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Vitamin B3 Serum

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$9.95 | 1 fl oz

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Why Use This Serum?

Vitamin B3 Serum Niacinamide cream is known to provide a boost for your skin's natural collagen which helps it to retain moisture for longer. Normally after 3-4 weeks of using the Bitamin B serum users report seeing softening, soothing of wrinkles, pores & marks, along with noticeably smoother skin. Easy to apply, quick to absorb, longlasting, and made from natural ingedients with no parabens — this has to be the number 1 Vitamin B3 moisturizer!

How Does it Work?

Niacinamide Vitamin B3 cream serum helps your skin lock in its natual moisture and suppleness. Meaning your skin stays hydrated and flexible under your makeup during the day. It can also be used as an overnight pre moisturiser to prepare your face for the day ahead.

Why Buy From Pure Body Naturals?

Pure Body Naturals has one simple mission — To make natural beauty and wellness more attainable for everyone. We believe that you will find our natural products truly support discovering your pure beauty and help you live your best life everyday. With 1000's of happy customers and top rated reviews you can trust us to help you look after your body.

Directions For Use

Apply small amount of the Niacinamide cream with fingertips to freshly washed and dried face & neck. Avoid direct contact with eyes and lips if possible. Can be applied up to two times a day. For optimal results, apply before Pure Body Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

Lela B.

Me gustó todo, es un buen producto.

Joy R.

This stuff isn't really like a serum. It's kinda hard to tell if it's doing anything. I thought it would be more runny and cover more.

Rubye P.

I contacted the seller/manufacturer about the product being cloudy, even though it looked clear in the pictures. But they didn't respond at all.

Daron C.

It didn't work like I thought it would.

Kayla B.

This thing really works!

Javonte S.

I got this thing for my face, but it didn't do much.

Berneice C.

I thought this product would be a clear serum like I'm used to. But I was surprised to see it's a white creamy liquid. However, when I put it on my skin, it feels smooth and moisturized.

Alexane S.

This thing is great for my skin and I really like how it's working.

Baron G.

This thing keeps my skin soft and clear. I'm 61 and I don't use any of those old people creams, this is it. I found out about this from Dr. OZ in 2016. This is all you need to make your skin look even.

Zetta K.

This product is really smooth and it feels really soothing.

Jeanne M.

I really like how this product feels on my irritated skin. It's very gentle and soothing. I can't find it anywhere else and I hope they don't stop making it.

Maude E.

This thing works super fast! I'm really impressed with these serems!

Kallie G.

This product is a great way to make your skin feel smooth and not dry.

Scarlett J.

It's okay... I haven't really noticed anything, but the thing doesn't work!! It's better to just pour it on your hand... but sometimes you get too much. Also, it doesn't soak in as fast...

Octavia J.

I always had nice skin. The doctors told me to use basic unscented products because of my allergies. But now that I'm over 70, I noticed some lines on my cheeks and big pores on my nose. I saw an ad for a great product online, but the reviews on Amazon were not good. Plus, I'm careful about using chemicals or plant-based stuff on my sensitive skin.

Then, I found this product on Amazon that had really good ratings and was super cheap. I thought I had nothing to lose, so I tried it. And guess what? It worked! My skin got better right away - no more lines or big pores. And it didn't make me have an allergic reaction. I liked it so much that I bought another bottle for my daughter.

Using the stopper was easy for me. I put two small drops on my finger and spread it on my clean face and neck. When the bottle gets almost empty, I put the original top back on and store it upside down. The product goes to the top and I can still use it all.

Haylie L.

I don't really see any difference. It's not worth the money.

Michele W.

I really like using this moisturizer on my face every day. My skin is super sensitive, so I can only use all-natural stuff. This makes my skin feel moisturized without feeling greasy. I think it's even helping me look younger. I recently turned 45, but people always think I'm in my 20's. I use it along with sea buckthorn berry oil.

Dayana M.

This product is really good.

Wava S.

This facial product is really awesome!

Esther V.

This thing is really cool. It's super great and I love it. It's the best thing ever. I can't believe how awesome it is. I totally recommend it.

Yessenia R.

I really liked this thing, but when I wanted to buy it again, the price went from around $15.00 to around $95.00 for the same amount! That's really bad!

Estella S.

I really like this product and it makes my skin look awesome!

Kathryne D.

This is my second time buying from this company and I'm super happy with how they treat their customers. This product is awesome! I've been using it for almost a month and I can already see a big change in my pores. It's also making the little lines under my eyes and smile lines look better. I totally suggest getting this product.

Elissa F.

The shipping was really fast and the packing was good. I've been using this product for about 3 weeks now. At first, I tried using it in the morning under my moisturizer and foundation, but I didn't like how it felt when it got hot outside. It made my face feel heavy and most of my foundation came off. So, the next best thing was to use it at night. After I washed my face and patted it dry, I put on a few drops and then my moisturizer. That works much better, 100% better. My face has cleared up and my dark spots are going away! I'm so excited that I didn't give up and found a way that this product works for me :) I'm a big fan and I definitely recommend it to all my friends and family.

Viola C.

This bottle is really small. It won't last very long. It costs $15, which is too much for the amount you get. I heard that Dr. Oz says you can get it for $5 somewhere else. I've been using it for a week and I haven't seen any changes yet.

Irma J.

I haven't used it for a long time, but I kinda like how it feels on my skin.

Vincenza S.

This thing is pretty good until now.

Clinton M.

This product didn't do much for me. I didn't see any changes after using it.

Freeman R.

I use this stuff in the mornings before I put on makeup. It feels nice on my skin and doesn't make me break out, but I don't really see a change in my skin yet. My little lines and spots are still the same. Maybe I have to keep using it for a few months before I notice any difference. I'm gonna keep using it though because I like how it feels, even if it doesn't make my skin look better.

Haylee B.

I really like this serum. It makes my skin firmer and helps get rid of spots on my face. It also makes my skin super soft. I put it on before moisturizing and it really changes how my skin looks and feels.

Aron S.

after using this amazing lotion. It's like magic! I can't believe how smooth and silky my skin is now. I've tried many lotions before, but this one is by far the best. It's like a dream come true. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for soft and moisturized skin.

Elise L.

This product is one of the few things I've tried that actually works. It made the wrinkles on my hands go away and made my face look fresh. However, it didn't show any signs of increasing collagen on my hands.

Caroline S.

I've been using this serum for a few days now and I'm already seeing great results. Before, I tried other serums and creams that made my skin feel really tight, irritated, and dry, which is the opposite of what they were supposed to do. But with this serum, I put a little bit on my face and neck after washing my face. I really liked how smoothly it went on my skin. After waiting a bit, it made my skin feel a little sticky, so I put my moisturizer on top of it. I do this every night before bed and in the morning when I wake up. The next morning after using the serum for the first time, I noticed that my skin was incredibly smooth and soft. I was so happy because I usually have dry and flaky skin, but this serum pretty much fixed that overnight! It made my skin hydrated and healthy. I used to have uneven skin tones because I'm allergic to almost every product I've tried. But luckily, I wasn't allergic to this serum. It actually soothed my skin and reduced the redness in my cheeks, making my skin tone more even. Another good thing about this serum is that it smells really nice.

Myrtice R.

This stuff works good! It takes 'bout 15 minutes to start workin'. The cream is light and easy to put on. ; D

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