F.

This thing works good.

Jessika S.

I really like this stuff, just wish I bought two at once 'cause it runs out quickly.

Santina R.

I did what it said on the container, but the clay got all clumpy and wasn't easy to put on my face or body. Now I just pour a little in the bath and it works okay.

Shany H.

I really like this Bentonite Clay. I use it to make toothpaste for my husband, and it works just as good as the one I bought from the store, but it's way cheaper. Thanks!

Mylene H.

I mixed it with my homemade kombucha vinegar. I love it! You can totally feel the detox happening :)

Alicia L.

I've been using this thing for a few weeks and I really like it. I've been trying some new recipes and my skin has been getting better since I started using it. I totally suggest giving it a try.

Kiara S.

This product is good, but it's not as good as the brand it's trying to imitate.

Malinda J.

I really like this mask. I use it with apple cider vinegar, which makes my skin a little red for a bit. It's kind of surprising, but the redness doesn't bother me. I just use a cold jade roller and it calms down the redness. When I don't use the vinegar, there's no redness at all. I will definitely buy this mask again. It makes my skin feel really soft and smooth.

Bethany M.

I tried using this product by mixing it with water to clean my armpits. It wasn't really worth it. If you have any other ideas on how to remove aluminum from armpits or better ways to use this product, please tell me.

Una S.

I mix this with apple cider vinegar and use it on my hair. It makes my hair really moist after I use it.

Marquise Z.

I used this for really bad poison ivy! I put water in it and put it all over my poison ivy and went to bed with it on. It really helped with the terrible itching. I only needed a little bit of the powder, so I still have a lot left. It will probably last me forever! It's also good for making a face mask because I tried that too!

Eula G.

This product is awesome for your hair, face, and feet. It mixes real good and you can pick how thick or thin you want it. It totally detoxed my face and made me look way younger. I really think you should try it out.

Martine Z.

Someone told me to try this product when they saw how bad my rash was. It's a bit messy at first, but once you get used to it, it really helps dry up and heal my arm.

Ashley Z.

I loved this product a lot. I used it to clean my armpits and put it on my face like a mask. It's really awesome!! The only thing I can say is that it's a bit hard to mix the powder with water, but totally worth it.

Celestine N.

I tried this product once on my face and it got rid of most of those annoying little blackheads on my nose. It's a bit tricky to mix, but once I figured it out, it spread nicely.

Helena B.

Using this with some apple cider vinegar made my face clear up really fast. It worked for me, so I love it! I'll definitely get more when I run out.

Jennie H.

This thing can be used as a face mask, but I actually put in some cocoa powder and essential oils to make my own dry shampoo for dark hair! It works really well! It soaks up oils nicely.

Reina E.

I got this thing for cleaning my armpits and ended up using it on my face too, mixed with apple cider vinegar. It's really helped both areas. After taking it off my face, it stings a little, but that's normal and goes away in about half an hour. While it's on, you can even see it getting rid of dirt from your pores. I'll definitely buy it again when I run out.

Cecile F.

The mix was kinda strange at first, but I put it under my arms and it really works to get rid of the darkness from my deodorant.

Lydia W.

This product is amazing! I mixed it with apple cider vinegar and put a thick layer on my face for 30 minutes. After about 10 or 20 minutes, the mask dried up. When I washed it off, my face was really red, like a tomato. It felt like it was burning, which scared me a lot. I put on some lotion and went to sleep. In the morning, I was scared to look in the mirror, but when I did, my face looked so bright and not oily at all (my skin is usually really oily). Some of my pimples also looked and felt dry. I waited a week before using it again, and the same thing happened. Now I use it twice a week and my face is used to it. This mask really gets rid of impurities and leaves your skin brighter. If your skin is sensitive, I wouldn't recommend using it. But if you think you'll be okay, mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water with the clay powder. That's what I did and it helped with the burning feeling. I tried just mixing it with water, but it didn't work.

Adolphus B.

I tried this product for cleaning. I lost weight in just 3 days and my kids even said I looked smaller. Once you start using it for cleaning, you won't want to stop.

Nona D.

This stuff was amazing! I always had a problem with stinky armpits, but using this clay/vinegar mix for 20 minutes, like it said on the label, really made it go away! I couldn't believe it. My sister-in-law told me about it and she had the same great results. I'm excited to try it on my face too, just mixing it with water instead of vinegar.

Hillary B.

I tried this product to clean my skin. It was super easy to mix and put on. The mask felt tight on my skin as it dried. When I washed it off, my skin felt really clean and refreshed. I really like it, especially because it's a good deal.

Della W.

This product is awesome! I used apple cider vinegar instead of water and it worked really well. It made my skin look flawless!

Cordia K.

This mask is sooo hard to mix, it's like mixing thick mud with cat litter! I've tried sooo many times, but it's still all clumpy. It's really frustrating!

Marcelle J.

I use this product when my skin is not looking good, and I usually see results the next day. It helps to get rid of extra oil and clear up breakouts faster than other things I've tried. When you mix it with just water, it becomes thick and hard to use. It's better to mix it with apple cider vinegar to make it easier to use. I usually add a little bit of hot water to warm up the mixture before putting it on my face. I leave it on until it dries and I can feel it tightening my skin. Then, I use a warm washcloth to take it off. At first, my skin looks red, but it doesn't last long.

Betty R.

I got this to make a hair mask. It took a while to mix it all together. I'll let you know how it works after I wash my hair.

Veda P.

I really like this product! It's super easy to mix and use, but remember to follow the 3 to 1 ratio or your clay might get too lumpy or thick to spread nicely. This jar will last for a really long time!

Sean H.

I tried this product for the first time and it was awesome! It can get a little messy and clumpy, so you need to add enough water to make it like a paste and spread it on your face. I did that and waited for about 20 minutes. It felt really tight as it dried, and when I washed it off, I was ready to do my regular makeup routine. I think it made my skin clear and smooth. I will definitely use it more often as a facial tightener and detoxifying mask!

Barbara W.

I like this product a lot. It mixes well with other stuff and feels nice on the skin. There are no bad smells.

Chasity S.

I like using this product to detox my underarms. Some people said they got redness when they used it on their face, and I experienced that too. However, I found that if you wash it off before it gets too dry and itchy, and then use witch hazel with a cotton ball afterwards, it helps with the redness. You shouldn't scratch your skin while the mask is on, as it will make you red. Try not to scratch. The redness went away pretty quickly for me, and now my skin feels nice and tight. I used it at night before going to bed, just in case the redness was too much.

Blanca L.

This product is a bit tricky to use if you're new to it, like me. It takes some practice to get the right texture, and I haven't quite figured it out yet. I find that using a whisk and mixing small amounts works better because it thickens up quickly since it's made of clay. Even though mixing it isn't ideal, it has great effects on my face and hair. I can feel it working, and I believe it will eventually give me the results I want, which are clean hair follicles and clear pores. It's also really good for hydrating my skin and hair. I'm glad I decided to try it, and it will probably last me a long time since I don't need much for my hair and face. I even use the leftovers on my brother and sister-in-law's faces. We all want clear skin. I did notice that it works better on my brother's face (he's a construction worker) because his pores are filled with concrete and dirt. He does break out a lot when I use it on him, but I think that's a good thing because it means the product is doing what it's supposed to do, which is draw out toxins from his pores. The packaging says you can use either water or Apple Cider Vinegar. I tried it with water, and it was hard to mix, but when I used Apple Cider Vinegar, it mixed much easier and had a smooth consistency like a face mask. Both versions made my skin feel tighter, but there was a slight stinging with the vinegar, which I think is normal. My skin feels good and clean though. I'm going to try diluting the vinegar with water and see if that works better. I'll update you later. This might be helpful for people with sensitive skin like me who ended up with patchy skin afterwards.

Lupe J.

I really like this product a lot! I use it for face masks, armpit detox, and in the bath, and it's been awesome!

Alysson K.

I really like bentonite clay and have tried many different types. This one had a strange consistency. It was hard to mix and turned almost like gel. When I applied it, it spread very thin but didn't dry. I'm still confused. Even after a week or two, I'm still seeing black pepper-like particles coming out of my pores. I'm an esthetician and I know about skin. It seems like my skin is absorbing the clay particles instead of the clay absorbing dirt and oil from my pores. I wonder if there are any artificial substances added to this natural clay. My skin hasn't calmed down yet. I have unbalanced skin and sores on my jawline, chin, and mid-nose. The clay is still trying to come out. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to my skin! I might need a special treatment to fix the discoloration, scarring, and problems caused by this clay. Just so you know, pure bentonite clay should be very clean and pure, you can even eat it. The same goes for d.e. clay, which is a natural pesticide and used in dewormer medications and parasite cleanses. I would never try this clay again!

Toney P.

My husband is 45 years old and has had skin problems called seborrheic dermatitis and secondary folliculitis since he was about 18. We are both pharmacists. We tried many regular medical treatments for these issues, but they didn't work. Then we tried apple cider vinegar and this bentonite powder. It's amazing! Before trying any new treatment, make sure to talk to your doctor. This really helped my husband a lot.

Sonny K.

Why do they want to know how see-through and thick this product is? I don't know. But I found out about it in a class about leaky guts. I use empty capsules and put the clay inside them. I think it's supposed to make your digestion slower? I don't really know, but it seems to be helping a bit. I read that it's totally safe if you take a small amount.

Minnie H.

This stuff works good, but you gotta mess around with how much clay and liquid to use. I think the best mix is 2 parts acv, 1 part water, and 1 part clay. It's not too thick or too watery that way. I have really sensitive skin and this doesn't bother me at all.

Luigi H.

I don't know why they want to know if the product is see-through, 'cause it's a gray Dash green powder. But if you know what it's supposed to be, you won't be let down. It works fine in my homemade deodorants and face masks. It dissolves well, just like I expected.

Reina H.

My skin is sensitive and gets acne easily. I used this product for a whole week, two times every day, and now my skin looks clear! I was amazed at how quickly it worked! I used a little bit of organic apple cider vinegar and water, but I didn't measure it, to be honest. I just mixed it until it was smooth. Next, I'm going to add honey and turmeric to help with my acne scars!

Riley L.

I have sensitive skin and I don't think it's a good idea to keep this on for the full 10 minutes. I didn't like the smell (when mixed with acv), but my skin does feel tighter. I used the mask last night and my skin is definitely drying up a little, even after applying moisturizer.

Mattie A.

I dunno how I feel 'bout this 'cause I'm used to the other brand. This one don't mix good with water, it clumps up and makes it hard to blend or mix. But it mixes okay with ACV, so I use water and ACV. My skin feels soft after.

Herminio C.

The first time I got this, the lid was kinda open, but I think it was 'cause the factory sealed it that way. They sent me a new one, though. I really like this product! I put more bentonite powder than the instructions say. The instructions made a watery mask, not like the pictures I saw of the mask on the model's face. So I added more powder to make it just right for me.

Rosemarie P.

I'm not sure about this product. It's a little hard to mix, but I expected that. My daughter and I both tried it, and hers seemed fine. She liked how it felt afterwards. However, mine was really painful. It didn't even dry completely before I had to wash it off. Even after washing, my face still burned and was irritated all over. Some parts were worse than others. The patterns on my jawline look strange. I applied it just below my jawline, but there's a weird red line. I don't have sensitive skin and no known allergies. There's no itching or major swelling, just a burning sensation. The only thing I can think of is that I used retinol about 5-7 days ago.

Marlene S.

This skin care product is pretty good, but you shouldn't leave it on for too long or it might give you a small burn. I forgot about it once and it took a whole day for my skin to feel better. It can be a little messy when you put it on and it's hard to make sure you cover everything. I also don't recommend using it in face scrubs if you have sensitive skin. When you use it as a mask by itself, it does a decent job of clearing your pores. Oh, and definitely don't mix it with vinegar or lemon products!

Sarah M

The clay mask made my skin feel clean, soft, and rejuvenated. However, it was very time consuming because you have to mix it with the right amount of water or apple cider vinegar to make it into a paste, and I had a lot of trouble getting it to be the right consistency. Several times mine ended up being a combination of liquid and clumps of clay. I preferred using a few tablespoons in the bath as a detox soak because it required no prep and helped my entire body feel refreshed. The only downside was the clay stuck to the bottom of the bathtub, which made the clean-up process tedious.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this clay to others because it's very versatile and soothing, but I would warn them that it can get messy and time-consuming in terms of preparation and clean-up.

I received a free sample of this mask from the D2C Brands Sampling Team for testing and reviewing purposes.


I received this free for sampling from D2C and pure body naturals. As soon as I received it i decide to treat myself to a face mask. It was a good way to wind down from a hectic week (I received my sample on a Friday!) This product makes my skin feel so soft and clean. It was amazing! I would highly recommend this to all the females (and males! Who doesn’t love soft skin?) in my life!!!

Debi Mclaughlin

I have enjoyed the clay immensely! It makes my skin feel so soft and clean and my 13 year-old daughter even enjoys it

Jessica Miekow

I love how smooth and clean my face felt after using this. It was amazing!


I received the mask as a sample and have been using it for about 2 weeks. I love the scent and feel of it and how it quickly dries. My skin feels clean and non gritty. Highly recommend

Alexis s

I received this free for sampling and reviewing purposes from d2c sampling and pure body Naturals. As soon as I received it in the mail I immediately had to use it and even talked my husband into doing it with me as well. Even after using it a couple times now I still have yet to master the consistency of the Mask however I'm absolutely in love with the mask itself after rinsing it off my face was so soft. My pores or smaller and my face felt smooth and tight.


Very nice face mask, just a hassle mixing the powder and get the right consistency. Love how it felt ( like a cooling factor) and as it dries it tightens. Made my skin feel very soft.


Received it as soon as I received and loved it skin felt tight with mask on a little itchy but once I rinsed of my skin felt so soft and clean only thing i would love to see is exactly how much product to use for a face mask like in tsp did not understand parts!!

Ivy P.

I've been using this product for about two months and I really like it. When I wash it off, my blackheads disappear and my face feels really soft. I use it once a week and sometimes I use moisturizer afterwards, but not always. My face is really sensitive and it gets dry in the winter and oily in the summer, but this product doesn't bother my skin. Before I bought the clay, I read a lot of reviews saying it was hard to apply to your face. At first, it doesn't mix well in a cup or bowl, but I found a trick. I take the clumps and put them on my face as best as I can, then I let it sit for about 1-2 minutes, and after that, it rubs in just fine. It's easy to clean up too. I definitely recommend giving it a try.

Lavonne H.

I really like this Bentonite Indian Healing Clay. The first time I used it, I made too much, so I covered the bowl with plastic to keep it from drying out. I mixed the clay with really hot water. I suggest adding a little bit of clay to the bowl at a time. This helps it mix better. I also let it sit for a while to thicken up to the right thickness. When I first put the clay on my feet, it made a big mess. I tried using a foot bath, but I accidentally tipped it over. So, the next time, I sat in the tub instead. I cleaned my hands with a little bit of water from the tub spout. I was able to sit comfortably and read in the tub. I waited for 20 minutes and then rinsed off my feet. This time, the clay hadn't completely dried, but I had put it on pretty thick. Next time, I'll just spread it on smoothly. My body felt much better afterwards. I was tired and drank a lot of water because the clay can make you dehydrated. I've also used this clay on my face and then put cold cream on afterwards. My face was really soft for days. I just really love this clay. Good luck!

Sophie J.

This product works best when you use distilled water. When I first used tap water, the clay smelled like dirt from the backyard. I learned that the clay absorbs minerals from the water, which makes it less effective. So, I bought distilled water from the store and it made a big difference. The clay didn't smell like dirt anymore and it seemed to work better. Some people find it difficult to mix because it's messy. I thought so too at first, but then I realized that adding small amounts of clay and water alternately helped me get the consistency I wanted. It's like baking a cake, you don't add all the flour and liquids at once. I also learned a cool trick online. If you want to make it in advance, you can layer small amounts of clay and water in a container with a secure lid. Let it sit for 24 hours and the water should be absorbed into the clay, giving you a nice consistency. I tried it and it mostly worked, but there were a few dry clumps. Maybe if I let it sit longer, it wouldn't need any mixing. Some people complain that it made their face red, but that's normal. It means the clay is healing your skin. The redness should go away in about 30 minutes to an hour. If you get a rash or something, that's not good. I read a horror story online about someone leaving it on overnight, so I definitely wouldn't recommend that. Also, the clay is highly alkaline, so some people mix it with apple cider vinegar to make it less harsh on the skin. Besides distilled water or apple cider vinegar, you can also add a few drops of tea tree oil or coconut oil to make it spread more smoothly. Just a tiny bit though, as I prefer to keep it simple. If you're using it on an infected boil or painful ingrown hair, you can mix it with high-grade liquid colloidal silver, which supposedly works well. Other than all the things I've learned while using this product, I think it's great. It helps shrink pimples, makes my skin soft, and can be used for various skin issues like healing wounds faster or removing ingrown hairs. When I run out, I'll definitely buy more because a little goes a long way and it's useful for all types of skin issues.

Ilene B.

I really love this clay. I'm a woman in my late thirties and I take good care of my skin so that it looks great when I'm in my fifties. I've tried many expensive products that didn't work, probably spending over a thousand dollars. I try a product for at least a month and if it doesn't work, I put it aside. This clay is my new facial treatment that I use twice a week and I'm amazed by it, especially considering the low price. I mix it with water, coconut oil, and a mud mask. I put it all over my face, neck, and even my hair and scalp. It tightens my whole face, as you can see in the picture. I've been using this product for two months and my fine lines and complexion have improved a lot. My pores are hardly noticeable, which has always been a problem for me. My face is soft and clear. I also use it on my hair and scalp to get rid of dandruff and make them soft and shiny. I'm so amazed by the results and the price that I had to leave a review. I wish I had found this product earlier and saved a lot of money. I used to get monthly facials at the spa, but now I don't need them because my face is clear and exfoliated. This product clears blackheads and shrinks pores. I used to think that the more expensive a product is, the better it is, but now I know that's not always true. I would love for someone else to try this and leave a review. I'm not a salesperson, just a woman who wants beautiful skin. I use one teaspoon of coconut oil, one tablespoon of mud mask, water, and healing clay for my face and neck. I double the amount for my hair and scalp. I do this twice a month for my hair and twice a week for my face. After using the clay, I use vitamin C serum and moisturizer. Let me know if anyone else is as happy with this product as I am. Don't forget to take before and after pictures. I leave the clay on for an hour and then wash it off in the shower. Your face and neck will feel tight and look scaly, but that's just the clay working. After washing it off, you'll see a visible difference in fine lines, clear pores, and a more even complexion. Don't get discouraged if you

Hortense G.

You gotta mix this stuff with 3 parts water and 1 part clay to make a paste. It's kinda tricky to mix at first, but you get the hang of it after a few tries. I liked using it as a mask and it made my skin feel super soft and clean. If your skin is sensitive, don't leave it on for too long 'cause it might bother you. Overall, I think it's a good product that does what it promises, but next time I might go for a mask that's already wet 'cause it's less hassle.

Guy R.

I don't really like mud facials, but I do like this company's other facial products. I haven't figured out how to make it the right consistency yet. I've tried twice already and it always ends up lumpy. The good thing is, even though it's messy, it still works. It would probably be easier to apply if it was smoother. I'll keep trying. But, when I wash it off, my face feels really good and super clean. The mask does make my neck turn red for about 15 minutes, but it doesn't hurt or bother me, so it's not a big deal. The only downside is that the words on the bottle are pretty small and hard to read. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product.

Shea K.

I never thought I'd try something like this, but it turned out to be really nice. After using it, my skin felt super smooth and clean. It does make your face feel a bit itchy while it dries (at least for me), but that's because it tightens your skin. You don't need a lot of it (I used too much - about a quarter cup, but I'd say just a couple of tablespoons of the dry clay powder mixed with three times the water is enough). I saved the extra and I hope it stays good in the fridge so I can use it again.

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