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7 Elements of Holistic Wellness You Need to Feel Balanced

Holistic wellness is not just a healthy diet or good skincare. It’s really about understanding all of the factors in our lives which positively or negatively affect how balanced we feel in our mind, body and soul. While we all probably know we need to achieve this balanced feeling, how do we even know what that actually feels like? Is it a clear mind throughout the day? Is it a stress-free job? Is it waking up full of energy and zest? Because if those are the case, then being balanced sure sounds impossible! Fear not, it is possible, but it does require some work. These are the seven wellness elements that everyone should strive for, in one shape or another, to achieve a more balanced life. 

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness not about being happy 100% of the time. Instead, it’s about learning how to manage your feelings and understanding why you are feeling the way you’re feeling. Dealing with your emotions appropriately can help you feel relaxed, reduce stress, and develop your emotional strength.

Physical Wellness

Our bodies need to be nourished. Physical activity, healthy nutrition and mental well-being all play a major role in keeping your body in great shape. Physical activity keeps you strong and reduces the risk of disease. Squeeze in your 30 minutes a day at home or in the gym with a friend, but you can’t outrun a bad diet. A well-balanced diet gives your body the energy it needs to make it through each day. When you’re getting your workout in and your eating right, your mental wellbeing will improve too. Make sure you get your 7-8 hours of sleep every night and you’re set.

Spiritual Wellness

 Spiritual wellness can be any number of things including religious faith, values, ethics, and morals. The goal is to find what is important to you and explore your own meaning and purpose in life. Your spiritual practices encourage you to be present in your life and be grateful for what you have. Take some time to think about what you believe or spend time in prayer or meditation.

Occupational Wellness

Here’s a wild workaholic statistic… the average person will spend nearly 90,000 hours at work throughout their lifetime. With such a big chunk of your life already taken, make sure it’s satisfying! Your career choice plays a big role in your overall wellness. When work causes you stress, your body feels that stress. It can lead to a lack of sleep and lower immunity to illnesses. Find a career and a company culture that you enjoy. Reflect on your career goals and set realistic expectations for yourself.

Social Wellness

We are meant to be in relationship with one another. Make an effort to keep in touch with your close friends and family that are important to you. Really evaluate who is being supportive and nurturing and who may be toxic in your life. Surround yourself with positive friends and acquaintances and grow those relationships.

Environmental Wellness

Living a lifestyle that is respectful of your environment is important to your environmental wellness. Just being more aware of the effect you have on the world around you can help you learn how to respect it. Start off by recycling and trying to conserving energy. Spend some more time outdoors and enjoy nature.

Intellectual Wellness

Picking up and a new hobby, traveling, or doing something creative stimulates your mind and lead to intellectual wellness. Be open to learning something new occasionally. Traveling can open your mind to new cultures and give you a new perspective. Read a new book or learn a new skill. Allow yourself to stay open-minded to something new!