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Organic Castor Oil with Applicator Kit

Natural nourishment for eyelashes and eyebrows

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Naturally nutrient-rich organic Castor Oil for healthy, beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows.

$9.99 | 1 fl oz

Discover key benefits of this product

The Castor Oil with Applicator kit includes (1) 1-ounce bottle organic castor oil, (1) glass dropper, (5) wands, and (5) brushes to care for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Naturally extracted from castor seeds (Ricinus Communis), Castor oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acid proteins. In addition to antibacterial properties, Castor oil is very effective in promoting growth for thicker, stronger hair. Castor oil is perfect for thin or thinning eyebrows. Get thicker brows and longer lashes by treating your hair with the very best of Castor oil.

How it works

  • Vitamin E works as an antioxidant to repair damaged tissue, creating healthy follicles
  • Ricinoleic Acid​ is an Omega 9 Fatty acid, which provides intense nourishment to your lashes and brows and helps to accelerate growth
  • Using Castor Oil for eyelashes moisturizes and hydrates, preventing breakage and dandruff
  • Castor Oil has innate antifungal properties that prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria, which are common inhibitors of hair growth


Castor oil is sticky and can be difficult to apply, but not with the applicator kit!

Step 1: Cleanse face with water and remove any traces of makeup, especially from eyes

Step 2: Take one of the eyeliner applicator brushes and slowly dip it into the castor oil. Remove excess oil.

Step 3: Apply the oil carefully to the baseline of your eyelashes, making sure to remove any excess oil from the area around your eye

Step 4: It is recommended to apply the oil at night before bedtime, removing the oil from your lashes in the morning using a mild makeup remover, such as Pure Body Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water

Ingredients: Organic Castor oil (Ricinus Communis)


For best results, apply before bedtime to give the Castor Oil plenty of undisturbed time to work its magic. Use an eyelash wand to gently and carefully apply to your eyelash tips. Castor Oil is thick and will naturally work its way to your roots. For eyebrows, apply a drop or two to an eyebrow brush, and rub in hair follicles well with smooth strokes.

Ena K.

I gotta say, this pure casserole is the bomb for making your lashes grow! I totally recommend it, and I'll even show you some pics to prove why. It took me three months to see this amazing transformation, so you gotta stick with it to get results. The first pic is me without using it, and the second one is after using it regularly. My lashes were just as long as the extensions I had!

Heidi M.

I been using this thing on my eyebrows and eyelashes. They've grown really fast and thick. I only been using it for a few weeks and I think it's working. It's a great thing and I'll buy it again.

Amalia Y.

This product is seriously the best if you want longer lashes! It works like magic and it works really quickly!

Magdalen K.

I used this a few times and already saw a difference. You don't need to use a lot. I don't know much about oils, but this one had good reviews and it definitely works. I heard you should be careful not to smudge it. Using a little is probably okay, but since it makes hair grow, it might do that. It's a nice product and it's helpful that it comes with all those tools. I don't know if you're supposed to do this, but I reuse the tools and try to keep them clean by storing the used one in the bag it came with. That's just me though.

Zelda M.

I don't really know how it works, but it does. My eyelashes look nice even without mascara. I only use it a few nights each week. Honestly, it started looking much better after just one use. I think it must protect my lashes from the bad effects of mascara. A while ago, I learned in beauty school that mascara companies intentionally put something in it that makes your lashes lighter and damaged, so you keep using mascara to make them look better. Instead of the regular eyelash wand, I use those little paint brush-looking wands. They are cleaner and more accurate that way.

Karelle G.

I've been using this product for 6 weeks now, and it's been pretty good. It's not super noticeable, but I think it's making a difference.

Amaya A.

This stuff is awesome for your eyelashes! I put it on before I go to bed.

Linnie M.

I saw the results in just one week when I started using this product. I use it on my eyelashes and eyebrows. I can clearly see that they have grown and become thicker. I use it every night and after I shower.

Kyla K.

I use this oil every few nights and it really makes my lashes longer. My sister even said my lashes looked long when I wasn't wearing makeup. The oil is pretty thick, so I just use the pipette to put it on the applicator.

Adolph L.

I got this oil for my boyfriend 'cause he had no eyebrows at all. He uses it every night and after about a month, his eyebrows grow really nicely.

Gerry O.

My eyelashes were falling out after I had a baby. But after using this for a few weeks, they started growing back. They're not weak anymore.

Phyllis R.

I really really love it!

Ethelyn T.

The oil is good, but it didn't come with any instructions on how to use it. I'm not sure if it actually works or not.

Marina S.

I wanted to share why I bought this product. Two years ago, I plucked my eyebrows too much and they almost disappeared. If you pluck your eyebrows, you know how easy it is to go too far. I thought they would grow back in a couple of months like before, but this time they still haven't grown back. Now, I struggle every day to draw my eyebrows with a pencil. Some days it's easy, but other days it takes me hours and I get really frustrated. It's a big problem for me. I looked into it and found out that sometimes the hair follicle can be damaged so much that the eyebrows won't grow back. I thought about getting microblading or other treatments, but I want my natural eyebrows back. I found out that castor oil can help hair grow, so I bought this product to try before spending a lot of money. I bought it two weeks ago and I already see hair growing. Not just a little bit, but enough that you can see faint eyebrows forming. I'm so happy because my eyebrows have grown more in the last two weeks than they have in two years! I wash my face and gently exfoliate my eyebrows before applying the oil before bed. Sometimes, I put it on during the day if I'm just at home. I'll update in about a month with pictures. You should give this a try!

Orland D.

This oil is really good.

Leonie F.

I got this thing to help my eyebrows and eyelashes grow because of my hypothyroidism. After using it for about 2 months, I saw a big change in my eyebrows. They were growing in stronger and darker. My eyelashes got thicker too, but not as much as my eyebrows. That's okay though. The cool thing is, it also made my skin look amazing! It made my skin really soft and healthier. You don't need to use a lot of the oil because a little goes a long way. I use the brush on my eyebrows and eyelashes, then I take off the extra oil from the brush and put it on my face. I suggest using it at night because it feels really greasy. And remember, you have to be patient! It takes at least a month to see a big difference!

Hassie W.

I've been using this thing for a few weeks now and I can totally see my eyelashes getting longer and my hairline growing back. I'm gonna keep using it to see even more improvement.

Melisa B.

I saw my eyebrows grow more than my eyelashes. I've been using this every night before bed for a month and can really see the change. You should give it a try!

Breanna B.

After using this product for about a week and a half, I noticed a big change in my eyelashes. Before, I always had to curl them and put on mascara before going out in public or to school. People at school would sometimes ask if I was Asian, which made me feel uncomfortable. But now, my eyelashes have become longer and thicker. They can even touch my eyebrows! I feel much more confident going out or taking pictures without mascara or filling in my eyebrows.

Jordon L.

This thing really works! It's about time I found something that actually does what it claims.

Mariane B.

I ordered this for the first time. Let's see how it goes. The packaging was good, nothing was broken.

Cleora B.

I think this product works, but it's really thick and greasy. If I put it on before bed, it would get all over my pillowcase and bedding. It's also too greasy to wear during the day.

Shany G.

This thing is awesome! It's like the best thing ever. I love it so much. It's really cool and works really well. I use it all the time and it never lets me down. I would totally recommend it to everyone. It's just so great.

Reuben B.

This castor oil is really good and doesn't have any harmful chemicals. The only problem is that the dropper sometimes drips when I take it out of the bottle. But now I'm more careful and make sure not to waste any of the dripped drops.

May C.

I put it on a little bit before going to bed, or else it might get in my eyes.

Jane C.

This thing is super easy to wear, and it doesn't make you feel itchy at all.

Magdalena W.

I use this thing mostly for my eyebrows and it kinda helps make them better. I'm not sure about making them grow though. The brushes that come with it aren't that great though.

Pattie S.

Castor oil helps my eyelashes stay apart and the throwaway wands are easy to use.

Zola W.

I used to pluck my eyebrows too much and now they're still thin. But this thing really helped them grow a lot! I've been using it for 3 months and I can see a difference - I have eyebrows again!

Erica S.

I didn't know if this thing would really make my eyelashes and eyebrows thicker and longer but it does! I got some for my sister too.

Dena C.

I've been using this thing every day since I got it, and I didn't think it would work right away, but I'm not seeing any results at all. I kinda knew it wouldn't work before I got it, but I wanted to give it a shot anyway. Oh well...

Kaylin R.

This product is really awesome and the price is great too!

Elenor R.

I really like this product because it's great for putting oil on your scalp. It even comes with these adorable little brushes for your eyelashes and a dropper top for the bottle.

Justus S.

I'm using this on my eyebrows and lashes. I haven't used it for a long time, but it seems to be working already. Yay!

Roslyn U.

I really like how it's packaged. It came quickly. The product is easy to put on and it doesn't make a mess. I use it on my eyelashes and eyebrows. I think everyone should try it.

Candida H.

I think my lashes might have grown a bit, but it's not a big enough change to really notice. If you want your lashes to stay long, you have to use the oil every day. The good thing is that you get a lot of oil, so it will last a long time. This is just what I think about the product. It might work differently for other people. I suggest giving it a try if you want longer lashes.

Ivah S.

I got my package really fast, just one day after ordering it. The box wasn't damaged at all. I'm excited to try this product because I've been wearing eyelash extensions for a long time and my eyelids were getting irritated. I'll update you on how it goes in a month. You never know until you try it yourself. So, stay tuned!

Jessica C.

My eyebrows are really long and thick. I'll keep using this product because I'm starting to see some good results.

Abagail R.

Yo lo recomiendo. Me lo pongo todos los días y es muy bueno. Ves el cambio en tus pestañas después de un mes. Se ven mejor, más grandes y saludables.

Mathilde C.

I really like this product.

Liza P.

This product is really good, it actually works but it takes a while to see results (around 60 days). I had spaces where my eyelashes had fallen out and now I see new eyelashes growing. The rest of my eyelashes are much longer. I tried other products before and they made my eyelids irritated, but this natural product is awesome.

Dayana C.

This thing is awesome! It's like the best thing ever. I love it so much. It's really cool and works really well. I use it all the time and it never lets me down. I would totally recommend it to everyone. It's just so great.

Dolores J.

This thing is kinda thick when you start, but that's normal. It works really well, but don't expect instant results. Just keep using it regularly and you'll see awesome changes!

Sydni L.

This thing is tiny! I thought it would be bigger for the price. It should cost at least $5. I'll let you know if it actually helps my eyelashes grow.

Annetta F.

I gotta admit, I wasn't sure about this product at first. But let me tell you, I noticed a change the very next day. My lashes looked a bit longer, moisturized, and just plain gorgeous. The oil is a tad thick, so use it in small amounts. But overall, it's pretty awesome!

Angelo N.

This oil made my eyelashes seem longer. Now I'm testing it on my hair.

Nia H.

The oil is good for moisturizing eyelashes, so they can grow strong, long, and healthy. I liked the options for applying it with different types of brushes.

Patience G.

I keep buying this stuff to make my eyelashes look longer and fuller as I get older.

Katelynn B.

The oil was really good at doing its job, but the cap that you use to drop it was always falling off. I suggest using the cap that doesn't have a dropper.

Aniya H.

I really like this thing.

Lottie A.

I use this stuff every night on my eyebrows to make them stay dark. It hasn't made my eyebrows thicker like I want, but it seems to be helping them stay darker. I usually put it on my eyelashes before I curl them in the morning.

Rosendo D.

I got the castor oil and I think it could work, but it's tough to put on because the applicator kits that are supposed to come with it are missing. The product advertising is wrong.

Gertrude H.

I can totally see that my eyelashes and eyebrows have gotten longer.

Emelia K.

This stuff works! Just remember to wash your face and shampoo your hair a few times. My eyelashes got longer and the big bald spot on the back of my head is filling in quickly. It's almost gone now, and even my temples are growing. You should definitely get this!

Berniece R.

I wouldn't buy this again. I only noticed a tiny change after using it for a while.

Kurt B.

I got a problem of pulling out my eyelashes when I'm stressed or concentrating. So, I thought I needed something to stop me from doing that. This oil is thicker and stickier. The brushes that come with it are awesome for putting it on. It took me around 2 weeks to notice a change in my lashes. It can also be used for acne and acne scars. It works really well for that too. It was a good buy.

Emmy R.

I saw some improvement in the first month.

Kellen H.

This product is awesome for making eyebrows look and feel good, especially when you're coloring or laminating them. It helps keep them healthy too!

Electa V.

I dunno if it'll work on my eyebrows. It's too soon to say. I tried it on my eyelashes twice, but both times my eyes got itchy and the skin below my eyelids turned red and super itchy.

Robyn B.

I didn't get all the wands and brushes I ordered. My order was not complete.

Lucious S.

This product is awesome! I really suggest getting it. I didn't take a picture before or after using it because my life has been super busy lately. But let me tell you, my eyebrows grew back to their normal shape and length. I'm finally going to get them done properly tomorrow and I'm sooo happy because this product worked its magic in just 2 weeks. You should definitely buy it!

Tito N.

I really like this product!! I waited a long time before writing my review so I could see how it worked. I had been getting lash extensions for a year, and my lashes were really damaged. I tried a few other serums but they didn't do anything. BUT THEN I found this one. The price made me unsure, but it really worked. My lashes aren't as full as they were with extensions, but they're getting better! The picture shows how they changed from August 2022 to December 2022!!! You should definitely try this product.

Roberta S.

This product has stuff that makes it easy to use on lashes. It doesn't smell bad. It also makes your lashes really moisturized.

Kevin K.

My friend told me to get this awesome oil that can make my hair eyebrows grow. I saw results right away after one week, and after a month, my eyebrows were finally back to normal.

Aubrey P.

When I was growing up, my eyelashes were always really short and light. I tried a bunch of lash serums, but none of them made a difference. Then I found this awesome product online and decided to give it a try. I bought it about a year ago in September and have been using it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. It's really easy to use and doesn't have a smell. It works so much better than any other lash serum I've tried. I can't even explain how amazing it is - my lashes have never been this long and dark before. And whenever I lose some lashes, they grow back thicker in just a few days.

Suzanne V.

I don't know what happened a few months ago, but one day I noticed that most of the lashes on my left eye had fallen out. It was really surprising and something I had never experienced before. I looked online and found good things about this oil. I put it on my lashes and eyebrows every night, and after just over two weeks, I was seriously amazed. My lashes are thicker and have fully grown back. The oil is thick, so it doesn't run into my eyes unless I use too much. I've also been putting it on some fine lines around my eyes. My partner wants to try it on his beard and hairline because he's impressed with my results. I always think organic is the best choice, and this product is a really good deal.

Rosa V.

This stuff really works! I was so surprised. It doesn't smell, goes on easily, doesn't hurt my eyes, and it's not sticky. Like anything else, it takes a while to see results, but hair needs time to grow. It works on the hair roots, so you need to be patient to see results. I never had good lower lashes before, but now I have some!

Evelyn R.

I got this product to help my lashes after going through chemo. It's been 3 years since treatment and my lashes still fall out every few months and don't grow very long. I tried this castor oil hoping it would make my lashes stronger and longer. And guess what? It worked! My lashes are now stronger, longer, and a bit darker too! My coworker even noticed and said they look really long and healthy. I usually use it almost every night, but sometimes I only use it 3-4 nights a week. After using it for a month, I can see a big difference. I really recommend it!

Joy L.

This thing doesn't let you down when it comes to making your eyelashes grow. However, the more I used it, my eyes got really dark and it made my eyelid burn.

Gia S.

I heard that Castro oil can help make your eyebrows grow. I've been using it for 3 weeks and I can see my eyebrows getting thicker.

Mathilde H.

I didn't see much change in my eyebrows, so I bought Ardell's lash/brow serum.

Marquise H.

This stuff doesn't have a smell, which is good because I don't like smells. The price isn't too bad. You can check out the pictures and decide for yourself. It keeps my face moisturized. I put a few drops in my face cream/lotion for morning and night, and I really like it. I'll keep using it for my eyes because it makes them less dry. That's why I gave it 4 stars. But I can't say for sure if it helps with growing lashes and eyebrows. By the way, these pictures were taken a month apart.

Lois G.

I woke up one morning and noticed a spot on my eye where some eyelashes were missing. My lashes are usually long and thick, so the spot was easy to see. I bought this product and it's been 3 days. My lashes already look better and it seems like they are starting to grow back in the spot. I think it helps to keep them healthy and strong - at least for me! I'm excited to see more progress in a month or two. It's definitely worth buying! The tools that come with it are really useful, and the product itself is thick, so it will last a long time.

Eleanora S.

I really like this stuff. It helped my eyelashes get better after I messed them up, and it makes them feel really soft.

Anne K.

I haven't used it for a really long time, but I can definitely see some improvements, which is a good thing!

Reina P.

I haven't used this much yet. I tried it on my eyebrows, but it was really thick and sticky, no matter how much I put on. I had to wipe some off because it was too much. I don't think I could use it on my eyelashes without getting it in my eyes. Maybe I'll get better at using it, but I don't think I'll be able to use it regularly. It might last a long time though.

Angela S.

I've been getting lash extensions for almost a year, but I recently stopped. I wanted my lashes to grow back, so I started using this product. It has really helped a lot! I don't use it every night like I'm supposed to, but it still made a big difference in my lashes!

Bobbie R.

I'm using this thing for making my eyelashes grow and it seems to be working.

Patsy B.

I got lash extensions and when I took them off, it really messed up my real lashes. They became thin, patchy, and I lost a lot of them. They also became short. It was so bad that I had to wear fake lashes. I did some research and decided to try this product because it had really good reviews. I used it every night for about 2 weeks and noticed a big difference! My lashes became stronger because usually when I curl them, some fall out. They also grew longer and filled in the empty spots! Lately, my lashes have been looking amazing thanks to this product. You should definitely buy it without any doubts!

Cortney G.

I've been using this for about a month now, at first every day and now every other day, but it's good! It's a bit heavy, so I thin it out after applying it. But I've definitely noticed a difference. I would totally recommend it!

Sarina F.

This product is super easy to use and handy because it comes with tools to apply it. It can get a bit messy, but that's just how castor oil is. I haven't noticed any lash growth results yet, but using it is a breeze!

Rhianna G.

This product isn't the best. I would stick to using the more expensive ones.

Guido B.

This product is too oily.

Sunny L.

This product is great! It doesn't have a smell and it's easy to use. It's also a good value for your money. About four weeks ago, I got my eyelashes done by someone who used a strong glue that was really close to the base of my lashes. It was really hard to get the glue out, so I had to pull out my own lashes. I was worried that my lashes wouldn't grow back, but I did some research and found out that castor oil has a lot of benefits. I started using it and by the third week, my lashes were growing and getting longer. I put the serum on my clean lashes, making sure to cover them completely with a lot of oil, but being careful not to get any in my eye. I wish I had taken pictures before and after using this product. In conclusion, this product really works!

Helen R.

I didn't do enough research before buying. I knew castor oil helps hair grow, but I didn't know there were different types of castor oil and some are better. People say this cold pressed castor oil may not work for everyone, and black Jamaican castor oil might work better. So, do some research first! :) Besides that, the smell is nice and it's easy to use. I also like the small brushes for eyelashes and eyebrows that come with it.

Elta L.

This thing is super easy to use. Just make sure you don't use too much of it.

Gertrude S.

I've been using it for a week and can see a difference. I'd say it works, not super dramatic, but definitely noticeable.

Elenora W.

I used to use Latisse for a long time, but it made my eyelids dark. So, I switched to Neulash, but it was too expensive. Instead, I started using this Castor oil as a replacement for my old lash growth serums. It really helped my lashes stay long even after I stopped using Latisse and Neulash. However, I ran out of the castor oil and now I'm using Grande Lash. Unfortunately, my eyelashes are very short now, and I think it's because I stopped using the castor oil. I'm ordering it again and will keep using it! The only problem is that I can only use it at night because it gets in my eyes and makes it hard to see with my contacts. This wouldn't be a problem for someone who doesn't wear contacts. Also, since it's an oil, it can affect your mascara. But honestly, using it only at night works really well!

Mathilde G.

If I could talk to my 16-year-old self, I would tell myself to stop plucking my eyebrows. I have been missing the first 1/4 inch on both sides for 60 years now. But after using this product for a week, I can see a few tiny hairs starting to grow in those areas! I don't think it will bring back my full brows, but it's definitely doing something right. So, I'm going to keep using it every night from now on!

Zoey W.

I've been using this product for almost a year now. I think I know what it can do pretty well. I bought it to help my eyebrows because they've been getting thinner lately. It wasn't too expensive, so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal if it didn't work. I put it on my eyebrows and eyelashes every day and night for about 8 months. After 4 months, my eyelashes got longer, but not thicker. My eyebrows also got longer, but no new hairs grew. I only started seeing a few new hairs on my eyebrows in the past few weeks. After about 4 or 5 months, I started using it only at night. I didn't want my eyelashes to get too long, but I wanted to keep the length I had. It worked! I'll keep using it and buy it again. I've only used about half of the bottle, so it lasts a long time!

Luz H.

I waited to write a review. I bought this castor oil in October 2020. My eyebrows and eyelashes have always been thin. I have light skin and red hair. I use it almost every night and my eyelashes are longer and maybe a little thicker. My eyebrows have grown a few hairs here and there. I will keep using this and might try it on my scalp too.

Ellen S.

I bought this product after reading an article about Kate Middleton's makeup. The makeup artist suggested using castor oil for eyebrows. It turns out that castor oil is also recommended for restoring hair. I have been using it from July to December, not every day though. My eyebrows have filled in a little bit, but not a lot. There were a few bare spaces that now have a couple of hairs. :) So it seems like the follicles are responding! The more often I use it, the better my eyebrows look. I have also tried putting some on my scalp and noticed a little more hair in the thin spots. So, I can say that it works, but only a little bit.

The product came with eyelash wands and eyeliner wands, but I found that using a cotton swab works just as well and is less messy. The product is a bit thick and sticks to the brush. Everyone has their own preference though.

Ebony J.

My sister gave me Some Latisse a long time ago because she had extra and thought I needed it. I didn't think much about my eyelashes before, but she was right. After a few months, I noticed that my eyelashes became longer, thicker, and darker. I was happy with the results, but I stopped using it because it was expensive and we ran out of free trials. I thought the results would last forever, but they didn't. That's why I'm writing this review. Some people I know use castor oil and say it's great, but I didn't see any noticeable changes after using it for about three months, so I stopped. The castor oil felt thick and heavy, which made it uncomfortable. Maybe that's just a guy thing, but it was easy for it to drip into my eye and cause irritation. I didn't like the applicators either, they didn't work well with the oil. Honestly, I really wanted it to work. I don't plan on buying Latisse again because it's too expensive. So, unfortunately, I have to give this review a low rating.

Etha K.

I was a teenager in the 1990s-2000s, and my eyebrows are pretty good. But one of them has a thin spot. My friend told me about a serum from Sephora that can help grow thin brows, but it's probably very expensive. I asked the person who waxes my eyebrows a few times a year for advice on my "bald spot." I was surprised when she suggested using plain old castor oil. I don't have a strict beauty routine because I work strange hours. I only use the castor oil when I remember or have time, but I can still see a difference in my brows. I also tried it on my already long lashes, but I didn't notice any changes there. Maybe it's because I don't use it every day. Castor oil is thick and applying it to my lashes with the mascara brush caused some irritation to my eyes. But for my brows, it seems to be working well so far.

Stanley B.

I honestly thought I was getting another product that would end up in the trash, but I decided to give it a try. I'm 58 years old and my lashes are starting to get thinner, especially the ones on the bottom. They are also weak and breaking easily. However, after using this product just once, I could see a difference - even in my lower lashes. And after using it for about a week, my lashes are thicker and I have lower lashes again! I've heard that there is no medical reason why castor oil should make your lashes grow, but many people believe in it, and now I do too. I wish I had taken pictures before and after using it, but I was so unsure that I didn't even bother! It's a great product!

Retha L.

I've been pulling out my eyelashes since I was in my 20s. I'm now 53 years old. It runs in my family and it's called Trichotillomania. I noticed my mom's eyelashes were missing when she was around 50 years old. I started pulling out my top eyelashes with my fingernails when I was about 45 years old. I don't know why, but it's embarrassing! After the last time I pulled out most of my top lashes, I looked online and found a product that helps eyelash growth. Within just a few days, I saw new lashes growing! As we get older, our eyelashes start to become very thin, especially if we keep pulling them out like I do. I'm very picky when it comes to reviewing products and movies. I gave this product as many stars as I could, even though it won't give me the lashes I really want because of my age and the damage I've done to my lashes over the years. However, if you have the same problem as me, I highly recommend this product to help your eyelashes grow naturally. If you're young and use this product, I can only imagine the amazing results you could get!

Jordi K.

I give this product a 4 out of 5 because it might not work for everyone, but it worked great for me. My eyebrows were thin from plucking them too much when I was younger, but after using this product for 2 weeks, they got fuller. I tried using it on my eyelashes too, but my eyes are sensitive and it made them irritated, so I had to stop. The product is thick and oily, like honey. The applicators are useful for putting it on your eyebrows and eyelashes. If you want to use it on your hair, I suggest wearing gloves because it's hard to wash off your hands. Overall, I definitely recommend this product if you're patient and don't expect immediate results. It might work quickly for some people, but you need to give it time to work its magic.

Marcelle L.

So, I'm in my early 50's and have had some health problems. That also means I feel stressed. I was starting to lose hope that my eyelashes would ever be healthy and full again. I had spots where there were no lashes, and the ones that were there were very thin, short, and not very colorful. It made me really sad. Then I read about this oil that can help with eyelashes and eyebrows (mine were also patchy). I didn't really believe it, but I was desperate to find something that could help my eyelids, which were losing more and more lashes. I would appreciate any help I could get! So I got my bottle on February 17, which was just under six weeks ago. I have been very careful about taking off my makeup and putting the oil on my eyelashes and eyebrows every night. I can't believe it, but not only have the spots with no lashes grown back, but the lashes are also darker and longer. And I'm even growing back extra lashes that I didn't even remember having when I was younger. Honestly, I'm not even sure if I had this many lashes when I was young. And they just keep growing! Even my eyebrows are thicker and fuller. I don't understand why everyone doesn't know about this, except maybe because big companies and advertising want to make money. This oil really works. I have tried more expensive eyelash growth products, but they just made my eyes burn and didn't give me any results. I waited to write this review because I wanted to see if it would actually help. It exceeded all my expectations. I'm so happy! I will always use it.

Laura W.

I have only been using this for a little while. My eye lids are so soft. Seems to be helping so far. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Effie E.

I waited until I almost finished the bottle before writing this review. I wanted to make sure I knew how well it worked. So, here I am! I bought this bottle in the middle of February and used it every night, except for when I was on vacation. I wanted to grow my eyebrows because they are very thin from plucking them too much in high school. No matter what I tried, they just wouldn't grow back. I haven't plucked them in years, except for a few stray hairs. I do see a tiny bit of growth, but it's very slight. I want to be honest with you. I don't know what other people are saying about their eyebrows growing like crazy in just two days. That's not true. The little bit of growth I've seen makes me happy, but it took months. I'm still not where I want to be. Right now, I'm not sure if I'll buy this product again. I might try a different serum and see how that works before coming back to this one. It does work, but not very well. It's definitely not a miracle cure.

Lelia S.

I like using products with natural ingredients on my body. I recently learned about the healthy properties of oils, like castor oil. This Pure Body Naturals castor oil is 100% pure and comes in a glass bottle with a glass dropper. It also comes with brushes for easy application on eyelashes and eyebrows. Castor oil doesn't really have a strong smell, which I like.

I love all the different ways I can use this small bottle of oil. It can help stimulate hair growth, fight fungus, act as a natural laxative, treat skin problems, moisturize, enhance and protect hair, and soothe joint and muscle pains. I personally like to mix it with beeswax and charcoal to make my own safe mascara.

The thin brushes in this set are great for applying the oil to my lash line, and the larger brushes are perfect for my eyebrows. I haven't had any bad reactions to the oil, but everyone's skin is different, so make sure to do a small patch test. If you buy this product for eyelash growth and don't see results, remember that castor oil has many other uses. Your eyelashes won't grow overnight. This natural treatment takes time, so be patient. I love castor oil and all its natural healing properties!

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