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Emily's Naturals Neem Oil Plant Spray Kit

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$14.95 | 48 fl oz

Discover key benefits of this product

Emily's Naturals Neem Oil Plant Spray is a safe and effective way to keep your plants - both house plants and garden plants - healthy and resilient. Our plant spray is biodegradable and non-toxic - making it is safe to use around humans, pets, and other wildlife.

Our Neem Oil Spray for Plants is for use both indoors and outdoors. Neem oil is harvested from the neem tree's (Azadirachta Indica) seeds and has been used for centuries to keep plants healthy. Neem oil extract contains Azadirachtin, the benefits of which are well researched and documented.

Oil and water don't mix. That's where the Castile Soap comes in. The soap acts as a surfactant, allowing the neem oil to be distributed in the water (after shaking, of course).

Our Castile Soap contains water, potassium oleate (a natural constituent of vegetable oil), potassium cocoate (made from coconut oil), glycerin (from vegetables), Potassium Citrate and Citric Acid.

Why you'll love our Earth-friendly, Blend-It-Yourself (BIY) plant spray kit:
- Isolated Ingredients - prevents Neem Oil from prematurely breaking down and losing its potency before use
- Necessary Ingredients Only - no need to burn fuel to ship water around the world unnecessarily
- Convenient and Cost-Effective - takes less than a minute to mix and shake
- Minimal, recyclable packaging - recyclable plastics and small footprint pouches with nothing extra

Simply fill the spray bottle with water and add in one pouch of Castile Soap and one pouch of Neem Oil concentrate. Secure the sprayer and shake vigorously until mixed. Adjust spray pump nozzle for a fine mist. Spray on both sides of all plant leaves weekly.

Malvina S.

This thing really helped to get rid of bugs.

Anya H.

I got a new plant called alocasia and it had spider bugs on it (eww). I tried a bug spray before but it only worked for a little bit. But when I got this new thing, it worked right away! It's been a week and no more spider bugs! I'm gonna keep using it to stop them from coming back:)

Hannah K.

I liked how easy it was to use the pre-measured packets, but if you have a lot of plants, three bottles won't last long. You need to apply it carefully and put more on if the plants get wet. It's cheaper to buy neem & castile soap bottles instead.

Lindsay L.

I bought some plants from a store. I put them on my patio and soon the leaves and flowers started drying up and falling off. When I looked closely, I saw little black bugs on the plants. I got a kit called Emily's Neem Oil Plant Spray and used it on all the leaves. After two weeks, my Hibiscus had flowers again, my Gardenia got new leaves, and my Hydrangea looked better too.

Matilda P.

I got the kit in the mail. It only had one pack of one oil and one pack of the other oil, not three of each like it said. I followed the directions to shake it really hard. The product is lumpy in the water and doesn't really come out of the bottle as a spray. It didn't kill any of the bugs. I think maybe it's not mixing well with the water? I don't know, maybe I got a bad batch.

Cynthia B.

This thing helped me get rid of bugs and mites from my plants at home.

Ivah S.

I've been using this product for a few weeks and I'm still dealing with those pesky fungus gnats. It seems to work when I spray it directly on them, but the bugs keep coming back. Unfortunately, it has also harmed two of my plants. I believe it's because I used neem oil and grow lights together. So, if you have sunny plants, be careful because this might harm them too. I think I'll go back to using the old trick of vinegar, dish soap, and sugar.

Presley T.

I like the idea of a smaller spray bottle and packets that I can mix later to fill it up again. This thing really works!

Lavina M.

This thing is really easy to use. The smell isn't as bad as I thought it would be! It kinda reminds me of sunflower oil. I've only used it two times, so I'm not sure if it works well yet. But I'll try to remember to come back and change my review later.

Susan L.

This thing is super easy to use and it really works at keeping pests away. Plus, plants seem to really like it. I'm definitely gonna get more of it.

Clinton W.

I tried a different brand of bug oils that cost more... it helped with my gnat problem. I bought this one to save money... it felt like the gnats got worse! It was so bad that I almost got rid of my house plants. Don't waste your money on this!

Cordie M.

I really like this product because it's already pre-packaged and easy to mix. It does have a strong smell though (NEEM OIL USUALLY STINKS, SO MAKE SURE TO CHECK), so make sure to spray your plants in a well-ventilated area. I also love the adorable bottle and nice packaging. It arrived quickly and it's a really good product overall. I highly recommend it to anyone who is new to using neem oil.

Halie F.

The bugs on my plants really liked it.

Rosamond F.

The orange tree still has lots of bugs even after spraying it many times. It's a bummer.

Gustave S.

I had a problem with spider mites on my plants, but I found a solution to get rid of them. This product helped me remove the webs that were coming back and made the leaves look awesome! The smell is okay, considering it's neem oil. My only issue is that I wish the spray bottle had a thinner mist, but I can always use a different bottle. Overall, it works really well!

Rosemarie R.

This product doesn't work well. I have a problem with mealy bugs. I've tried using this three times already, but I still have mealy bugs. I've been spraying this stuff once a week since I got it, but it mostly kills some plants instead of bugs. Succulents don't need a lot of water. If you spray your infected plants too much, they start to die from too much water. I should have probably bought neem oil and castile soap separately and mixed them myself. There isn't enough neem oil in this product, and I think that's the problem.

Daphne B.

This thing works good for what I wanted and it doesn't smell bad.

Sally E.

I really like this product because it comes in small packets instead of a big bottle with mostly water. It's really easy to refill with these packets. I was a little worried about it spilling during shipping though. I've never used neem oil before, so I can't compare it to other products, but it seems to be doing a good job of keeping bugs away from my garden.

Daisy G.

I didn't see any change after using this for 2 weeks! It's not worth the money.

Florine M.

I tried it for measuring things. I thought I was getting six packs of neem oil, but nope. I only got three packets of neem and three packs of soap. I was let down.

Stephan B.

This spray is the best for getting rid of bugs on plants. I really like the little packets of liquid, the directions are easy to follow, and the spray bottle is simple to use. I used it on my cabbage plants and it was easy to apply. I'll definitely buy it again when I need it.

Deja R.

You should try to support small businesses whenever possible. This stuff doesn't smell as bad as some other Neem oils, and it actually works! I use it on all my plants once a week (I have more than 200), and it definitely helps keep pests and fungal issues away. It's totally worth the money.

Zula D.

I got this thing to kill those tiny bugs on my plants, but it didn't work at all. I sprayed it every day, but it didn't do anything to them. However, it doesn't have a strong smell.

Frederique L.

I had a tough time with spider bugs for 2 years, but this thing fixed it in just a week! My plants got better right away. It works really well! The kit is awesome, everything is neat and there's lots of neem oil - it's a lot. It will last me for many years. The sprayer is okay, you just need to change the nozzle for spraying or streaming. It's a really good product.

Herbert N.

This product is super easy to mix and put on. It's nice to plants. Thanks!

Una A.

This thing totally wrecked most of my plants. I sell clippings and plants, so it ended up costing me a ton of cash.

Brad M.

The thing I bought was just like they said it would be. It was easy to mix and use. It's working really well up until now. I did put in some lavender oil to make the neem oil smell better.

Eileen S.

This stuff is super easy to mix and use. It comes with everything you need, like neem oil, soap, and a spray bottle. Using it is a breeze, and it worked really fast to get rid of those pesky mealy bugs on my plant.

Madonna B.

I wasn't sure about this product at first, but now I really like it! My flower boxes had lots of bugs like white flies and aphids. I trimmed them back a bit because they looked really bad, and then I used this product. At first, I used it every 5 days, but then I used it less because everything was looking better. But those bugs came back, so now I'm using it again. The product comes with enough mix to fill three bottles. The sprayers work well, unlike some you find in stores.

Hunter L.

This thing was easy to put together and didn't smell much. After spraying it just once, all the bugs on my plants went away!

Leatha V.

I've been dealing with a lot of bugs called spider mites and soil gnats both inside and outside my house since May when I started planting. I've tried many different things like soapy water, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar traps, rubbing alcohol, and water blasting, but none of them have worked. This neem oil package is really easy to use and perfect for someone like me who is new to using neem oil. It's a great deal, and I even bought some extra refill packs. The spray bottle is better quality than what you would find at a store called Walley-world, and the smell isn't too bad. I wish I had started using this a long time ago! Both the gnats and mites really didn't like it and went away within a minute. With two bottles of this neem oil, I was able to treat eight empty pots that are about 2 or 3 feet tall, and six fully grown pepper plants. I would give this product 6 stars if you asked me!

Jena H.

I tried this product on my plant, but it didn't work well against the bug that was harming it.

Freda G.

I was glad to help a small business and buy a natural product to remove those pesky plant gnats.

Maggie W.

The packaging is super handy and the price is fair. This product comes in a kit with a sprayer and little packets of Neem Oil and Castille Soap. It's really useful because I only had to buy one kit instead of getting everything separately. The mixture it makes is great for getting rid of pests in my garden. Just make sure to follow the directions and use it often.

Chanel B.

It did what it was supposed to do, and it worked fine.

Leora H.

This thing is the only one that worked on those annoying bugs in the soil. It worked the first time, which was awesome! I like that I can make more of it when I need to. It's a good deal. Update: It works really well when you put it on the bugs directly, but I've used up 2 bottles on 6 plants and I still have the bugs!

Tobin G.

I wouldn't suggest this product. I'm asking my friends which neem oil they use because this one didn't work for me.

Freida K.

This is the first time I tried it and it works really well. I had a problem with cucumber beetles, but they were gone almost right away after I used it. I've been spraying it on my other plants because it seems safe to use and I haven't had any more problems. I really like how it's packaged. It comes with three packets of neem oil and Castile soap, and a spray bottle that makes just enough so it doesn't sit around for a long time. I would definitely buy this again, but I think what I have will last for a long time.

Ruthie D.

I didn't want to use pesticides for the many cabbage worms eating my kale, but it seems like I might have to. This product doesn't even work on the worms. They were soft caterpillars, and according to the instructions, the oil was supposed to suffocate them. Well, I sprayed it directly on the bugs, and it seemed like I just added a tasty dressing to their kale salad.

Edmond A.

The spray bottle doesn't spray the product when I press the trigger once. It's really annoying. I even tried leaving it in the sun to warm up the mixture, thinking that maybe the oil is blocking the nozzle... but it still didn't work. Got any ideas?

Tina G.

This thing is super easy, handy, and works great. I use it on my fruit trees.

Kara V.

This thing really works, but ya gotta watch it and spray the bugs when they come out. It only kills the bugs that are alive. After a while, ya catch 'em all. Ya can use each pack for a long time. I'd buy it again!

Talia H.

This thing came in the mail when I thought it would and did what I thought it would do. I kinda wish it came in bigger sizes or more packets to make things easier. I have a big garden and gotta keep filling this thing up a lot.

Delpha N.

I really like how easy it is to mix and spray this product. I've tried it two times. The first time, it worked really well. The second time, I almost hurt a plant. Maybe I sprayed too much or maybe it was too hot outside when I sprayed it, I'm not sure. I'll try it a few more times and let you know if anything changes.

Jackie R.

This stuff is easy to use if the little bags open right. Mine didn't. If you have lots of plants, it's better to get neem oil and castile soap in a bottle and measure it yourself. It stinks really bad, but all neem oil smells bad. That's just how it is.

Aliya S.

I dunno if it works. I just spray it. Till now, it hasn't killed any bugs I sprayed.

Bettye B.

This thing is awesome for mixing neem oil. It's super easy to use and has just the right amount for your house plants or small garden.

Elwyn M.

I got this set to spray my eggplant and okra plants. The bugs were all over the bottom of their leaves. I sprayed them really well just one time and the bugs went away. They never came back on the eggplant, but I had to spray the okra a few more times, just a few leaves, not the whole plant. Now both plants are doing great. Oh, and the smell isn't bad at all. It smells like plants, but it didn't bother me. I didn't wear gloves when I used the spray, I just washed my hands, and everything was fine.

Maudie H.

This stuff is not good for bees. I learned this the hard way when I found dead bees near my plants. I looked it up and found out that neem oil is bad for bees. It's really silly because we really need bees. Even though I can pollinate my plants by myself, it's better when the bees do it naturally. I won't use neem again. Instead, I'll make my own using vegetable or canola oil, castile soap, baking soda, and water. It's cheaper to make and I can make a lot more of it.

Jacynthe C.

This Neem Oil is not very strong. It doesn't have the usual smell that good Neem oil has. It is light in color and very thin, like it has been watered down. There isn't much oil and soap in it. If you need to treat a big area, you will have to mix many bottles of it. I followed the directions and used it correctly, but it didn't solve my problems. My suggestion is to figure out what kind of pest you have and find the best treatment for it. If you choose Neem oil, make sure to get a good brand that is cold-pressed. This product is supposed to be helpful and easy to use, but it doesn't work well.

Justice P.

I used three doses of this stuff and my zinnias look awesome now. Last year, beetles totally wrecked them. This stuff does have a stinky smell, but it's not as terrible as some people say. But hey, it's meant for using outside! I'm really happy to have beautiful zinnias this year. I'll definitely be getting more of this stuff.

Sydnie D.

The bottle leaks when you use it and drips all the time, making the product go everywhere. Many reviews talk about this issue, but I still decided to give it a try. I don't understand why the seller keeps using these really cheap bottles. I have one from a store called Target that only cost a dollar and works better. I will return this and buy the ingredients to make my own for much less money, with a bottle that actually works. It's a shame.

Verlie B.

The bottle that came with this order is not very good and the sprayer is hard to control. The neem oil itself didn't work on my squash bugs - I followed the directions, but the bugs didn't go away or seem to care when I sprayed the neem oil like I was supposed to.

Manuel H.

Spider mites have been a big problem for me. They ruined a lot of my bonsai trees and attacked most of my other plants, both inside and outside. But this product worked really well for me and stopped the spider mites from taking over my plants. If I forget to use it, the spider webs start appearing again. So now I spray most of my plants once a week. I spray everything from my boxwood shrubs to my herb garden. I really like that it worked perfectly. I also like the design - you can mix your own spray from pre-made packets. And I'm glad it's not another bad spray bottle. It's hard to find a spray bottle that actually works these days. The price is good too. I like that I can refill my bottle and reduce waste and shipping of liquids. I especially like that this is a small business and eco-friendly. I'm going to buy more refills now and I can't imagine not having this product.

Kira B.

I'm really happy to support a small business and buy a great product that helps me get rid of annoying bugs without harming my plants or family!

Destini C.

I tried this thing on my hibiscus and it got rid of the bugs. Now my plant looks pretty again!

Ashlynn G.

I got this thing 'cause it said it was a kit. It was supposed to have 3 neem oil and 3 castile soap packets, along with a spray bottle. But all I got was the spray bottle and a card to buy more packets. I ain't gonna spend $17 on a spray bottle that only holds like 16oz. If they fix my order and I can actually try out the product I wanted, I might change this review.

Amaya S.

This product is really good. I like the bottle that you can fill up again. It's great because you get a lot of oil and soap refills, so it's worth it. I haven't even used all the extra refills yet. It's also nice that the product has simple ingredients. Other neem sprays usually have extra stuff that you don't need. I use the spray to get rid of bugs on plants and it also helps with mold. It's a really great product and I think you should try it.

Rossie T.

This product is super easy to mix and use. It started working after I used it twice.

Kariane K.

This stuff kills spider mites as soon as you touch 'em.

Selena S.

Honestly, I wasn't happy with this bottle. It looks nice, but it's really small. The sprayer is okay, but when I spray it, it keeps spraying even after I stop. I think it's a cheap bottle. I've been spraying it on my troubled plant, but the next morning, there are gnats again. I've tried this many times already, but either there's not enough product for every 2 cups of water, or the product just doesn't work. I've used name brand stuff before, and it works. I'm sorry, but even though I wanted to support a small business, this product is a no for me.

Laurie E.

This product is really well made. The spray bottle works great (it's crazy how many spray bottles I've gotten that can't even spray properly). The packaging is convenient for storing and using. I totally recommend it!

Curt C.

The spray bottle only sprays in a stream instead of a mist like we wanted for our plants. But the solution seems to be working well against our spider mites issue.

Ernest S.

This product is awesome. The nozzle can be adjusted and works great for spraying lightly or with more force. It's easy to mix things with it. It works really well.

Amber G.

I found some webbing on my small FLF plant. I used this spray on the leaves and trunks, and then I used q-tips to remove the webs. After a week, the plant was completely free of bugs. The spray smells bad, but only for a little while. I spray it and then walk away. Don't put the plants in direct sunlight until the spray dries. I'm happy with the results and bought more refill packs. The spray nozzle needs adjusting almost every time, but it's easy to do and not wasteful.

Barton L.

This thing didn't work, it made more gnats instead of getting rid of them.

River C.

This stuff doesn't mix good and didn't seem to make bugs go away even after using it many times.

Marietta Q.

This is great! Mealybugs are gone, and my plants are super happy. I'll definitely come back for more when I run out of these packets.

Bonnie B.

This thing is super easy to use and it seems to work really well.

Meda H.

I had a problem with spider bugs. I did three treatments, two times in the first week and one time in the next weeks. It totally fixed my problem.

Skyla D.

I'm really happy with this thing. I saw a change in my money plant in the first week.

Lamar P.

I had spider bugs on my 25 tomato plants this year and someone told me to try neem. I found this stuff and decided to give it a shot. I'm really glad I did! I sprayed it on my plants and the bugs disappeared, saving my plants!

Joy W.

I really like this idea - it's fast and simple with pre-measured parts. I made a batch and started spraying, but then I noticed that the sprayer only shoots out one stream at a time. This means you can only wet one leaf at a time and the extra liquid spills onto the floor. It's a good way to use up a lot of product fast, but the sprayer included in this kit is not the right type. I'm not very happy about it.

Courtney M.

I saw bugs on my cat palm, so I bought this stuff because I knew what was in it (others had a lot of "other" stuff in it, which I didn't like). Most of my plant looked good and green, but then I saw the bugs. I washed the plant and sprayed it with this stuff, like it said. The good news is the bugs are gone, but now about half of the leaves are brown and wrinkled! I don't get it. The plant was doing great for months and now it's dying. :(

Jacky H.

I didn't like that the neem oil and soap mix doesn't make the plants shiny. But, it cleans them real good.

Jailyn O.

This thing worked really well on the bug issue I had in my plant room. I saw a difference in just a few days. Good job!

Daphney S.

I really like how easy and convenient this product is. It works really well too! I used it on some bugs that were all over my hibiscus and bougainvillea plants.

Aurelia D.

This thing worked on my 10-year-old ficus bonsai. It didn't stink or make a mess. I like it.

Jacklyn B.

When I first used it, it got rid of all the gnats! It works really well!

Helene L.

I almost didn't buy this spray kit because of the reviews, but I decided to give it a try anyway. The first thing I did was test the sprayer. I filled the bottle with water and adjusted the nozzle to make a fine spray. It sprayed a fine mist without any problems. It didn't leak or squirt like some people said in the reviews. Then, I emptied the water and followed the instructions to fill the bottle with oil and soap. I crossed my fingers and hoped that it would spray properly with the solution. And guess what? It worked perfectly! I used the whole 16 oz. to spray my coffee tree and didn't have to adjust the sprayer at all. It works well. The refills are available, but they are expensive. When I run out, I'll probably buy neem oil and castile soap separately instead of the little packets. But overall, this kit is great for making 48 oz. of neem oil spray. I give it 5 stars!

Oswald R.

I had a little problem with bugs on my fiddle leaf fig, so I used this neem oil (mixed like it said on the bottle) on the leaves at night. The next day, all the leaves got really hurt and eventually fell off (look at the pictures from the day after and a week later before they fell off). I didn't know this could happen. I feel really sad about it! My plant is grown-up, so I really hope it stays alive.

Dawson B.

I can't figure out how to make the sprayer spray a light mist instead of a really strong stream. If you know how to do it, please tell me!

Winnifred B.

This product was easy to mix, but it finished quickly. I had to buy a bigger product at a local store that was cheaper. In the end, you're paying for a spray bottle that was hard to use for someone with carpal tunnel. I sprayed 2 bushes, and by the end of the night, my arm and shoulder started to hurt. It made my carpal tunnel worse. I compared it to a bigger spray bottle I bought at a local hardware store. I had no arm pain and I had more product. So, would I buy this again? No! You can buy liquid Castile soap at the pharmacy or grocery store. Was the product effective? It was too little to really notice. Their spray bottle doesn't have a misty spray, it was a straight jet type spray and wasted some of the product.

Emmalee H.

I like that they gave me a spray bottle. The neem oil and soap packs make it easy to mix the solution without any confusion.

Ursula L.

I had bugs on my houseplants, like thrips and fungus gnats. It was super hard to make them go away. But this spray fixed it all with just one use.

Sandy M.

The spray bottle leaked and the oil and soap smelled weird. I bought this because I had fungus gnats in my plants, but it didn't help.

Lauretta R.

I got this thing to get rid of gnats in my plants at home. It totally worked and now there are no more bugs.

Freda N.

This product is a good idea, but the sprayer is not very good quality. Because of this, I don't think it's worth the price. I thought it would be easier than buying more Castile soap and neem oil separately, but with a bad bottle, it doesn't work well. I wouldn't buy it again.

Audrey S.

The sprayer didn't spray consistently. It would stream and then mist with each pull. It wouldn't mist when I pulled the trigger all the way. I returned it.

Gilda B.

First, let me tell you that this product is a great deal because it comes with 3 refills. You just need to mix a soap and neem packet with water, and you're ready to use it. It's easy to put together and good for the environment.

Another thing to mention is that the nozzle can be moved, so you can control how the spray comes out. I prefer a fine mist, but if you don't adjust it, the spray can be pretty strong. Just remember to move the nozzle around before spraying your plants.

The most important thing is that this product really works. I had a problem with aphids recently, and the neem I was using before wasn't very effective. Plus, I didn't even know what else was in it. But this neem helped me get rid of the aphids in just one day. I had never dealt with aphids before, but they had taken over three of my houseplants. Emily's product really did the job.

From now on, I will only buy this brand. I highly recommend it!

Kitty T.

This product is really good! The bottle is made well and easy to use. It's very strong and doesn't have any problems. The mix of Castile soap and Neem oil is just right. I've heard that Neem usually smells bad, but this blend is totally okay. It works really well! I'll buy it again.

Jacklyn M.

This product is the best compared to others I've used on my plants before bringing them inside for winter. Last year, I almost lost my Bay Leaf tree because I couldn't control the bugs. But since I treated my plants with this product a few weeks ago, I haven't seen a single bug. My Bay Leaf tree now has lots of new leaves. I'll definitely use this treatment again in the future. Thanks!

Marguerite B.

I really like how the oil and castile soap come in separate packs for mixing. It's easy and convenient to mix them together, and there's less waste. I've only used it once, so I'll have to wait and see how well it works.

Rosalyn P.

This spray was supposed to help my mom's fig plants because something was eating them and making them look bad. I read that neem oil was a good choice because it's natural. But, it didn't really make a difference or make the plants better. My mom even tried it on another plant with bugs, but that didn't change anything either. It cost a lot of money, so it's sad that it didn't work.

Santina B.

This stuff is really great! You should give it a try! Just remember to be patient because it takes some time. But it will definitely get rid of those pesky bugs on your plants! I've been searching for a product like this for a long time. I've tried other oils and sprays, but none of them worked until now. My bug problem is really bad, so it's going to take a while. I've used this stuff only 3 times and I've noticed that there are fewer bugs and they're much smaller now! That's way better than any other product I've tried. It doesn't harm my plants at all!

I like the way the spray bottle works. I tighten it almost all the way so it sprays a fine mist. That way, everything gets sprayed well without using too much product. Nothing goes to waste.

The only downside is that it smells pretty bad, but the smell goes away quickly. It works so well that it's definitely worth it, no doubt! Give it a try! You won't regret it!

Dianna B.

I really like this product. It's easy to mix and spray. The bottle sprays a nice mist, which is great. It doesn't clog or spurt. It's a simple and natural way to get rid of spider mites.

Haven D.

This product is really awesome and a good deal. Mixing the solution is super easy and doesn't make a mess. The spray thingy, though, sprays out more like a fire hose than a gentle mist. That's not great when you want to spray your plants gently. I replaced it with an old Windex spray thingy and now it's much easier to use.

Samir W.

Unfortunately, the spray bottle that comes with this product leaks more solution on my hand than it sprays on the plants. I'll need to get a new spray bottle if I want to keep using it.

Sydni G.

I've been doing organic gardening for two years now and I noticed that some bugs were eating my cabbage a lot. I looked for other sprays for plants, but they all had chemicals and lots of other stuff that I didn't want on my plants. But this spray only has THREE things in it, and one of them is water. It's safe to use and it actually worked to keep the bugs away. Now my cabbage can finally grow without any problems.

Josue B.

I really liked how this product was packed and the instructions were clear when it arrived. The package was very light because you add water to the product later. I also like that you can fill the 16oz bottle four times. The spray nozzle on the bottle could be better because it shoots a strong stream, but you can still aim the spray where you want it.

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