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Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, 4 Fl Oz

Undiluted and cold pressed, it is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue

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$9.95 | 4 fl oz

Discover key benefits of this product

Jojoba Oil Organic Cold Pressed by Pure Body Naturals will have you looking and feeling your best! Thanks to the oil’s deeply conditioning properties, it keeps hair soft, healthy, and prevents breakage. Massaging it into the scalp can even promote hair growth as it unclogs and cleanses follicles. Likewise, Jojoba pulls impurities out of the skin, making it an amazing facial cleanser. And because it contains iodine, it fights the bacteria that cause acne and breakouts. But it’s not just for the face. Jojoba acts as a hydrating body lotion after your shower, and it fades stretch marks and scars. This oil is a great substitute for cuticle cream and combats common fungal infections like athlete’s foot. As an alternative to makeup removers, shaving gels, and beard oils, this all-in-one unscented oil is all you need!

How It Works

Jojoba Oil’s natural versatility makes it a great make-up remover, post-bath moisturizer, lotion booster, facial cleanser, conditioning treatment, body and scalp massage, or a carrier oil for essential oils. This hypoallergenic skin moisturizer employs Vitamin E and Vitamin B complex to bring a nutrient-rich treatment the skin and scalp.

Known benefits of Jojoba Oil

  • Conditions hair and cleanses scalp with Vitamin E
  • Pulls impurities from skin that cause acne, and removes makeup safely
  • Reduces and eliminates razor burn when applied before shaving
  • For hair: Apply 3-5 drops to your conditioner, or apply drops directly to damp hair after showering. Massage into scalp and evenly throughout hair for best results.
  • For nails or as a makeup remover: Apply 3-5 drops to a cotton ball or pad and rub onto cuticles or makeup areas. Wipe firmly to cover entire area.
  • For skin: Apply 4-6 drops and massage into face or intended skin area. Apply in the morning and just before bed.

Zackery P.

This product is really good. I like it a lot. It works well and does what it's supposed to do. I'm happy with my purchase.

Matilde R.

This product is awesome for everything.

Alexa M.

This stuff is great for moisturizing your skin. It goes in really good. You can also put a few drops on your hands and then put it on your hair to make it less messy. It's made from natural stuff and is really gentle. It doesn't have a strong smell. You can mix it with other things like Shea butter and Castor oil to make a face cream. It's pretty good and not too expensive.

Shane G.

This vegetable oil is really good for sensitive and damaged skin. The delivery was one day late. I am very happy. The only downside is the strong vegetable smell, but other than that, it's okay.

Verlie W.

This product is really good. I use it on my face to remove makeup and stuff. It smells amazing - I really like the smell. It's easy and clean to use.

Hanna Y.

This product is really good. It works great and I love it. I would totally recommend it to anyone.

Margaret W.

I have really dry skin and I like using facial oil products. So, I decided to try pure oil instead of a mix of ingredients. I chose jojoba oil and I really like it. It goes into my skin quickly and easily, but it still gives me a little bit of shine. My skin feels super soft. I can't stop touching my face. In the winter, I might need to add coconut oil to make it a little thicker, but I'm not sure yet. Either way, this is a great oil to use by itself or with other oils. I especially like that it doesn't have a smell. I even put it on my lips and it doesn't taste weird. I took off one star because the dropper is not good. I don't know if it's just mine or not, but it doesn't hold the oil well. It just comes out in a messy way. But besides that, it's a good product. It's made with cold-pressed, Certified Organic jojoba oil. It also has the Cruelty-Free Bunny Logo and a clear label that shows where it's from (Isreal) and what's in it (only 100% jojoba oil). So even with the bad dropper, I would still buy this again.

Guido W.

The product came in a nice package with a screw and a dropper. The smell got 5 stars because I didn't want a smelly oil. It's pure Jojoba oil, just what I wanted. It's great for my hair and I'll buy it again when I run out.

Kattie A.

I really like this product. Jojoba oil is great to mix with other oils. I also use it on my hair. Just a little bit makes my hair shiny and moisturized.

Michaela H.

It's great for my homemade moisturizer.

Ana T.

This thing smelled really, really bad. Like, super gross.

Jordane E.

I mix this with some other oils and Shea butter to make a moisturizer for my hair. It works really good and keeps my hair nice and oily.

Florian S.

This thing is awesome for keeping my hair sealed in.

Reyes J.

This product is a great deal and it's not too oily. I got the unscented one.

Oscar P.

I got psoriasis and this product is awesome for moisturizing your body and face! Plus, the price is really fair!

Amely K.

I tried using this stuff in my mascara and it helps keep my eyelashes safe and makes the mascara feel smoother. You can also try adding it to your shampoo. The bottle is not super strong, but the oil itself is pretty good.

Lily J.

I really like this product for making hair grow. I would totally tell my family and friends to try it out.

Elisa H.

This thing called Shine is really cool. It's like a little light that you can wear on your wrist. It tells you how much you move and how well you sleep. It's easy to use and the app that goes with it is pretty neat too. I like how it motivates me to be more active and get enough sleep. It's a fun gadget to have!

Neha L.

This product is really good. I use it for pain relief by mixing peppermint oil with a few drops in my hand and rubbing it on the sore area. The pain goes away.

Ardella S.

this product! It's so cool and awesome. It works really well and does everything it says it will. I use it all the time and it never lets me down. It's definitely worth the money. I would totally recommend it to all my friends.

Casey C.

I'm sending back this jojoba oil. When I opened it, it smelled bad. Jojoba oil usually doesn't have much of a smell, but this one had a really bad smell. I wish the company made sure their products were better. I got a different jojoba oil from a store near me called Fresh Thyme, and it smells nice and not too strong.

Adell F.

This product is okay.

Aiyana W.

This thing is really nice. It's great. I love it.

Germaine L.

This oil is the best for me. I use it everywhere. I'm gonna be 48 this year.

Rick B.

This thing smelled really bad, so I had to take it back.

Evangeline W.

I really like it! I'll buy it again.

Faye S.

I mix it with some coconut oil and put it on my skin. I also use a tiny bit on my hair ends. It really helps my hair ends look much better!

Rosanna B.

This stuff is awesome for your skin and can be used as a carrier oil.

Florence R.

This is exactly what I wanted.

Icie B.

This product really helps with energy and losing weight. I'm super happy and excited to keep using it.

Sheila T.

This skincare stuff is amazing! I always get pimples on my back and chest, but when I use this oil, they go away. It also makes my skin look nice and shiny. In June 2019, I got a new bottle and it came in green packaging. The oil inside looked and smelled really different. It was bright yellow and smelled like slim Jim's. I'm not joking! Does that mean it's gone bad? The old bottles never looked or smelled like this.

Reanna H.

This product is super awesome! It's really worth it and I love using it.

Mable T.

GET THIS! I'm kinda new to essential oils and trying to be more natural with my self-care. I got diagnosed with cancer, so I thought, why not start now, ya know? So I really like this stuff - I use it on my skin, hair, nails, and maybe even on my dog! I'm 62 years old. How did I go so long without JoJoba Oil?? Thanks a bunch!

Alycia C.

This thing is working fine till now.

Nikolas H.

This product is really awesome.

Greta O.

This product is really pretty.

Misty T.

This thing is really good.

Savanna C.

This oil is super light and has a nice, soft scent.

Alisa S.

This product is really awesome!

Mafalda D.

This ingredient is awesome in my body butter recipe!

Marietta R.

These oils are great!

Phyllis P.

I really like this product. I use it on my hair, skin, and eyelashes to make them strong and grow. It works really well for me. I like that the bottle has a dropper so I can choose how much to use. I will definitely buy this product again.

Tristian B.

I put this oil on my hair ends before bed and when I wash it, my hair looks shiny and feels super soft. Gonna get some more!

Trudie P.

I really love Jojoba oil and use it for lots of different things. I use it to take off my makeup because it works well and is gentle on my skin. It doesn't clog my pores. I put a few drops on a cotton pad and it easily removes even stubborn mascara. I also use it instead of lotion. I have sensitive skin and Jojoba oil is better for me, especially after shaving. Lotion always gives me bumps and burns, no matter what kind I use. I've tried lots of different lotions, but they all cause a reaction. My legs are either soft and moisturized but prickly, or smooth and hairless but dry. Finding Jojoba oil has been really great for me. I don't just use it after shaving, I use it all over my body, even on my face. It's great! Jojoba oil is not only good for my makeup and skin, it's also great for my hair. I add a few drops to my conditioner and it makes my hair soft and easy to manage. It also gives my hair a nice shine. Jojoba oil is good for repairing damaged hair. As long as you rinse it well, it won't make your hair greasy like you might think. I could talk about how great Jojoba oil is for a long time. I really believe in it and use it many times a day for different things. I definitely recommend it for any beauty routine. I got my Pure Body Naturals Jojoba Oil for free or at a discounted price to test and evaluate. I wasn't paid for my review and I was only asked to give my honest opinions about the product based on my experience.

Carissa P.

I love using oils and always want to try new ones. I decided to try this jojoba oil because I've never used it before. Before buying it, I read reviews and learned about what jojoba oil can be used for. I was excited to find out that it can be used for hair, skin, and nails. Since it has so many uses, I thought it was worth trying.

I first used it on my hair. My roots get greasy and my ends are dry. I used about half a dropper on my freshly washed hair. I mostly put it on my ends and just a little on my roots because I was worried about getting too greasy. I left the oil on for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinsed it with warm water. I'm really happy with how soft and shiny my hair was afterwards. It didn't look or feel greasy, just smooth and soft.

I've also been using jojoba oil on my hands and nails for 3 days. I usually have really bad hangnails and dry cuticles, so I was hoping the jojoba oil would help. So far, it seems to be working. My cuticles aren't as rough as they usually are. I can't tell if it's helping my nails yet because I haven't been using it for very long.

Overall, this jojoba oil is a great product with many uses. I recommend it to anyone looking for jojoba oil.

Hallie H.

This jojoba oil is really good. I always look for good oils to use with my family. This bottle has a lot of healing properties. I use oils a lot for my body butters and beard waxes, so good quality is important. I like how it mixes easily and doesn't leave an oily film on top. It makes my skin feel soft and absorbs quickly without leaving oil behind. This is a great product with good quality and a big bottle that will last a long time. I really like when the oils come with stoppers because it's easier to use. It lasts a long time, which is great for someone like me with a big family. I bought this product at a lower price for an honest review.

Krystina P.

I've been using Pure Body Natural's Jojoba oil on my hair and nails every day, and it's really great. It has lots of vitamins that are good for your hair and nails, like vitamin E, B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium. It's also safe to use on sensitive skin, which is important for me and my kids. Here are some ways I've been using it:

1. Hair conditioner - It makes my hair soft and shiny, and I've noticed less hair falling out when I brush it.

2. Foot cream for my husband - It helps soften dry and cracked areas on his feet.

3. Makeup remover - It's really good at taking off waterproof mascara and liquid liner.

4. Massages - My husband uses it to give me massages, and it feels really nice on my back.

5. Skin moisturizer - My daughters have dry skin, especially my middle daughter. We mix the Jojoba oil with shea butter and it helps with the dry patches on her back. It's made a big difference and her skin feels better.

Overall, we're really happy with Pure Body Natural's Jojoba oil. I got it for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I definitely recommend it.

Rosanna N.

This stuff works really well as a moisturizer. I put it on my scalp before bed and when I woke up, my scalp was soft and didn't have any flakes. I also put a little bit on the ends of my hair and they look and feel healthy. It doesn't have a smell, which is nice. I like that it's organic because a lot of products have too many chemicals in them. It comes with a dropper and you only need a small amount, so it lasts a long time. I got this Jojoba Oil at a discounted price for reviewing it, but these are my honest and unbiased thoughts about it.

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