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Kaolin Clay Powder, 100 g

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$8.99 | 3.5 oz

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Clay has been used for skin care since the dawn of humankind. And for good reason -- it works! Kaolin, in particular, is a great clay for dry and sensitive skin as it is mild and pH neutral. It is a healing clay that detoxes and clears pores, absorbs excess oil, and gently exfoliates. This clay is also known as China clay (due to its use in porcelain production), kaolinite, arcilla blanca, arcilla para la cara, or white clay.

Our cosmetic Kaolin Clay is mined in England and processed to remove heavy metals naturally present in clays. Pure Body Natural's kaolin clay is lab tested to ensure that it does not contain measurable levels of lead and other contaminants. Kaolin Clay has hundreds of uses in skin cleansers, facial masks, scrubs, and soap making.

Here are a few of our favorite recipes:

Clay Detox Mask: Mix 1 tablespoon kaolin clay with 2 teaspoons of green tea (cooled), 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel and 2 drops of lavender essential oil. Apply to face with circular motions.

DIY Skin Cleanser: Mix 8 tablespoons of kaolin clay, 3 tablespoons apricot oil, 2 tablespoons castor oil, 7 drops of frankincense essential oil, 7 drops of helichrysum essential oil.

White Kaolin Clay Powder

Jake P.

My skin got really bad this winter, so I had to change all my products. But I also get pimples and oily skin, so I like to use a clay mask to clean my face well. To make it short, this is the only one that doesn't make my skin worse. It makes my skin feel nice and clean when I use it on my problem areas. I've bought it many times and will keep buying it. I tell everyone to try it.

Rosetta B.

I've bought this clay before, but this time it seems like it changed a lot. It's watery and doesn't spread well, no matter how much water you add. I won't buy it again.

Helena S.

This product makes my skin feel super clean!

Bernardo Q.

This thing works really good.

Tianna B.

This stuff spreads really well when you add water. Just a tip, don't mix it with apple cider vinegar. It works great and dries quickly. Overall, it's a really good product!

Leland B.

I got a cool brush for putting powder on my cards before embossing. It's a good deal for a lot of brushes. It doesn't have any extra stuff, so it's perfect for crafts.

Kendall J.

This mask doesn't clump like others! It's easy to take off and leaves your skin feeling moisturized!

Elmira F.

This stuff stops bleeding fast. Put it on a cut, wrap it or press a bandage on the cut, and depending on how bad it is, the bleeding stops in about a minute. It doesn't sting either.

Christophe B.

This soap works really good.

Josefina G.

This stuff is in my dry shampoo and I really like it. It's super easy to use and smells awesome.

Alene G.

Kaolin Clay made my hair feel moisturized and shiny, just like I wanted. But I thought it was a bit watery and didn't absorb into my hair as well as I expected. I'm used to a thicker clay. Mixing and spreading the clay in my hair was easy.

Jerel K.

This body butter is just perfect!

Hobart S.

This product is super easy and works really well. Kaolin is always better than bentonite.

Lauryn G.

This was perfect for my super sensitive dry skin. It left my skin with a nice glow and made it feel hydrated. I would recommend it if you have super sensitive skin like mine. No irritation at all!

Isadore P.

I dunno how it works on my veggie plants, not enough time yet.

Lessie W.

The color is nice. I used it for making soap.

Bryana K.

I was unsure about buying this because there were no reviews, but I ended up being happy with what I got. It was just like how it was described. I used it to make my own face cleansers. They didn't have any scent. The price might be a bit high considering the size, but I would still buy it again because it's a great product!

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