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Nangai Oil, 4 fl oz

Wild Harvested and Cold Pressed - Undiluted and 100% Pure

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$49.95 | 4 fl oz

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We have literally gone to the other side of the globe to bring you this amazing product. Nangai Oil is one of the most exotic and effective cosmetic oils in the world. Also known as Ngali Oil, this incredible product is wild harvested on the islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. The nuts of the Canarium Indicum tree are cold pressed and bottled. The oil is undiluted, unblended and 100% pure. Nangai Oil is packed with fatty acids including palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic fatty acids which give the oil excellent emollient properties. It calms and softens the skin without leaving an oily residue.

Nangai Oil is an excellent natural body oil. It absorbs quickly and leaves a perfect, matte, hydrated glow. It relieves dry skin issues including cracking, flaking and irritation.

Nangai Oil is a wonderful, natural hair conditioner. Its rich texture controls frizz, reduces breakage and split ends, and increases shine.

This amazing, exotic oil can be substituted for other carrier oils in your favorite DIY beauty recipes. Use Nangai Oil to upgrade any recipe calling for Jojoba Oil or Argan Oil.

100% Pure, Undiluted Nangai (Canarium indicum) Nut Oil

Candice T.

This stuff is super moisturizing, it totally saved my skin when it gets all dry in the winter or when the weather is dry! The only thing is, it's really thick... it can be kinda hard to get it out with the dropper. So my advice is to make sure you give it a good stir or shake before using it.

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