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Lemon Essential Oil

100% pure and natural

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Lemon Essential Oil is one of the most powerful anti-microbial essential oils, and also one of the most versatile and widely used.

$8.95 | 1 fl oz

Discover key benefits of this product

Lemon Essential Oil is among the most popular essential oils, known for it's clean and vibrant aroma. As an aromatherapy essential oil for diffusers, Lemon Essential Oil helps uplift and energize your mood, while also providing a boost to the immune system.

Other Lemon Essential Oil uses:

  • Add 2-3 drops to your laundry to give it a natural lemony-clean aroma.
  • Add 20 drops of Lemon Essential Oil and 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil to an 8 oz spray bottle, and use as a natural household disinfectant.
  • Add 5-10 drops to an essential oil diffuser to help alleviate headaches and fevers.
  • Add 2-3 drops to your laundry to give it a natural lemony-clean aroma.
  • Add 20 drops of Lemon Essential Oil and 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil to an 8 oz spray bottle, and use as a natural household disinfectant.
  • Add 5-10 drops to an essential oil diffuser to help alleviate headaches and fevers.

Lemon (Citrus Medica Limonum) Peel Oil

Thalia B.

I can only smell the lemon scent if I get really close to the bottle. I got this for my lemon potpourri in a bowl, but it doesn't smell when I sprinkle it on top.

Kristy N.

This is a great deal and it works really well in my rainbow diffuser air cleaner.

Deanna O.

This lemon smell is really nice. It doesn't smell fake. I love it! You can use it to feel better or as a spray for a room.

Leilani T.

I used vinegar Windex and it didn't have any smell. I added more and it still didn't have any smell.

Greta K.

This lemon smell isn't too strong.

Dena R.

This smells so clean and like lemons! It's great for putting a few drops on the vacuum cleaner filter to make the air smell fresh while you vacuum.

Valerie J.

I really like this product! I use it with a grape essential oil called "Rainbow Abby" (not grape seed oil). The mix is great for your skin. It helps lighten dark spots and moisturizes a lot! The product arrived in just 2 days. I love it!

Precious C.

This thing smells really good.

Aida H.

This product ain't as strong as it used to be. It's not like before. I don't think it's pure anymore. It's not 100% happy face.

Jenifer W.

I didn't like it at all. The bottle I got was empty, with no liquid or smell.

Candace W.

I tried this thing in my fridge with baking soda to get rid of stinky lemon smells.

Moshe R.

This thing wasn't very good. I won't buy it again. I didn't really like anything about it.

Cali B.

Este producto no huele. Es muy malo. Además, no aceptan devoluciones si no funciona. No compren esta esencia.

Jolie K.

This thing did what it was supposed to do.

Ines D.

This lemon smell is awesome! It doesn't smell like cleaning stuff, which I really like.

Dimitri F.

This product is a great deal because it's the right size and price. And the best part is, it smells like fresh lemons!

Pearl R.

The lemon smell is awesome... but it doesn't stick around for long. If it's supposed to be strong, why does it go away so fast? I got the peppermint and lavender oils too, and they last way longer and can make my whole living room and hallway smell nice. I really like the smell of fresh lemons, but I wish it would stay longer.

Deborah F.

I'm gonna use this stuff with my cleaners for mopping and washing clothes.

Althea V.

I accidentally dropped it without the lid when it came. Now my house smells super strong like lemons.

Creola H.

I got this thing to make my clothes smell nice, and it works really well!

Pamela O.

I got it today and it smells so good! I have it in my EO diffuser.

Everardo R.

I really like this brand of essential oils. This lemon one is awesome for using in diffusers or making your own cleaning stuff.

Katharina C.

I'll never buy this brand again, like, ever.

Marietta M.

I wanted to love this so much! The smell was awesome, but whenever I mixed it with something else, it made my face break out in a rash. So, I had to throw it away. But that's just what happened to me.

Enos J.

This thing doesn't smell like lemons.

Dorris O.

This smell isn't very strong, gonna try a different brand.

Magdalen O.

Make sure you check how much you'll get in ounces for all brands that show this big bottle size. The product smells strong, but not very lemony. I think it has something called Iso-E Super, which makes the fragrance stronger.

Kitty S.

This smells really good!

Leta T.

This thing smells kinda fake to me.

Joanne H.

I really like it! The size is just right for my diffuser. The smell is fresh and makes the area feel clean. I bought lemon and lavender for my house and another lavender for my office.

Frida B.

This thing doesn't smell good.

Mylene K.

This lemon is so fresh and crispy... It's an amazing product!

Dasia B.

I really like this product!

Amalia L.

Don't be tricked by the picture of a different size.

Khalid C.

This product is really good considering its price.

Scarlett C.

This thing smells really good!

Vicky W.

I really like lemon oil. I use it in a diffuser to make the air clean and fresh, and it also makes me feel happy. It's been great for me. I even mixed it with peppermint and used it on a long plane ride to stop feeling sick, and it worked really well. I also heard that putting lemon oil on your back can lower a fever. I didn't believe it until my daughter got a fever from an ear infection and we didn't have any children's medicine. But it worked! I will definitely always have lemon oil in my collection of essential oils.

Victoria V.

This product is really good. It works well and does what it's supposed to do. I like it a lot and would recommend it to others.

Alex H.

I put a few drops of this stuff with other oils on my skin before I go to sleep. It's pretty strong, so remember to mix it with another oil. I really like how it smells and it makes my skin look better.

Litzy B.

This oil is awesome. I use it in my laundry to make it smell nice with my unscented detergent. The bottle is big for the price and it smells really good. I've mixed it with a famous brand of wild orange oil in my diffuser, and the lemon smell is stronger than the orange. Everyone should try it in their diffuser. It's definitely the best lemon oil I've ever tried. It passed the purity test and smells amazing.

Valentine O.

I didn't like it. It's not exactly like Doterra. You should know that cheap oils aren't safe. Only Doterra has good quality oils.

Emelie G.

I really like essential oils! They can do a lot of different things and are good for your health. But my favorite thing about lemon oil is that it can get rid of crayon, marker, and SHARPIE marks from places they shouldn't be. Did you know that? My daughter sometimes colors on the wall, and even a magic eraser doesn't work. But lemon oil does! It also smells really good and can make your garbage disposal and garbage can smell better. Lemon oil in water can even help clean your liver after a night of drinking. It smells amazing and you only need a little bit!

Everette G.

Lemon oil is a must-have for your collection of essential oils at home! I use it for lots of different things. Pure Body Naturals has a whole bunch of essential oils that you can use every day. I use the lemon oil for cleaning, making the air smell nice, putting in lotions and soaps, and even making scrubs. When you put it in a diffuser, the room smells like sweet lemon, which is really refreshing. If you mix it with other natural stuff (not chemicals), you can use it as a cleaner that won't hurt your pets or kids. If you want to put it directly on your skin, it's a good idea to mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil. The bottle of lemon oil is 1 fluid ounce and it has a dropper so you can use it easily. It lasts a long time and I keep finding new ways to use it when I look on Pinterest or Google. It even helps get rid of bad smells on towels, especially if you go to the gym or have pets.

Marina W.

I thought this oil would be stronger, but it still works in cleaning stuff. I have to use more of it than other oils though. I've used it with baking soda to get rid of smells and it works. I also mixed it with sweet orange oil and vinegar water to mop the floor and it worked. I even made an air freshener with alcohol and water using this oil. It's a pretty good oil!

Audra W.

This product is not very strong.

Caden M.

I got my own bath and body stuff, and I always need good oils! This Lemon Essential oil is great! I totally suggest it! Lemon oil can be used for lots of things like cleaning and making things pure, helping with bad breath, helping with digestion, quenching thirst, helping with belly pain, stopping coughs, calming the stomach and stopping feeling sick, helping with absorbing food, making digestion better, making skin healthy, and helping with losing weight. Dr. Axe knows all about it. If you want good stuff and lots of it, this brand is the one to get!

Winnifred R.

I really like it.

Mayra D.

I really like essential oils and this scent is great! It's perfect for cleaning or making body scrubs.

Kathleen H.

This smells so good! The oil is really good quality. Pure Body Naturals makes really good natural stuff. I really love their products.

Bettye S.

It smells so good!

Sarah B.

This thing is alright for small bottles of 1-2 essential oils, but it might not work well for mixing different oils together since it's too tiny. I gave it 4 stars because the little thing that controls the oil flow doesn't work for me.

Ivory P.

This little bottle... and the lemon smell is hardly there.. Won't buy more.

Aracely J.

This thing tastes a bit weird, and I don't really like it.

Lera W.

I really like this oil.

Christy L.

I don't know if I got the wrong one or something, but when I opened the box, it was a really small oil, not like the big ones in the picture. I'm really mad.

Madonna S.

I really like the smell of lemon, it's one of my favorites. It smells like lemon candy, not lemonade or lemon juice. When I smell it, I think of lemon drops, which are a little tart and a little sweet. The oil comes in a brown glass bottle with two caps, a regular one and a dropper. The brown glass keeps the oil safe from sunlight. The label on the bottle is strong and colorful, and it makes me feel warm and happy. I use this oil to clean my kitchen and I also put it in my humidifier, candles, and body mists.

Kristin J.

I use essential oils every day and this lemon one is awesome. I like using it to make cleaning stuff with lemon. It helps get rid of grease and smells really good.

Aurelia D.

This thing works awesome in water or when you spread it out!

Bethany M.

I really love essential oils and think they can help everyone. I got the lemon essential oil to help with coughs and cleaning. Lemon essential oil has lots of different uses. It's great if you want to avoid chemicals in your food, medicine, or cleaning stuff.

Aida U.

This oil is great for our home. I use it a lot when I clean and it makes the rooms smell nice. It lasts for a few days and people have even asked about the nice smell. The container is a good size for the price and it's easy to use with the dropper.

Izaiah S.

I really liked this lemon oil. I've been cleaning my house with vinegar, but adding a few drops of lemon oil to my cleaning spray has made it work really well. It's nice to have a more natural cleaning spray instead of the ones that can be bad for kids and pets. I've also tried putting a few drops in my tea and it tastes good. I'm still figuring out all the things I can do with this oil, but I'm really happy with it so far!

Deion S.

It smells good, but not super amazing.

Wilhelmine H.

I really like this Le one essential oil. I've used it to make my own cleaners and garbage disposal rinse. It smells really strong and makes things clean. It's easy to use and there's a lot of it. If you use oils, you should definitely get it.

Janet K.

I really like this oil because it has many different uses! You can put it in the air to make it smell nice and fresh. It's also great for cleaning your house without using any chemicals. You can mix it with water and use it to clean your countertops, mop the floors, or make your bathroom fixtures shiny. The company even sends you an email with a file that has lots of ideas for how to use it. I never knew there were so many ways to use this oil!

Elouise G.

I'm new to essential oils, but I knew I had to have Lemon in my collection. I use Lemon a lot and I love how it makes my home smell clean. Lemon is a must-have for any collection. I was also really impressed with the product I bought for the price. I've tried cheaper oils before and I was always disappointed because they were diluted and ran out quickly. Now, I've ordered a few more oils from Pure Body Naturals and I plan to keep adding to my collection.

Muriel L.

I got the lemon oil for my defuser and I really like it. My whole house smells great now. I think everyone with a defuser should try this oil.

Madilyn B.

This lemon oil is really strong. I like putting a drop in my cleaning stuff because it smells good and kills germs. Just one drop in the mop water makes the floors shiny and gives a nice smell. If you put a few drops in a thing that makes smells in the kitchen or living room, the whole house smells like springtime. That's great because it's winter in Ohio and I have more than one dog (yucky wet dog smell!).

Jana C.

I got some oils, and this one is my fave. I really like how it smells all fresh and clean. You can use it for lots of stuff, but I mostly use it for cleaning. I keep it by my washing machine and put a few drops in my water for every load. It comes with a dropper, so it's easy to use. I totally suggest getting this. It really helps you think clearly and smells super good.

Michaela S.

This lemon oil smells really good! I like citrus smells, so I've tried a lot of them and this one is really good. It smells fresh and clean, and a little sweet too. It doesn't have a strong smell like some other lemon oils. I like using it to make my own cleaning products because it leaves a great smell. I also add a little bit to my facial oil mix because it smells so nice and it's good for my skin too. I would definitely buy this again.

Tyra H.

I've tried lots of oils like now, doterra, young living, and some others from the healthy food store. The pure body naturals oils are just as good, maybe even better, than the others I've tried. They smell really nice and are good quality. The pure body natural essential oils are priced fairly, so they're a great deal for beginners and experienced users. I definitely recommend these oils!

Dasia O.

I got this thing because people said it was good - maybe I got a bad one, but it stinks so bad that I can't use it. I had to wash my fingers after trying it because the smell was so gross. It doesn't smell like lemon at all. It's more like burnt bacon or something super strange. It makes me feel sick. I hope I can give it back, otherwise I'll have to throw it away as dangerous stuff.

Lauriane K.

Once again, this oil brand did a great job. The lemon oil works really well and smells really strong and nice. I used it to make a blend for allergies and it worked really well. I've tried lots of different brands, but this oil is really good for using in diffusers and making bath products.

Deborah W.

I really like the smell and how good it is, but I thought it would be 4 oz like in the picture. It's actually only 1 oz. I've noticed this with a lot of sellers who sell essential oils, they put a picture of a 4 oz bottle but it's actually only 1 oz. I'm new to essential oils, but now I know to be careful.

Alice W.

I use this stuff to make my house smell good. I put a few drops in my cleaning stuff. It works really well.

Krystina W.

I've been using oils for more than a year, and lemon is my favorite. I dropped my lemon bottle by mistake and it spilled everywhere, so I needed to find more in a big amount. This one is awesome. It smells really good when I put it in a diffuser, and it works well in the soaps I make for dishes and laundry. The smell stays for a long time, and the size is perfect if you use it a lot like me.

Leatha G.

I got this oil for my diffuser. Even when I use 2 whole droppers, you can't smell the lemon scent. So disappointing!

Valentine V.

I really like the smell of this oil. Lemon oil smells good and makes me feel awake. I put it in my machine that makes the room smell nice, and I also use it when I clean. It works really well for cleaning and leaves a nice smell. Sometimes, I even put it in my homemade bath salts. You can use essential oils for many things, but you need to do some research and think about it first.

Adaline F.

Lemon oil is really good for you. I put it in my kitchen to make it smell nice and clean. This oil is really good and doesn't cost too much. I like the dropper because it helps me use just the right amount of oil.

Joelle G.

This stuff smells awesome and is super easy to use. It makes everything smell fresh and clean. I like to put it in my diffuser to make the whole house smell amazing, or I use it to clean my kitchen counters. The dropper makes it easy to use just the right amount. It's a really great product!

Lorine F.

Lemon oil is super useful! I enjoy making my own cleaners and using a few drops of this for a nice, clean scent. It even removes sticky stuff from those Target stickers that stick to my kids' clothes.

Diana H.

I really like using home cleaning products because they work better. I don't like that some of the products you have to use smell really bad, like vinegar and isopropyl alcohol. I miss the nice smell after cleaning. This lemon essential oil has the strongest scent I've ever used. It smells amazing! I use it on all the surfaces in my house. My favorite is using it on the wood because it looks so amazing.

Verona B.

Lemon Oil is awesome for lots of stuff. The price and size of this product is a really good deal and totally worth the money!

Alfreda P.

This oil is really good. I like to add it to my cleaner for extra help and a nice smell. I really like the dropper it comes with. When I got it, the lid on the dropper was loose, but I don't use it so it didn't matter. The dropper is great because it makes it easier to control how much you use. I tried using it in my diffuser, but I didn't like it as much. It left a film in there. But overall, I would buy it again.

Emilia B.

Whenever I get oil from this company, I'm always impressed. Their customer service is great and their oil is top-notch. This lemon oil is so cool. I use it in my diffuser, drink it, and even put it in my cleaning stuff! I just can't get enough of it!

Elsie B.

This lemon oil is super strong! Lemon oil can be used in lots of ways! I mostly use it to clean my house, which does two things: it kills germs and makes my home smell fresh and happy.

Efren F.

The Lemon Essential Oil from Pure Body Naturals is awesome. I really like how the Lemon oil isn't too strong! I put it in my oil diffuser and also in vinegar with some lemon peels when I clean my house. I've tried a few other Lemon Essential oils, but this one is my favorite. I'll definitely be getting more from Pure Body Naturals next time.

Bertha H.

I really like how this one smells when I put it in the kitchen. The house smells like citrus and clean! I also used a few drops of this lemon oil to clean sticky stuff off the Christmas presents. The package, glass jar, and dropper are all really good quality and would make a nice gift. I'm starting to really like essential oils.

Orland C.

This lemon oil smells good and clean. Pure Body Naturals makes awesome stuff, I've tried a bunch of their oils already. I really like them. I've been using this lemon oil with my laundry soap. It makes my clothes smell amazing and it helps get rid of grease. I think you should try it!

Alvah C.

I've been studying essential oils and what they can do for about a year now. This Lemon Oil is great for my diffuser because it makes me feel happier and makes my home smell nice and fresh. I even add a few drops to my garbage disposal when I use it to make it smell clean. I really like using this Lemon Oil and I plan to keep using it. If you want your house to smell clean and fresh, I suggest trying this Lemon Oil.

Dessie W.

This oil is really awesome. You only need a little bit for a strong scent and for cleaning. I made a wood cleaner with this and my cabinets look really healthy. My kitchen smells clean and nice. It also smells really good when I mix it with other oils and use it in my diffuser.

Shyann V.

This oil smells amazing! It reminds me of lemon peel more than the actual lemon, but it smells really good! I like using it for aromatherapy instead of using it directly on my skin because my skin is very sensitive. If you want to use it on your skin, it's best to mix it with Jojoba oil or grape seed oil. I really like the light scent it has and I think the fresh lemony smell can make you feel happier.

Magnolia S.

This oil comes with its own dropper (yay!) and has been awesome for making homemade cleaners. It has a nice, light smell. It's not too strong. I'm gonna buy this again!

Loraine M.

This product is awesome! It comes in a really good package. I like that the dropper is made of glass and it's included. You can use this oil in many different ways. It's a really good deal for the price!

Thelma W.

I really like using the Lemon EO in my diffuser. It makes my house smell awesome and fresh. The smell stays around for a long time. I'm excited to try it as a natural cleaner. I have dogs at home and I want to use more natural stuff when I clean to make the air better.

Sydnee Z.

I really like lemon oil, and this one is really good! I like using it in the diffuser because it makes the house smell really nice and clean. Lemon oil is also great for cleaning things naturally. It's a really good oil and it's not too expensive.

Maybelle N.

This thing is a good size. It's not too big or too small. It's just right.

Isabelle R.

This lemon oil is the best I've found! It has a strong scent and smells really good!

Samantha L.

This oil is a great addition to any collection. I use it with water to make my all-purpose cleaner and it smells amazing. I also enjoy using it in my diffuser.

Alia M.

This lemon oil doesn't really smell like lemon. I've bought lots of essential oils before, and this one is the worst. It's very oily and doesn't seem pure. Next time, I'll buy from a different company.

Melody W.

This essential oil is really cool because it's not too expensive. It smells super good. I'm really excited to use it in my diffuser. I totally think you should give it a try.

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