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Emily's Naturals Neem Oil Plant Spray Refill

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$12.95 | 48 fl oz

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Emily's Naturals Neem Oil Plant Spray is a safe and effective way to keep your plants - both house plants and garden plants - healthy and resilient. Our plant spray is biodegradable and non-toxic - making it is safe to use around humans, pets, and other wildlife.
Our Neem Oil Spray for Plants is for use both indoors and outdoors. Neem oil is harvested from the neem tree's (Azadirachta Indica) seeds and has been used for centuries to keep plants healthy. Neem oil extract contains Azadirachtin, the benefits of which are well researched and documented.
Oil and water don't mix. That's where the Castile Soap comes in. The soap acts as a surfactant, allowing the neem oil to be distributed in the water (after shaking, of course). Our Castile Soap contains water, potassium oleate (a natural constituent of vegetable oil), potassium cocoate (made from coconut oil), glycerin (from vegetables), Potassium Citrate and Citric Acid.

Why you'll love our Earth-friendly, Blend-It-Yourself (BIY) plant spray kit:
- Isolated Ingredients - prevents Neem Oil from prematurely breaking down and losing its potency before use
- Necessary Ingredients Only - no need to burn fuel to ship water around the world unnecessarily
- Convenient and Cost-Effective - takes less than a minute to mix and shake
- Minimal, recyclable packaging - recyclable plastics and small footprint pouches with nothing extra.

Simply fill the spray bottle (not included) with water and add in one pouch of Castile Soap and one pouch of Neem Oil concentrate. Secure the sprayer and shake vigorously until mixed. Adjust spray pump nozzle for a fine mist. Spray on both sides of all plant leaves weekly.

Glennie K.

This stuff works. People who say it doesn't just don't use it long enough. My Bhudda's Hand citron tree had lots of bugs on it, and I didn't want to use chemicals in my house. I sprayed this on the tree every two weeks, and the bugs went away. It's really important to keep using it regularly, or the bugs will come back when their eggs hatch. Even though the bugs are gone, I now spray it every three weeks because there are always spider mites around, and they can float on the wind to other plants and get into houses. It does have a little bit of a weird smell until it dries, but it's not too bad.

Lysanne V.

This thing worked on the mold after a few tries, but it didn't fix my bug problem even though I sprayed a lot every other day.

Mellie B.

This product is awesome! I really like that it's already measured out for me, so all I have to do is mix it up. I can use it for lots of things, like getting rid of bugs or helping my plants grow. It arrived really quickly too!

Mittie R.

I really love this product! It's super easy to use and works really well. The idea of buying pre-measured amounts of the concentrated ingredients is really smart. Plus, my plants really enjoy it!

Agustina S.

This stuff is easy to mix. You can easily keep the packets. I hope it works good.

Melba S.

I really like it when I find something that actually works. This product is all-natural, cheap, and gets the job done. I used my own spray bottle and followed the instructions. I sprayed it all over my lemon and lime trees that had those tiny white bugs and black mildew.

Reginald C.

I really like how Neem oil is a natural way to get rid of bugs. This stuff is super easy to use and it works great!

Clare G.

This neem oil is awesome and super easy to use! I had a problem with pesky white flies on my tomato plants, but this neem oil got rid of them really quickly. I totally suggest giving it a try!

Esta D.

I bought 2 of these refill packs after using the first bottle/packets to get rid of bugs that were hurting my lilies in the garden. Then I found spider mites on my indoor plants. I was really happy that I had this product. It's working really well to get rid of the yucky spider mites on my plants. I'll probably keep buying more to use it as a way to prevent them.

Annabell S.

These little packets are super handy and simple to use. They've really helped my plants get back to being healthy.

Christy K.

This thing is great for plants that are turning black.

Kathlyn K.

This product is awesome, I'll always have some at home.

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