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Argan Oil for Skin, Face, Hair & Nails, 4 Fl Ounce

100% Pure, Cold Pressed

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ONE INGREDIENT - PURE ARGAN OIL: 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil. There are no additives or fillers whatsoever! Our oil is all natural and unrefined imported directly from Morocco. MOISTURIZER FOR VIBRANT SKIN AND HAIR RESTORATION For All Skin and Hair Types. Use with damaged, frizzy, split or brittle hair to revitalize your hair leaving it Soft, Shiny and Revitalised. Use on skin to enrich and keep healthy skin tones. Use on face for moisturizing and hydration leaving your face rejuvenated and vibrant. SUPERIOR QUALITY: Our Pure Argan oil is produced using only the best methods in the industry. MULTIPURPOSE: Use with Damaged or Brittle HAIR. Use on SKIN to enrich and keep healthy skin tones. Use on FACE for moisturizing and hydration. Use on NAILS to strengthen and restore color and health.

$9.99 | 4 fl oz

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Our Pure Argan Oil is the Essential Product that Keeps Your Body, Hair, Skin and Nails Radiant. Pure Body Naturals Pure Argan Oil Can Be Used For: • Revitalizing and Repairing Hair • Moisturizing and Hydrating Skin • Maintaining Strong and Healthy Nails • Helping Hydrate Dray Skin • Reducing the Impact of Aging by Minimizing the Appearance of Wrinkles and Puffiness • Buy with Confidence Today. We apologize if we are sold out, Our products are usually in high demand and are stocks are limited. Click the Add to Cart button Now to secure your own bottle of Pure Argan Oil.

Wilfrid H.

This product is really bad and it made my neck and hands feel uncomfortable.

Eulalia J.

This product is a good deal for how much you get.

Shanon O.

I tried this on my face - I usually have a mix of oily and normal skin - and it made me break out a lot.

Camila G.

I really like this product. I use it in my hair oil and shea butter. But when I finished using it, I found out that the bottle I received had something weird in it. There was a piece of cloth at the very bottom.

Angel L.

I didn't use the product 'cause I really didn't like how it smelled. It reminded me of when you carve a pumpkin.

Aiyana H.

I really like this product for my super dry skin that has some tiny lines. It's even better because it doesn't have any smell!

Bria T.

This product was a big letdown. I don't usually write reviews unless I really like something - I'm not a grumpy person. I know how Argan Oil from Morocco smells and feels like, and this feels like it's pretending to be something it's not. I really wish it was the real deal. Maybe you might enjoy it, but I feel tricked.

Janelle S.

I've been using argan oil on my hair for a long time, but the one I usually get wasn't there, so I decided to give this one a shot. It was a total mess because it made my hair look all oily. I had to wash it again to get rid of the grease. I tried using less and less, but it never helped. Don't get it for taking care of your hair!

Elise J.

I've had dry, cracked heels for a long time, but this thing finally did the trick! I use it after every shower and it's made a huge difference.

Jan B.

I use it every night on my neck. My neck looks way younger, like 10 years younger!

Twila R.

Got it on time, and it's really good quality. I'm super happy with it! I use it for my hair and my curls really like it!

Michaela H.

This thing came in a good package and it's a good product! I'm super pumped to use it for making beard balm.

Santiago T.

This is so cool! Menopause made my skin super dry...this oil is really good at moisturizing not just my face, but also my hands and feet. I only need a few drops to cover my whole face, and any extra I just rub on my cuticles. It's a great deal for a really good price! I'll totally buy it again.

Eliza A.

I live on a tropical island and spend a lot of time at the ocean. My hair gets really dry and frizzy, especially after swimming. But I found something that helps! It makes my scalp less dry and my hair easier to comb. Plus, it's not too expensive.

Adelle W.

I've been kinda annoyed by some reviews that say stuff is "fake" or not what it claims to be. But I don't think this is 100% pure argan oil. I've used pure argan oil before, and it's thick and kinda yellow. This one is really thin and pretty clear. I do like that it doesn't have much of a smell, and it moisturizes when I mix it with my lotion. But when I put it directly on my skin, it doesn't work as well.

Ana D.

This stuff smells like either horse poop or a really gross old nut. It has a really strong earthy smell. But when I put it on the ends of my hair at night, the smell goes away by the next day. It's been amazing for my hair that's been damaged from too much processing and bleaching. Maybe adding some coconut oil could help make the smell less strong?

Natalia S.

This product gives you the strength you need when you use it.

Beulah G.

This stuff smells really bad (kind of like mulch?), so you should definitely get a scent or essential oil to mix it with. But the good thing is that my dogs seem to really enjoy the smell!

Renee S.

This oil is definitely the real deal.

Magdalen S.

This could be okay, but I think the bottle I got was old 'cause it was sticky and had a weird smell. Maybe it was just really bad quality. But it's not as good as other pure argan oils I've tried.

Betsy W.

This thing is awesome! It's like the best thing ever. I love it so much. It's really cool and works really well. I use it all the time and it never lets me down. I would totally recommend it to everyone. It's just so good.

Celestine K.

This stuff is kinda greasy, but you don't need much 'cause it lasts a while.

Amanda R.

I really like this product. I usually don't like hair products that have a strong smell, but this one doesn't have much of a scent. It also makes my hair look shiny and feel really soft.

Rosella T.

I really like almost everything about this product, except for the smell. It has a really strong "earth" smell and it doesn't make my hair smell good. I have to use another product to make my hair smell nice.

Sabryna F.

I used this oil to make my own body oil and I really like it.

Candelario B.

I got two oils. One was good, but the other one's thing to use it with was broken. Also, the package was open.

Renee M.

I should've known it was cheap, but I tried it anyway because of the good reviews. I don't know what's in it, but it makes my hair feel weird and not moisturized. It also made my face break out, and I never had pimples before. This stuff is really bad. I don't think you should get it.

Hildegard R.

This product is really awesome. It's super cool and I love it a lot. It works really well and does everything it's supposed to do. I would totally recommend it to all my friends. It's the best!

Ivah P.

I got this to use as a moisturizer for my skin and hair. I already use a really expensive argan oil, so I compared the two together. There wasn't a big difference, but I could still notice it. The expensive one was a little more oily and made my husband say it looked wet. But by the next morning, there wasn't any noticeable difference. This product has a more golden color, which supposedly means it's really good quality. My plan is to keep using my current routine for my face and use this product on my hair.

Kaleigh F.

I use this every other day. It's awesome. Good price for Argon. What else is there to say? LOL. No smell.

Genoveva P.

This stuff works great for my frizzy hair. I've been using it for a few weeks and my hair feels super soft and looks shiny. I only need a little bit, like the size of a small coin, after I shower and throughout the day to control frizz.

Madaline W.

This thing worked really good on my head.

Mckayla H.

My wife liked it. The price is good.

Earlene D.

This product is really good. Me and my husband have been using Moroccan Argan Oil for a long time. He had a little bruise on his hand, and the argan oil is making it go away really quickly.

Jedediah F.

This argan oil is really good quality and the price is great. I'm very happy with it.

Stephany H.

I really like it. It's really good!

Gertrude B.

I really like this organic argan oil. It's not greasy and goes on really smoothly.

Chaya L.

I've got really dry skin from living in the desert for a long time. I use this lotion and it's great. It's not heavy and it soaks in quickly. You only need a few drops to cover a big area. After a few days, it made my skin softer, even the tough parts. It doesn't smell too strong and it's not too expensive. Just so you know, the USDA Certified thing doesn't mean it's perfect. It just means some organization in the U.S. said it's good. But still, it's worth trying because of the price.

Haylie B.

This argon oil is great for my face. I really like how my face feels after I put it on. I use 4 drops on my wet hand, rub my hands together, and put it on my face. I will keep using it.

Kelly B.

I really like how light this oil is! It absorbs fast and makes my skin feel moisturized, just like it says. It's not greasy at all! I threw away my old bottle of argan oil, even though I hardly used it, because this one is much better. I was a bit unsure at first because some people said they got bad oil, but those reviews are from a long time ago. This argan oil is cheap and really good, I would definitely buy it again.

Anna F.

I really wanted to like this oil, but it's not what it says it is. It's not pure. This oil isn't yellow-gold and doesn't smell like Argan oil should. It's also not cloudy like pure Argan oil. Instead, it's very thin, almost like water. This means the oil has been filtered or deodorized too much, so it doesn't have any of its good qualities left. I had high hopes for this product, but I ended up being really disappointed.

Pamela G.

Good product, good size.

Idell L.

This oil is awesome for my moisturizing oils and creams. People always think I'm a lady in her 40s, but I'm actually turning 70 in October. Moisturizing and staying active really do the trick!

Drew W.

I put Argan oil on my face after scrubbing, and this oil brand is just awesome!

Ivory D.

I use this product every day and night to moisturize my hair and skin. It helps restore my hair and keeps my skin moisturized. I got rid of all my other products because this one is just perfect for me. I'm really happy with it!

Sadie P.

This oil is my absolute favorite now. I've tried so many hair products, but none of them have been able to make my hair less frizzy and give it that shiny look like this argan oil does. It's really hard for my hair to stay soft and manageable in the humid south, but this oil does the trick. I'm totally obsessed with it! My mom and friends are buying it too because they saw how it made my hair look so much better. The person who sold it even wrote a nice "thank you" on the receipt, which was a special touch that you don't usually get when you buy things online. I totally recommend this product, it's a perfect 10 out of 10!

Brisa R.

I love it! Argan oil is awesome for your hair, face, and body all year round.

Crystel S.

I don't smell any smell. This oil is good quality and not heavy. It works great from head to toe! And the price for this 4oz bottle is really good!

Chyna V.

This product is awesome and it doesn't cost much!

Myriam H.

This thing mixes well and doesn't feel oily.

Eda A.

I'm really happy with it!

Melyna H.

It takes a little while to understand and doesn't work right away like other ones I've tested.

Kiarra T.

I've been using this stuff for a while now, on my hair and skin. You can mix it with your favorite lotions or conditioner. The price is good, and it's made of 100% argan oil. You get a lot for what you pay. It would be even better if it came with a pump instead of a dropper. But I still think it deserves five stars! You'll agree once you try it yourself. I recommend it! By the way, it smells natural and the smell goes away quickly. The oil isn't greasy, it soaks into your skin fast. Just a tip for those who haven't tried argan oil before: it doesn't seem to clog pores or make my skin break out.

Marietta G.

I use this stuff for my Christmas gifts every year in my neighborhood. I've tried other smells before, but this one is super fresh and lasts a long time. I'm definitely gonna stick with this seller and scent for next year.

Sid S.

This product is really pretty and it makes your hair feel super soft.

Renee S.

This Aragan oil is one of the best I've ever tried.

Edyth G.

This product is great for my face. I already bought it once and now I ordered it again. Please remove one from my order. Thanks.

Georgiana S.

The smell ain't too strong (kinda earthy), soaks in fast and makes your skin feel moisturized.

Catherine H.

This stuff smells nice and makes my hair smooth and not frizzy. Just gotta be careful not to use too much, or else my hair gets greasy.

Dedrick F.

I get lots of compliments on how good my hair looks. I keep it healthy by using this stuff. Just a little bit does the trick. I use a tiny amount on my medium-length hair and it keeps it healthy with a little shine (too much shine makes it look greasy on me).

Amber B.

Wow, I was so surprised by this simple product. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be even better than I thought. I started using it on my face instead of my usual moisturizer. It felt light and soaked into my skin really fast, without making it feel oily. My skin feels so soft and moisturized now. And guess what? I even noticed that my wrinkles look less noticeable.

Sunny H.

This product is amazing! It made my skin so happy. The price is great and the quality is top-notch. It arrived really quickly too.

Kaya G.

The oil has a nice, faint smell. It goes on smoothly on your hair or skin.

Erica F.

I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I'm really excited to love it by Hans. I know it's going to be awesome and I can't wait to use it. Thank you!

Ephraim M.

I really like this product! I'm 62 years old and I can't believe I haven't been taking better care of myself until now. I use it on my hair, skin, and nails, and I might even try it on my dogs next! Once I finish using up my other brands, I won't be buying from them anymore. I absolutely love this natural way of living!

Zena S.

I bought this product for the first time because a lady I know suggested it as a moisturizer for the face. I never thought about it before, so I bought 3 bottles! One for me, my mom, and my mother-in-law. I really like it! The oil goes into my skin nicely, it doesn't have a smell, and my face doesn't feel oily at all! I also put some oil in my hair because it was feeling really dry during the slow winter months. Now my hair feels soft and shiny! It's a great product and the size is awesome!

Allene E.

This oil is the best! It doesn't make my skin break out. I mix it with Shea butter and aloe vera gel to make a moisturizer and lip balm. I also use it as a serum and even as an eye makeup remover and cuticle oil. There's nothing bad to say about it. It's just perfect!

Roxanne M.

This oil is amazing for my skin! It keeps it moisturized and glowing! I use it many times a day, in the morning and at night. My skin has never looked so healthy! I put it on before my moisturizer and it absorbs nicely. I think it's great for dry or combination skin. Even though I have oily skin, this product actually helps me, especially in the winter when it's colder. I would definitely buy it again!

Katrina T.

This is my second bottle. I really love this stuff. My hair looks amazing. I am mixed race and have naturally curly hair that I need to straighten. Whether my hair is curly or straight, it feels really smooth and shiny. It's growing really fast right now, and I think it's because of this oil! I used to use Chi Silk Infusion and I liked it until they changed it. It's not good anymore, it's more like a shine serum than a moisturizing oil. This oil really makes my hair look great. I love it so much, I will keep buying it!

Carlie K.

This stuff is just as good as the fancy Argan Oil that costs a lot. The fancy Argan Oil only gives you a tiny bit, but this product gives you a lot more. If you bought the same amount of the fancy oil as this product, it would cost $128. I got both oils for my wife and she can't tell them apart.

Madge H.

I really like Argan oil! It's a really good moisturizer! I use it instead of body lotion after I take a shower. It does have a light smell that reminds me of olives, but the smell goes away quickly. I don't mind the smell, but I wouldn't want it to stay with me all day, so I'm happy that it goes away fast. The Argan oils that don't have a smell when you first put them on have been changed and don't have the good stuff anymore. I wash my face with Kose Softymo White Cleansing Oil (also found online) and if the weather is really dry, I put a little bit of Argan oil on my face - it's one of the few things I can use on my face that won't make me break out. Most other products, even natural ones like shea butter, make me get really bad breakouts. For my everyday face moisturizer, I use rose-hip oil because it's a "drier" oil.

Jaunita G.

I never tried this before, but I'm super impressed. I put it on my dry skin right after washing my face before going to bed and in the morning before putting on makeup. I also use a little bit on the ends of my hair to make them less dry and damaged. It's an oil that doesn't feel greasy. I'll always use this in my daily routine now. I told all my friends about this brand of Argan oil.

Marcella K.

I had a lot of pimples on my face, but they weren't the usual red ones that my dermatologist said were rosacea. They gave me medicine to take every day, but it didn't work unless I took it for many days in a row. I decided to try this Organic Argan Oil, even though I didn't expect much. I am so surprised and happy with the results! I've been using it for a month now. I put more than 3 drops on my face, and my skin absorbs it without feeling oily. I use it every night after washing my face and before going to bed. I also use it on my scalp for psoriasis instead of the prescription medicine with steroids. I put it on my scalp and cover it with a cap overnight a few times a week. I'm starting to see great results! I really recommend this product and will definitely buy it again.

Macy K.

If you have dry skin or eczema (or psoriasis), this product can help you. It also makes your skin look shiny. I put it on a few times a day and it's not very noticeable. When I go to the gym, I put it on my face to protect my eczema from sweating, and it helps a lot. I also use it before bed and in the morning. By the time I go to school or work, you can't see it on my face. For girls who wear makeup, it might be different, but this is my perspective as a guy. People with eczema and psoriasis know how painful it can be, so please give it a try. Even if it doesn't work, it's only $17, which is not a lot if you use it for 2-3 months.

Kaylin B.

I used this product for a week and wasn't super impressed because I didn't feel anything special. The shipping was fast and it arrived in good condition, which is good. It comes with a glass filler that is convenient and helps you use the right amount. It's also more hygienic than using your fingers. I have very coarse, super dry hair, normal facial skin, but very dry hands. I also bought the derma roller, so I thought this argan oil would be a good moisturizer. After reading positive reviews, I had high hopes. The smell is a bit weird, but since it's my first time using pure argan oil, I'm not a good judge. The smell reminds me of some overripe or rotten fruit. I used a couple of drops in my hair, rubbed it in my hands, and ran it through my hair after showering. It made my hair a bit shiny and greasy, but the results were just okay. Last night, I used it on my hands before bed, and even though it felt oily, my hands didn't feel soft. I've had better results with hand creams that feel luxurious and make your hands feel soft. I still like this product because it's pure and natural, and they offer a guarantee of around 60 days. I'm going to keep using it on my face and hair, either alone or mixed with other oils. I'm sure it will definitely give good results.

Shirley B.

Argan Oil made my hair shiny and soft without being too greasy or slippery. Just a few drops in my hand was enough to apply. I would suggest this product because I've gotten lots of compliments on how healthy my hair looks now that I use it.

Geoffrey B.

This oil is alright. I'm not sure if Argan oil is better than other body oils. But it's a good deal for the price. It's pure without any extra oils. It doesn't have a strong smell, but it's a little strange to me. I wish it had a scent. I'll use it with my lotions and shampoo, but I won't buy it again because it doesn't smell nice.

Trisha B.

I wanted to try this oil because lots of people were talking about how great it is. It cost a little more than I expected, but it's totally worth it. The smell is really nice and it makes my hair shiny. But I don't think it's the best for hot oil treatments. You could mix it with other oils if you want to do a hot oil treatment. I use this oil when my hair is dry and frizzy (it helps make it less frizzy) or after I use heat on my hair. I will definitely buy this again!

Karlee C.

This product is really great and the price is great too. I used to buy expensive Josie Maran Argan Oil for a long time. I wish I found this sooner. I almost didn't buy it because some people said it smelled bad. But it smells just like Josie Maran to me. I will definitely buy it again and I'm happy to save money.

Germaine M.

I really like this oil. I live in Wyoming where it's hard to keep my skin moisturized because it gets so dry. I wasn't sure if this oil would work, but I tried it last night and it felt light on my skin. Today, my skin still feels soft and moisturized. It doesn't have a smell, but I might add some jasmine essential oil to make it smell nice. I won't need to use lotion anymore. I'll write another review in 30 days, but for now, it's great!

Bettye L.

I can't believe all the talk about how this thing smells. I don't smell anything at all. It goes into the skin really good. I need more time to decide if it's good or bad. But for now... I like it.

Cody R.

This is my first time using argan oil. I learned what it's used for and ordered it right away. I'm really happy with how it feels on my nails and hands because they're so dry. My hair is also very brittle, but this oil made it shiny and extremely soft. I noticed a big difference right away. I really like Body Naturals and will keep buying from them because they have everything I need for my face and more. I trust this company because they have lots of great reviews. That's why I decided to try their products based on what their customers said.

Floyd G.

You gotta mix this stuff with other things. When I put it on my skin alone, it made me itch. I think it was too strong for my sensitive skin. But I like using it in my shampoos because it's really good for my hair. :)

Edgar L.

This stuff is a good deal for how much you get. I use it on wet hair after I wash it to make it shiny, before I go to sleep to clean my face, and on my hands. I also mix it with my conditioners to make them work even better. It works really good.

Domenica L.

This product is great for using during the day because it feels light and smooth. It has a bit of a strange smell, but it doesn't stick around for long. I like to mix a few drops of it with Rosehip oil every morning. It makes my skin look glowy. I also put a few drops in my hair, whether it's wet or dry, after I shampoo. It makes my nails stronger and healthier too.

Calista R.

I think this product is good and it came really fast. It has a weird smell that I can handle, but it's not the best. You can make it smell good by adding a bit of Lavender essential oil to it.

Creola W.

I never had strong nails before. Someone told me about this and I decided to give it a try, even though I didn't think it would work. But it did! It's really good when you put it on after filing your nails. The oil goes in and stops your nails from breaking and splitting. I haven't tried it on my hair or face yet, but I might give it a go. Right now, I'm just really happy to have strong nails. I'll definitely be getting more of this soon.

Georgianna R.

This stuff is amazing! I put it on my face to keep it moisturized and it's just perfect. It makes my skin a little oily, but it also makes it look matte, which is great for keeping my skin looking young. I also use it on my hair and it keeps it feeling smooth all day. I like this way more than all those chemical products that big drug companies try to sell us.

Cassandre B.

Shipping was fast and everything. BUT. This bottle smells like throw-up... I can't even explain it... but the smell. It does go away after about a minute, and it doesn't leave stains anywhere. The oil is also really thin, unlike my Josie Maran and Physician's Formula Oil. Anyway, I give it four stars because I got a full refund without any problems.

Kellie K.

I didn't really know what to expect. Some people said this product was really good and others said it was too oily. But my hair and skin really like it. When I first put it on my face, it feels oily, but after a few minutes, my skin absorbs it and feels soft. It made my hair greasy, but I might have used too much because a little bit goes a long way. Now I like to put it all over my head, wait for an hour, and then wash it out. My hair feels clean and soft, and I don't seem to lose as much hair as before.

Jade W.

I've been using this product for a week on my face, hair, and hands, and I can already feel a difference. I really like it in my hair, but be careful not to use too much. I would definitely recommend this product, but I want to warn you about the smell. I read in the reviews that it has a natural smell, so I was expecting something strong. I would describe the smell as a mix of mushrooms and manure. It really stinks! However, the smell goes away quickly, and the oil really does make your skin and hair softer. Plus, it's 100% pure with no added fillers or junk, so you can feel good about using it. In conclusion, I will buy this product again, even though it doesn't smell great.

Mckenna K.

I found a small bottle of this product at my local store for $12. But this one is bigger, four ounces, and costs $15. It's also organic, which is great. I use it in everything - my shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, hair creams, lotions, and even a few drops on my face and neck. Before, I used to use evoo, but I think this argan oil is better. It keeps my face moisturized and my skin looks brighter. It does have a slight smell, but it goes away quickly. I just ordered another bottle to have as a backup, but you only need a little bit each time.

Maribel T.

This oil is really nice. It goes on the skin easily and doesn't feel greasy. However, I don't really like the smell. It has a different smell that some people might like, but it makes me feel sick when I smell it. It works well on hair though. But I wouldn't suggest using it to prevent stretch marks. There are other oils like jajabo oil and bio oil that are better at moisturizing. But it's still a good moisturizer for the face.

Laney K.

I was happy to find this product at a good price. But like some other people said, when I first used argan oil, I was surprised by the smell. It was like a stinky zoo or manure. Luckily, the smell went away after I put it on my face, but it wasn't very nice. I might get used to it, but I'm not sure if I want to use it in a beard oil because my brother probably wouldn't like the smell. The dropper that came with it was helpful. I might have to get used to this product.

Virginie B.

I heard about argon oil on the radio and wanted to try it. This one was not too expensive and had good reviews, so I decided to give it a shot. I really like it. I use it every night after washing my face and again in the morning before putting on makeup. I really like it. It's not heavy, but it makes my skin feel soft and smooth.

Godfrey P.

I've been using argan oil for a long time, but from different brands. I didn't think I would like this one because it's natural and doesn't smell like the other argan oils that are popular. But I noticed right away that it made my hair better. My hair is really thick and gets frizzy, but after I blow dry it, it's smooth when I use this oil and it doesn't make it greasy or build up. I also like using it on my hands and feet as a moisturizer. It's really nice! I don't need to buy anything else because this product can be used for many things!

Tod J.

This oil is amazing! I just got it and I'm using it for my hair and skin. It's too soon to see how it works on my skin, but after using it just once on my hair, it feels so much easier to manage and super soft. Actually, I used it on my daughter's hair first and saw how great it worked, so I decided to try it on my own hair. I love it so much, I'll keep using it forever!

Ally R.

This argan oil is really good. I use it with the lift wand and it's even better than the argan oil that comes with the Lift wand. I also use it with the dermal roller and it helps my skin heal faster. Normally, my skin looks sunburned for 2-3 days, but when I used the derma roller in the morning, followed by the Lift wand and more argan oil on my face, I woke up this morning with clear skin and no redness at all. I will only buy this from now on. I also used the derma roller on my hands and they are slightly sunburned, but they look good. I can't wait to finish this bottle and see how my face and hands will look. Buy this, you will be happy you did. It's a great oil, but I like this one better. It really goes into your skin and smooths out fine lines.

Kiera M.

This product is really good. It's the same organic, first pressed, raw argan oil that costs a lot of money. You don't have to pay a lot because it doesn't have a famous person's name or expensive ads. It works really well. I use it on my whole body and it's amazing. My face and body feel great even in this dry weather. Why spend more money for the same good things?

Janick B.

I've been using this product for a few days and I really like it. I've been using MaryKay for a long time and I liked it a lot, but it's expensive. So, I decided to try this one instead. It makes my face feel really soft and smooth. It's not greasy and it absorbs into your skin quickly. My daughter has a skin condition called seborrhea dermatitis and she's been using this product too. After just a few days, her red itchy patches have cleared up. Her face looks really nice now. Thank you for selling this product. I'll buy it again when we run out. Oh, and you only need a little bit and it covers a lot of skin. It also makes my hair shiny. It doesn't have a strong smell.

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