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Cool Hydration Eye Gel Treatment

With Hyaluronic Acid for tired, puffy eyes

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A cooling and deeply hydrating under eye treatment to help fight tired, puffy eyes and dark circles.

$12.95 | 1.7 fl oz

Discover key benefits of this product

Our Cool Hydration Eye Gel is the perfect cooling treatment for tired, dehydrated eyes.


  • Contains one 1.7 oz Deep Hydration Eye Gel Treatment
  • Cooling and deeply hydrating under eye treatment for tired eyes.
  • Works to help plump your skin while also de-puffing.
  • Superpowers with Hyaluronic Acid and an Amino Acid complex to hydrate for a fresh, youthful look.

Dab a small amount around the eye area, including under eyes, corners and eyelids. Smooth until absorbed.

Aqua (Deionized Water), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Organic Aloe), Glycerin (Kosher, Vegetable), Globularia Cordifolia Callus Culture Extract (plant stem cells), Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 (Matrixyl 3000), Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Organic Jojoba Oil), Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Organic Argan Oil), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Organic Green Tea), Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract (Organic Licorice), Fucus Vesiculosus Extract (Bladderwrack), Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract (Ginkgo), Cucumis Sativus Fruit Water (Cucumber Hydrosol), Cassia Angustifolia Seed Extract (botanical hyaluronic acid), Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM), Vinca Major Extract (Organic Periwinkle), Euphrasia Officinalis Extract (Eyebright), Ganoderma Lucidum Extract (Organic Reishi), Centella Asiatica Extract (Organic Gotu Kola), Boswellia Serrata Oil (Frankincense Essential Oil), Silk Protein Amino Acid Blend of Sodium Pca, Sodium Lactate, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Glycine, Alanine, Serine, Valine, Isoleucine, Proline, Threonine, Histidine, Phenylalanine, Equisetum Arvense Extract (Horsetail), Geranium Maculatum Extract (Wild Geranium), Taraxacum Officinale Extract (Organic Dandelion), Hydroxyethyl Ethylcellulose, Carrageenan, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Carbomer, Butylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Ethylhexylglycerin

Isabel W.

I use this thing mostly under my chin and it really makes a difference when I don't use it.

Wilton R.

I just started using it. Haven't seen big changes yet, but I know it takes time.

Marisa B.

Este producto es bueno.

Misty F.

I saw it in a video and thought I'd give it a try. I really like it! It goes on really easily and I think it's actually making the lines around my eyes look better. I'm 62 and there are no lines anymore! I'm really happy with it!

Weldon S.

This thing works good, but the gel runs out too fast.

Jailyn K.

This moisturizer is really good. It helped keep my eyes hydrated. I have dark skin, so my under eye area is darker than others.

Adolfo M.

I really like how this product feels! The container is great. The pump sometimes doesn't work, so I had to open it and use it like a jar at the end. But overall, I would give it almost 5 stars.

Penelope B.

I really like this company's cool container that gives just the right amount of product every time. I've been using the gel for a whole month and it really helps with my puffy eyes. It's awesome to wear under makeup, feels light, and does its job perfectly. I just got my second jar and I'm super happy about it.

Obie E.

Got it in just one day! Feels nice and cool when I put it on, and it dries quickly. It doesn't give me any rashes or burns, and it feels like it moisturizes my skin. It doesn't have a strong smell either. I've only used it once, so I can't tell if it's helping with my dark circles yet. But my coworker tried it and it did make a little difference with her bags in just a few minutes! The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I was a little worried about the packaging. It wasn't sealed very well, even though there were two stickers on it. I could easily pull off the whole top and see the gel inside.

Hermann E.

I usually don't write bad reviews, but this one really let me down. I wanted to try this eye gel because I read some reviews about it helping with dark circles and fine lines. When I first started using it, the texture was like aloe vera gel. But after using about two-thirds of the jar, it became slimy and drier. It felt like using an egg white eye mask that made my skin feel tight. But instead of making my wrinkles less noticeable, it actually made them worse. It didn't do anything for my dark circles or fine lines either. The pump on the jar stopped working properly after I used most of it, so I had to open the cap every time I wanted to use it. Eventually, I just started using it as a face cream instead of an eye gel.


I use this gel under my eyes every morning after I wash my face, and my dark circles have gone away. It also works really well if you have bags and puffiness under your eyes. It's given my under-eyes a glow and reduced my bags to the point where it looks like I have none or at most you can barely see them. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and I myself have restocked on this quite a few times. I was scared that it wouldn't work at first but I'm glad I was wrong.

Zachariah C.

This thing works pretty good, but it sometimes dries up and gets all sticky like glue. I'll keep buying it until I find something better.

Alvera V.

I got this thing in March 2017 and it was awesome with a cool push-down thing on top. I got it again in 2021 but this time there's no push-down thing and the stuff inside is different. I went back to my 2017 order and clicked on it to get the same thing again. I'll wait and see what happens. If it's not the same as the 2017 one, I'll send it back. Feels like they tricked me, you know?

Francisca E.

I tried this thing and it feels all sticky when I put it on my skin. It doesn't seem real, so I'm not sure if I'd say it's better than other eye gels I've tried. I used it for a few weeks, but it didn't seem to do anything, so now it just sits on my dresser, not being used.

Kathryn K.

I received this product in a very timely matter and the package is very nice. I was a bit hesitant to try another eye product, but thank goodness I gave this a go. It has significantly helped reduce my dark eye circles and puffiness under my eyes. I apply it in the morning before I do my makeup and in the evening before I go to bed.

Meagan K.

I really like this stuff! I tried it first and then tried another kind from pure body naturals, but this one is definitely the best I've used. In just a few days, I noticed a big change in the dark circles under my eyes! I really love this stuff!

Cleta C.

I started using this gel for under my eyes in February, just once a day in the morning. After a few months, I was thinking about getting rid of it. But I decided to keep using it, and now in September, I'm actually seeing my puffy eyes getting better. The gel is clear and goes on easily, but it takes a while to soak in. I'll keep using it and hoping for even better results. It takes time for it to work, though. I also put the gel on my crow's feet, but I haven't seen any improvement there. I'm planning to buy this product again.

Hermina A.

This product is the best! It really helps with puffiness and wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. It lasts for a long time, at least 4 months. You only need a little bit each time. I've bought it two times already. It's a regular part of my skincare routine.

Alexis H.

Love this cream. I've got hereditary dark circles under my eyes and it really helps give me a glow. Would buy again.

Chadd N.

I didn't stick with this product for long. I still have most of it left and really need to give it another try. My mistake, :-(

Germaine N.

I really like this product a lot because it makes a big difference under my eyes. I also love that you can control how much comes out of the jar so you don't waste any of it. I will definitely buy it again.

Abby O.

This was alright, but it didn't leave a big enough impression for me to buy it again. Plus, the little pump thing that brings the gel up doesn't work as good once it's about halfway gone.

Eulalia R.

Your eyes can tell a lot about you. If you look in the mirror, you might see puffiness, dark circles, or even some lines. But don't worry! With Eye Cream from Pure Body Naturals, you can treat yourself to a special cream that helps your under-eye area feel better. This cream has natural and organic ingredients like Aloe, Matrixyl 3000, and Plant Stem Cells. These ingredients are good for your skin and can help reduce wrinkles and make you look younger. Jojoba Oil and Licorice are also in the cream, and they can help get rid of dark circles by making more collagen and preventing them from coming back. I've been using this great product for a while now, and I can see that my eyes look better. The best part is that you can use this cream on your whole face, not just your eyes!

Corene T.

This product makes skin feel tighter where you put it. I didn't see any difference in the darkness under my eyes or less puffiness. It's an okay product, but it's expensive and doesn't give the results it promises. I don't think I'll buy it again.

Asia G.

This thing really helps my tired eyes. I stay awake more than I sleep, but it takes care of my wife.

Catharine J.

This thing works great when you gently pat it on your skin. I live in a really dry place right now and I need a lotion that I can rub on my face before putting on a little bit of sunblock. When I do it like that, this thing sometimes leaves small rubbery beads on my face. It's alright if you have really dry skin and want to use it at night to protect your face.

Fiona W.

This product didn't do much for me. It felt like it just stayed on my skin instead of going inside. It also didn't seem to make my under eye area moisturized.

Howard M.

This product is good. It helped my dry skin, but I still have dark rings that can be seen. I will buy it again because it's a good moisturizer. Maybe I expect too much from any product.

Reanna K.

I can't believe it, but this stuff actually helps my puffy eyes. It's not a miracle, but if you don't expect too much, it's really good. In the morning, I splash cold water on my eyes and then put on the gel. Just so you know, if you use powder concealer (like my bare minerals), you need to put moisturizer under your eyes and let it dry before putting on the concealer. The gel dries like aloe vera gel. Powder doesn't go on smoothly over dried gel.

Josh J.

I should've taken pictures before and after using this product, but I think it really works. I use it in the morning and at night. I only need a little bit and it covers both of my eyes. It doesn't mess up my makeup. It seems like this jar will last a really long time. When I look in the mirror, I don't see big dark circles under my eyes anymore. Overall, I'm happy.

Ruby P.

I was kinda let down by this eye gel. If you've ever tried aloe from an aloe Vera plant, you know how it feels all sticky and tight when it dries on your skin. Well, this product feels just like that. It's made mostly of aloe, so that explains it. Instead of making wrinkles less noticeable, I think the aloe actually made them stand out more. I'm 36 and I want something that makes wrinkles disappear, so this product didn't work for me.

Hollis D.

I'm using this with 3 other things, not sure which one is doing what, but I've only seen a little less under eye wrinkles and the deep line at the corner of my eye. But it feels nice anyway.

Gracie T.

I didn't really believe it at first, but I bought this product because of what people said about it. And guess what? It actually works! It's pretty amazing that you can put this stuff on your eyes without them getting all irritated. I have really sensitive eyes, and even the tiniest bit of makeup fumes can make them red and watery. But not with this stuff. I'm really impressed. It made my dark circles look smaller and my eyes feel moisturized.

Caleigh C.

This eye gel was all clumpy and messed up my makeup. It made my makeup look all flaky and not smooth at all. Even if I put it on at night and washed my face in the morning, it still left some of the gel behind. It made my under eye concealer look all flaky and patchy. I wouldn't suggest using it.

Mazie H.

I really like this product. I even put it all over my face before going to sleep. It really helps to reduce my eye bags, especially when I look in the mirror in the morning. It's a nice change. The dispenser on top isn't very helpful, so I just open the jar instead.

Veronica S.

I like this eye cream a lot. I didn't give it five stars 'cause I still got wrinkles, but it's really good. Not greasy and it's also a moisturizer for my whole face. I even use it on my frown lines and other wrinkly parts of my face.

Theodore S.

I really like this stuff, it totally helped with my wrinkles, especially around my eyes. At first, it kinda bothered me to use it twice a day, so I only used it once a day for a bit. But now, I can easily use it twice a day without any issues.

Sean S.

I really like how this product works and it makes me feel tighter. I'm not a big fan of the container though. When you push down, the product comes out in different amounts. It feels like I'm wasting some of it and I'm not sure if I'll be able to use it all up.

Therese S.

I like how it helps with puffiness, but I don't see a big change in dark circles, which is why I got it. If anyone knows a product that really helps with dark under eye circles, please tell me!

Dianna R.

My wife bought this thing and it works good. She said the first cream jar was almost empty, but didn't worry too much. But the second jar was completely filled. I just want to tell others that this product comes fully filled in the jar. If you get one with less stuff, someone messed with it. I would send it back.

Esmeralda M.

As a guy, you don't know what the heck you're doing, but you know you need something when your eyes look like Darryl from the Walking Dead. This thing worked for the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes.

Brandt S.

I don't usually write reviews, but this one is a must. This gel really works. It got rid of my puffy eyes and made my wrinkles less noticeable in just a few days. I really love this stuff. The only downside is that you can't wear it under makeup. I use it at night and it does the job.

Alda A.

I hope this product keeps making my dark circles go away. It seems like it can only do so much, but it does make my skin feel moisturized.

Clotilde D.

I didn't think this product would work because I have a lot of wrinkles and bags under my eyes. But after using it twice a day for two weeks, I saw less puffiness and fewer wrinkles. Now, after four weeks, it's even better! My photos show a big improvement and I'm really happy.

Darius R.

I've been using this thing for more than a month now and I'm seeing some good changes. My dark circles are starting to go away and I hardly have any puffiness. I put it on twice a day, once in the morning (you can wear it under makeup) and again at night when I do my skin routine. Different people might get different results, but I think this cream is worth trying.

Lillie J.

I read a lot of reviews that said this product could help with dark spots around the eyes, wrinkles, and tired-looking eyes. Some people even said they saw a big improvement after using it for 2-3 days. Our bodies go through changes because of things like the weather, stress, diet, and sleep, so it's possible that this cream might seem like magic while our bodies are changing. I tried using this product for 2-3 weeks, 2-5 days a week, but I didn't see any difference. It feels more like a mask and makes your skin feel tight as it dries, which seems like a temporary solution to a permanent problem. It didn't do anything for my dark spots under my eyes. I did notice that if you rub around your eyes, the product starts to peel off like a mask. I've tried other products that work better, like Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair or Clinique Eye Repair, but they cost more. If you're looking for a good price, I'd go with Neutrogena.

Juana K.

I really liked this product because it worked well and was affordable. It can be used on your entire face, which is great. Some people said it didn't help with dark circles, but it worked for me. Dermatologists say there are two reasons for dark circles, and if it's because of thin skin, this product might not work. But that wasn't a problem for me. The dispenser is cool because it lets you control how much you use. I gave it a 4 out of 5 because I've tried a more expensive product that works better for reducing bags, but this one still helped.

Ivah B.

This product is great! It makes my eyes feel really good. I even tried it on my face and it made my skin feel super smooth and soft. I'm definitely keeping it!

Nia O.

I wanted something to help with my puffy eyes and bags. This gel gives you a bunch for the price, but it doesn't work that well.

Adalberto F.

I got this product because of the good reviews and some pictures I saw. I was really hoping it would work for me, but sadly, I don't see any changes. If anything, my wrinkles look even more noticeable. The picture on the left was taken on March 9 and the one on the right was taken on March 27. The gel made my under-eye skin feel sticky and it seemed like my wrinkles were sticking together. I also tried using their Retinol Moisturizer to make it smoother and more hydrated, but it didn't make a difference in how it looks. I'm still searching for an eye cream that can help me get rid of these wrinkles.

Cheyanne K.

The big problem with this thing is what most people say, the top part gives you either a little bit, nothing, or way too much to put on your face. I tried to use the extra on my face because it's also for treating your face, but it makes it really sticky. I only use it at night and the huge amounts make me not want to use the product or even say if it's working. Do I have to use a lot for it to work? One day it's all over my face, the next day it's not. etc.

Lacey B.

I'm 26 years old and always have problems with puffy eyes because I don't sleep well and have allergies. I wasn't sure if this would work because it's a gel, but it's really great! I usually don't write reviews, but I had to tell everyone about this! I put this gel on my upper eyelid and under my eye every morning. I even use the extra gel to style my eyebrows, haha. It really helps with dark circles and reduces puffiness in just 15 minutes! If you have the same problems as me, you should definitely give this a try.

Marietta O.

I like how this cream feels and it's good to use before going to sleep. But, I don't really notice any changes in my wrinkles or dark circles even though I've been using it twice a day for a few weeks. I had high hopes for this product, but it's not doing much for me.

Aliza W.

I used this product for three days in a row, three times each day. I put it on in the morning at 6:30 AM, when I got home in the afternoon around 2:30-3 PM, and at night around 10:30 PM. I'm a 19-year-old college student who is always busy. I only sleep about four hours each night because I love playing games on my computer, and I stay up late on weekends. Because of my sleep schedule, I have really noticeable bags under my eyes. The results of using this product were pretty good. I will keep using it three times a day, and when the bags under my eyes start to go away even more, I will use it less often. Maybe I will skip a day or only use it once a day.

Stephany H.

I don't have dark circles, so I can't say much about that. I bought this to help with my puffy under eyes. When I first tried it, I thought it was great. But now, it doesn't seem to work as well. After using it for about a month, it takes a lot longer for the puffiness to go away, and sometimes it doesn't even work. At first, the puffiness would disappear really quickly, like within 5 minutes.

Kirk E.

This stuff works really well! I'm almost 60 years old and I saw big bags under my eyes about a year ago. It looked really bad because of stress and getting older. I started using this product before going to bed and noticed a big difference in how my eyes looked in the morning. Now I use it 2 to 3 times a day and I really like the results. I will keep buying this regularly! The price is fair and it seems to be working for me. It's a done deal! :D

Earlene C.

I'm a 41-year-old woman with light skin and some puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. I've tried many creams and serums to help with this issue, but unfortunately, this product didn't work for me. I used it twice a day as instructed and had hope because of the good reviews.

The good things about this product are that it feels light on the skin and has a cooling effect. It didn't irritate my eyes or sensitive skin, and I could even wear it under makeup without any problems. The dispenser was easy to use and seemed clean.

However, there were some negative aspects too. After using this product for weeks, my eye area and puffiness actually looked worse, if that's possible. It didn't reduce my puffiness, dark circles, or fine lines. I also tried using it on other problem areas on my face, like some fine lines, but it had no effect.

Overall, I found this product to be ineffective, and I wouldn't buy it again.

Breanna C.

I usually don't write reviews, but I had to tell you about this product. I used the cream for 3 days, putting it under my eyes in the morning and before bed. When I looked in the mirror, I was really surprised. The bags under my eyes looked even worse! I don't understand how that happened. I saw new lines under my eyes that weren't there before. It made me worried, so I washed it off right away. At first, I felt a tingling sensation, but I thought it was normal. I won't use this product again for sure.

Zora S.

It's okay. I used to use a really good eye cream, but I wanted to save money so I tried this one. I can't say for sure if it made a big difference in how my eyes look. I didn't like that it hurt a little. It also made my eyelids sticky, which made it hard to put on eyeshadow. It felt like there was glue on my eyelids! The eyeshadow looked uneven and clumpy when I put it on (even after waiting a while). I won't buy it again.

Nia E.

This new product is my absolute fave! It's helping to reduce puffiness around my eyes, and each day it seems to work a bit better. It's a super awesome product. Just remember, don't use too much or it'll feel sticky. A small amount is all you need, and it really works amazingly well.

Malika A.

I'm still watching to see if this product really works. But every time I use it, it stings a little, so I'm not sure if that's normal. And it seems to make my dark circles worse.

Karianne H.

I was kinda unsure about getting this eye gel. I've had dark circles under my eyes since I was little, and they're not because of lack of sleep. I've been using the eye gel for less than a week and I can totally see a difference. It really works!

Delilah H.

Wow, this eye gel is amazing! It's not just for your eyes, it works on your whole face and chest too. I really like it and my skin has gotten so much better after using it for a month. Plus, you only need a tiny bit, so the container lasts a really long time. This product is the best, but please don't raise the price too much. It's better to keep loyal customers by keeping the price fair. Thanks for making me look younger, I totally recommend this to everyone!

Pearlie B.

I got this Sinai product recently and I'll let you know if it works its magic. It's a big jar, so I'm using it on my eyes, lip lines, and neck a lot. The push top dispenser is really cool.

Tressa S.

This thing doesn't work for me. I tried it on half my face two days ago to see what happens. The little bag under my eye looked more noticeable. But my husband thought my forehead wrinkles looked less deep. The next day, I tried it on half my forehead and under my eye again. I made sure to put the gel right under my eye and not below the puffy part. My husband said the other side of my forehead looked smoother. Both of us could see that the treated eye "bag" was obviously worse than the other. To me, this product is useless. I won't use it again. I'm surprised that it works so well for other people.

Bessie L.

I tried this thing today and it worked right away. The black circles under my eyes went away in 20 minutes, and my face felt tighter in just 5 minutes. Whenever I checked myself today, I looked younger. I'm really happy!

Wyatt C.

I got this for my friend and I can already see a change in just a few days. I'm gonna get more for her.

Della S.

I got this for myself and then got it for my mom too. It feels really nice and makes our skin feel moisturized. We both like how it helps make our fine lines and laugh lines around our eyes look smaller. I use this cream every single day!

Eunice Y.

This eye cream is honestly just as good as anything you can get at a fancy store. I've been using it for about three weeks and you can totally see how it's made the skin around my eyes lighter and tighter. It really makes me look younger! And the packaging is really cool. You press down on the top and the product comes out, it's so fun.

Evangeline O.

This stuff is super smooth and hardly smells, which is cool. It's not sticky like most creams and goes on real easy. I didn't see a big improvement, which is a bummer. I was really hoping for better results.

Hassie O.

I use this with the retinol moisturizer and I like it. It's working for me. The skin around my eyes looks better, in my honest opinion, and I sometimes use it on my face too. It doesn't cause breakouts. It doesn't have a strong smell and feels more like a gel. It has really good stuff in it. I would definitely buy it again.

Elna M.

I used this product a few times, and I can't say if it really works, but I can tell you that it's nice to use. It doesn't feel sticky or tight, and it doesn't have a bad smell. It hasn't caused any problems for my sensitive skin. I hope it will help lighten my dark circles after using it more. (I don't really have wrinkles to try it on...) If you're worried about the Carrageenan in it, do some research first. From what I know, the studies that say it causes cancer or is a carcinogen are only about degraded carrageenan, which isn't allowed in food or products in the US. The EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database rates Carrageenan as a 1, with a "low" hazard score overall.

Emmy M.

I like how you just press the top of the jar and a little bit of gel comes out, so I don't waste any. When I put on the eye gel, it feels a little tingly, but that means it's doing its job. It's not greasy, so I can put on my makeup right after it dries. I don't have dark circles under my eyes, but I do have some small wrinkles. This gel makes my skin softer, so the wrinkles aren't as noticeable. I actually use this gel on my whole face. Pure Body Naturals has another great product.

Blanche B.

This product feels really good! I'm not sure if it made a big difference because I'm using other products too, but it feels really smooth. I also like how easy it is to get the gel out. You just push down and the gel comes out from the top, then you rub it onto your face. If you need an eye cream, you should try this one. It might be worth a try! Even though I can't see a difference, it feels nice.

Muriel B.

I needed an eye cream that I could put makeup on top of. This one was alright. It didn't get all clumpy when I put makeup on, which is better than most eye creams. However, it did sting a little when I put it on and my eyelids felt a bit sticky when I blinked. Maybe it's better to use it at night.

Delfina T.

I tried a few Pure Body Naturals products and this one is my favorite. The eye gel comes in a different kind of container. The top comes off and there's no pump that you can see! It took me a little while to figure out that the top IS the pump! You just push it down and the gel comes out. It comes out in a lot for just your eyes, so about half a pump is enough - it might take some practice to get it right. If you get too much, you can easily unscrew the top and put the extra back. The gel is thick and has a light smell. It's easy to gently rub into your eyes. It doesn't bother my skin or make it feel oily or sticky. It immediately makes my eyes feel refreshed, moisturized, and cool. The smell doesn't stay for long and you're left with a happy, healthy feeling around your eyes. I've been using this every morning and I'm really happy with how good it makes my eyes feel. I definitely recommend it!

Constance Z.

I really really love this eye gel. It has made a big difference in reducing the dark circles under my eyes. I only use it in the morning before putting on my makeup. Now I don't look as tired as before. The bags and circles have gone down, and I look younger. The gel feels really nice and refreshing. I also put it on my temples and above my eyes. It's a must-have for beauty.

Fausto R.

I really like this eye cream! It kinda stung a little when I first started using it, but wow, it really helped with my dark circles! The price is also really good for how much you get. It's a really good deal for a really good product!

Hertha R.

This night cream is awesome! It feels like a gel and smells really nice, like cucumbers. It's cool when you put it on. I think it'll be great to use in the summer! It makes my skin feel tighter as it soaks in. I like using it at night, but it doesn't work well under my makeup.

Dasia W.

This eye gel is super easy to use and gives you just the right amount. I like how it tightens the skin a bit as it dries. I got it to help with my dark circles, and it has made a little difference, but not as much as I hoped. I'll keep using it and see if it gets better - but overall, it's a really great product!

Piper A.

This eye gel is the best I've ever used! I couldn't believe it. I put a little around my eyes and forehead, then put the bottle away. When I looked in the mirror again, I had to look twice. I was like, "What happened to the lines on my forehead?" They were gone in just a few minutes...crazy! I've liked it even more as I kept using it, and another good thing is that it's not sticky or smelly. It's great for moisturizing my whole face, neck, and chest, and it works well under makeup.

Zetta H.

I've been using this product for a little over a week now and I really like it. It's a thick gel, but it goes on smoothly and soaks into my skin easily. I put it on at night and when I wash my face in the morning, I can still feel it on my skin. It keeps my skin moisturized! I use it not just around my eyes, but also on my forehead and chest.

Rosa W.

I've been using this eye cream twice a day to help with the dark circles under my eyes. So far, I really like it. The cream feels smooth and goes on easily under my eyes. I can even put it close to my eye without any irritation. After the cream dries, my skin feels tight and smooth. It's great for putting makeup on top too, just be careful not to use too much cream. I also like the container because it has a pump on top, so it's easy to get the right amount. A little bit of cream goes a long way. I haven't seen any brightening yet, but I haven't used it for very long. I'm hopeful that it will work. I'm also happy that they offer a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

Olga H.

This product is awesome! I really like how it's not greasy or sticky and doesn't have much of a smell. When I apply it, it feels cool and I think it really helps with puffy eyes in the morning. I was happily surprised by how big the container is because usually eye products come in tiny containers.

Jesus B.

I used this cream every night for a whole week and I can totally see a change in my puffy under eyes!! My eyes look brighter and less puffy now. I'm super happy that I finally found an eye cream. I have sensitive skin and this cream didn't make me break out, which is a huge relief.

Hettie R.

I feel like I always look tired because my baby doesn't sleep and my eyes always look tired. But after using this gel in the morning and at night, I can see a little change. It makes the skin under my eyes firmer and my eyes feel brighter. It also helps with the wrinkle under my eye. The pictures I took before and after using this gel for a few days show a difference. I'm going to try using it on my whole face like others have suggested.

Deborah L.

I really like this product because you get a lot of it. It has a pump that you can use to get the gel out, or you can take the top off completely. I was unsure if the gel would actually feel like gel, but it does! It feels really good on my skin, especially under my eyes and on my cheeks. It even has a cool feeling, which might be because of the aloe. It also smells like cucumbers, which is nice. I'm picky about what I put on my face because I often get pimples, but this product only has organic jojoba oil, which is good for me.

Rozella A.

I never tried eye cream before, so I wasn't sure if it would actually work. But I was pleasantly surprised by this eye cream. After using it a few times, I noticed that the fine lines around my eyes and lips looked better. The container is different because you just press down on the top and the gel comes out. The gel feels cool and not sticky, so you can put on makeup right away. It might make your skin tingle a little, but that's normal. I was worried because my skin is sensitive, but it was fine. Also, this is a big container of eye cream that will last a long time, even if you use it twice a day.

Santiago H.

This gel works really good, even for spots not just around your eyes. I'm not really worried 'bout aging lines right now, but my skin gets super dry and makes creases more noticeable (especially when I furrow my eyebrows). In the morning, I put this on my skin and I think it keeps it more moisturized, so it bounces back to its smooth state.

Katrina F.

This eye treatment is my new fave. Most of them are too oily and make my skin break out around my eyes. They don't really help, just make things worse. But this gel is light and helps with puffiness and dark circles without making my skin oily or greasy. It's hard to find a gel instead of a cream, so I'm really happy!

Maida D.

This eye cream feels really good on your skin. Just put a little bit on. If you put too much, it might feel a little sticky when it dries. But if you put a little bit, it dries smoothly or soaks into your skin. When you touch your skin, it feels like there's nothing there if you put a little bit. That's awesome! I like using products that I can't even feel, and this one is working really well for me. The ingredients listed are also good. The second ingredient is aloe, which is really good for your skin. Even though it says it's for your eyes, you can put it on your whole face. You can also wear it under makeup.

Adele L.

I've been using this for about 3 days, so I can't say how it works in the long run, but I think it's really good! It has a nice smell that's not too strong. I really like the pump! It goes on easily and dries fast. I put on my makeup too soon after applying it and it came off a bit, so just remember to let it dry completely before putting on makeup and you won't have any issues.

Janae T.

I like this eye gel a lot. The container has a pump that I really love. It helps me not use too much. It smells like cucumber, which I really like. The best part is that it's not too greasy and dries really fast. You can even wear makeup on top of it, which is great.

Tyree R.

I really like this eye cream. Lately, I've seen some tiny lines when I smile, but after using this cream, they're hardly noticeable. I really like how Pure Body Naturals made the dispenser. It helps me not use too much cream. I even got my husband to try it, and last night, during dinner, he said he liked how it felt on his skin near his eyes. It didn't bother me at all, even when I wore makeup on top of it.

Reagan N.

I like how the eye cream comes out. It's a light cream and doesn't make my skin feel oily or sticky. The results for my dark under-eye circles have been a little bit, but it's really good as a moisturizer. It definitely helps with the lines under my eyes. Overall, it's a good eye cream.

Ilene A.

I really like this product. You can use it before putting on makeup, which is great. When you put it on your skin, it doesn't leave any oily stuff and makes your skin feel smooth. It only takes a few seconds to soak in, so you don't have to wait before applying makeup.

Clarissa B.

This eye gel doesn't have a strong smell, which is good because I don't want anything stinky near my eyes. The pump is easy to use and keeps things clean. It made my under eyes feel nice and moisturized, so I even tried it on my whole face. And the best part is, it's not tested on animals!

Ima K.

I'm only 31 and I don't have any wrinkles or fine lines yet, but sometimes my eyes get puffy because I don't sleep well. I like that this eye gel has organic aloe as one of the main ingredients. I can smell the aloe in it and it feels really refreshing, but not too strong. It feels nice and cool when I put it around my eyes. You only need a little bit, so this container will last me a long time. The gel doesn't leave any sticky or oily stuff on my skin, which is good. It also doesn't make my skin look shiny. I haven't had any burning, redness, or breakouts, but everyone's skin is different, so it's a good idea to test a small amount before using it all over. The gel feels good on my skin and it definitely helps reduce puffiness. I can't say if it helps with dark circles or wrinkles because I don't have them. One thing I really like about this product is that it's not tested on animals, it's made in the USA, and they even give you your money back if you don't like it within 3 months. I've only had it for a little over a week, but so far I'm really happy with it!

Sabrina D.

I really like Pure Body Naturals Eye Cream for a few reasons. First, I like how the container is designed because it keeps the product safe from air and germs. The container is also sealed very well, which I appreciate. I also like that the expiration date is clearly printed on the bottom. When I look at the ingredients list, I see that there are many great ingredients in this product. I also like that it is priced low and available as part of a subscription service.

However, there are some things I don't like about Pure Body Naturals Eye Cream. It burns my skin and makes it turn pink-red and blister or peel off. This is a big problem for me, so I had to return the product. It's confusing because I can't tell how much of each ingredient is in the product, but just looking at the ingredients alone wouldn't make me think there would be a problem. I have never had issues with skincare before and have used these ingredients in other products without any reactions. I waited until my skin healed from the first time I used it before trying it again, but I am still recovering.

Vickie S.

This product is pretty good. It feels a little tingly when you first put it on, but I can already see a change around my eyes.

Jailyn E.

This product is alright. I put it all over my face and it feels like it makes my skin a little tighter. I hope you like it if you decide to buy it.

Georgianna K.

This eye cream is awesome for puffy eyes in the morning and keeping your skin moisturized. It's not greasy, so you can put on your eye makeup right after using it without any problems. It also helps to make fine lines less noticeable. I'm 59 years old and have lines on my upper eyelids, but this cream helps to make them smoother. It's gentle and doesn't irritate my skin. Plus, it's a great deal for the price. I use a different eye cream at night, but this is my second time ordering this one.

Celestine B.

This eye cream is really good for reducing puffiness. I like that you get a lot of product compared to other companies. It stings a little bit at first, but only for a short time. Unfortunately, it didn't help with my dark circles that I've had since I was 5 years old. However, it works just as well as the MAC fast response eye cream I've used before. I didn't get a discount for writing this review, but I still think it's one of the best products for puffiness.

Lisa bragg

Love this eye gel. Makes my skin so soft. Smells great (cucumber) and the packaging is really nice.

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