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2019 Natural Beauty + Wellness Forecast

2019 is right around the corner and the world of beauty is changing as fast as our New Year’s resolutions. Contouring and eyebrows were all the rage in 2018 and we think there are going to be some big shifts in 2019. There are so many great trends popping up on our radar and we’ve been tracking a few of our favorites. Here arefour trends we believe will have a major impact on the industry next year!

More focus on holistic wellness

Your skin is not the only things that need to be taken care of. The focus on holistic wellness has been a big part of 2018, but consumers are taking bigger steps in the direction of making sure they are address all parts of their ‘health’. The mind, body, and spirit all need time and attention. 2019 is going to be the year for holistic wellness. There are seven important aspects of holistic wellness,  emotional, spiritual, physical, occupational, social, environmental, and intellectual. All of them play a major part in your overall health.

Essential oils will be everywhere

Oils have been gaining popularity this past year, but we think it’s going to get even bigger and better. Not only will they be filling homes with amazing aromatherapy blends, we predict that beauty lovers everywhere will add some of their favorite oils to their daily routines. In 2019, beauty lovers will get educated on the amazing benefits that oils can have for their skin, hair and wellness needs. 

More clean + cruelty-free products

As the organic health food trend grows, so will the desire to buy healthful beauty products. Beauty lovers want to trust that brands have their best interests at heart by using ingredients that are good for them, good for the environment, and carefully tested in a safe way without harming animals.

Everyone will want to go more natural

Imagine having such amazing skin that you don’t even need to wear makeup. Celebrities like Alicia Keys have adopted the look already and we think it will get even bigger. Consumers will focus on buying products that highlight the best parts of their skin and help fight signs of aging, reduce dark spots and even out their skin tone. We think high-quality skin care products with proven results will see tremendous success in 2019.

2019 is going to be a big year for natural beauty and wellness. Consumers are definitely challenging brands to be more responsible and transparent about their products and development. These four trends are just the start! What do you think will be big in 2019?