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Coconut Milk Exfoliating Body Scrub

With Dead Sea Salt and rich Coconut Milk

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Nourish and polish your skin to a healthy glow with our Coconut Milk Exfoliating Body Scrub, made with rich coconut milk, natural oils and Dead Sea Salts.

$11.95 | 12 oz

Discover key benefits of this product

Our Coconut Milk Exfoliating Body Scrub buffs away dull skin while nourishing for soft, healthy-looking skin. Dead Sea Salts work as a natural exfoliator, polishing away old dry skin and revealing fresh skin underneath. The soothing properties of Coconut Milk, with high amounts of healthy fats and Vitamin E, help give skin a healthy glow. Natural oils like Almond and Safflower are added to help improve the quality and texture of your skin, leaving it looking and feeling fresh and youthful.


  • Contains 1 - 12 ounce jar of Coconut Milk Exfoliating Body Scrub.
  • Dead Sea and other Sea Salts work to naturally exfoliate and remove dead, dry skin, while boosting circulation and blood flow to your skins surface.
  • Rich in proteins, healthy fats and Vitamin E, Coconut Milk soothes freshly exfoliated skin and helps give it a health glow.
  • Almond, Safflower, Sunflower, Grapeseed, Apricot Kernel and Avocado Oils are added to nourish the skin, helping to promote a smoother and healthier-looking complexion.

Start with wet skin in the shower to help soften skin and prepare it for exfoliation. Apply the Coconut Milk Body Scrub in circular motions, maintaining consistent but gentle pressure. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Coconut Milk, Sea Salt, Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avacado Oil, Dead Sea Salt and Vitamin E

Bianka M.

This body scrub smells so good and makes your skin feel smooth and smell like yummy coconut candy.

Adriana W.

I wanted to find a new scrub with more natural stuff than the one I had before. I really like the clean ingredients in this one. It works way better than any other scrub I've tried. It made my legs super soft and smooth. Normally, I get cuts when I shave, but not with this scrub.

Pattie K.

This thing works really good and I'm gonna get more of 'em.

Sallie K.

When I got this thing, it was all broken and some of it fell out. It's okay, but not super great. Next time, I'll pay more for something better from another place.

Leila Z.

I wish this product had more oil to make it more moisturizing. Smells really light. Overall, it's a nice product, but I want something a bit stronger.

Esther T.

This product is really good, but watch out when you open it. I accidentally cut my finger on the jar's edge because of the aluminum foil that was covering it.

Sophia C.

This lotion is great for my super dry skin. It keeps it moisturized for a long time and smells like real coconut. It also works well as a cleanser. I've wasted money on other products in the past, but I'm really happy I discovered this one.

Kira W.

This scrub works really good for me. I use it before shaving my legs and it works wonders. It's better than other scrubs I've tried in this price range.

Melba K.

This product is awesome! I use it every summer after I shower. I don't need to put on gross lotion anymore and my legs and feet look amazing. This is my third container of it. I've tried other brands but they were all oily and I had to throw them away. So go ahead and give it a shot, don't wait!

Meda S.

I really liked this product, but now it comes in a weird foil bag instead of a jar like before. That's not fair! The salt gets stuck in the little grooves on the bag, so you can't close it properly. I won't buy this again unless it comes in a jar.

Haven M.

I've been using this product for a while. I like it because it's not too oily and it doesn't make my bathtub dirty after I use it. Who wants to spend a lot of time cleaning the tub every time they use a salt scrub, just so the next person doesn't slip on the oil? But now, I've decided to stop ordering it. The company changed the packaging to be more "earth friendly," but it actually made a big mess and wasted a lot of materials. The product now comes in a bag that has plastic on the outside and foil on the inside, like a ziploc bag. But you can't recycle it. When it's shipped, the salt gets stuck in the ziploc part, so you can't use it. The bag also has a small opening, so it's hard to get the product out without making a mess. You have to put your whole hand in the bag to get it out. I still had a mostly empty jar from my last order, so I poured the product into it. That solved the problem, but I couldn't get all of the product out of the bag without using a tool to scrape it. I gave up in the end. I weighed the wasted product and it was 2.1 grams. So now, instead of getting the full 12 ounces of product, I only get 10 ounces and it's a hassle to use. No thanks.

Laila H.

This body scrub made my skin really soft and hydrated. If you don't have dry skin like me, you might not need to use lotion afterwards! The coconut smell is not too strong, it's just right. Now, the reason I only give this product 3 stars is because of the packaging. I like that they tried to use eco-friendly packaging, but it doesn't work well. You can't close the bag after you open it because the little grains get in the way. You can either pick them out with a toothpick or put the bag in another plastic bag to seal it - but that's not good for the environment. Even though I like the product, I can't ignore the bad packaging. The manufacturer should find a better way to seal it so it doesn't leak before you open it for the first time.

Elinore H.

I got two jars of this product, but they didn't come in the packaging shown. I was hoping it would be moisturizing with the scrub, but it turned out to be dry salt that didn't really moisturize my skin. I tried it on my hands to see if there was any coconut milk, but there was very little. It also smells like a cleaner you use at home. I couldn't return it because I missed the return date. I kept the jars closed and in a safe place before opening them. I won't buy this product again. I hope they improve the packaging to keep the moisture in.

Missouri N.

I've been buying this scrub for a long time, but when I got it recently, I noticed the label was different. It used to be white, but now it's green. Also, the scrub is drier now and doesn't smell like coconut anymore. It used to smell so good! I used to love using this scrub to help with my acne, but now I can't stand the new smell. I've seen other reviews saying the formula has changed too. I'm really disappointed.

Brandyn R.

I almost wanted to give this back because it was leaking, even though it was sealed. But I decided to give it a shot because it smelled really good. I wanted to find a cheaper alternative to Lush's body scrubs. I was really surprised, my skin felt really soft and moisturized after using it, I didn't even need lotion. I also smell like coconut, which I really like. I'm definitely keeping this!

Modesta W.

I thought this thing would be more like a liquid or cream, but it's actually dry. It's okay to use, but it can get a bit messy. I wouldn't buy it again. The smell is nice.

Herta J.

I get dry itchy patches sometimes, especially before my psoriasis acts up. This product seems to help with that. It doesn't irritate my skin, especially around my hairline and neck where I usually get itchy redness from heat and sweat. I use a little bit and rub it all over, even on my rough elbows, knees, and feet. I don't use a brush, just rinse it off. I do this twice a week. The tub can get a little greasy, so I make sure to spray it with tile spray and hot water to keep it from getting slippery.

Mariah R.

This stuff is good, I like how it smells, and after I shower, my skin feels really nice and still smells good. The price and size were okay, I could probably make something like this for cheaper... but the only thing that would be nice is if there was an easier way to get it out of the jar. I stick my fingers into it and scoop, but it starts falling right away. Maybe it could be easier once more is gone. I do like it and you would be happy with it.

Jeramy H.

I really liked this product and will buy it again! I just finished using it and I'm super happy with my purchase. I used it before shaving and it made my skin really smooth and moisturized. It even got rid of a bunch of dry skin on my elbows and feet.

Lonie K.

I don't really know what people expect from a $12-$13 jar, but this scrub isn't a miracle worker. It's supposed to make your skin and appearance better, and it does. I really like this scrub because it clears my skin and makes it look nice. I would suggest giving it a try.

Charlene H.

I like it, but it was kinda dry, unless that's how it's supposed to be! I thought it would be a little more moist.

Clarabelle W.

This exfoliator is really good. It's finely milled and smells yummy. Just a heads up, if you have any cuts or scratches, it might sting a bit. But overall, it's a great exfoliator.

Eula R.

This would be a 5 star review if I got containers that smell good every time. BUT I'm tired of getting ones with broken seals and they smell bad. I waste a lot of money on this product and don't always get good quality. I'm going to try a different brand that hopefully smells good all the time. When you do get a good container, it smells really good and works well.

Claudine G.

Got this stuff the day after I got a Brazilian wax to stop those annoying ingrown hairs. It smells so good! Kinda like coconut oil, but mostly just fresh. It's really good at getting rid of dead skin, and it didn't hurt my sensitive skin after waxing. I'm gonna use it on my hands too, so they can be soft and smell nice too! It's made with all-natural stuff that I can actually understand. I wanna use it all over my body!

Lori F.

This stuff makes my skin feel super smooth, and it smells really good too. The only thing I didn't like is that the container is pretty small.

Jaquan S.

This made my skin really soft and smooth, and it didn't have a strong smell. I like that it's natural, but I thought there wasn't a lot of product in the container.

Frida C.

I really love this product! I use it on my face and body. It's really gentle and does amazing things for my skin. At first, I didn't get why it was dry, but then I realized it has sea salt in it! It's a great product and I totally recommend it!

Ardith H.

I use this scrub for my feet. As a runner, they can get really beat up. But this scrub makes them soft and the effects last for days. It's even better than getting a fancy pedicure from a pro. I totally recommend it!

Aaliyah H.

I've been using this scrub for a few weeks and I really like it. My favorite way to use it is on my legs. It makes my skin really smooth and helps me get a close shave. After I've been in the shower for a while and cleaned myself, I put a small handful of this scrub on each leg. I rub it in circles all over for about 20-30 seconds, then rinse it off. After that, I put on my shaving gel and shave my legs like I normally do. When I'm done showering, my legs feel really smooth, soft, and moisturized. I also put on some moisturizer afterwards. I love this new shaving routine, especially now that it's getting warmer and I can wear shorts, skirts, and dresses again!

Olen P.

This face scrub is the best I've ever used in my whole life, and I'm 58 years old! It makes your face feel so good, like magic. All you have to do is put it on your face and rub it gently, then wash it off. After that, your face will feel super smooth and soft all day long. I really, really like this product and I'm definitely going to buy it again this week. I just love it!

Floy B.

I never write reviews unless something is really good. I got this thing for scrubbing my skin and today is the first time I tried it. I'm pretty sure it's great for scrubbing, but it really does make my skin feel smooth, like there's a soft layer on it, which is really cool! Also, I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like my skin looks lighter! Anyway, I really love this thing!

Candice W.

I really like using body scrubs, and sometimes I even make my own. This one was alright, but not the best. The scrubby bits were tiny, and it smelled nice. However, I don't think it gave me the scrubbing power I was looking for, and it didn't leave my skin feeling moisturized for very long like other scrubs do.

Jakayla S.

I really like this product and the brush I got with it. My only complaint is that I thought it would feel like coconut oil in a scrub form, but it doesn't. You have to be careful when applying it because you might drop it and make a little mess, but it's okay considering the price. However, I'm sure I can find something better.

Maudie O.

The only thing I didn't like was that the jar wasn't sealed properly. When I opened it, oil got all over my hands and clothes, which was a bummer. But besides that, the product itself is really good. It smells really nice and when I used it in the shower, my skin felt super soft like a baby's. I would suggest giving it a try, just be careful when you first open it.

Monica J.

I really like this product. It made my skin super smooth. It's a bit dry, like wet salt/sugar. The second time, I used my Dove body polish first and then applied the scrub so it would stay on my body. I've also mixed it with body wash to help exfoliate. Overall, I'm happy with it. 😊😊

Meta D.

This product is really good. It's not as rough as other scrubs made with salt. I just wish these regular scrubs weren't so pricey for such a tiny amount of product.

Kiana S.

I gotta admit, using this stuff makes me feel kinda girly, but I gotta say it's awesome! It makes me feel really good and my skin feels smooth. I give it five stars because it's great at getting rid of razor burn and preventing ingrown hairs. It also helps reduce inflammation. Overall, it's just really great!

Ethelyn B.

This body scrub is pretty good. I like the smell and that it's made with all natural stuff. But, I'm used to a more oily kind, and I wish this one had more oil. It's pretty dry and falls all over the place since there's no oil holding it together. I probably won't buy it again and will go back to using Shea Moisture brand body scrubs.

Joanne W.

I couldn't use this for my massage job 'cause the coconut smell is too strong and they don't list the individual essential oil ingredients. But I still use it at home and it works pretty good.

Annabell B.

This body scrub is like, the best ever! My skin gets all dry and itchy in the winter, and I've tried a bunch of scrubs that either clog my pores or don't really moisturize. But this one is amazing! It smells so good, like real coconut, not fake stuff. And my skin feels sooo soft now, and it's not itchy anymore. The only thing is, it costs a little too much for how much you get.

Jessica Z.

I got this in March 2016 and totally forgot about it. It's been just sitting on my dressing table all this time. But the other day, I found it and decided to give it a try. I'm really happy I did because it made my skin feel super smooth and soft. Plus, it smells really good too. I've been using it non-stop ever since. You should give it a try, you won't be let down. Unlike what some others said, it doesn't feel too rough on my skin at all.

Rosetta R.

I really love this scrub. I'm already using my second jar. It's priced really well, not like those fancy brands that charge extra just for the name. The only thing I wish is that it was easier to get out of the jar when I'm in the shower. But overall, it's a great product.

Webster W.

This body scrub is the best ever! When you use it for the first time, you can feel a difference. It makes your skin smoother and helps your moisturizer work better. It even helps with razor bumps! It's just great! I would recommend this coconut body scrub to anyone, or any other product from this brand. You won't regret it!

Deron W.

I really like this scrub. I only use it on my upper arms and cheeks because I have these small bumps that you can't see but can feel. I just scrub them when I'm in the shower, and after I get out, I put coconut oil on my arms and face. My arms feel really soft and smooth now. I'm definitely buying it again because I haven't used much and my jar has lasted about 6 months!

Cali P.

This scrub is really great! I think everyone should try it! I use it in the shower on my face, lips, neck, and chest. It gets rid of dead skin and blackheads, so my skin feels smooth and ready for makeup. It smells like coconut milk, not like fake coconut. It doesn't have any weird chemicals in it that are hard to say. The scrub is just the right amount of roughness, but don't use too much or scrub too hard! It also keeps my skin moisturized and smelling nice. You only need a little bit, so it lasts a long time. I will definitely buy it again when I run out. Just remember, don't over-exfoliate your face! This scrub is really gritty and works well, but be careful!

Trisha G.

I really like this scrub. It's my second time buying it and I'll keep buying it as long as they keep making it. I tried a few other scrubs before finding this Coconut Milk Scrub. It made a big difference. The coffee scrub made my skin dry by the middle of the day. I also tried three different sugar scrubs, but they didn't give me the results I wanted. I even tried a salt scrub from a local store, but I regretted it. Then one day, while looking for something better, I found Pure Body Naturals Coconut Milk Body Scrub. I love coconut oil, so I didn't hesitate to click the "Add to cart" button. When it arrived two days later, I had to try it right away. My dry and irritated skin instantly felt better. The scrub feels smooth because of the coconut oil. It's gentle but still gets rid of dead skin cells, leaving my skin refreshed and hydrated. My legs don't look dry and white anymore. The skin on my arms feels better too. My skin feels soft and smooth all over. Even my dry and rough feet are getting better. This scrub is the best I've ever used. If you want soft, moisturized, and healthy skin, use this scrub. You'll love it.

Alivia B.

I give this product 4 stars because it's smaller than I expected. But I'll definitely update you once I've used it.

Shana W.

This coconut oil is really great! I use it in my bath to make my skin soft. I also use it after my shower as a moisturizer, and sometimes I put it in my hair before washing it to make it hydrated. This product comes in a good size and lasts a long time, even though I use a lot of it. I will definitely buy it again when I finish mine. Just so you know, if you ever get a sunburn, this stuff works really well. I have very light skin and easily get burned, but this works better than aloe vera. It takes away the pain of the burn and the best part is that you won't peel!

Graham A.

This stuff smells really good and makes your skin feel smooth and soft. But like other people said, it's not a lot of product for the money. The jar is really small.

Junior H.

I was kinda bummed when I saw how tiny the container is, but a little bit of this stuff lasts a long time. You don't need a huge container like those other brands. The salt is super fine, so it scrubs away all the dead skin, but it doesn't disappear right away, so you can really get a good scrub. I really like it and would totally buy it again.

Allene W.

When I first tried this scrub, I wasn't sure how I felt. On the first day, I followed the instructions, but it made my skin feel really dry and like there was wax on it. But, I've been using it every day for about a week now, and my skin feels super smooth! I even use it on my face, and it's making my face smooth too. The redness on my cheeks is starting to go away. I'm really impressed!

Bruce M.

I was super happy that my stuff arrived on time like they said it would! I tried out all 3 things over the weekend and I'm really happy with them! The vitamin c oil and the mud mask are my favorites. I'll definitely be buying from you guys again soon!

Lenore W.

I really love this body scrub. It smells so good, goes on easy, and makes my skin super soft. I only gave it four stars because it doesn't last very long. I use it all over my body, except for my face, and after using it about 6 or maybe 7 times, it's almost all gone.

Margarita H.

I really like coconut stuff. I needed something that didn't cost too much to help with my dry feet in the winter. It can get really bad when I wear shoes, boots, and socks all the time!!! This product really helped me. The only downside was that there was a lot of stuff on the outside of the jar when I opened it.

Missouri W.

This scrub is the best I've ever tried! I have a skin problem called Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and thighs. It makes bumps because of too much keratin in my skin. I've had it for a long time, but after using this scrub just once, I felt a change! I've been using it for a week now, and my skin feels really soft. It also smells really good! When I finish this one, I'll definitely get another.

Ola C.

I just started using this today and I really like how it smells. It makes my skin feel smooth and soft. However, I noticed that the bottle is smaller than what it was supposed to be. The label said it was 12 ounces, but it looks smaller than a real 12-ounce bottle. I'm not sure how they measured it.

Callie D.

This facial scrub isn't too bad, but I noticed after using it a few times that it's a little too rough for my skin. If your skin isn't too sensitive, it might be alright. It does leave a nice, slightly oily feeling on the skin, so it doesn't make it dry.

Brenna K.

This stuff works well to make your skin smooth and moisturized, but the container is too small and not very cost-effective. The ingredients are nice and it's great for troubled skin. I recommend using a separate cloth, sponge, or something else to apply it because the oils are tough to wash out. Overall, it's not the easiest or cheapest product, but it does what it says it will do.

Janelle D.

This stuff is amazing! Wow! It's the best body scrub I've ever used. It feels like gritty sugar, a good scrub, but when you wash it off, you feel moisturized like you would with coconut oil. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. It's a truly amazing product with no weird smells like some products have, just clean, super scrubby, and super moisturizing. I don't need to put on moisturizer after I shower anymore. Seriously, it's the best product of the year for me.

Elyse J.

I was bummed that the paper seal on this thing was all loose when I got it. It made it all dry and hardly smelled at all. It does make your skin super smooth, but I think they should have done a better job with the packaging considering how much it costs.

Sandra G.

I gotta scrub my skin 'cause it gets all red and itchy from shaving and 'cause it's dry and sensitive. I used to use a sugar scrub, but the one I had started leaving sticky stuff on my skin 'cause they changed how they make it. This salt scrub makes my skin feel clean, soft, and moisturized. Plus, it's not sugar, so I don't attract ants, which is a big issue where I live in the PNW!

Carolanne J.

I really like this scrub. I use it all over my body, except for my face. I put it on after I take a shower. I stand in the shower and go from one area to another without rinsing until I'm completely finished. I think it works better this way. When I shower, I quickly rinse off the scrub particles, but I leave the oils on as much as possible. I wasn't disappointed with the product or the seller, and I would definitely buy from them again. Sometimes, reviews on websites like Amazon may not be honest, and that bothers me. But I want to assure you that my review is truthful. I'm just a regular woman living a normal life, and shopping here feels like shopping at my local department store.

Sonya C.

I really like exfoliants and salt scrubs, and I always want to try new ones. I've been using this for a month and I can say that it's a great product. At first, it seemed dry -- most salt scrubs are wetter and more runny, but in this case, less is better. You only need a small amount, like the size of a nickel, to make one of my arms smooth and shiny, and the results are impressive. I use it all over my body and it's really good for my skin. It gives my skin a nice glow, the rubbing feels great and helps my body get rid of toxins, and it makes my skin really soft. It doesn't make my skin feel oily because the scrub itself adds moisture instead of extra oil. It has a mild, natural smell -- no fake coconut smell or anything like that. I'll buy more when I run out.

Caitlyn A.

My skin was really dry and flaky. I started using this product and then put on moisturizer. It took about a week or so to see a difference - I use it every day. I followed the instructions exactly, using it after I shower. My skin feels awesome! It's super soft and smooth. I also used it in the summer and was worried it would make my skin look oily. I was wrong. It didn't. I plan to keep using it, especially in the winter. Oh, it smells like coconuts - so if you don't like that smell, think about it before you buy. They also suggest doing a patch test, which I recommend.

Jenifer L.

I bought this thing on a whim because it was suggested to me based on stuff I bought before. I usually don't buy things without thinking, but I really like this thing and might buy it again. This scrub is one of the best body products I've ever bought! At first, I was worried that the salt might be too rough for my sensitive skin, but it's actually just right because of the oils mixed in. When you rub it on your skin, the salt breaks down and makes your skin super soft and moisturized. It doesn't make your skin dry and flaky like other scrubs. The best part is that the soft feeling lasts! I even use it on my eczema patches and it gets rid of the dry skin without hurting the skin underneath. I also use it in my hair, which might sound weird. I stopped using shampoo a while ago and my scalp gets dirty easily. I couldn't find a good cleanser, so I tried using the scrub on my scalp. It might sound crazy, but it works! It gently cleans my scalp and makes my hair look great! This was a really good purchase and I'm definitely going to buy it again!

Kaycee W.

This bottle is small but the product is good. It can be a little rough on the skin because the scrub crystals are kinda big, but it works well.

Berenice R.

I've been searching for a great sea salt body scrub, and this one is the best I've tried yet. It smells awesome and isn't too greasy. I suggest using it after your shower, and just rinsing off the salt. This lets the oils work their magic and keep your skin moisturized. I feel super moisturized!

Flavie A.

Yay, I got my first scrub! I think it works well, but I don't have anything else to compare it to. I have red bumps on my arms and legs, but I haven't seen a doctor about it. After using it once, I noticed a reduction in the bumps. However, you need to use a lot of this product to scrub your whole body. I've used it three times and already used about a third of it. When you use it, it feels grainy and white, like wet table salt, but it scrubs well. It leaves your skin feeling oily, which makes it hard to scrub. Most of the oily feeling washes off, though. I think it's like a barrier that keeps your skin moisturized. It also makes the tub a little oily, so be careful. Overall, I think this is a good body scrub. But since I used a third of it in three washes, I'll probably only get about 10 uses. It's good, but not worth $15. I might not buy it again unless I can't find another body scrub.

Tessie S.

I really really really like how this stuff makes my skin feel. When I use it after shaving in the shower, I don't even need to put on lotion. The only bad thing is that it stings on freshly shaved skin, maybe because of some kind of alcohol in it? But it's totally worth it because my skin feels really soft and smooth until my next shower.

Joanny K.

I really like this product. It's the best scrub I've ever used. I just wish they sold it in a bigger bottle because it doesn't last as long as I want it to. It makes your skin feel soft, moisturized, and beautiful. I have really dry skin on my legs, but this scrub makes them smooth and pretty without any discomfort. My husband loves how it works too. It's great for your whole body, even your face. My old favorite (now my second favorite) is the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub by Lush. It smells nice and made my skin soft, but it did irritate me a little. This scrub doesn't irritate me at all and it smells like light coconut. I really recommend it.

Aliza F.

This thing came on time but it leaked all over the box. I really like the smell but that's the only thing I liked. I wasn't sure if all the coconut oil leaked out because the scrub didn't feel creamy at all. It just looked and felt like rough salt. It's also really hard to put on your skin in the shower because a lot of it falls off while you're trying to rub it on. I like how my skin feels after using it but it's too messy for me to keep using. Also, be careful because it makes the shower floor very slippery. Watch out! It doesn't rinse out completely because water can't wash off oil.

Rafaela H.

This stuff is like wet sand, making it hard to move from your fingers to where you want it without it falling off. I put it on my face when I shower. It makes my skin smooth and not dry. It doesn't have a strong smell, which I like. I do like it, but I'll keep looking for something I like even more.

Adrienne H.

This stuff is pretty good, but I noticed that the salts made some scratches. Maybe I scrubbed too hard. The end result is awesome though, it made my skin feel really smooth, moisturized, and smelling amazing - like a tropical scent. Just make sure to start scrubbing gently until the salts get softer.


Chloe H.

This scrub is really good. The only thing that's a bummer about it is that when I got it, the thin cover was already broken and most of the oil was gone.

Levi P.

This product is really good. It makes my skin feel smooth and moisturized. It's different from other scrubs because it doesn't lather like soap. I thought I would be annoyed by the leftover scrub in the bathtub, but it's actually not a problem. I was worried it would make the tub greasy, but it doesn't. I will definitely buy more of this product.

Eloy G.

I got this because people said it was good. I like how it works, but it's not easy to put on without wasting a lot. The salt falls everywhere and it's hard to keep on your skin or washcloth. Also, you have to wash your hands a bunch with regular soap because they get greasy. Besides that, I like it. It's kind of expensive for something you waste a lot of when you try to use it.

Tiara W.

This product smells really good and feels very light on my skin. Unlike other scrubs that make my skin red, this one doesn't. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I had trouble opening the package. I made the mistake of opening it in the shower (before my hands got wet!) and the scrub is actually a dry powder. When I opened it, half of it spilled all over my shower floor because the water was on. So, I lost half of it. Other scrubs I've used are usually wet, so I didn't expect this one to be dry until I opened it.

Lily C.

This scrub is really good, it makes my skin feel great. The only problem is that you don't get a lot for the money. If you use it all over your body every day, it will be gone really fast. I've only used it four times on my arms and it's already more than half gone. It's a good product, but I won't buy it again because it's too expensive.

Baby O.

I used a special glove to scrub my skin with soap. Then, I put on this product. Right away, my skin felt great and it stayed that way for a long time. I didn't need as much lotion, it worked really fast. The only downside is that the jar is small. I know the oil is mixed in with the liquid, so I rubbed it on my skin instead of just using the scrub. Otherwise, I would run out of it too quickly. So, my recommendation is to scrub first, wash, and then put on this product to make your skin super soft.

Melvin R.

I use this scrub in the shower to scrub my skin, especially in areas where I shave or get waxed. This scrub works really well to stop and get rid of hairs that grow back into the skin after waxing, and it also helps to prevent skin allergies that usually happen after shaving. I really like the smell and how good it is. It's perfect for people with sensitive skin or those who want a really good scrub.

Alize B.

When I got the product, I was surprised by how small it was. I didn't think about how much I was getting for the price when I ordered it. It's a small amount for the price, but I ended up being really happy with it after using it. It's different from other scrubs I've tried and it works better. It made my skin smoother and less dry and itchy. I'll buy it again. The only reason I didn't give it a perfect score is because of the price, but the company should be praised for making such a great product.

Monica B.

I really wanted to like this product because I saw a lot of good reviews, but it made my skin condition worse. When I used it in the shower, it felt like rubbing salt on a wound and it burned a lot. I had to wash my arm multiple times with my Aveeno body wash to make the burning stop. I usually soak in Dead Sea salt baths every other day for a long time, and it has never burned my skin before. Dead Sea salt is gentle on the skin. I started using it after having chemotherapy for my rare and severe psoriasis for many years. I decided to stop the chemo and try the Dead Sea salt baths instead. The second-to-last ingredient in this product is Dead Sea salt, but the second ingredient is just regular sea salt. Trust me, they are not the same. I'm glad that some people find this product good, but if you have open sores like I do because of my psoriasis, you shouldn't use this one.

Melvin D.

This stuff smells so good and makes my skin super soft. But, when I got it, the box was all wet and oily, and the container was really oily and gross too. I hope the sandy texture is intentional and not because all the oil leaked out. Maybe it's not your fault, but you should think about it.

Sabrina B.

This is the first body scrub I bought and it works well. My skin feels really smooth after I shower. The only downside is that the coconut smell is strong at first (but it goes away towards the end of the shower), so if you don't like coconuts, it might bother you. Also, the little grains stick together, so you have to shake the bottle before using it. I'm not sure if I would buy it again because I want to try other body scrubs to see how they compare.

Daija H.

I really love this product. The salt grains scrub your skin really good, and the coconut oil makes it feel super smooth. This scrub is like a treat for your skin, and it smells like coconuts, which makes you feel like you're on a beach. It's the best thing ever and keeps my skin hydrated all over. I use it every day in the shower and I can't even remember what I did before I had it.

Rosalyn O.

I really like this scrub. I use it after I shower and it makes my skin feel really soft. It's also good for my face. Sometimes I use it before I go to bed and it takes off all my makeup and makes my skin feel really clean. It feels rough at first, but if my face feels amazing afterwards, then it's worth it.

Citlalli H.

This product is really good, but it can be a bit expensive. I need to use a whole jar of this size for one shower when I want to scrub my whole body. It has salt in it, so be careful if you have any scratches on your skin because it will burn a lot.

Isidro S.

If you want your skin to feel amazing like you just had a fancy spa treatment, then Coconut Milk Body Scrub is what you need. First, the coconut smell is nice, but too much can make you feel sick. Second, the scrub feels a little dry when you touch it, so don't be surprised. When you use it in the shower, it doesn't feel rough or like glass on your skin. Third, you don't need to use a lot on each part of your body, just gently massage it in. You don't want to make your skin red or hurt it. Lastly, the best part is that after using it, my skin feels super smooth like velvet when I dry off with a towel. I didn't even need lotion afterwards, and I'm 69 years old!

Barry R.

This stuff smells good and makes my skin super soft and smooth. It's not as wet as other products I've tried, but it still works really well on wet skin.

Vida M.

I got two of these, one for my shower and one for my kid's shower. My daughter has dry skin and eczema. She has little bumps on her back and arms. I wanted to find a scrub that was safe for kids. This one has good ingredients and seems to be helping. Summer is coming and I like coconut oil. It smells like tropical coconut. I use it once or twice a week and like how it feels. I think it's great and will buy it again!

Marguerite C.

It smells awesome! The only problem is that it's a bit oily, so be careful when you shower. I slipped, but luckily I caught myself! Once you dry off properly, it makes your skin feel incredible!

Gerardo S.

I'm giving this product 5 stars because it's nice and easy to use. It makes your skin really soft after you shower. However, it's a bit expensive for me. I could make my own body scrub using coconut oil and sugar, but I wanted to try this one to see how it compares to homemade scrub. I'll just make my own scrub because it's cheaper, and I can make more since this one only lasts a couple of days. I love using body scrub almost every day because I love the feeling of having smooth and soft skin like a baby.

Estefania K.

This stuff feels like wet sand, so you gotta be careful when you pick it up and rub it on your body, so it doesn't fall on the floor. The smell is awesome, and when you wash it off, it leaves a oily feeling that I really like.

Kathryn N.

I've been using body scrubs for two years to make my skin smooth and try to get rid of cellulite. This body scrub is the best one I've tried! It doesn't disappear when it gets wet like most others do - it stays on your body as long as you keep scrubbing! The smell is nice and not too strong, and the texture is just right to make your skin feel polished. It's a great product that you don't need to search for anymore!

Alda W.

The lid on the jar didn't stay closed and some oil leaked out, but it looks like this has happened before because the jar was wrapped in a tied plastic bag in the box it came in. The product is good - it makes your skin feel moisturized and doesn't have a strong smell.

Eulah T.

I really love this scrub! I live in a super dry place in the mountains and it made my skin really soft and moisturized. I didn't even need to use lotion afterwards! I used it all over, even on my face! I want to get a bunch of this!

Adele K.

This stuff smells so good and makes your skin super soft. The only problem is the packaging. It leaked all over the box and the seal under the cap wasn't sealed, so I'm not sure if the product is new. Plus, there was a quarter of the product missing from the container. Because of the leaking and uncertainty about its freshness, I can only give it two stars. But overall, it's still pretty great.

Richard K.

This is so cool! I really like it. I just got it and tried it for the first time. My skin felt super soft and not greasy at all. I even used it on my face and it was fine. I want to buy more and I wish I could get it regularly. I'll use it every time I shower and I'm excited to see how my skin improves. One thing I noticed is that if you have a scratch or cut, it stings for a little bit until you wash it off. But it's not a big deal because it still makes your skin soft and I still want to use it in every shower.

Abigale B.

The smell is great, not too strong, and goes away quickly. I tried it on my hands to check how oily it is. It does make my skin soft, but I'll still need to use lotion after shaving my legs. I really like how it feels, smells, and the container it comes in. I'll use it in the kitchen to gently scrub and moisturize my hands since I'll be using it a lot there.

Gladys K.

The coconut pill is good, but I don't understand why someone would want to use a rough scrub like this and just leave it on. I thought it was a scrub for the shower that you rinse off, but it's more like a lotion. I already have a great lotion that I use, so now I have to buy another scrub for my body. I wouldn't call this a body scrub because it's misleading, I would call it a lotion that exfoliates and is very oily because of the coconut oil. However, I don't like the grainy feeling it leaves on my skin. Also, the jar had plastic on the outside, but there was no seal inside, so it leaked all over the box it came in along with other things.

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