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Hair Gel for Men

Hair Styling Gel invigorates the scalp and enhances a fuller head of hair

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$9.95 | 4 oz

Discover key benefits of this product

Look Good. Feel Great. Get Noticed. Confidence is key, and Pure Body Naturals Hair Styling Gel will bring out your best hairstyle to achieve just that. Great for both boys and men, this men’s hair gel contains a blend of ingredients that your hair needs to keep your style looking neat and clean all day long. It offers ultimate control, a perfect solution for those with a more active lifestyle. Better yet, this hair gel for men is great for all hair types, the 4-ounce container is a perfect travel size to take these good looks and firm hold with you anywhere.

All day mess proof

Control and condition your hair with this nourishing hair gel that conditions, tames frizz, and leaves hair smooth and shiny. This natural hair gel is free from chemicals and adds fullness and shine without the plastics and silicones found in most styling gels.

How It Works

  • Pro-Vitamin B5 adds body & fullness to unruly or wiry hair
  • Formula shields hair from thermal styling and environmental damage
  • Natural Aloe conditions, softens and adds shine
  • Natural nutrients stimulate hair follicles

Start with a fingertip amount. Massage between fingers before raking through the hair, evenly distributing the gel for best hold. Use a comb to find your favored style, whether it’s a clean, professional style or an edgy, messy look.

Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Leaf Juice, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water, Phenoxyethanol, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Glycerin, Ethyl Alcohol (Alcohol), Ethyl Alcohol (Organic Alcohol), Carbomer, Triethanolamine (TEA), Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid

Aniya F.

This thing doesn't work so great. I had to use a bunch of it to make my hair stay put.

Phyllis T.

This product is really cheap. It's not the best quality, but it gets the job done. I bought it and it works fine. It's not the fanciest thing out there, but for the price, it's worth it.

Keenan B.

The price wasn't too bad. I didn't notice any problems with moisture, but it did have a smell like cheap beer. It wasn't very pleasant.

Candace G.

No la recomiendo.

Danielle K.

When I first tried this product, I was pretty happy with it. But then I noticed that it didn't keep my hair in place for very long. So now I have to use hairspray along with it to get better results. I was hoping to find something else that would work without hairspray. Oh well, I guess I'll have to keep looking for a better solution.

Estel H.

I thought it would be great, but I was really let down.

Addie K.

I sent it back to get my money back. My husband really didn't like this product. When he put a little bit on his hair, it made it look like he had a lot of dandruff. He doesn't have dandruff or any problems with his scalp. I don't think you should buy this product.

Nya K.

This product is not worth it because it is very small and expensive. Additionally, it does not hold well.

Vergie W.

This hair product makes your hair stay in place and it's made from natural ingredients. There are no harmful chemicals in it.

Burnice P.

Looking at the top reviews, most people want a mousse, but this product is not like that. I have short hair and this product adds weight without making my hair dusty. It means I can use it without washing my hair every day because it doesn't attract dirt. I was surprised by how conditioning it is. I only use a small amount, just dipping one finger in up to the first joint. There are many applications in the jar at that rate. When I apply it to dry hair, it gives me control without squishing my hair. If I use it on wet hair, it squishes my hair until it dries, and then I have a nice, well-controlled poof. What I really like is that it doesn't have any scent.

Alverta S.

This product is really good because it doesn't have all the bad stuff that the cheap stuff has.

Mattie K.

My hair is all wavy and thick, but this gel didn't hold it at all. The gel was all watery, and by the end of the day at work, my hair felt dry like I didn't even put anything on it.

Flavie C.

I'm giving this product a 2 because the ingredients are good, but the hold doesn't last long. After about 30 minutes, my hair falls in my eyes. I was really disappointed because some people said it had a strong hold, but that's not true based on my own experience. The price is also a problem. It's very expensive for a gel, and even though the ingredients are good for your hair, they're not organic. So, you're not getting much value for your money here.

Jermaine W.

This hair gel keeps my hair stiff for a really long time. Other gels used to give me headaches, but this one is so good that it doesn't have any smell and doesn't give me headaches. I definitely suggest trying it out.

Delphine D.

This hair gel is alright, but it's not fragrance free (it has a little alcohol smell) and it doesn't have a strong hold.

Liana D.

This hair gel keeps my thin hair in place all day long and doesn't make my scalp itchy like other gels I've tried.

Anabel P.

This thing doesn't keep your hair in place like it's supposed to.

Brennon F.

This product makes your hair shiny and smooth. It's a great gel.

Josephine K.

My wife uses this stuff to tame her frizzy hair that likes to go everywhere. It doesn't really have a strong smell and it holds her hair in place without making it all stiff like hair gel does.

Bridget P.

I really like this product because it keeps my hair straight up all day without making my scalp or head itchy. It's a bit expensive and there's not a lot in the jar, though. Before, I used a gel called Alba Botanica Advanced Strong Hold Gel, but they don't make it anymore. Then I tried Free & Clear Hair Styling Gel for Sensitive Skin, but it made my hair feel dry. Right now, I'm using a gel from FRAGFRE, and I think it's just as good as this one but way cheaper.

Christopher H.

My husband is really picky about hair products because he doesn't like strong smells. He's been searching for a long time for a product that can control frizz in humid weather and keep his hairstyle in place. Unfortunately, this product didn't work for him. It doesn't have a smell, which is good, but it doesn't hold his style at all. When he put it on, his hair looked a little wet for about half an hour, but as soon as he went outside, the wind blew it away. It was like he didn't use anything on his hair.

I have thin, straight hair, and I think this product is okay for protecting hair from heat when blow drying. It makes my hair really soft after I blow dry it. But it's not good for styling at all. The jar says it has a "strong hold," but it should really say "no hold."

Ralph R.

This product is really awesome! It's super cool and works really well. I love it so much and would totally recommend it to everyone. It's the best thing ever!

Lina H.

"Light Hold" is a better way to describe it. I like that it doesn't have a smell and has mostly good ingredients. But, it's missing something important - a hold agent or copolymer that other hair products usually have. I won't be buying it.

Colt M.

This product doesn't hold very strong, but it's made from natural ingredients.

Gudrun H.

They say it's organic, so it gotta be true. Yeah, it's pricey, but I keep buying it - so it gotta be good. Keep using that gel!

Dane R.

I tried using pure aloe gel instead of my chemical hair gel, but it didn't hold my hair well. This gel has a little bit of hold, which is better than plain aloe gel and it doesn't have any bad chemicals. Thumbs up for sure!

Al L.

This stuff works pretty good, but it's not like super strong hold, more like just good hold. So if you want something super strong, this ain't it! Plus, it costs $16 which is too much. The container isn't very big and you'll use it up pretty fast.

Zella D.

This product is great because it doesn't have any smell! It's really simple to use and it gets the job done!

Kadin W.

I really like this gel, it works awesome!

Lacy H.

This stuff works really good. I usually gotta use a super thick paste to keep my hair in place, but this keeps it lookin' nice and fresh all day long.

Mittie G.

This product is rated a 4 out of 5 for its strong hold. But, it does make your hair feel greasy.

Mose B.

This product is really good. I like it a lot. It works well and does what it's supposed to do. I would recommend it to others.

Michelle C.

I'd buy it again. Our kid really liked it.

Corine B.

This thing is really cool. It's awesome. I love it. It's great. I use it all the time. It's the best. I recommend it.

Brianne D.

This thing lasts for 'bout three hours.

Kara W.

This gel is great if you only want it to last for a couple of hours. After some wind or about 2 hours, the kids' hair doesn't look like they have gel in it anymore. This is good if you don't want to wash your kids' hair every day, which isn't healthy. I give it 4 stars because it's a nice gel and 100% natural. It only misses 1 star because it doesn't hold for a very long time. I wouldn't use it for picture day because by the time they take pictures, your hard work in the morning would be gone. But if they are with you all day and you don't mind putting more gel on, it's perfect.

Adela C.

My kid wanted gel for his hair. It keeps his hairstyle in place and doesn't make it look all flaky. It's great because it doesn't have any smell, which is awesome for someone in our house who gets migraines.

Antonina D.

This product is really good.

Rosemary U.

This product is really good. It keeps your hair in place all day and doesn't leave any sticky or leftover stuff.

Nikita N.

My fiancé liked this gel because it didn't make their hair feel hard and crispy. It's a nice product and lasted well throughout the day.

Santos M.

I love these so much, I order them all the time. They're my absolute favorite!

Carmel S.

This hair gel is the best I've tried. I've only tested three so far, but this one is definitely the winner.

Jordan H.

This thing is awesome!

Cassie W.

This gel only keeps your hair in place for a little while. It feels nice and doesn't make your hair look bad, but it doesn't work well.

Gaylord R.

I wanted the hold to be stronger for a medium. This product is really good overall.

Anais B.

This product is really good! It doesn't leave any residue and has a pretty decent hold.

Delilah R.

This stuff is awesome! I have curly, frizzy hair that I keep short and comb back in waves. I was tired of using thick pomades like Suavecito and Layrite because they are hard to put in your hair and stay there until you wash them out completely. But this gel is different. It holds my hair in place really well, and it doesn't have any smell. Surprisingly, my hair feels softer ever since I started using it. I can even sleep with this gel in my hair and wake up without feeling greasy. Plus, it doesn't make my hair flake either.

Barbara N.

They did good, but they made my hair all clumped together and it kinda messes it up for me. But once you get what you want, I think they will last a long time.

Mariah H.

This hair product is the only one I use now. I buy it every month because it's cheap and works really well. My barber used to sell me something called "Layrite" and it never worked on my hair. I've also tried American Crew, Wax, and Gentlemen Republic, but I had to use a lot to keep my hair down. With this product, I just use a little bit and it does the job.

Update 12/27/17: I have to change my rating from 5 stars to 3 because of the price. It used to be a good deal when it was $10, but now it's almost $6 more and not worth it. They should have at least given us more product, but it's still only 4 ounces, which will only last about a month. I don't like spending $200 a year on hair gel.

Rebeka H.

This product is really, really good.

Lynn K.

This thing works like it says. I like it better if it had a bottle or pump on top, but it still does the job.

Brooke K.

It came on time. Works awesome. Really good product.

Margot R.

I saw that it says it's for men, but I'm a woman with frizzy curly hair and it works really well on my frizz and flyaways! I really like this hair gel for many reasons. First, it's a clear gel that doesn't feel sticky or greasy and it holds my hair in place really well. It doesn't make my hair look hard or oily. It's made with natural ingredients, so it doesn't leave any flaky residue like some other products do. It doesn't have any fake smells, which makes it good for both boys and girls. It also protects your hair from heat and the environment. I can even run my fingers through my hair without it feeling heavy or sticky. It also controls my hair and makes it feel really soft, maybe because it has organic aloe as the main ingredient. I really love this hair gel! It's like a mix of the best pomade and hair gel. I got a discount for giving an honest opinion, but that didn't change my opinion or rating. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite things I've bought.

Florence G.

My husband and 8-year-old son really like this product. It lasts all day and is easy to wash out.

Estrella A.

This hair gel is great for boys who want spikey hair. It comes in a 4 oz container and you only need a little bit to make your hair spikey. It's made with natural ingredients and doesn't leave any sticky residue. It's good for all hair types and is easy to use. My son actually asked me to do his hair all week because he liked how it looked. It's not too hard like other gels, which he doesn't like. We will buy this again in the future. I received this product for free or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest opinion.

Joshuah K.

I really like how it keeps your hair in one spot.

Eloisa F.

This thing works really well!

Faye K.

This hair gel is perfect for my family. It doesn't make our hair dry and it helps keep our curls intact.

Alexys S.

I got this Pure Body Styling Gel for my teenage son because he really wants his spiky hair to stay in place all day long! He liked that it smelled minty and was easy to wash off his hands. Usually, he has to use a lot of gel every day to keep his thick hair in place. But with Pure Body Styling Gel, he only needed a little bit and his hair stayed styled all day! He was even able to keep his hair in place when his friends tried to mess it up. As a mom, I was happy to see that it didn't leave any white flakes in his hair after he washed it. We're both really happy with how well this gel worked. And now that he knows he doesn't need to use as much, it will save us money too! Just so you know, I got this product at a lower price in exchange for my honest opinion.

Cierra H.

My husband really likes it. Smells great and holds really well too.

Mariano B.

It's just okay, nothing too fancy. I wouldn't get it. The hold wasn't strong enough.

Hilton W.

The jar is smaller than I thought but the product is awesome! It makes your hair look really nice and doesn't make it flake.

Marisa L.

My husband really likes this hair gel. It works great!

Jamarcus A.

I got this thing for my husband. He always uses cheap gel from the dollar store, so I decided to try this one. He said it works really well and he really likes it! It holds his hair nicely and doesn't feel hard when it dries. He also likes that it's all-natural. I'll buy it again for him. Note: I got this product for a lower price in exchange for my opinion.

Janiya C.

This hair gel is all natural and doesn't make your hands sticky. It's clear and has a little smell. You only need a little bit and it keeps your hair in place all day! It's easy to wash out and doesn't leave anything behind. Overall, it's a great natural hair gel. I got it at a lower price in exchange for giving my honest opinion.

Sim K.

This product works really well for my husband! He uses gel in his hair, so I bought this for him to try because it's all natural and doesn't have any harmful chemicals. It's definitely like gel, kind of like aloe. It doesn't have a smell. It goes on easily into his hair and holds the shape well. It doesn't make his hair look greasy, wet, or crunchy, and he likes that. When he washed his hair, it came out easily and didn't leave any residue. He has used it for the past few days, and there's still no residue after using it multiple times. He really likes this product, and I'll buy it again once he finishes this bottle! I got this product at a lower price in exchange for my honest review.

Jaunita D.

This hair gel works really well. It keeps your hair in place and doesn't make it look dry or flaky. My husband tried a different product and it made his hair flake and was really hard to hold. But this gel keeps his hair in place without making it too hard or flaky.

Dustin Graham

I am always looking for something that will give me a good hold, without making my hair feel entirely like plastic, but holds well, and doesn't make my hair feel dead after its out. This gel does all three better than anything else that I've tried. Very satisfied with this gel!

Velda N.

I really like this product and will definitely buy it again. It's great because it's all-natural and actually does what it says it will do. I've told my friends about it and they're really excited to give it a try too. I got this product at a discounted price in exchange for writing a review.

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