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Frankincense Essential Oil, 1 fl oz

100% pure and natural

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Frankincense Essential Oil is among the most widely used and ancient of essential oils, commonly used via aromatherapy to enhance spiritual and meditative practice like yoga, or to simply relax and create a tranquil environment.

$9.95 | 1 fl oz

Discover key benefits of this product

Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia Serrata) is commonly used via aromatherapy to create enhanced spiritual and meditative experiences, via its earthy and uplifting aroma that grounds and empowers. Frankincense is among the most ancient of essential oils, considered holy in the Middle East, and documented as early as 1500 BC. Frankincense has a woody but sweet aroma that promotes a relaxing and tranquil environment.

Frankincense Oil is known for its many benefits including stress relief, sleep aid, skin care, face care, and more. It can be used with an essential oil diffuser as well as topically for certain applications. It is the perfect addition to any yoga practice. If using topically, be sure to blend with a carrier oil like Almond or Fractionated Coconut.

Directions:  The hardest part about using Frankincense is spelling it right -- frankenscent, frankensence, frankinscense, francensence, frakensense.  However you choose to spell it, here are some treat recipes to consider.

Stress relief:  Use in an aromatherapy diffuser or apply topically by blending 2-3 drops with 1 teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil and rubbing on neck, chest, or temples.

Sleep aid:  Use Frankincense Essential Oil in an aromatherapy diffuser before bed to help relax your body and mind, leading to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Itch Relief:  Frankincense Oil is a great overall skin tonic. Blend 3-4 drops of frankincense oil with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil. Apply this blend to itchy areas like bug bites, eczema, and sunburn.

Reduce Wrinkle Appearance: Frankincense oil has been widely known to reduce the appearance of skin wrinkles and promote a healthy complexion. Blend 3-4 drops of Frankincense oil with 1 teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil and apply topically to affected areas using a cotton ball 2-3 times per week.

  • THE PERFECT SIZE - Our 1 fl oz size is perfect for your aromatherapy diffuser and skincare recipes
  • A RICH RELAXING AROMA - A woody, earthy scent with a honey-like sweetness, perfect for aromatherapy
  • AN EFFECTIVE SKIN TONIC - when diluted, provides itch relief and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • LAB TESTED - verified by an independent lab to be undiluted, pure and genuine
  • BY PURE BODY NATURALS - Gluten free, Vegan, Not tested on animals, bottled in the USA
  • Apply 5-10 drops to your essential oil diffuser to create a relaxing and tranquil environment.
  • Add a few drops to a hot bath for a relaxing and therapeutic bath soak.
  • The next time you have a cough, inhale Frankincense through a diffuser, which acts as an anti-inflammatory making it easier to breathe.

100% pure Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia Serrata)

Giovanna B.

I didn't like the smell.

Gennaro K.

This thing is awesome! It's like the best thing ever. I love it so much. It's really cool and works really well. I use it all the time and it never lets me down. I would totally recommend it to everyone. It's just so good.

Makayla P.

This oil is really good and the price is great.

Ariane A.

This Frankincense oil doesn't smell much. It's best to spend more money and get a higher quality one.

Merlin M.

This stuff smells good, but the smell goes away fast once you take it out of the bottle.

Willow M.

It's really tough to find the real stuff, and this product doesn't quite measure up.

Gabrielle K.

This thing really helps with my neck and knee pain. It has a strong smell.

Crystel K.

This frankincense is the best I've found! It smells so good and has a wonderful scent! It's my favorite for when I want to relax. I use it a lot!

Eden F.

This thing smells really nice.

Akeem S.

This Frankincense Oil is super weak, kinda smells like turpentine and a little bit like incense. Not a big surprise considering how cheap it is.

Annabell S.

I really like frankincense, but this stuff smells really bad and I can't use it for anything. I'm not sure if oils can go bad? It smells like cleaning stuff or bleach or alcohol. It says I can't return it because it can catch fire easily, which I believe. Maybe I can use it to start a fire in the outdoor fire pit.

Gus L.

This frankincense stuff smells really bad compared to the awesome semi sweet-smelling Frankincense oil I bought earlier. I'd avoid it and get a better quality product for sure!

Zachariah S.

I really like how this product works. It has a nice smell too.

Tamara D.

I thought this oil would be a good, cheaper option compared to the expensive "therapeutic grade" oils. But I was wrong. I wanted a pure oil to add a nice scent to lotions and hair products, with a little bit of a medicinal smell. But this oil seems to be mixed with something and it smells weird. I'm worried it might even be spoiled. I wish I could say something positive, but it was a waste of money.

Kaela H.

I got frankincense from PBN and By Faith Oils - the second one is way better. This one smells bad, like it's old or burnt. The smell is gross, and it doesn't really do much when I put it on my skin. I don't suggest this brand of oils, but at least they don't seem to have anything weird going on with them.

Fanny C.

I really liked how it smelled in my diffuser.

Amelie M.

This product is the best I've ever used for making my nails stronger!

Kareem R.

I bought something from Pure Body Naturals for the first time and I'm really happy about it. The packaging was awesome and done carefully, and the smell is really nice. I'm really happy with what I bought.

Hubert T.

The bottle ain't even half full, and the oil leaked when I got it.

Ashlynn D.

This oil works well. It smells really bad though. So I only use it in a diffuser and mix it with other oils that hide the smell. I only use 1 drop or else my room smells bad. But that's just how real Frankincense oil smells; there's nothing you can do about it. But I found a way to solve it. The oil has many good uses.

Mattie R.

I really like how this smells. Finally, I could buy frankincense without spending too much money!

Luella S.

This smell is one of my favorites. It was packaged really good and came in perfect shape.

Mittie K.

I was kinda let down because I wear Frankence every day and this product didn't have a sweet smell like I expected. It also doesn't last very long and it's kinda runny instead of thick like I'm used to.

Hellen Q.

My friend said this stuff helped her pain, so I tried it. It really works for sore muscles and arthritis pain.

Rosalia R.

Got it on time, packaged really good. Smelled a bit different than I expected. I put some oil in a candle, let it mix and cool, and when I lit it, the top caught fire. So maybe I won't use it for candles, but the bottle and dropper are worth the money, so it's alright.

Zoe O.

This bottle of essential oil is really big and it smells just like frankincense! It's similar to Young Living and I think their essential oils are really good quality!

Maritza N.

I really like the smell and how the bottle looks, that's why I picked it. But when it arrived, all the stuff inside had leaked out into the package. Now the bottle is empty and useless to me.

Cristobal K.

I really like it. I use it in my diffuser a bunch!

Teresa L.

I got this for my skin care routine and didn't see any changes, but it smells nice. It would be good for using in an oil diffuser.

Kristina S.

This oil is really good for keeping your health in check.

Andreanne M.

There's not much to say, but it didn't smell that good. I'd give it two and a half stars if I could.

Neha K.

I didn't expect this and I've bought pure frankincense oil from other brands before, but none of them smelled as bad as this one. I usually love wearing frankincense, but not this time. Even when mixed with carrier oil, it still smells bad. I don't think you should get this product.

Marian Z.

This product is pretty good considering the price and smell. It reminds me of the scent you'd find in a rainforest, like the fresh earth in a deep forest. I use it with my new essential oil diffuser. However, I can only really smell it when I'm close to it.

Hollie S.

This oil is really good quality. I would totally buy it again.

Rosie O.

I've been having so much fun making natural bath and beauty stuff for my fam and friends. I've been getting all kinds of smells and gotta say, Frankincense is one of my faves! I also love how it's connected to the Bible! It's a cool way to give a gift and share the Bible with someone you care about!

Marlene L.

This product didn't smell like I thought it would, but I learned that there are different kinds of frankincense. This one isn't the fancy and nice-smelling type, it's the cheaper and less fragrant one. The liquid is very thin, which makes it simple to mix with lotion, but it's not the best for using on the face.

Giovanna L.

This oil is the best ever! It's really good for pain. I mix it with coconut oil and rub it on my pain. I even use it on my throat and it helps with my cough.

Adele R.

This smells so good! It's way better than other brands because it really smells like Frankincense. The bottle is really nice too. The label looks good. I'm gonna buy this again to use in my diffuser and other stuff.

Brandi H.

This thing is different. It doesn't smell bad, but it doesn't have that strong "I grew up in a Catholic church" smell you might expect. Forget about the holistic voodoo stuff (I don't care about the health benefits you claim). If you just want something to replace burning frankincense resins, this is not it. It's not even close. But that doesn't mean it smells bad. Actually, there's a little bit of frankincense scent in there, and it has a nice, sweet smell.

Meghan K.

The picture can be tricky because it makes the bottle seem bigger than it really is, so make sure to check the size (I think it's 1 ounce). I didn't like this oil because it smelled a lot like turpentine and dirt. I usually burn frankincense incense and I really like the smell, so I was hoping this oil would be similar, but it wasn't even close. If anyone knows how I can make my diffuser smell like frankincense incense, I would appreciate it if you could tell me!

Marjolaine C.

Make sure to check the size, not the tricky picture. It seems like a huge bottle, right? Haha, not really. It's pricey. If you use it for your business, try getting it in large quantities from a distributor.

Caitlyn J.

Thanks for the cool frankincense oil. I added some drops to rose hip oil and it turned into a super moisturizer, especially for winter.

Norval C.

This stuff works good for using on your skin. It's 70% so don't eat it. I bought it for using inside and outside my body. No biggie. I use this one on my skin and a pricier one inside. It would've been nice to know beforehand that it's not for internal use.

Tania H.

I like Pure Body Naturals Frankincense oil, but it's not as strong as other ones I've tried. I gotta use more of it to get the effect I want.

Dena P.

I just got my oil like 10 minutes ago and I'm super happy!! It smells just like frankincense should smell! It's light and clean! It smells awesome in my diffuser! I can't wait to try it in some lotions!

Sister B.

I dunno if it's 'cause it's my first time using this smell, but it doesn't smell right to me. Kinda like it's dirty or somethin'.

Ransom L.

This product is really cool! It works great and does what it's supposed to do. I love using it and it's super easy to use. The price is good too. I would totally recommend it to my friends.

Jeanie H.

I really like using this scent every night. It smells so good and helps me relax. I get migraines sometimes, but this scent doesn't bother me and actually helps me feel better and relax. It's also great for getting a good night's sleep. I will definitely buy it again.

Cierra R.

I couldn't smell anything unless I put my face right over the oil defuser. Maybe it's better for something else. So, I'll give it 3 stars. I have a lavender oil from the same brand and it smells really good and strong. That's why I was surprised that this scent didn't have much smell.

Sydnie T.

The smell is nice and calming. This oil works well in oil burners.

Nova R.

I use this oil in my aromatherapy and soap stuff because it helps heal. It's super calming, smells great, and keeps my face and body safe from the sun.

Ara F.

This product doesn't smell very strong, but I still used it in the bathroom. The small space made it work well in the burner.

Jamie M.

It smells sorta like Frankincense, but more like pine. It does what I need and was way cheaper than the Frankincense I usually get.

Bria O.

This thing smells really good. I got this kit that makes my room feel calm. It even helped my shoulder hurt less when I put some on it. I heard it can be used for lots of things, so I might try it on my back too.

Felipa L.

I got this Frankincense EO because I liked the lavender I got from the same company. The Frankincense smells great, the price is good, and I like the dropper. I'm really happy with my purchase so far. I think Frankincense has many health benefits. There are many things in the world that are good for us, just like the Bible says. My daughter thought it was cool that this is one of the gifts brought to Jesus by the wise men. No matter why you want it, I think it's a good buy.

Janelle H.

This stuff is super strong, so you only need a tiny bit. If you mix in some myrrh, it smells amazing. I put it in a little oil steamer and the smell goes all the way through 6 rooms (just 2 drops of this and 2 drops of myrrh).

Marianne M.

This product is really good. It seems to be the real thing. It works well when mixed with other essential oils and a carrier oil. I also used it on my skin to get rid of skin tags, warts, and moles. It made a weird, discolored spot on my neck go away overnight!

Shyanne B.

I really like my frankincense oil. It was a good deal for how much you get. I use it a lot in my diffuser and it makes my house smell amazing.

Queen S.

I really like these oils, but they don't seem as strong as the ones I bought before.

Alva B.

I really like this Frankincense! The oil is great. I use it to make rollerball vials for my kids when they do homework at home and sometimes before they go to school. I mix it with Vetiver, lavender, cedarwood, and frankincense. Another good thing about this product is the dropper it comes with. If you've ever used small bottles with a hole on top, you'll know what I mean. The dropper is amazing! It helps me not waste any oil and I can measure drops more accurately than with the small bottles. The size of the product also makes me feel like I won't run out of it soon!

Joaquin R.

This oil is really great! I'm super impressed with the price. It used to be too expensive for me, but now I love using it to clean my face and make it look nice. I'll definitely buy it again.

Elyssa A.

This product was better than I thought. It's a really big bottle and worth the money. I'm gonna use it a lot in my diffuser because it smells so good!

Evelyn B.

This smell is really nice and fits well with my other oils. The oil is good quality and I like mixing it with other oils in my diffuser. I mostly use oils for making things smell good, but sometimes I put a few drops in massage oil. This one works great for both.

Maureen P.

This thing is just what I wanted! I really love it.

Ashtyn C.

I really love this stuff. Frankincense smells different, but not in a bad way. It's just unique. I've been mixing two drops of this every night with coconut oil and putting it on my face before bed. Even though I haven't had it for a long time, I can already see my pores getting smaller and my fine lines looking smoother. My skin has never looked better. I'm excited to find more ways to use it by searching online. You won't be disappointed if you get this!

Myrtis S.

I really like this product. It smells good and seems like a good product. I heard that you can tell if it's good by freezing the oil or seeing if it leaves stuff on paper when it dries. I put it in the freezer and did the paper test for about 8 hours, and it did really well. Some people think this frankincense (Boswellia Serrata) is the best kind you can get.

Abner M.

I bought this frankincense because it has lots of good things it can do. I put it in a special mix I make for my son when he's sick. It also helps when he gets cuts or bruises. I use it on myself too, to feel less stressed. It's really good at relieving stress, healing cuts, and making sickness go away. The bottle has a dropper so it's easy to put on. I've used it without mixing it with anything else and it doesn't hurt my skin. I think this oil is great if you want a nice-smelling oil that does good things for you.

Bruce S.

I really like this essential oil. It smells warm and calming, and I like to use it at night. The bottle is a good size, so it will last a long time. The dropper is really handy because I can also use the oil on my dry hands before bed. I put a few drops on and rub it in. In the morning, when I shower, I can wash it off. It keeps my hands soft and moisturized, and they smell nice too. I think you should try it!

Rosalee K.

This oil is one of my favorites for the diffuser. It doesn't have a strong smell, but it's more natural and refreshing than my other oils. I especially enjoy using it in the afternoon when I want to feel happier and more energized. It's also great to mix with my citrus oils.

Helene L.

I use this stuff to feel better when I'm stressed or have a tummy ache. I mix it with something else and rub it on my belly, and it makes my stomach feel better. It also helps me relax. This oil can be used for lots of things.

Alf S.

I really love essential oils and have lots of different smells. This one is now my favorite. I put it in my oil diffuser and it smells so good. I like using it when I cook or do homework. It's really strong and you only need a little bit to make my whole house smell nice.

Anika L.

This product is awesome! I mix it with oil to help with dizziness and also use it for making face cream. The smell and overall quality of this oil are really good, making it a great product that I'll buy again.

Jovan C.

I'm new to essential oils. I like how they smell, not too strong. I'm trying to figure out if I prefer using a diffuser or mixing them with carrier oil for my skin.

Hollie J.

I'm new to essential oils and wanted to try this one out. It's not my absolute favorite smell, but I was more interested in how it can help my skin and make me feel relaxed. I added a few drops to my bathwater to reduce stress, and it worked really well! I'm excited to use it more often in my everyday routine!

Caterina R.

Frankincense is super great to have at home! It helps me relax when I'm stressed. I put a few drops in my diffuser using the cool dropper it came with. I'm also looking forward to trying it on my stretch marks and seeing all the other good things it can do. I can't say for sure if the oil is pure, but it's been working fine for me and I can't wait to use more of it.

Reanna R.

I'm kinda new to essential oils, but I really like this product. It can do a lot of things, like help with skin problems, body aches, and stress. It smells like the woods, which I think is really nice. I mix it with coconut oil and it smells good and makes me feel calm.

River H.

I'm new to Essential Oils but I already found lots of good things about it. This bottle has a dropper that you can use to put it in your diffuser or add it to your bath. It helps with stress and back pain. The smell is natural and not too strong, and it's really relaxing. I would tell everyone to try it out!

Malika P.

I never tried this oil before, but gotta say, I love how it smells. When I got it, I put it in a diffuser and it totally helped calm my kids down from their usual craziness! I totally suggest using this oil to relax.

Linnie M.

I haven't used it yet, so I can't say if it works well, but it smells good.

Marilyne S.

I'm new to using essential oils and I've been trying different kinds lately. I usually use them in my diffuser, but I found out that some can be used on my body for natural health benefits. I like that this frankincense comes in a brown glass bottle and has a glass dropper. The dark color protects the oil from light and keeps it from changing. This oil has a natural smell that I would describe as more for boys than girls. Personally, I don't love the smell, but that's just my opinion. What I do love about this oil is that frankincense is good for reducing swelling, cleaning wounds, and killing germs. When I have a pimple, I mix it with another oil and put a little on it. It really helps to dry it up and I like using it instead of a chemical face cleaner from the store. It has a lot of other benefits that I'm excited to learn more about.

Elvie C.

I really like the smell of frankincense. It's great to take a deep breath when your nose is stuffy. The dropper that comes with it is awesome too! It's way easier than the ones built into the bottle.

Esther H.

I've been feeling really stressed out lately, and I heard that frankincense can help with that. So, I took a bath and put a few drops of it in the water. It felt amazing! I also added a few drops to my lotion to help with my dry skin, especially during the cold winter months when my skin gets chapped. It works wonders! I also like that it comes with a dropper. Here's a picture to show you how big it is.

Vergie W.

Lately, I've been feeling super stressed. With all the stuff I gotta do at work and home, I thought I was gonna go crazy. But guess what? Frankincense saved the day! Whether I'm chilling in a cozy bath with it or spreading its scent all around my house, it totally helps me relax and feel less anxious. And hey, it smells awesome too, which is always a bonus.

Aglae Y.

I got this frankincense oil because I always hear about how many uses it has. I can't wait to make my own mixes with it. I have two little kids and I want to make rollers to use on them. My sister-in-law said frankincense is the best oil to have. It smells really good, and the bottle came with a dropper that I love because I don't want to waste any of it! Overall, it's a great purchase!

Devyn M.

I tried this thing on my body after a tough workout and it worked really well. I like the little tube thing that comes with it 'cause it helps me put it exactly where I want without using too much. It smells really good, so good that I even put it in this thing that makes my house smell nice. I have 2 ferrets in my living room and it helps with their smell.

Bobby W.

This oil smells earthy and makes you feel grounded. The strong and smoky scent is perfect when you're feeling stressed or anxious. It mixes well with your skin's natural oils and works great in your hair too!

Anastasia D.

I got this for my diffuser. I would've liked a smaller bottle but it was a really good deal. It smells nice, like herbs, but not too strong.

Mariana C.

I really enjoy using the Frankincense E.O. I like to mix it with other oils when I use it. It's not a scent I like by itself, but when I mix it with a citrus oil, it smells good.

Madonna G.

This stuff smells amazing! I totally recommend it. I also got the Lavender one, but this one is way better. I don't know why there's such a big difference, though. Anyway, thanks for this awesome Frankincense oil. It's the best I've ever had.

Edythe D.

I'm new to using oils and mostly use them in diffusers. I heard that frankincense is good for anxiety, which I have, and that it has a "Fresh Woodsy" smell. So I was excited to try it. The package arrived quickly, which was nice. But when I opened it and put it in my diffuser, the smell made me feel sick for some reason. I really don't like the smell. It's very strong and reminds me of strong medicine and chemicals. It's not what I expected at all. I'm not very happy with it. I know it's not the most expensive oil, but still not what I expected for the price. I got a few other scents from this company and liked them, so there's something really wrong with this one. I'll try to return it.

Luther T.

This product is good, but the picture is tricky. It shows a big bottle, but you actually get a small one. I tried to add a few drops to my humidifier, but the top came off and all the liquid spilled out.

Emilia S.

The price seemed really good, almost too good. But it passed the paper test, smells great, and gets the job done. I use it in my face washes and creams.

Zelda M.

Frankincense Essential Oil is a really strong and good-smelling oil that everyone should have at home because it has lots of benefits. The smell of Frankincense is amazing and makes you feel really good. I use Frankincense every day for many reasons. It helps with my joint and arthritis pain, muscle cramps, and headaches. You don't even need to mix it with another oil because it's already really strong. I love this oil and think everyone should try it.

Maymie P.

This stuff smells awesome and works great as incense. I haven't had it for too long, so I can't really say if it helps with anxiety and depression, which is why I got it. But it smells amazing no matter what! Plus, the dropper is super useful.

Jovan P.

This product doesn't compare to the brand I usually sell, but I didn't expect it to. It does work well for making scrubs, bath bombs, lotion bars, and more. However, when used alone in a diffuser, it just doesn't measure up.

Antonietta T.

I really like this smell and it's really strong, so I don't have to use a bunch in my diffuser. It's a really good scent for Christmas. I mix it with Balsam fir and Clove to make a really nice smell for the holidays.

Margarette B.

I'm new to essential oils and Dr. Axe says Frankincense is one of the best ones. It smells so good! This bottle is a good size and the price is really good compared to other companies. I really like it!

Domenica C.

Got this oil yesterday and put 4 drops in my new diffuser. Was worried about the smell 'cause I didn't know how it would be or if the hubby would like it. Ran it for 'bout 10 minutes - he walked in, asked what it was, and said he liked it!

Dayna B.

This is my first time buying Frankincense EO so I can't say if it's better than other brands. But I really like how it smells. I like that it came with a dropper. I used it on my dry cracked feet a few times and it made them softer. I also used it in my diffuser and I was happy with it.

Mercedes H.

I really like this product. I always use a lot of Frankincense oil and wanted a bigger amount to use. I use it mainly for the benefits for my thyroid. I only use natural supplements for it and find it works really well at keeping my symptoms under control. Since I use it every day for that and the stress/anxiety blend I make for my diffuser, I found it to work really well in my daily routine. I have gotten other oils from Pure Body Naturals and I have to say it is one of my favorite essential oil brands I use, especially when buying in bulk. They always seem to work just as well or even better than the other expensive brands out there. I was given a great opportunity to review this product. All comments are my own.


I wanted to try this oil because I have read so many good things about Frankincense essential oil. One of the first things that you will notice is that the bottle is a huge 4 oz, most of the "well known" oil companies offer oils in 1 oz bottles for much more than the cost of this 4 oz bottle. The second thing I looked at were the ingredients 100% Boswellia Serrata "excellent" only 1. I added this oil to a nighttime body scrub to help relax me and the results were great. The smell is very noticeable but not overpowering, it gets the job done with only a few drops. I also defused some during the evening to help my 7-year-old calm down before bed. My experience with this company and the quality of their oils have been great! I was allowed to review this oil at a discount in turn for an honest review of the product.

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